Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – December 12, 2021

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Check out the latest on Jake DeBrusk, Evander Kane and Evgenii Dadonov in the Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup.

CALGARY HOCKEY NOW: Steve Macfarland wondered if Jake DeBrusk will flourish with another team in the same way Sam Bennett’s has since the Calgary Flames traded him to the Florida Panthers last season.

Boston Bruins winger Jake DeBrusk (NHL Images)

Like DeBrusk, Bennett was a former first-round pick who requested a trade after struggling to reach his potential and seeing his role with his club reduced. After nearly six disappointing seasons with the Flames, he has blossomed with the Panthers.

Macfarland noted the Bruins seek a player of equal value for the 25-year-old DeBrusk. He wondered if the Flames might convince them to take a look at defenseman Nikita Zadorov the Bruins’ need for a physical defenseman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flames were mentioned among the dozen clubs reportedly interested in DeBrusk. Zadorov’s $3.75 million cap hit for this season is comparable to DeBrusk’s $3.675 million so the dollars would work for both cap-strapped clubs. Macfarland believes the Flames would have to include a sweetener with Zadorov to further entice the Bruins.

The Bruins, however, could prefer a better option than Zadorov. He’s bounced from the Colorado Avalanche to the Chicago Blackhawks to the Flames over the past two seasons.

PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: Dan Kingerski reports Ryan Bowness, the Penguins Director of Pro Scouting, attended Evander Kane’s first game with the AHL’s San Jose Barracudas on Saturday. Scouts from the Boston Bruins, Detroit Red Wings, Nashville Predators, Toronto Maple Leafs and Dallas Stars were also in attendance.

Kingerski pointed out scouts’ schedules are often made weeks in advance. They also love the Sharks and Barracudas being in the same location, especially if both clubs are playing on the same night as they can kill two birds with one stone.

He noted all of those aforementioned clubs could use a power forward like Kane. However, that doesn’t mean those scouts were there specifically to watch him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It could be a coincidence those scouts were there last night. Then again, maybe one of them was evaluating Kane’s performance.

The Red Wings are the only club with sufficient cap space to take on Kane’s $7 million annual average value. That doesn’t mean they have any interest in him.

VEGAS HOCKEY NOW: Owen Krepps recently suggested moving Evgenii Dadonov would make the most sense for the Vegas Golden Knights to free up sufficient salary-cap space when Jack Eichel returns to action in February. The 32-year-old winger has bounced around the Golden Knights’ lineup this season. He’s signed through 2022-23 with an annual cap hit of $5 million.

Krepps suggested shipping Dadonov back to the Ottawa Senators, who have the cap space to take on his contract. He also suggested other “bottom-feeder teams” like the Chicago Blackhawks, New Jersey Devils or Seattle Kraken as potential trade partners. He felt the Golden Knights would only want a third- or a fourth-round pick or perhaps an affordable depth forward in return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I won’t outright dismiss the idea of Dadonov being peddled to the Senators, Devils or Kraken but I won’t hold my breath expecting one of them to take him on. Those clubs would likely squeeze the Golden Knights to include a draft pick in the deal as a sweetener.

I would rule out the Blackhawks. They’re already sitting over the cap ceiling with Tyler Johnson and Andrew Shaw on long-term injury reserve.


  1. Kane was pointless in his Baracuda debut…. But….

    I would still love a Zucker for Kane (50%) deal (again , after HexBurkie gets a chance to speak with Kane, to get a comfort level re his off ice future)

    When healthy:

    Sid Guentz ERod

    Gino Kane Rusty/Kappy

    Carter Heinen Rusty/Kappy

    Blueger McGinn ZAR

    • Rust is a first liner, Erod is playing over his head, 4th liner at best … and why would the Sharks want Jason Zucker????

      • Hi Ed

        See below re why Sharks might take Zucker

        Re Rusty…. He was top line winger last couple of years deservedly so, and also played 2nd line wing

        ERod was signed as a bottom 6 winger

        This year so far their production and expectations have flipped

        ERod should not be put on 4th line just because he was “signed” for that. He is playing and producing like a top line winger; and does not warrant a demotion to bottom 6. If his production wanes…. Yep then

        Zucker (if they keep him… hoping not) must not play with Gino or Sid; and is not suited to play with Blueger…. So he’d have to be 3LW

        I’d really like to see if Kappy can put his game together and last year he was gelling with Gino

        Rusty also plays very well with Gino

        So… IMHO , if they are unable to oust Zucker ( 😢👎👎💩)…. When healthy…. The best combos would be

        Sid Guentz ERod

        Gino Rusty Kappy

        Carter Heinen Zucker

        Blueger McGinn ZAR

        Pens are trending (and treading above the WC line) well right now, even with all the lost man games to key players…. They are tracking for a WildCard spot for the playoffs…. so likely first round match-ups…

        V Panthers or Bolts or Rangers or Canes or Caps

        To beat any of those teams in a 7 game series… IMHO….

        An upgrade at 3RD is a must

        An upgrade over Zucker a must

        If DeSmith keeps this strong recent trend going …. Pens should be OK; if he regresses to what he was just 2 weeks ago…. An upgrade a must

        A slightly less difficult set of games heading up to Christmas (coinciding likely with a Gino return) is good news….fingers crossed

    • “Hexburkie” somehow experts in human behavior? How does that all go down?

      “Are you going to behave yourself?”

      Kane: “ I’d bet my kids on that , for sure”

      And Kane will play 2nd line in Pittsburgh, (with 50% retained) while Zucker is now essentially costing SJ 8.5 with Kanes retention for 2 years on the 3rd line or worse?

      You’re dreaming!!!!

      • And I thought his world ended after he saw the conclusions of the board of governors at their meeting two days ago!

      • HI CO

        Good one on the “betting” line re Kane

        It’s only 1 more year for Zucker and Sharks want him gone from the org

        Their replacing a player who is not on the roster (nor will ever play for sharks again) with a top 9 winger… something is better than buying him out at 2/3rds

      • They are not paying Zucker 8.5to rid themselves of less than 6. One year , 4 years . Stop it. Beyond ridiculous.

        They aren’t taking trash like Zucker back AND holding salary. Garbage!

        Try again! Or don’t ! Better you don’t! Zucker and Petterson?


      • Pengy,maybe Colorado would consider sending Jack Johnson back to the Pens for Zucker if they held 💰? What do you think?

      • Hi Sparky…. re JJ ever coming back to Pens…..

        All I can say is the quote from Apocolypse now….”The Horror”

        Re Kane and Zucker trade

        The Math is simple…

        Option 1—- which will NOT happen…. Let him (Kane) play out his contract for Barracudas… ~ $26 M (after accounting for escrow) for him to play 3 2/3rds year for your AHL club…. Nope

        Option 2 as above… but playing on Sharks…. Not happening

        Option 3 …. Buyout in summer…. Costs (including this year)…. ~ $18 M (after escrow) …. For him to never play another game as a Shark

        Option 4…. 50% retained at TDL…. $13 M (include escrow calc)
        …. For him to never play for Sharks again

        Option 4 with trade for Zucker …. vs Option 3; after Escrow…. costs just over $900 K more…. So Option 3…. No player… Option 4…. You get Zucker for 1 1/3 years for $900 K more (again all after Escrow)

        The reason that it is so small is (1) Kane has $4M upcoming in SB (no escrow and Pens would be paying 1/2 of that) and (2) Zucker’s gross Sal drops next year

        Zucker at his worst has to be worth more than $900 K for 1 1/3rd years

        Again this only happens if HexBurkie buy in to (are convinced of , or have strong belief that) Kane’s off ice antics are behind him

    • kane is the #1 in the league in one department – dismantling a locker room and NHL team.

      San Jose is paying to get rid of that. But other teams are willing to pay for it? These other teams, if any, must be DESPERATE!

      He’s a LOSER and he’ll make your hockey team a loser too!

    • @ pengy…5 teams had scouts watching Kane’s first game. Boston, Dallas, Pittsburgh St.Louis Detroit.

      With Rutherford our boy now in Vancouver maybe we can move Zucker there.

      While i would love 26 year ols center Bo Horvath it is mire likely yhey will deal brock boeser or J.T. Miller

      To Pittsburgh– center, 28 J.T. Miller 2 years left @ $ 6 million

      To Vancouver–29, winger Jason Zucker 2 years @ $5.5 million

      Carter can slide to wing with Malkin or Miller

      Miller a Pittsburgh native solid physical player.

      Insurance next year if weose Malkin Carter or both.

      • Why would Vancouver make that trade strait up? Makes no sense. If they trade Miller it will be for a RD not for a lesser player at the same cap hit

      • Hi BnG

        Pens would love this and HexBurkie would jump on this …. But per Kent below ….. slim chance (even with Jimbo there) ‘Nucks do it

      • Lmfao! Pittsburgh must be on straight up free happy hour tonight!

        Zucker will get you Millers cup! Stop it ! Seriously!


      • Miller for Zucker will be beat by 30 other teams! Penguins fans, put down the bottle!

    • Sorry..Boston Pittsburgh Nashville maple leafs Detroit all watching kane with scouts first game

  2. With a chance to prove himself, Kane returned to the locker room minus 1, but didn’t appear bothered by it. In fact, when he was informed that a man wearing dark glasses and a trench coat had been fidgeting about his locker, a smile came to his face. Teammates were astonished when he found an envelope in his locker and pulled several thousand-dollar bills from it.

    • Did you know they quit making $1000 bills in 1969?

      There is less than 166,000 in existence.

      • Would you believe they were Canadian bills called “pinkies” by gangsters because of the pinkish-purple ink? Your law-enforcement brothers in Canada are tracking them now.

  3. I still think a Debrusk for Dube trade would be a good one for both clubs

    Treliving likes to have lots of defensemen around so I don’t see him trading one.
    It’s like a phobia with him, makes me mad at trade deadline he gives up draft picks for defensemen and never resigns them and the Flames either miss the playoffs or get booted out in the first round but give up mid round draft picks for the pleasure.

    • FF,

      I think the Flames had an earlier Tarasenko interest. Doubt it would happen but would a Vladdy for Dube and Zadorov be considered?? $$$s are close.


      • Iowa, I would make that trade all day.
        It might be a little lopsided in the Flames favour.

    • Flamefan, I would do that deal .. given Sutter’s track record of playing guys on merit, he could get a shot on a 2nd line with Backlund and Mangiapane, with Coleman slotting in on a 3rd line with Monahan and Pitlick, which I think has been done already at some point.

      I would love to see Tarasenko as a Flame iowa .. though I would tweak that deal maybe.. I’d hate to give up on Valimaki already, but a proposal:

      Dube and Valimaki (maybe a conditional pick too) for Tarasenko and big boy Jake Walman. Flames keep Zadorov to try and compete for minutes with Walman and provide depth, and if they wanted to then, Flames trade Zadorov at deadline for forward depth. Not sure if the numbers would work, but player wise, I think Walman would be an upgrade over Zadorov and still has some upside.

      • Augie,

        I appreciate your thoughts.

        I think Valimaki can/will be a good player, but the Blues probably need more of an immediate help, a big, physical body on defense.

        If the Blues included Walman (and took Valimaki and Dube) in a Tarasenko trade, it would cost the Flames 1 of their 2nds. Then there’s the issue of salary cap!?!

      • Augustus, imo Valimaki has way more upside and future than Big Z. Sutter is showing him tough love for now, as he often does with young players.
        I think he has been doing real well in Stockton so I would rather keep him, Zadorov hits like a truck but has to keep playing Sutter‘s structure or he would not be missed.

  4. the only way I would be ok with Dorion taking Dadonov back is if Austin Watson goes the other way.

    • I can’t see PD doing this. He has nearly 8 million of stupid signings already sitting in the minors. Most Ottawa folks can’t believe he was able to get rid of Daddy in the first place.

      DelZotto, Colin White for Dadinov. Baggage for baggage or something

  5. Who’s really in on Kane
    Maybe Leafs can unload Ritchie , but there is still 4.5 million , carryover – as per salary difference …

  6. All the Kane bashing, reading some media types even suggest he shouldn’t be allow in the NHL. Why

    Even with all his off ice issues still lead San Jose in scoring.

    Some players on the team didn’t want him back and that information became public. Why

    Yet he still produces on the ice and stands up for teammates who don’t like him.

    With all that said none of the issues were brought to public attention by Kane.

    I’m not saying Kane is a model citizen.

    Yes I want him in a Bruins uni, he is exactly what Boston needs, other then being citizen Kane.

    • Caper thinking the same thing. Maybe Boston can say we will take him off your hands if Hertl is included. Would cost more than Debrusk and half salary would have to be retained. Boston needs a little more grit. Can he play RW I’d put him with 37-63 to protect them. Then Hertl with 88-71.

  7. Debrusk to Philly for Lindbloom and a conditional pick

  8. Caper
    Pretty much sums it up
    Kane is a fit in Boston
    Leafs need his edge , talent in the wing , especially thinking of another 1st round exit ..
    Same Jose will be absorbing a good chunk of his salary

    San Jose is welcome to Ritchie and Holl

  9. Zadorov is an overpay for Debrusk even up, no sweetener coming to the Bruins. Boston reportedly wants a player of equal value for Debrusk, which, right now, is a 4th line forward or bottom pair defenseman.

    • What about the Ghost for Debrusk?

    • So, by your reasoning, Danny Dekeyser is a 1D and Robbie Fabri is a 1LW?
      Makes sense…. if you squint really hard.

      Debrusk will get a sensible return. Likely of the same, or better value.

      • If you meant me, no, Dekeyser is not a #1 LD, nor Fabbri a #1 LW. In fact, I doubt DK plays for the Wings next year, and it is no better than 50/50 that Fabbri does either. If they do, DK would be a #3 LD, and Fabbri a #3 LW.

  10. Vegas will have to move more than Dadonov. Reilly Smith will also be available. Both should be had for pennies on dollar. NYR need a second line RW that can score goals. I don’t see Strome back next season, but I doubt they move him this year. If they don’t plan on re-signing him, then they could fit Dadonov, who played with Panarin a couple KHL seasons and formed one of the highest scoring lines. Smith would be a rental and played for Gallant already. Kravtsov and Hajek for Dadonov(1m retained) and Nolan Patrick?

    • If they trade Daddy for future considerations, they might be rid of the whole salary. But I sense they won’t have to get rid of very much more as injuries do occur, and someone will ride the LTIR pine to get them to the playoffs.

  11. “The Red Wings are the only club with sufficient cap space to take on Kane’s $7 million annual average value. That doesn’t mean they have any interest in him.”
    Kane (retain $1M) + Eklund for Caps 2nd

    • The RedWings are the only ones?
      Pierre Dorion on line one. And the Sens and SanJose of have quite the trade history.

  12. I stated at the time that the Vegas trade for Dadonov was stupid giving up the cap hit for an older player with term who had a down year. Vegas got fleeced in that trade.