NHL Rumor Mill – December 8, 2021

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What’s the latest on the Canucks’ search for a new GM? Are the Islanders shopping for help? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill. 

THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun wondered if Daniel and Henrik Sedin will be taking on larger roles within the Vancouver Canucks organization. He’s not sure if they’d feel ready to act as co-general managers but doesn’t rule out the possibility.

Former Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin (NHL.com).

LeBrun also noted former Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin quickly surfaced as a possible candidate. While Bergevin might benefit from taking some time off before going from one high-pressure hockey city to another, LeBrun believes he’d listen if the Canucks came calling. He also doesn’t rule out former GM Mike Gillis and former assistant GM Laurence Gilman returning with Gillis as team president and Gilman as the general manager.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s going to be interesting to see who the Canucks end up hiring. It’s expected their search could last throughout the season.

The Sedins have only been in the Canucks’ hockey operations department for several months. Their only management experience was in advisory roles to the general manager. Team chairman Francesco Aquilini would have to hire an experienced executive as team president to help guide the Sedins as they grew accustomed to the general manager job.

Bergevin has considerable front-office experience but his tenure in Montreal was a mixed bag. He won more trades for the Canadiens than he lost but his free-agent signing record was so-so while their drafting and player development suffered during his tenure.

As for Gillis and Gilman, no offense to their abilities but the Canucks already went that route. The club enjoyed its greatest period of success under those two. However, they were also responsible for the Canucks’ steep decline following their 2011 Stanley Cup Final appearance. It might be a better option to bring in someone different with a fresh perspective.

NYI HOCKEY NOW: Christian Arnold cited NHL insider Darren Dreger telling TSN 1200 he could see New York Islanders general manager Lou Lamoriello attempting to improve his club before all hope of reaching the 2022 playoffs are lost.

Dreger doesn’t see Lamoriello attempting to make a blockbuster deal and isn’t sure what he’d be looking for in a deal. Nevertheless, he noted Lamoriello tends to be an active general manager and believes he’ll do something to try and save the season.

Arnold observes the Islanders have had trouble finding the back of the net and could use a forward with a scoring touch. They could also use a puck-moving defenseman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Scoring forward trade targets could include the Boston Bruins’ Jake DeBrusk, the Chicago Blackhawks’ Dylan Strome or the Arizona Coyotes’ Phil Kessel. They’ve frequently surfaced in early-season trade speculation. Whether Lamoriello has any interest in them or has his eye on someone else remains to be seen. It’s possible there simply isn’t anyone suitable available right now to help his club reverse their fortunes.


  1. so the Islanders need to find players similar to Leddy and Eberle. Good thing Wahlstrom seems to have found a rhythm for them.

  2. If I were Lou, I’d make sure to keep this years first round pick. They’ve dealt away too many lately.

    • Shhhhh that was Rutherford’s playbook

      I say to GMLL (in my best John Cleese impersonation)… “I say good Sir, can I trouble you for a wee flip… let’s say a Zucker and a cuppa Earl Grey for Pullock”…. I then do my best Cleese silly walk

      BTW …. The parrot WAS dead

      Cheese shop my fav all time MP skit BTW

      • you try too hard …

  3. Lou won’t be “in” on Kessel, DeBrusk, and Strome. Not his kinda guys. He likes grittier type.
    Trouble for Isles, being they are old, nobody’s lining up to “pony up” for anyone.
    Send Parise home (to Minnesota) & pay him.

    • If Kessel wants to come to the Islanders Lou might do it…no one wants to put Phil in a position he doesnt want to be. I think they could use what Kessel CAN bring

      • I don’t see Kessel’s 3 goals and -5 being on Lou’s radar…ever.

      • Right now, Kessels 3 goals, 11 assists / 14 points would be tied for with Barzals 14 points to lead the islanders in scoring.

        He signed Parise who has no goals and 4 assists.. re-signed Palmieri who has 1 goal, 6 assists and sits at -7. He signed Chara who has 0 goals , 2 assists. He signed Cory Schneider.

        We can stop this “Lou’s a genius thing” now.

        Lou is doing to the islanders , exactly what he did to the devils. Driving them into the ground.

        Lou’s Gm award, should have Snows name on it! The man is a dinosaur! Said it last year and years prior. Lou could never successfully navigate a team in the cap era!

        Prove me wrong.

      • I forgot re-signing JP Pageau. 3 goals 4 assists -3.

        Not sure why Lou is passing on Kessel ? He should probably pick up that phone right now!

      • Isles are also 29th on the PP.
        they need some new hands moving the puck around…
        Leddy led them in PP assists last season.

        Ghost might be a better addition than Kessel for the need but he has another year left @ 4.5

  4. Maybe Sweeney hasn’t had his daily adult minimum requirement of electrolytes’ lately, But someone has to get this guys off his lazy carcass to do something! The team is floundering they need an INJECTION Dangle debusk and studnicka grab Jt from Vancouver but don’t keep laying back and CALLING UP rejects from providence it ain’t working!!!!

    • Rick sorry to burst your bubble but DeBrusk and Studnicka are not going to get you JT, or Horvat from VCR.
      Add in their first then maybe, but probably not. No offence to Studnicka, but every team has one already. A 22 year old forward who can’t quite crack the NHL team. He is worth a 5th rd pick.

      If you think the B’s are going to get a prime aged 2C with term and it doesn’t include a good young roster player (Carlo or Swayman) with upside and at least a 1st rd pick you are living on a different planet than me.

      Rant all you want, but it ain’t gonna change that reality. We don’t have what VCR would want unless we send a good, young roster player. That ain’t Debrusk.

      • Ray Bark. I agree. With JT summary a 1st would need to be added Boston is better off keeping their own pick this year They will not go far in playoffs this year so keep the pick. They are now getting into no man’s land good enough for playoffs but not to win a cup

      • I didn’t word that well, Carlo or Swayman would get you JT, another good young player would require a 1st.

      • Why would the Canucks trade anything for Swayman? There’s no fit there.

      • We all know Carlo and Swayman are going no where. In the foreseeable future

      • I believe it is enough JT is 30 and Debrusk is a first rounder as well but still young, Studnicka under perhaps a different direction will work out fine. Nuff said. Your theories and evaluations don’t really sway me from my original post

      • Ignorance is bliss, Rick.

  5. Come on Lou! Take Kane off our hands! Sincerely, Doug

    • HexBurkie offer Zucker for Kane (50%)…. Gedderdone

  6. Gillis/Gilman could very much work again. Gillis has smashed his share of whisky glasses on the fireplace and done his homework to right his wrongs
    Meanwhile Gilman has been quietly honing his craft the whole time as well.

    1 thing Canucks fans dont want is a GM with a black cloud hangin over his head coming in in the form of a Bergavin, Rutherford.

    Chris MacFarland and Mathieu Darche are other names Canucks fans would love to see get a shot

    • I think they shouls stick with stan. Might need an expienced hand but has a passion being a Canuck most of his life.

  7. I think too late for isles this year. They are to far back. Lou should sell any assets he is not interested in keeping and get what he can. They should bounce back next year and be very competitive again

  8. If Jake DeBrusk was a true “scoring forward” I doubt Boston would trade him. He’s been in trade rumours because he’s not scoring.

    • Debrusk is the opposite of a scoring forward … thus, brings nothing to the table … the leaf didn’t fall far from the tree …

  9. Not playing at home until their fourteenth game of the season certainly didn’t help the Islanders’ record, and it may have led to more than the usual number of possibilities for player exposure to COVID. The NHL said on November 27 that as many as eight of the teams’ members would be unavailable to play because of protocols meant to prevent the spread of the disease. Even after recovery from the disease, a period of exhaustion often follows. By trading players, Lou Lamoriello may be placing blame where it doesn’t belong and extending this season’s misfortune into the next.

    • They’re 0-4-2 at home and 6-6-3 away. Maybe they should just stay on the road?

      • I don’t think so, Captain. Those four home losses came too close to the Islanders’ NHL-declared COVID emergency and a subsequent game postponement because of sick players. Their only victory since the postponement came two days ago at the Senators, who have likewise been COVID distressed.

      • Maybe they should play on the road only vs. other Covid stricken teams and Montreal?

  10. It sure is Orrpark ……..now why don’t you go sleepy poo, take a hot toddy and go to bed?

  11. Been gone all day—just getting caught up:

    I thought Lou had interest in Tarasenko before the start of season, and a possible trade was pending?? Do you think it may be revisited? Vladdy checks all the boxes that are needed—power play, scoring forward, sniper….

    The Blues could take a look at Pelech, or hometowner Mayfield, or…………….

    • The Blues aren’t in the same situation in the standings as the Islanders. They’re in no hurry to move Tarasenko now. It’ll take a significant offer to pry him away from the Blues.