Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – November 28, 2021

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An Eastern Conference club could have interest in Evander Kane, the Hurricanes express interest in the Stars’ John Klingberg, and the latest on the Canucks in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports of “credible chatter” claiming an Eastern Conference team could be interested in acquiring Evander Kane from the San Jose Sharks after the 30-year-old winger’s 21-game suspension for violating NHL COVID protocols ends on Nov. 30. Brooks was quick to point out the New York Rangers are not interested in Kane.

San Jose Sharks winger Evander Kane (NHL Images).

Kane has been dealing with considerable off-ice drama this season involving bankruptcy and a messy divorce. He’s also alienated many of his Sharks teammates. While he apologized for his “mistake” of falsifying his vaccination status, it’s uncertain if he’s been vaccinated for COVID-19.

The Sharks are reportedly willing to retain up to half of Kane’s $7 million annual average value through 2024-25. While his offensive skills would make him a good fit among a club’s top-six forwards, his personal baggage could prove an unwelcome distraction and a PR problem.

SAN JOSE HOCKEY NOW: Sheng Peng speculated over which Eastern club would be interested in taking Kane off the Sharks’ hands.

One could be the Carolina Hurricanes given their offseason signing of Tony DeAngelo despite his recent history of disciplinary issues. It could be a “culture-strong” franchise like the Tampa Bay Lightning, Washington Capitals or Pittsburgh Penguins with veteran leadership that Kane would immediately respect. Peng also wondered if the Florida Panthers might be interested given Joe Thornton’s close relationship with Kane when Thornton was still with the Sharks.

Peng said his sources still consider a Kane trade unlikely unless the Sharks also sweeten the pot by adding first-round picks or agree to take a bad contract in return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Peng makes a good point about Kane perhaps fitting in on a club with veterans he looks up to. That was the case in his first couple of years with the Sharks when Thornton and Joe Pavelski were still with the franchise.

Kane wouldn’t be able to get away with any nonsense playing for the Hurricanes’ Rod Brind’Amour. He could also straighten up playing with the Lightning, Capitals and Penguins or by being reunited with Thornton on the Panthers. The question remains whether any of them are willing to take the chance.


SPORTSNET: Jeff Marek reports several teams have contacted the Dallas Stars inquiring about John Klingberg. One team interested in the 27-year-old defenseman is the Carolina Hurricanes.

Klingberg is slated to become an unrestricted free agent next summer. He seeks an eight-year extension worth in the mid-$60 million range from the Stars.

Marek said the Stars don’t want to trade Klingberg right now because they have playoff aspirations of their own. However, that hasn’t stopped teams from calling.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We can’t rule out the Stars and Klingberg agreeing to an extension before the trade deadline. They could also keep him as an “own rental” if he’s still unsigned and they’re in playoff contention by the March 21 trade deadline. Still, this situation could be worth following if the Stars fall out of the playoff chase and Klingberg hasn’t signed a new contract leading up to deadline day.

As Marek observed, the Hurricanes aren’t afraid to make bold moves. They were reportedly among the club’s interested in Jack Eichel, their gamble on Tony DeAngelo appears to be working out and they successfully offer-sheeted Jesperi Kotkaniemi. It shouldn’t be surprising that they’re monitoring Klingberg’s situation. For that matter, it wouldn’t be shocking if they acquired Evander Kane.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports the Vancouver Canucks had permission from the Montreal Canadiens to speak to Claude Julien about their head-coach job. They’ve also talked about Scott Walker for that role. However, he doesn’t think they’re going down that road for either guy. He said the Canucks are considering some options but nothing long-term until they’re convinced they have the right person or people for those jobs.

THE ATHLETIC: Thomas Drance considers it an open secret that the Canucks are looking for a replacement for head coach Travis Green. However, it considers it “enormously telling” if the Julien or Walker routes are closed off to them. It could also be indicative that general manager Jim Benning could be running out of room to maneuver.

Harman Dayal recently indicated his belief the Canucks aren’t actively shopping forward J.T. Miller, especially if the club remains in “win-now” mode. His versatility and physical style provides them with some much-needed flexibility and bite.

However, the Canucks must consider if Miller is willing to sign a contract extension and whether it would be worth the high price to sign him. They must also consider if they can still build a winner during the Miller-Bo Horvat window or if a retool would be a better option.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks and Montreal Canadiens have been jockeying for this season’s dubious honor of Canada’s most dysfunctional team.

At least the Canadiens seem to be making some progress with the reports they could bring in former Rangers GM Jeff Gorton as a potential president of hockey operations. The Canucks front office, meanwhile, still seem stubbornly resistant to doing anything significant to shake things up. Granted, it’s worthwhile not to be too hasty and risk making a mistake but at some point, they have to act.

Miller probably won’t be traded this season but I can see his role and those of every player on the Canucks being evaluated by a new general manager in the offseason. That’s assuming ownership finally runs out of patience with Benning by that point and finds a suitable replacement by then.


  1. If any team is to “speak to” Montreal about hiring former coach Claude Julien it should be Ottawa. Whatever Smith had going for him in the latter half of last season has disappeared and so it’s time to part ways.

    • Surprised to hear you say that, George. Not following much hockey this year but the Sens have been smacked but COVID. And is it not safe to say that last year’s surprising play was both unexpected and unrepeatable given where the Sens are at?

      I find it hard to accept coaches IQs go down.

      • They don’t LJ – but they do “lose the room” and there’s every indication that this young team is playing “confused” right now. And when that happens it’s always easier to seek rectification with a new voice behind the bench. Look where the Hawks were when they fired their coach and what a difference that has made in their game.

        At some point with a struggling club that has lost as many as they have since they gained their last point about 2 weeks ago, the GM has to decide when to pull the plug. How long dies he wait? 15 game losing skid? 20 game?

  2. Kane is exactly the kind of player the Pens need especially after being pushed around by the Habs last night … there are low expectations for the Pens going deep in May/June so he would be worth it to me …

    • This guy is a train wreck off the ice…and san jose is willing to eat up to 50% of salary.

      I would offer jason Zucker but he is a locker room fav and has 5 goals this season

      Or a Marcus Peterson ..

      I think with Sullivan Crosby and Carter the leadership is there to straighten up Kanes behaviors..

      Still risky but??

  3. didn’t the Canes already have Klinberg? his name was Dougie Hamilton …

  4. Sounds like Brooks is off his meds again. Culture strong teams are culture strong specifically because they stay away from guys like Kane.

  5. Kane to Carolina doesn’t make any sense. I don’t agree with the comparison of DeAngelo and Kane. Age and contract (the indesputable facts) alone make this a questionable rumor. Not to mention that Carolina doesn’t have a need for a top 6 forward.

    It would not surprise me if Carolina made a move to strengthen their defense.

  6. Unless it came with a huge sweetener, such as a first, hells no to Kane in Pittsburgh.

    • I’m not even sure with a 1st coming to Pittsburgh would i make that trade Chrisms. Plus 2 more years…nah, f that.

  7. Kane to Boston works for me 1/2 retained and toss in a mid range pick and bruins will send debrusk. And toss in John Moore 🤭

    • The risk with Kane is 7million on for 2 more seasons if the dice roll does not work out

    • Mrbruin4 excellent trade proposal.

      Now if you can get the sharks to also take Wagner, that be a home run of a deal.

      Debrusk needs to go to make the dollars work.

    • yes but won’t happen

  8. Re “The Sharks are reportedly willing to retain up to half of Kane’s $7 million “…. replace “willing to” with “must” and take out “up to”

    Again, it is in Wilson’s best interest to allow other GM’s to actually speak to Kane…. let Kane convince (try to at least) them that he has in fact turned the corner and is a “changed man” (again)— can he?

    Setting aside the speculation of “several teams interested”…. remember, total control (well almost total control) lies with Kane. As at now, he has nixed trade to 28 teams. No idea which 3 teams are on his list, but for a trade to happen right now,
    as is (A) there must be an interested team; not just speculation; (B) that team must be willing to “experiment” with the personal “rehab” of his past antics; (C) they must have space; (D) they must have the trade pieces that Wilson is willing to accept; and most importantly (E) they must be one of the three teams on Kane’s list

    Kane is very close to full control in this situation. He can’t be terminated in season; so he continues to collect a pay cheque.

    He has a few options; and depends on the athlete’s true belief in himself and his ability to “turn his personal life around

    1) Sit back, bank on Wilson being unable to trade to the only three teams on his list (not sure which teams they are); wait out the season; collect pay cheques. Get bought out. Lose $5 M gross. Sign with club of his choice at 1 @ $1M (31 teams would take this gamble in my opinion– failure– waive, costs them $1M; success– extremely cheap for a 30 G scorer with grit); then if he does produce anywhere near his abilities (that is not really in question) and keeps his off ice antics clean—- he signs at a minimum (after that one season) 2 @ $4M— and likely much more)…. that is $9M gross in those 3 years; replacing the $5M in gross he lost– he is ahead of the game— chooses his team; his destiny

    2) Gets (convinces) Wilson to allow him to talk with GM’s of franchises he desires now (contenders); and puts on his Sunday best; charm; BS tie; and convinces that GM to take a gamble on him; this year. Get’s traded to a contender…. proves himself in a new city, new team mates; chance a long Cup run

    Number 1 to me is possible— a buyout off season (if he is still on the Sharks books) seems inevetible . Gives him that much more time to convince everybody that he is a changed man; and has 31 teams to choose from instead of maybe (realistically) 2 or 3 now

    Setting aside the odds of 1 or 2— what has Wilson to lose choosing option 2— if the end game is ridding Kane; and trade at 50% retained over buyout; saves over $5M overall in cash AND is far better cap wise—- why not do it?

    For me— I seriously doubt the Leafs are in

    IF (huge IF) Kane has in fact turned a corner (HUGE IF)— I would love Kane on Pens.

    Zucker for Kane at 50% (again ONLY if he can prove that his off ice antics are behind him)— perfect.

    Downside to Pens…. if they get fooled by Kane into believing that he has turned a corner; while in fact he has not…. he then sits at home and gets paid; bought out next summer; Pens already then in re-build mode; so Cap not a consideration—- the risk therefore is $cash.

    Upside to Pens… again IF (big IF) he has turned a corner… Kane production, size, grit, replacing Zucker; AND saving Cap space….. wow

    I’d love that scenario

    Again— nothing happens unless Kane can prove himself IF he wants to at this time

    Very interesting times

  9. Deja vu all over again

  10. Kane goes out of his way to defy cultural norms, so I doubt that a team’s culture can control his behavior. He likely must be strong-armed into compliance. If a team acquiring him doesn’t have a player capable of doing that, it may have to count on the mob for help. The only way Kane can pay off his gambling debt is to behave himself well enough to remain a hockey player. If he’s not wearing skates, he could be wearing cement shoes.

    A look at Jaromir Jagr could provide Kane with incentive. He’ll be playing into his 60s for that same reason.

  11. Sharks have placed EK on waivers.

    • FD, I assume you don’t mean Erik Karlsson 🙂

      • George, you know the notion has crossed thier minds.

  12. I would have liked to see Kane try to get away with his bs under Joel Quenneville! One of them would be wearing bruises and my money is on the older one coming out on top. Love the numbered comments!

    • Quennville looks like an old Don Frye.

    • Bruises cause quinville hit him? Or cause Joel looked the other way?

      • Ooof. Scathing comment.
        Not untrue, as I understand it.

      • bang on, Chrisms

  13. Deangelo sat the entire season and was bought out in the summer. I don’t think E.Kane will be the same route. I am sure the Rangers had lots of offers but were not holding money. The Sharks will also get lots of offers. Especially if already 50% retained rumoured on the table. I think they will even get a player that is in the league and a later round draft pick in return

  14. Wow ! Bergevin, Timmins and Paul Wilson have all been fired. Gorton named Vice President of Hockey operations.

  15. I`m smelling a Matt Murray – Evander Kane contract swap!

    • 100% banger. I proposed this swap before they both got waived.
      I think SanJose still needs to throw in a mid round pick to balance out the money.
      And even though Kane has a no move with only three teams he can (I believe) waive his no move and accept any trade. I’d roll the dice and make this move if I’m Pierre Dorion. If he could remake Kane—it would be his second proudest day.