NHL Rumor Mill – November 29, 2021

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Brock Boeser and Bo Horvat surfaced in recent Canucks trade speculation PLUS some musing over whether the Avalanche should acquire Evander Kane in today’s NHL rumor mill.


BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Vancouver Canucks winger Brock Boeser topped Jimmy Murphy’s recent list of popular names floating in the NHL rumor mill. He said Boeser was rumored to be available around the time of this summer’s draft and free-agent period.

Vancouver Canucks center Bo Horvat (NHL Images).

Other forwards believed available are the New York Rangers’ Ryan Strome and the Arizona Coyotes’ Phil Kessel. Defensemen include the Buffalo Sabres’ Will Butcher, the Los Angeles Kings’ Olli Maatta and the Vegas Golden Knights’ Brayden McNabb.

THE ATHLETIC’s Rick Dhaliwal recently reported on Sportsnet 650 that the Canucks are fielding plenty of trade calls, with the bulk of those focused on center Bo Horvat. The 26-year-old Canucks captain is slated to become an unrestricted free agent in 2023 and lacks no-trade protection. Dhaliwal doesn’t see Horvat sticking around if the Canucks start rebuilding.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: First it was the Wild reportedly calling about J.T. Miller, then Boeser and now Horvat. Before long we’ll probably hear rumors of clubs calling about Elias Pettersson, Quinn Hughes and Thatcher Demko. That’s the way it is when a team is struggling like the Canucks. As one pundit put it, the vultures start circling hoping to steal away a good player.

The uncertainty surrounding the Canucks right now also stirs up the rumors. Everyone’s anticipating a change of management or a new coach or perhaps a trade involving a core player. The longer the losing goes on and the more the Canucks sink in the standings the more the pressure and anticipation ratchet up.


COLORADO HOCKEY NOW: Adrian Dater mused over whether the Colorado Avalanche should put in a waiver claim for Evander Kane or perhaps attempt to acquire the San Jose Sharks winger via trade.

Dater acknowledged Kane’s serious personal baggage and the risks involved. However, he also pointed out that big, physical 20-goal scorers aren’t easy to find. Given his $7 million cap hit, it would make more sense to acquire him via trade as the Sharks are reportedly willing to retain half of his annual average value.

THE ATHLETIC’s Rick Dhaliwal yesterday reported the Sharks are working on trading Kane and are willing to absorb half of the winger’s salary to facilitate a deal. He also indicated Kane’s agent is reaching out to teams, including the Canucks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly shows the Avalanche maxed out for cap space. Assuming general manager Joe Sakic was interested in Kane (which I doubt), the deal would have to be dollar-for-dollar. Otherwise, a third team would have to get involved to help the Avs shed sufficient salary, or Sakic would have to make a separate cost-cutting move.

I really don’t see the Canucks getting involved in Kane. They’ve got enough problems without adding a PR nightmare into the mix.

The New York Post’s Larry Brooks reported Saturday there was an Eastern Conference club quite interested in Kane. We’ll find out soon enough if there’s a deal to be made there.


  1. Let’s talk turkey!

    Leafs offer up Nick Ritchie and Peter Mrazek against; Evander Kane (50% RS) and James Reimer


    • Gabe Vilardi could also be had in a trade. He still has potential, but he’s buried on LA’s depth chart at centre.

    • yeah, that should fix the Leafs…problems? This team is firing on all cylinders, by all accounts a tight room and obviously getting results. So let’s bring in a guy who every team he’s played for has had players tell management they don’t want to play with him? For what benefit. It is a turkey of a trade proposal, that’s for sure. Teams who have won 12 out of their past 14, tied for points with the league lead don’t make roster-changing trades.

      • Yup. Like the old adage states Dave’s Burger Shack – “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

        Right now the Leafs are carving out a very nice season for themselves with all cylinders clicking.

    • Sharks aren’t coughing up Reimer the way he has been playing.

    • Even though Kane could supply the “on ice left winger presence” better than what Ritchie has brung,…I just can’t see Matthews and Marner’ ego’s accepting Kanes ego. Maybe I’m wrong thinking that but at the same time I would actually accept that trade and look forward to it in hopes that some actual chemistry on ice could develop and out perform the three headed egos that appear off the ice.

    • Love it !!

  2. Canucks fans would lose their marbles if Kane was moved there but Im sure some would be intrigued if a high draft pick was sent their way to facilitate the move. If they’re about to blow the team up, then why not? Kane seems dipsh*t enough to likely get himself in trouble anyways.

    Boeser, Miller, Horvat SHOULD all return a 1st+prospect+player. None have NTC’s and shouldnt be any shortages of teams lining up for their liberations, but this cant be Benning doing the trades. This has to be the new guy workin the phones.

    Fans are miffed Benning/Green are even still there and atleast give them a mercy firing.

    • If I’m the Canucks I hire a new GM and coach before I start trading away players. There’s a lot of young high end talent on that team. See what a new coach can do first. If it still doesn’t work then start the process of rebuilding on the fly. When you’re base would be Pettersson, Hughes and Demko you’ve got a pretty good head start.

      • Fire the GM. Let him bring his coach, I like Travis Green, but the wheels have just fallen this year, He has to go. I’d fire Francesco too if I were Aquilini family, Then and only then would it be time to make personnel changes.

  3. How about Strome + 2022 first and Tim Gettinger for Horvat ? Rangers get a solid 1A/B center, the Canucks get a solid C in Strome to replace Horvat, a first and a decent prospect. Thoughts?

    • I would think that would be hockey trade win win for both teams

    • More like Kaako, a first and Nils Lundqvist

      • That’s the equivalent of 3 first round picks. Not giving that much up for Horvat. It’s a little too much. Also would not be able to retain him without moving at least Strome’s salary. TheFlyingV must be a Canucks fan. I believe my offer was fair hockey value.

      • Over the last 4 years Strome has put up 177 points vs. Horvats 197.

        This year Strome had 14 points in 16 games.

        Horvat has 11 in 22.

        How is Horvat worth Kakko , Lundqvist and a 1st while Strome is worth nothing?

      • Sorry but the Canucks are not trading down, which is what your proposal was. They aren’t shopping any of their star players and if they do listen to an offer seriously, it would have to be one like that and not like yours.

      • Didn’t say Strome is worth nothing but he is not worth Horvat and he is older.

        Rangers are good so the pick will not be a high one.

        And Gettinger? A fifth round pick on a 2 way contract who is playing in the minors?

        How is this trade fair?

        Again, sorry but not a chance Van bites on an offer like that.

      • I’m having a tough time believing Horvat gets a better return than Eichel, Seth Jones etc.

        I think that is grossly overinflated value. There are not many people that get that kind of return. And by not many, I mean none in recent years.

        If that’s the ask, I think they’ll be getting nothing in a year and a half when we walks out the door as a ufa.

      • That’s the thing, CO. It’s not the ask because Vancouver is not shopping their star players.

        A management change will be made before they go down that road so if someone wants to inquire, they will need to blow them away with an offer.

        The offer suggested does not make them better. It makes them worse. No good for an on the fly shake up or a rebuild move.

        Vancouver is not blowing up their roster first and then addressing management second.

      • Gettinger is a career Ahl’er. But zero chance NY coughs up your suggested return.

        Don’t really like the trade straight up to be honest. The point differential is 5 points a year isn’t even worth the move. If it ain’t broke kinda thing.

    • I am not sure Strome is actually available. He has great chemistry with Panarin and what is Horvat better at besides faceoffs? Unless there is zero chance he resigns…the Rangers are thin down the middle.
      If anything add Horvat and shift Strome to RW.
      Goodrow-Rooney- Reaves

      The most $$ 4th line around….

      • He is better at faceoffs and scoring goals. Is younger and is their Captain.

      • Strome’s output the past 3 seasons is better than Horvat…if Chytil had Panarin chemistry it could work but again no reason to break up the Panarin-Strome connection right now

      • also why would Vancouver trade for an RFA

      • Panarin-Horvat-Strome on the same line? Who is going to shoot the puck ?????? All three of them are un-selfish pass first players. You can’t take on Horvat salary without moving some salary out. Horvat is better on faceoffs and younger so I think it would be worth it for the Rangers to acquire him and hope that Horvat fits in. As for the prospect, it doesn’t have to be Gettinger. I just don’t think that Horvat is worth more than what I suggested as he is not a huge upgrade over Strome, just a little one.

      • Dov, Strome is actually going to be UFA and I doubt Van trades their captain for somebody who might not return next season. I’ve been impressed with Chytil this year. He’s 22, and until this season I wondered if he’d ever be a top 6 C. After trading Buchnevich and the whole Kravtsov debacle, I honestly would think Rangers would be better off trading for Boeser.

      • I do not want the Canucks to trade Horvat, but in response to Captain Obvious I’ll note that Horvat is not a playmaker but a goal-scorer. Most of his goals seem to come from bull-rushing the net, or on breakaways (often off toe-drag dekes), or in close from the bumper position on the PP. Though the PP goals for the team have been few and far between this season.

      • @DOV
        the Rangers have cap space for this season that somehow fits Horvat if i am looking at it correctly

  4. Pettersson season so far stinks.
    Not even on late with an extra attacker. No confidence and playing dumb. Granted no puck luck. He is the reason for the poor record

  5. Debrusk finally asked for a trade.
    Ship him off to SJ for Kane withthe Sharks retaining 3.5 to 4.5 per year.

    Move Marchand to center where he belongs and boom. Bruins are a 4 line team.

    • I don’t blame Jake for asking for a trade he appears to be Cassidy/‘s pet whipping boy. But on the other hand it was inevitable low production& high expectations from fans and management. Kane is not good for team moral. Talented yes, but just too much baggage . At this point in time they cannot get rid of Debrusk for chicken giblets. Go after a proven performer not someone who’s off ice activities don’t constantly overide his on ice performance. I also think Brad Marchand is the nhl scapegoat. Pk slewfoots people all the time he gets fined Brad gets suspended. Jt Miller is the guy I would target for the bruins.

      • Marchand hasn’t been penalized for slew-footing before? He is a talented, but dirty player.

  6. Jake is not the same hockey player since he was cross checked by Kadri in the head Jake plays scared. He has good tools but never wins a battle great skater and decent shot. Kane with a great attitude is exactly what Boston needs it’s a huge gamble. Still think Boston needs to play Studnicka Steen and anyone else who that see as future.

    • Also maybe Jake was over hyped maybe and he’s finally falling back to earth…we don’t know with certainty do we?
      As for Kane, here’s someone that we can say has twice been confirmed, “not a team player” but you would add him to your team because why?

      The only way a team accepts Kane now-a-days is that he reports to a minor league affiliate and during that time seeks mental health services… or at least the only way I can see it happening. Hopes and prayers are great when you have nothing to lose.


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