NHL Rumor Mill – November 12, 2021

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Check out the latest on Tuukka Rask, Jack Campbell and Filip Forsberg in today’s NHL rumor mill.

TSN: Chris Johnston reports goaltender Tuukka Rask has been working out at the Boston Bruins training facility. He remains without a contract as he works toward returning from offseason hip surgery. His agent told Johnston his goal is to get healthy and return to play as soon as possible, perhaps by January.

Former Boston Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask (NHL Images).

Rask could be an option for teams seeking help between the pipes. However, Johnston believes the 34-year-old free agent hopes to return with the Bruins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Johnston said Rask had been a little non-committal about his playing future. Back in August, however, he indicated his willingness to return to the Bruins for less money this season. I believe their game plan is to sign Rask to a cheap, prorated one-year deal. They’ll then send Jeremy Swayman back to their AHL affiliate as he’s waiver-exempt for this season.

THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun speculated about how much it’ll cost the Toronto Maple Leafs to sign Jack Campbell to a contract extension. The 29-year-old goaltender is eligible for unrestricted free agent status next July. He’s earning $1.65 million annually on his current contract.

Contract talks between the two sides have yet to begin. When they do, LeBrun suggested the annual average value could be somewhere between $4 million and $5 million on a four-to-five year deal if he has another solid season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Seems about right, though if Campbell were to become a Vezina Trophy finalist that number gets pushed to $6 million annually.

LeBrun also reported contract talks between the Nashville Predators and Filip Forsberg are expected to start soon. The 27-year-old winger is completing a six-year deal with a $6 million AAV. LeBrun speculates the Forsberg camp could seek an eight-year extension and wondered if either side will use the eight-year, $56 million extension signed by Gabriel Landeskog this summer with the Colorado Avalanche as a comparable.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: LeBrun also acknowledged Forsberg and his agent are unlikely to accept anything less than the $8 million AAV currently earned by teammates Matt Duchene and Ryan Johansen. However, I don’t think Predators GM David Poile is keen to have a third $8 million forward on the roster. Unless Duchene or Johansen are moved (and I don’t see that happening), Forsberg could end up hitting the open market next summer.


  1. How bout putting Ullmark on wavers with the exception of red light racicot in Montreal or Jon Casey he’s been the worst bruin goalie I’ve ever seen.

    • Because no one will claim him and the Bruins won’t want a $5 million playing riding the bus in the minors.

      • I haven’t watched many Bruins games this year, but Brandon Carlo was directly to blame last night. He had more than just the tape-to-tape pass/giveaway to Draisaitl. Ullmark should be fine, but confidence might be an issue.

    • Rick, Ullmark isn’t the reason they lost last night. He rarely has been the reason.
      He hasn’t stolen any games either, which you need once and a while.
      Did you see where the goals were scored from last night? Did you see what preceded those goals and led to those 5 alarm chances from zone A? 4 of the 5 came from a 5′ circle dead in front of the net in the perfect slot position, unchallenged because of mistakes and bad decisions. The 5th one still came from home plate, iron and in. Bouchard’s.

      Home plate chances EDM-13, BOS – 8.
      B’s lose 5-3.
      It’s what you would expect regardless of who is in net.

      Many of us keep making the obvious point that B’s are in tough and battling for a playoff position, not unexpected.

      You seem to think Sweeney could have changed this by finding other players. Let us know who those are and who you would have traded to acquire them. Which UFA’s then for how much? Otherwise?

      When you have a good team for a decade, you draft late, you trade picks/prospects at the deadline, your core get’s older, you get worse. And in a cap world, you can’t buy your way out of it.

      Cue the 2015 draft complaining.

      My guess is you won’t have any suggestions, because their aren’t any that would change the fundamentals, or the reality.

      Cheer for somebody else if you can’t deal with it because it isn’t going to change. Hang in, get in, hope the tender get’s hot.

      Not like it will get better next year.

      • Ray…its not worth your time.

      • Ray, Ullmark is less then stellar, often out of position, bad angles. First goal way to deep in his net. A save would be nice.

        Rask will be back and he has the ability to make a bad defense look good.

        Sweeney over paid for Ullmark, Foligno, also brought in Nosak and Haula

        Meanwhile his only fix on D was Forbort.

        I will say this team is built for a good playoff run; but need to get there first.

        Definitely need to add to left side D.

      • Agree an LD would help Caper, but I think the loss of Krecji hurts more.
        And ya Rask, but he is hurt anyway and may end up getting him back.

        Kind of my point. Which 2nd pair LD would you have picked up and which 2nd line C would replace the production of Krecji? You could trade McAvoy for a top C, or March or Pasta. That’s it. Couldn’t get a C, signed Hall (which I don’t think is the answer either)

        When you don’t have the core signed up at key positions, or the high end young guys coming, it becomes whack a mole. He signed guys who were available and would come to BOS.

        Here are the quality LD’s that were available that “might” be better than 29 yr old Forbort:
        Martinez – Stayed in Vegas
        Suter – 36 Dallas 4 yrs at $3.65
        Edler – 35 LAK – 1 yr $3.5
        Golikoski – 35 MIN 1 yr $5M
        Mccabe – 28 CHI 4 x $4M.

        You could argue Mccabe as he is younger and was on a crappy team so hard to tell. The other guys? You want Suter until he’s 40? I don’t.

        Not a huge Sweeney guy either as he blew the 2015 draft, but not sure what you would have him do this past off season.

        Talk Krecji out of retirement and get him to play for cheap, trade your first for a LD at the deadline. That’s all I got. More of a hope than a realistic plan though.

      • Ray go pester someone else I’m not interested in your comments!

      • Didn’t think you would have an answer Rick.

      • Don t let the talent evaluators off the hook.They drafted late and got 88,with the 24th pick.It can be done aka the Lightning.They need an overhaul of their scouting staff and potentially the GM.What is Cam Neeley s role with the team.I think he was one of the architects in that aborted 2015 draft.You can not swing and miss on the 13,14,15 pick in the draft.

    • Maybe the Bruins porous defense has something to do with it … still looking to replace Chara and Krug …

    • Eichel to the Bruins.

      Book it!!!

      OH! He went to Vegas?
      Sorry Rick.

  2. I haven’t been very impressed with Linus either but heard a few interviews and I think his attitude is good. He played very well in Buffalo I’m hoping he gets on roll soon before it’s to late. They need to maybe see what the kid can do.

    • Lyle,
      While I hate to agree with RWM, couldn’t Boston put Ullmark through waivers with the intention of sending him to the AHL?

      • Back to Buffalo!

      • Of course they could, Paul, but that would mean having a $5 million player riding the bus in the AHL, which ownership might not be keen to see. Besides, it would also send the wrong message that they made a mistake signing him to that contract and tagging him as Rask’s heir apparent. Much easier to just demote Swayman. Then again, they could also carry three goalies for a while, though one (not Rask) would spend a lot of time in the press box.

    • I agree Ulmark is not to blame but I question signing him. Swayman is your goalie of the future, why not just sign a veteran backup like Halak to hold things in place if your looking at bringing Rask back.

      The problem is bad work by Sweeney. The only thing he does well is signing guys to team friendly contracts. Which is why lick penny Jacobs likes him.

      He’s draft record is poor, how often can you say he has won a trade and his free agent signings are terrible.

      • Sweeney is a great capologist,ty Harvard ,but a below average talent evaluator.

  3. Lar Grad, No thanks! Enjoy Ullmark and his infuriating inconsistency. Were good here in Buffalo!

    • It was more a reference as to why he won’t be put on waivers.
      As a fellow Sabres fan, I have to say we are not good in net. Luukkonen is struggling in the AHL and I don’t think Anderson/Tokarski/Dell are the answer. Right now it’s Devon Levi or bust. I was surprised Adams didn’t grab a goalie last draft with all the picks he had. Maybe this year.

  4. A Finnish news source reported the Bruins’ goalie never left the team. He tuukka rest

    • Nice

  5. Ullmark is a 1C at best. Who did they think they were signing ?
    Rask will be back in the new year. I think Swayman should carry the load until then

    • Ullmark & 2nd rd pick to BOS for GHOST & Hutton?

      • Not a bad idea.

    • Well S7, what they thought they were getting was a guy, over the course of 117 games in BUF, had a career 912 sv% and a winning record on what was/is the worst team in the NHL over that stretch.
      Not easy.
      You have to admit that is pretty darn good.

      For perspective last year in BUF:
      Ullmark – 9-6-3, 917 SV %, 2.63 GAA.
      Rest of the tenders: 6-28-4, 895 SV %, 3.72 GAA.

      It’s 6 games in BOS, he is 3-3, chill folks, too soon to throw him overboard and hand the keys to a kid with no experience.

      IMO fix the mistakes, he will get used to the D and be fine. Time will tell.

  6. Capt Obvious, From yesterday:

    As you mentioned plenty of top picks take time to work out.
    I saw John Tavares get knocked on his can every time he went into the corners during his first year.

    But you could tell that he was a boy playing with men.
    LAF already has a man’s body. My opinion is that he was just a lot more developed than his Junior competition.
    Simply bigger, stronger and faster.

    It is entirely possible that LAF will blossom into a first line player.
    But to be completely honest, I don’t think much of most of the names you listed. None of them will be SuperStars.

    If you look back at the last few drafts, the top picks (Except Mc Great amd AM) have all be slow to develop.

    I think that the McDavid draft may turn out to be the best draft in history. Only the 2003 draft has as many top players.

    Where would Nico H fit? Dahlin? Jack Hughes? LAF?

    None of these are McD or Matthews or even in the same discussion..

    How many player from that draft, are better than overall Number 1 picks that followed them?


    Rick Murray, speaking of that draft, allow me to thank your Bruins for passing up Matt Barzal 3 times. The Island appreciate it.

    • Nevinsrip. Agree on your take about Laf dominating Jr’s. He has skill and should develop into a decent top 6 player. Definitely overhyped. At the time of his draft, I would’ve preferred NY at least would’ve explored moving back with either Ottawa or LA. Kakko IMO will be the better player between Laf and Kravtsov. Kid lacked confidence his rookie year but has gotten bigger and stronger. Seems to keep encountering setbacks. Ny will hold Kravtsov and should look into a deal for a young center. LA has deep center prospect pool. Villardi’s name has been mentioned.

  7. It’s way too early, Ben Chiarot is tied for first in goals scored among the D, like that will last.

    Nick Suzuki tried to bank a shot in from behind the line against Markstrom who stopped him and chewed him out for trying the move…..next shift the kid tries it again and scores the game winner.

    lol, have to enjoy the little things