NHL Rumor Mill – November 10, 2021

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Could the struggling Blackhawks trade Marc-Andre Fleury to the Oilers? What other moves should they make this season? Read on to find out in today’s NHL rumor mill

YARDBARKER: TSN’s Chris Johnston and Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman have speculated over whether Chicago Blackhawks goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury could become a trade candidate at some point during the season.

Chicago Blackhawks goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury (NHL Images).

Fleury was at the top of Friedman’s list of potential Blackhawks trade assets. He hinted Edmonton could be a trade destination during an appearance on Oilers Now with Bob Stauffer.

Johnston, meanwhile, expressed his view that it’s reasonable to link the 36-year-old goaltender to the Oilers during a recent podcast. “I think that they (Oilers) understand what this season means. I see them trading for a (defenseman) before the deadline and I see them getting another goaltender and that goaltender might be the reigning Vezina Trophy winner.”

Acknowledging the Oilers aren’t the only team that could use a goaltender and has a chance to be competitive, Johnston wondered if Fleury would like the idea of playing for a team as good as the Oilers look thus far this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I can see the Blackhawks looking to move Fleury at some point before the March 21 trade deadline. Whether the Oilers can land him, however, is another matter.

Fleury’s contract will be a problem for the Oilers. Cap Friendly shows them sitting over $5 million above the salary cap with Oscar Klefbom, Josh Archibald and Alex Stalock on long-term injury reserve. He carries a $7 million cap hit this season and a 10-team no-trade clause. They’ll have to shed salary or convince the Blackhawks to retain part of his cap hit to make this work.

The Oilers are already carrying Mike Smith and Mikko Koskinen as their current goalie tandem. One of them will have to go to make room for Fleury. The automatic assumption would be Koskinen but he has a 15-team no-trade and a $4.5 million cap hit. He’s been playing well thus far this season but he still has a history of inconsistent performance.

The possibility of playing for the Oilers could be enticing but there’s no certainty they’re among his choice of preferred trade destinations. If they’re not, there’s no certainty he’ll waive his no-trade clause to go to Edmonton.

ESPN.COM: Greg Wyshynski suggested the Blackhawks should approach Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews to determine if they wish to finish their careers in Chicago if the club goes into a full rebuild. A former NHL general manager told Wyshynski the Blackhawks should attempt to move them to a club with Stanley Cup aspirations in hope of reaping a return that can help the rebuilding process.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wyshynski duly noted both players are signed through 2022-23 with identical $10.5 million cap hits and full no-movement clauses. Nevertheless, it would be worthwhile to find out whether they’re on board with being part of a full-fledged roster rebuild. If they’re not, then they need to give management a list of preferred trade destinations.

Wyshynski believes the Blackhawks should retain Dominik Kubalik. The 26-year-old forward is a restricted free agent with arbitration rights but could be part of the solution along with young players like Alex DeBrincat and a few others. He recommends trying to move the rest of their pending free agents, including perhaps trying to ship Fleury back to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The Blackhawks must also make a decision about recently acquired defenseman Seth Jones, whose eight-year, $76 million contract kicks in next season. There’s no chance they’ll recoup what they gave up to the Columbus Blue Jackets (two first-rounders, defenseman Adam Boqvist and a second-rounder). Wyshynski wondered if they could find a taker for Jones if they opt to go into a full rebuild or if he’ll become a pillar for the Blackhawks to rebuild around.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It would be easier to find a trade partner for Jones if he were playing as well as he did prior to last season. The ongoing decline in his performance coupled with that big contract could make him almost impossible to move.

THE ATHLETIC: Mark Lazerus and Scott Powers report the Blackhawks aren’t in any rush to find a full-time replacement for recently fire head coach Jeremy Colliton. Derek King has taken over the role on an interim basis. Interim general manager Kyle Davidson said the club will conduct that search during the offseason.


  1. All in all, Jones’ play hasn’t been that bad. It’s doubtful they’d get as much in a trade as they gave up to get him. The Hawks are better off building around him.

    • I don’t see Chicago moving Jones. Does not make any sense. 14 games in with 12pts but a – 7.

      Agree Howard build around him, not without him.

      • I think with what they gave up for him and the unlikely scenario in which they would receive a comparable return in a trade for him now that their best choice is to build around him.

      • The -7 is more of a reflection of the team around Jones, not he himself.

  2. I’m sure MAF would be happy to go just about anywhere right about now. His 10 team no trade list shouldn’t come into play too much as I’m sure it looks something like:

    1. Vegas Golden Knights
    2. Vegas Golden Knights
    3. Vegas Golden Knights…

    • OR


      TO CHI: ZUCKER (500k retained) & JARRY plus mid pick

  3. The “struggling” Black Hawks have won 2 in a row. Longer current winning streak than the Leafs, Habs and Canucks. What do those 3 teams have in common?

    A genius sitting in the GMs chair.

    • 2 in a row? Really?

      Using delusional cherry-picked stats comparisons to validate your hatred doesn’t make it a good point.

      • that is a long winning streak for sure, also longer than Tampa, Florida, Islanders, oilers and the avalanche. Obviously Chicago is the best of the bunch

  4. Didn’t the Leafs just come off a 5 game winning streak?
    Leafs will be fine this year if they can find a way not to wear down Campbell.

    Still a very good team.

    Big decisions in the off season after signing Reilly.

  5. Since Rangers failed in upgrading at center, I’d be interested in keeping Strome if they could add Kane at 50% retained. Have 2 NHL ready prospects (Kravtsov and Hajek) in limbo, and could offer future 1st rounder if Hawks where to begin rebuild.

    • if Chicago held 50% teams would outbid the Rangers but the Rangers package should be Kratsov, Gauthier & Hajek.

      • IHC. What teams have even 5m in cap space, would be acceptable to Kane, since he’s got nmc, and the prospect pool that NYR has? And unlike Eichel rumors, Chicago probably prefer sending him East.

      • Hi Slick & IHC

        For Ships’N’Giggles…. At TDL…. Panthers go all in…..

        To BlackHawks ….Lundel , Knight , Horny, Accairi, 1st (‘23 FLA)

        To Panthers… Kane (50 % retained by Chi); The Flower (50% retained by Chi, and 50 % of that retained by middle team… see below); DeHaan (50% retained by Chi, and 50 % of that retained by middle team… see below)

        Middle Team (for retaining 25% of both DeHaan AND MAF for balance of year [post TDL]) …. 2nd + 3rd (both from Chi)

  6. If it’s the Flower to Oil…. It’ll be 35% retained for Kosk (balancing the Cap) + ?

    What is the + ; or is it ++?

    • I think Holland waits to see how his own 2 guys play before giving up anything for another older tender.
      Koskinen has been pretty good overall, Smith due back soon.

      If they are playing well, why change?

      • Absolutely Ray… they continue at the top of Div…. No need to switch things up

      • Koskinen has looked good this season, but he can’t be counted on to play 5 or 6 straight games. I would be more comfortable to go into the playoffs with the combination of Smith and Fleury than Smith and Koskinen.
        The Oilers also have Skinner, so I would be happy if they just got Fleury as a rental. Then next season go ahead with the combination of Smith and Skinner. With Skinner being the 1B or the backup to Smith.

    • Unfortunately Koskinen has a 15 team no trade list. I’m pretty sure Koskinen would have Chicago on that list.
      Considering that Fleury is a RFA at the end of this season, it shouldn’t take much to get Fleury from Chicago. I’m thinking a 2nd rounder and a mid level prospect at most. Look who Chicago gave to acquire Fleury, Mikael Hakkarainen. Who was a 2018 5th round pick who isn’t even on the teams AHL team.

      • Hi KevJam

        If Koskanen does have Chi as one of the blocked 15; then MAF even at 50% retained with Smith going the other way…. Still leaves Oil with over $1M (annual Cap) to make up

        Note… I believe that Kosk’s NTC list, just like all players with NTC, would likely have been submitted in early summer; and although the court docs dropped mid May; the huge flux of reporting on this tragedy started late July…. There is a chance that at the time he submitted his list, he had not nixed the BlackHawks … other than him, agent, Oil management knowing his list; the rest is speculative (like all of our trade proposals here… LOL)

        I’d think that most players with partial NTCs would like block Chi next year on their lists

      • As per Cap Friendly’s CBA FAQ’s on M-NTC. The player has 48 hours to submit their list after a request from the team. If the team doesn’t receive the players list after 48 hours the team can trade that player to any team.

      • Depends on how it’s written into the contract. Some players must submit their list at the start of the season rather than be asked to do so.

      • Thanks KevJam and Lyle

        I was aware of the 48 hours but I thought most clubs made that request at the “start” of the next season (use to be July 1st) or close after that; and that those lists remained intact for that season only; only to be changed in year by both parties agreeing.

        I guess it is reliant on the clubs to formally request this list earlier than later to give them more flex and time if they ever wanted to trade a player that year

        I’m guessing that when a UFA signs with a limited NTC , the team would immediately ask for the list

        The limited NTC is an interesting clause….. ability to nix 10 or fewer teams basically almost assures flex enough (21 teams) for a trade to be made (unless contract/player is unwanted by almost all)

        NTC’s that allow player to be traded to only 2 or 3 teams, basically is a full NMC (e.g. Evander Kane can only be traded to 3 teams w/o his consent)

  7. Vancouver Canucks:

    Green: played hard, good enough to win

    Horvat: thought we played solid enough to win

    Miller: effort was there, both ends. Probably deserved to win.

    Sun Columnist Ian McIntyre: deserved better fate, played well enough to win

    Ducks 3, Canucks 2.

    Uhhhhh, clearly you didnt play “well enough to win”. You lost.

    At least Petey got paid.

    • I guess you didn’t watch the game.

      • Watched it from a box seat actually. Kirk MaClean was there signing pictures.

      • Then I guess you didn’t see it the same way as the rest of us. Both teams played extremely well, both goalies were incredible and it very well could have been either teams game.

        Yes there could be only one winner but both teams played great and neither one of those teams ‘deserved’ to lose.

        You can’t win every game but when you play well and play hard you have to at least be happy with your effort and know that if you continue to play like that you will earn some more deserved wins.

  8. How do the Hawks go into a full rebuild with Kane and Toews.

    Fleury top 5 wins all time ( maybe higher) but I would not give much if anything at all for him if I am the Oilers . He will make an oops late in the game to decide a key game or even the series. It could be the finals
    I am sure there are better options

  9. The bruins should be in on Seth, although Sweeney will most likely end up reacquiring The big Z or some other washed up pug.

  10. Could a DeBrusk & some some get the Bruins Jakob Chychrun ?

    • They have to do something Joe if they’re running around like that in their own end with Ottawa, with the top teams it’ll like a cat in room full of rockers. They need more than what they have now. Hall needs to step up. Forbort scored but I was never taken with him he has not been effective defensively. Craig smith looks sluggish. Coyle needs to step up as well. Foligno stinks he’s injured every second game.