NHL Rumor Mill – December 21, 2021

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Could the Oilers or Bruins have an interest in Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun? What moves could be in store for the Ducks by the trade deadline? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.

SPORTSNET: Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman discussed the potential availability of Jakob Chychrun during Monday’s “32 Thoughts” podcast. Friedman said he’s spoken with a couple of people who don’t believe the Edmonton Oilers aren’t in it for the 23-year-old Arizona Coyotes defenseman. Marek and Friedman agreed he’d be a great fit with the Oilers but the latter said not to put money on the Oilers acquiring Chychrun.

Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Limited cap space could be one reason. Cap Friendly shows the Oilers sitting over $7 million above the $81.5 million ceiling because of several players on long-term injury reserve. Another could be the Coyotes’ steep asking price. There could also be a concern over Chychrun’s knee injuries earlier in his career.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Joe Haggerty believes the Bruins also need a top-four left-side rearguard capable of playing big minutes. He thinks Chychrun would address that need plus he’s cost-controlled carrying an affordable $4.6 million annual salary-cap hit for the next three seasons. The Coyotes’ asking price, however, could prove too expensive for the Bruins in terms of draft picks and cheap young talent.

Nevertheless, Haggerty took a stab at a couple of proposals. One was Matt Grzelcyk or Brandon Carlo and Jack Studnicka plus a first-round pick and a second-rounder as a “starting-off point” in trade conversations. Another was Jake DeBrusk, Urho Vaakanainen and a pair of draft picks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t think the Bruins have sufficient depth in tempting trade assets to outbid other clubs for Chychrun. It doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try if they have an interest, but I wouldn’t expect to see him pulling on a Bruins jersey anytime soon.

THE ATHLETIC: In a recent mailbag segment, Eric Stephens was asked if the Anaheim Ducks will be buyers or sellers by the March 21 trade deadline. He felt the longer the Ducks keep playing as well as they have thus far, the less likely they’ll want to break up a winning hand.

Stephens believes pending unrestricted free agents like defensemen Hampus Lindholm and Josh Manson and winger Rikard Rakell will have value in the trade market given their current play. However, it would be difficult to ship them out when the Ducks have put themselves in position for a playoff run.

If the Ducks intend to re-sign those players, Stephens suggested Lindholm would have the most value, followed by Manson and Rakell.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Ducks could become sellers if they collapse during the second half of the schedule leading up to the trade deadline. If they’re still in the thick of the playoff race, however, I think they’ll hang onto Lindholm, Manson and Rakell as “own rentals” and push for a playoff spot. They can attempt to re-sign them in the offseason before the free-agent market opens on July 13.


  1. why would Armstrong want the Bruins trash for his treasure? no deal there …

    • How about Carlo,Debrusk ,Studnicka?

  2. Chychrun would an ideal fit in Boston but whether Sweeney has got the guile or creative spirit to get him is another matter entirely. I still think somehow the bruins are gonna end up with another great dressing room presence.

    • yeah Grzelcyk, DeBrusk and 2 2nds’ are plenty high enough for Chicky. He really is not THAT great, but the Bruins are really lacking at LD. Let someone else over-pay.

    • Evander Kane has entered the chat…

  3. Chic would fit nicely as a Bruin. By Haggs is over valued chic

    I could see Sweeney maybe offer debrusk. Rielly. And a pick
    But more then that run We need a playmaker ctr for 2nd line more

    • I always laugh at the pundits and the value of players. To be honest I was shocked that Buffalo got what they did for JE, and while I see Chychrun as a valued player I don’t feel he would warrant more then what vegas gave up. The being said he does at the very least warrant a NHL player, a decent prospect and 1st or 2nd round pick depending on the players.

      Debrusk has value (whether people want to admin it or not), studnicka has not been given a chance yet, Lysell rated high, Achan in Providence,and they have Mason Lohrei playing at Ohio state that has dominated every level he played at so they could IMO make something work if they were players.

      • Debrusk has value. About a 3 or 4 round pick.

      • He has more value based on history and Bennett’s success in Florida.

        And based on the fact Chychrun is worth what JE brings.

      • Debrusk only has value to Boston fans who are trying to get rid of him. To the general managers of other teams who would have to eat up that cap hit for a 3rd liner he’s not worth much. Chychrun was in the conversation for the Norris last year now that has value. Chychrun had 18g and 23 assists in 56 games last year on a really bad team as a 22 year old defenseman. Debrusk would be the salary dump in that deal so Boston better add some pretty good players if they’re going to outbid other teams. Make no mistake a lot of other teams will be bidding so good luck trying to unload your junk.

      • I fail to see how Bennett is relevant to this conversation…. No more so than me saying look at nail yakupov.

      • WTH, isn’t Arizona trying to get rid of Chychrun too?

        And for the record DeBrusk requested a trade.

        Also Debrusk has played as many 2nd line minutes as Chychrun top pair, and he produced 27 goals and 19 in 65 games. This year on pace for about 17 playing on the 3rd line. How many 3rd or 4th rd picks produce that? I would argue less than 1 % of them. He is only 25.

        Why is Arizona trying to trade him? He is top pair on the worst team in the NHL, doesn’t mean he would be on a playoff team.

        DeBrusk doesn’t suck, we really don’t know what Chychrun is, other than -26 this year.
        DeBrusk obviously doesn’t get him straight up but as a piece it isn’t crazy.

        Regardless not sure what the B’s have to offer is a 23 yr old D-man is too old to be part of a rebuild that started a couple years ago.

      • @ Ray Debrusk did that over 65 games over 4 years ago on a way better team. Arizona is not trying to get rid of him they are gauging the market to see what he might be worth. Arizona is just trying to stockpile picks and prospects. They are in year 1 of the rebuild and lost the 1st round pick so none of there players are untouchable. Chychrun is a top young defenseman on a great contract. Debrusk is a fading underachieving 25 year old who’s overpaid. Debrusk is a salary dump that Boston would need to make to take Chychruns contract. Boston would have to pay Arizona to take him as part of the package. Don’t put any stock in Chychruns plus minus thus year. He’s getting all the hard minutes on one of the worst teams in nhl history. At the end of the day you have to outbid all of the other teams that would be in on Chychrun and the offers that the Boston fans on here continue to suggest regardless of the player isn’t even going to come close. If Boston was offered anything close to a 1st or even a second for Debrusk he’d already be gone. Not going to happen for a 3rd liner that would take a big chunk of your cap space.

      • We disagree WTH.
        The year he had 19 is 65 was 19/20, the year before last season not over 4 years ago. He had 1 bad year, the Covid year. Doing alright this year.

        You can google this stuff.

        My point is Chychrun hasn’t accomplished much more than DeBrusk, in fact less. Like I said DeBrusk is on pace for 16-17 goals this year on the 3rd line.

        Chychrun sheltered OZ minutes last year year, this year only 44 % OZ starts and is struggling on a brutal team, we agree on that. But, on the PP, where he gets 1st team minutes he has 1 pt. One. Not an offensive force by any means.

        So what is Chychrun, and why is AZ gauging interest on a 23 yr old D-man on a good contract?

        We don’t know what he is, other than a physically talented D-man on a crappy team with an injury history. The knock on him in his draft year, low hockey IQ. I also said you won’t get him for DeBrusk straight up, and no the B’s would trade him for a 2nd or a 1st that isn’t in the top half.

        Some are over valuing Chychrun and under valuing DeBrusk. IMO. Both by a lot.

      • @Ray pretty much any none Boston fan would disagree with you. Chychrun was 10th in Norris trophy voting last year. Chychrun had 27 goals 4 seasons ago that’s the year I was talking about. You are correct you can Google it. Chychrun had almost as many points as a DEFENCEMEN that Debrusk had as a winger and Debrusk played more games that year. So basically Chychrun is a defencemen who’s a norris candidate putting up more points per game last year than Debrusk did in his best year. I know you’re a Boston fan and as we all do with our teams are overvaluing your players. By the was Debrusk was in the second line when he got the 27 goals not that it matters because he’s been a healthy scratch because he’s bit even coming close to producing like that. He’s a reclamation project already and he’s only 25. Not only that he has a 3.675 million cap hit “Ouch” that puts him in contract dump territory. Only way he gets aby value is if Boston takes someone else’s project and no it won’t be Kravstov, not even close. It’s not a disagreement, Debrusk is just flat out not worth what you think he is.

      • And Chychrun isn’t worth near what your suggesting. He has had 1 good year, this year brutal. Not just bad, brutal.

        If he was anything near a top D-man AZ wouldn’t be “gauging interest” on a 23 year old D man on a supposedly good contract. It is the same thing as trying to trade him, just different language to say the same thing.

        I ain’t saying DeBrusk is all that, I’m saying Chychrun isn’t either. Neither is. Chrychrun better, but not worth selling the farm. Too risky. DeBrusk is a middle 6 forward, a little overpaid.

        We disagree, all good.

  4. Lyle, a question. Sorry for not knowing the rules but is a player called up from the minors due to covid on an NHL team subject (if applicable) to the waiver rules when the team can send him back?

    • @Henry yes he is subject to waiver rules.

  5. With the disaster the Devils are right now, I could see them putting together a deal for Chychrun centered on Ty Smith and draft choices. I also believe Arizona is interested in cutting costs any way they can so the Devils can certainly help out there as well. Fitz cannot sit still too much longer. Amazing this coaching staff is still in tact.

    • I doubt Fitz would give up his 1st overall. (because of how low he’ll be in draft pecking order)
      Yes, he would trade talent for Chychrun. Smith is having a rough year as is a few other players (#17, #59, #70) I think we have a couple fw’s in Utica to take a spots. Definately help on back end.

  6. What’s with “chicky” and “chic”?
    I have no skin in the game but you folks sound like buffoons

    Jakob Chychrun was pretty tight with Christian Dvorak , wonder if Gorton is talking to them.

    Great bass fishing in Quebec

    • Hmm, Montreal needs an infusion of new blood but would have to send salary for CHYCHRUN (ha ha).
      I wonder if they could talk AZ into taking Drouin, who is doing good this year but the Habs need to cut salary.
      Chychrun for Drouin, Romanov, 2023 2nd and 3rd. I don’t see a need to give a first with sending 2 NHLers for a now struggling D-man that may or may not recover his former ability. Yes he will do better on a better team, but there is still some concerns.

      • @Johnny I don’t think you’re that far off the mark but make no mistake Drouin is a salary dump so Montreal has to add to include him. He is not an asset as part of the return. I think the basis of your trade proposal is there though.

  7. @What the heck:
    Then make it 2 2nds, 2023 and 24.
    Habs hold on to their 1sts, not an option. It is still over-payment, but desperation costs assets. LOL

    • I can see that Johnny but that offer would have to be a better offer than all of the other teams would make. There would be a ton of interest if Chychrun is actually available. Not sure that offer gets there but starting with Romanov I think would put the Habs in the conversation at least.

  8. Pretty sure Chychrun is minus a hundred he is a decent D man but he is not Bobby Orr had one decent year. If I’m Arizona I’m wanting picks and prospects may take a bad contract if it helps to to the floor. Boston’s D is fine they outshoot most teams and don’t give up tons of scoring chances. Boston needs offense and speed.

    • That great year that you are talking about was only last season and he was 22 years old. Put that player on a team like Boston who not only understands how to play as a team but there forwards actually back check and he’ll be a plus player. He’s a number 1 young defenseman with a value contract. He also plays a physical game and can quarterback a power play. Not to mention one of the best first passes in the league. He’s a player that helps the forwards generate offense. He was 10th in Norris voting last season. Teams will be lining up to acquire him if he’s available. Arizona is going to take the best offer and it’s hire than other teams scraps, salary dumps and low picks. Not often that a 23 year old number 1, Norris trophy candidate with a value contract becomes available.

  9. He is minus 29 the next worst D man is minus 8 their is no one close to -29. Boston already has Charlie and he is capable and only will get better at running the PP. I believe Bruins need a quality 2nd line center and some explosive speed.