NHL Rumor Mill – January 10, 2022

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Should the Flames or Islanders consider signing Evander Kane? Should the Oilers try to acquire Canadiens winger Josh Anderson? Which defensemen could the Panthers target? Will the Penguins go shopping at the trade deadline? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.


CALGARY HOCKEY NOW: Steve Macfarlane wonders whether the Calgary Flames should consider signing San Jose Sharks winger Evander Kane after he cleared unconditional waivers yesterday. He acknowledged the 30-year-old winger’s well-documented personal baggage and reputation as a bothersome teammate but observed he’s a proven point producer who could be an affordable free-agent signing.

Will there be teams interested in signing Evander Kane as a free agent? (NHL Images)

Macfarlane suggested the Flames should at least consider that option given their need to add another scoring forward. He felt general manager Brad Treliving should poll his players to determine if they’d be open to adding Kane to their roster. He also felt head coach Darryl Sutter might be able to handle the talented-but-troublesome winger.

NYI HOCKEY NOW: Stefen Rosner also examined whether the New York Islanders should bring in Kane to provide a boost to their sagging offense. He believes they should avoid him at all cost given Kane has proven to be untrustworthy and disdainful of rules, something that wouldn’t be tolerated under general manager Lou Lamoriello.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sharks can terminate Kane’s contract without penalty for breach of contract owing to the winger allegedly violating AHL COVID protocols and failing to report back to their AHL affiliate on time. However, the NHLPA is expected to file a grievance perhaps as early as today. It could take several weeks for an arbiter to determine the outcome.

Despite Kane’s reputation as a bad teammate and his off-ice issues, there are reportedly teams that could be willing to sign him to an affordable short-term contract if he becomes an unrestricted free agent. However, I doubt you’ll see his agent receive any formal offers until his grievance has been settled.


EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson wondered if the Oilers should attempt to pry away Josh Anderson from the floundering Montreal Canadiens. He pointed out they lack a “power forward, mean-streak type in their top six.”

Anderson is currently sidelined with an upper-body injury but the 27-year-old winger is expected back early next month. He’s in the second year of a seven-year deal with an annual cap hit of $5.5 million and carries an eight-team no-trade list. Matheson wondered if the Habs would be interested in an offer of a 2022 first-round pick, prospect Xavier Bourgault and “something else.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We don’t know what plans Canadiens hockey ops VP Jeff Gorton and whoever he hires as a general manager has in store for their club before the trade deadline. They are expected to shop pending unrestricted free agents like Ben Chiarot but they could entertain offers for players under contract beyond this season such as Anderson.

It probably wouldn’t hurt for the Oilers to contact the Canadiens about Anderson. However, he can’t address their pressing need to reduce their goals-against. Right now, the Oilers need a reliable starting goaltender. They shouldn’t be wasting their tradeable assets on a power forward. 


FLORIDA HOCKEY NOW: George Richards reports the Panthers are in “go-for-it” mode this season and will be buyers at the March 21 NHL trade deadline. The main focus will be on bolstering the blueline.

Richards lists Arizona’s Jakob Chychrun, Dallas’ John Klingberg, Montreal’s Ben Chiarot, Seattle’s Mark Giordano and Detroit’s Nick Leddy as potential trade targets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Richards isn’t confident that the Panthers have sufficient trade capital to win a bidding war for Chyrchrun. He also suggested their limited salary-cap space could make it difficult to acquire Giordano or Leddy.

Klingberg could be affordable in cap hit and return but there’s no certainty the Stars will move him if they’re in playoff contention by the trade deadline. That leaves Chiarot, who has been linked to the Panthers by other NHL insiders.

The Canadiens’ asking price for Chiarot could be a first-round pick, but Panthers GM Bill Zito could be willing to pay that much for a rental shutdown defenseman with playoff experience. His $3.5 million cap hit could also be squeezed into their cap space if they move out another player or convince the Canadiens to absorb half of his cap hit.

NHL.COM: Dave McCarthy reports Pittsburgh Penguins team president Brian Burke is impressed by his club’s recent success this season. He also admitted that it will be difficult for his club to make any significant additions before the trade deadline.

Burke said his club will still be looking in the trade market but their limited salary-cap space will make it tough to swing a major deal. He’s also reluctant to continue borrowing against the team’s future to address present needs. He felt they must stop the trend where they give up a lot for a 20 percent chance of winning.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Penguins really don’t have much choice. They’re playing well now but they have an aging core of talent such as Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang who will soon have to be replaced. Gutting their future for a quick fix will only make the inevitable rebuild much longer and more painful.


  1. Chyrchrun for Lundell & Vatrano? Plenty of other spare parts to make it work.

    • I’ll be shocked if they part with Lundell for Chychrun. And the Coyotes won’t want “spare parts” in return. The asking price according to Sportsnet’s Jeff Marek is a good young NHL player, a top prospect and a first-round pick.

      • No way Lundell isn’t on the table. He’s a big part of things going forward. Richards is right on not being confident. The 2023 first rounder (they don’t have a ’22 1st) is tied up until the top 10 provision is mathematically eliminated.

        I’m guessing the basis of a deal with Arizona will have to include at least Tippett from the roster and one or two prospects like Heponiemi, Noel or Denisenko though that come up a bit short in a bidding war as well.

      • Sorry about that, punctuation is important! It should have been “No way. Lundell isn’t on the table.”

      • Unless Lindell is a lock to be a top line player he absolutely should be moved if it beats the other offers for chych.

      • Lindell is a shut down D. Big fella who plays the 2nd most minutes on the team, so top pair D, even though he doesn’t technically play of the top pair as his role is different than Heiskenan’s.
        He gets the tough assignments and D zone starts, leads them in PK minutes per game. And is still a plus guy. Not paid $5.8M to put up points, but gets paid because he is worth it.

        He does what Chychrun has been asked to do defensively and struggling with, although Chychrun gets PP time as well. Chychrun has higher upside if he figures it all out, but that is an unknown.

        Really valuable player, I wouldn’t trade him for Chychrun.

      • The original post he’s talking about Lundell a center for Florida. Not Lindell from Dallas.

      • Thanks captain obvious!

      • I wouldn’t trade either for Chychrun. As Ray points out Lindell is a top minute munching d-men.

        Lundell is looking very impressive playing 2nd line center in Florida at the moment. He’s 20 and dirt cheap for this year and two more. Plus Florida is getting plenty of offensive production from Ekblad, Weeger , Forsling and Montour.

        All are grossly out producing Chychrun at the moment. I know he’s on an awful team, but on Florida’s case, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

      • OK the Lindell thing threw me.
        Scanning vs reading again.

  2. I like Anderson when he plays but always hurt . I am a Hab fan and no way anyone is giving up a first plus for him. If they do jump all over it

  3. This should be the last year that the Pens are up against it, never having enough room to make any kind of significant trade … a terrific regular season team that’s not built for a deep playoff run … plus, Jarry has a lot to prove come April ..

  4. Pens are strapped for cap space and one deal that may work is Flyers send Giroux and retain 100% for Kappanen and Pens retain 100%. This would give giroux his run at the cup while keeping Pens cap complient and give Philly the sole rights to extend Kappanen since he is RFA and not UFA. This would satisfy both parties

    • Can only hold 50 percent. But kap is absolutely who should go for a rental if need be. That move has been a bust.

    • The Flyers and Penguins have completed one trade in about 20 years , that I remember. (Hamuis).

      I don’t know that a player like Giroux gets handed over without a significant return to Pittsburgh. At least directly.

    • Buster…I like it Giroux and Crosby after hating each other for years formed a friendship from playing together in the Olympics.

      Hextall Pens GM loves Claude Giroux. But seeing him in Black and gold is like seeing Crosby with the Capitals or Flyers hard to imagine that happening..

    • Giroux is a great idea.
      For the Bruins.

      • True that Ray Bark

    • So the Flyers best player for Pittsburgh trash? Im looking forward to Pengy posting the Pens should add Zucker as a sweetner.

      • You mean the flyers trash for the pens trash. Give your local pd an unwanted sexual advance and give your head a shake.

      • Ron..
        Giroux is the Flyers best player but they arent Resigning him and are moving in a different direction.
        While not setting the world on fire in 79 games as a Penguin hKapanen has 20 goals 49 point, speed, skilled and young…maybe the Penguins.

        Im not trading a young talented player..not as dood as Giroux for someo e we cant resign.
        Kapanen fits into our bottom six.

        Giroux too costly..i say no from Penguins

  5. As a lsles fan since day one no way I want Kane on my team even for free. Would rather lose then have a classless buy like him. Let Bellows get minutes think he will be a scorer if we ever play any games.

  6. Re Pens

    An absolute MUST move is an upgrade to back up

    If Jarry is injured for any extended period of time; the 10 game winning streak, that put them very close to top 3 Metro and striking distance of 1st; could very well be replaced by a substantial losing streak , putting them out of playoff contention; IF DeSmith is not replaced

    Pens ARE up against Cap… and they have $5.5 M against it that has seriously under contributed; and that logically cannot be played (once Gino returns) on top two lines and/or PP; and was starting to drain production from Carter

    Zucker MUST go; DeSmith MUST be replaced

    Rather than 2 trades; perhaps a single trade partner at TDL will suffice for both causes

    ‘Nucks are back in the race with their recent uptick; but if they fall out by TDL….. Halak ?

    If Stars fall out by TDL…. Holtby?

    Hawks are not going to get in…. Would be great to have the Flower back!!

    Could Driedger get back to even close to his 20/21 production with a change of scenery?

    No matter what…. DeSmith AND Zucker have to exit… and that will cost sweeteners…. Burke has already said he is very reluctant to give up futures for “a 20% chance”… so a 1st is out of the question…. But if Zucker and DeSmith are to be moved… it will be a 2nd and a prospect (which will have to beO’Connor, and note: both Hextall and Burke have been quoted [ESPN , SN, TSN] as being really liking his game ).Burke hates to trade away size ; especially with them being young and RFA and even more so, still on ELC…. but that is what it is going to cost

    I’d also like to have HexBurkie have a “cone of silence” meeting with Sid ANDGino AND Tanger to get their feelings on a potential acquisition of EKane…. If they have no desire…. No harm no foul; however IF they are interested and IF they know that their strong leadership can keep Kane in check (and I truly believe no matter what, he will be on pristine behaviour for this year and playoffs, as he absolutely needs to show this to get a contract from some team next summer)… he can be gotten for a reasonable contract

    An absolute home run set of moves …… Zucker, DeSmith, Ruhweedel, O’Connor , 2nd , and if push comes to shove , it just might need Legare added…. For DeHaan and MAF (both at 50% retained); AND sign (with the above mentioned conditions re Sid, Gino, Tanger) Kane for $1.5 M (annual)….

    Sid Guentz Rusty
    Gino Carter Kane
    E-Rod Heinen Kappy
    Blueger McGinn ZAR
    Bjorkquist, Zoho

    Tanger Dumo
    Marino Pettersson
    DeHaan Matheson
    Friedman or Riikola , and P-O J

    Jarry & The Flower

    That’s a roster that can certainly go a long way… a roster that certainly has strong potential to win Metro, fair shot at winning East; and matches very well against VGK; and would make an extremely exciting SC series v Avs. That line up, IMHO, is better than most if not all Western teams not named Knights or Avs

    Will the above happen….??? Longshot…. But would love to see it

    • You’re beating a dead horse to the point we should report you to PETA.

      O’Connor is not worth taking on Zucker, and a 2nd doesn’t move the needle. Add in Ruhweedal and Desmith only push this deal further backwards. To boot retaining 50% on both players for ultimately helping Pittsburgh clear cap space?

      Long shot would be generous.

      Can Zucker be moved? Sure, But I wouldn’t expect any type of improvement in that process. Unless, you’re talking one of a 1st, POJ, Legare or Poulin going back the other way is highly unlikely.

      Pittsburghs prospect pool is pretty shallow. O’Connor may be on their top 10, but nowhere near what you’re thinking in value.

      • Hi CO

        We get it; you disagree with Burke, Hextall, Sully, a few others here and I re O’Connor value

        That is OK; it’s exactly what this site is for; differences of opinion.

        Zucker is a sore spot for Pens; and I think (?) you and I agree on that

        I hope you see as I do; that Pens most important (let’s call it critical) move; is to upgrade the back-up position

        The hopes that both MAF and DeHaan come over and both at 50%; are just that… hopes (and prayers)…. Would be nice

        I truly believe MAF is moved by TDL. No contender can fit him in at full whack. To me 50% retained is now very close to an “all but a foregone conclusion”

        So it is down to the value of money retained; balanced with number of teams interested; with space for $3.5 M; and agreeable assets; negotiations between to teams; and whether MAF has those teams on his list

        Zucker has extremely low value to Pens, but has some value to other teams as a forward… what do they perceive his investment value is? Certainly more than $1M, and less than of course $5.5 M

        If he played up to his Wild days performance…. $5.5 M is not out of reason …. He’s far below that now with Pens…. But a 10 G, 30 pt (82 game pace) that he is currently mired in is worth more than $1M

        As many have posted and the media has backed…. Zucker is a player with skills and determination, that is just not clicking now with current situation; few would refuse to see that he certainly would benefit from a change of scenery ; and produce better than he has with Pens… better time fore sure…. How much better with a change of scenery…. TBD??

        I would think that Chi would be perceiving the same…. Expecting an uptick of production….. and if their expectation is somewhere in the middle of his Wild production and current production…. Then logic has his Cap hit of $5.5 M in around $1M to $1.25 M too much… just over 20% overpay

        Flipping DeSmith for MAF will have them losing more games so at worst bettering (lowering in order) their 2nd round pick AND increasing their lottery odds (they keep their ‘22 pick and defer it to ‘23 , IF they get a top 2 lottery ball)

        These all have value

        Chi has Cap space next year… not an issue

        Cash-wise…. The DeSmith and Zucker flip for MAF ; this year at TDL after accounting for escrow and the fact that Zucker is on roster (so subtract a league min player) …. about $1 M extra in cash this year … change of scenery … uptick in his production…. At least half of that has to be of value (his over the league min roster player he replaces)…. Call it ~ $500 K

        Similarly, next year…. He would be replacing a league min player; so after escrow… the net hit cash-wise to Chi , is ~ $3.7M … if he is in that production level somewhere about middle of current and his Wild days production…. Then he’s “over-paid “ max ~ 20% with Hawks…. Call it $750 K

        So with that above …. ~ $1.25 M…. and getting DeSmith and Zucker…Chi improves chances of top 2 this year; lowers their pick in round 2 …..

        And for that gets a 2nd and O’Connor… as an aside… teams in the last couple of years have retained ~ $250 net in to-through just to receive a 4th (some got late 3rds)

        It’s certainly a fair trade with that above

        I cede; if Chi sees O’Connor on par with your evaluation; the deal needs more.

        And of course; it has to come down to HexBurkie willing to put the offer forward; before even Chi rationalizes O’Connors future value …. So still a phantom dream at this stage

      • A much better argument laid out. But I don’t see Chicago biting.

        Of course Pittsburgh is high on O’Connor. What would they say? “God this guy is awful!”

        Typically a team like Chicago will want young assets and picks back. When you look at players moved like Marleau , Marc Stall etc. there is very little to no return and pieces added to get rid of a bad contract.

        Marleau cost Toronto a 1st and a 7th and returned a 6th. (I may have the 6th and 7th backwards)

        Staal cost a 2nd from NY and netted “future considerations” which to my knowledge has been zero.

        Adding prospects and picks assures they aren’t getting production if they choose the tank route, but helps solidify their future in the process and costs nothing (picks) to little with prospects. In other words, why pay 5.5 per for losses, when they come for free with picks and prospects?

        Zucker is 30 years old in a week. I don’t think Chicago sees him as a piece to build around, most teams won’t. And again, rare to see valuable assets attached to bad contracts coming back with retention.

        I’d imagine MAF will be sought out and traded by the deadline. (Hello Edmonton) I’d imagine Dehaan , Will be too. But I’m positive the proposal you’re laying out gets beaten many times over with Just the removal of a bad contract.

        By next year, maybe this year Kane and Toews as well. If Chicago is holding retention on all (and probably will on All players ) they will be seeking a boatload of picks and prospects in return.

        They won’t have to worry about the cap floor or tanking. It will all come pretty natural.

      • Hi CO

        Absolutely right… no team is going to say a player is awful

        Pens had the worst player in NHL history at the time and the GM lauded him…. Repeatedly

        By no stretch is O’Connor awful by any eye test or stat hound

        Again value is subjective… I like his game; see potential with him; he’s young; and I think would help the Chi in their rebuild…. I see him fitting in eventually (if with Chi ) as a 33d line winger that could (if the cards fell right) challenge at a permanent mid 6 winger (able to jump to 2nd line at times). I cede you disagree with that valuation…. All good… just opinions here

        When listening to Pens games broadcast via opponents play by play; I’ve heard a few say how good he was playing (noted; it’s a small sample size on him as likely only first or second time seeing him)

        We agree to disagree on his value

        Can another team beat that offer… of course… it always comes down to pressure, situation, need, and negotiating power, at the trade offer time

        I think the deal is fair…. But a more “needy” team could very well get pressured into paying extra ; I will not be surprised… I’m hoping not but do see it as more likely

        Re Marleau…. 1st given up…. But Canes ended up paying $3.8 M for that 1st

        I agree that Chi would definitely wants futures for the rebuild

        They will definitely retain on both Toews and Kane (note full NMC though)…Kane , if he agreed, and could be fit in (Capwise) at 50% at this TDL…. 2 1sts would not be unreasonable to ask

        You are right… Zucker is not a player to start a rebuild around…. Sorry if that in anyway came across from my post…. I absolutely don’t think they’d want him for that purpose… who would…. My proposal centres on the big pic, over all return, and only having him for 1 1/3rd yr most

        Every deal is unique, assets vary, values on those assets vary; ulterior motives (long term value, short term turn around ??) are different

        If somehow he were to take off in Chi, unlikely I know; but if he did… he could be moved for a pick next TDL… thus only having him for a full season of games (spread over 2 seasons… TDL to TDL)

        What do you think would be a fair trade (what extra is needed) that has Zucker and DeSmith going to Chi and MAF (@ 50%) coming back?

        As you said… Zucker can be traded…. It comes down to offer

        So ….. IYHO…. MAF (50%) for

        Zucker, DeSmith and what else?

    • Griess (1/2 salary retained) for DeSmith and 2023 2nd. That may take care of one of your weaknesses.

      • Hi JZ

        That would be a very fair deal if Greiss was playing like last year or like he played his last year with Isles.

        His performance this year is basically nearing spar with DeSmith

        He (Greiss) should play better in front of a stronger team; but how much better

        With that unknown ; Greiss / DeSmith flip just may not be the route taken

        I could see Stevie Y make the call to HexBurkie on that proposal more than I could see the call instigated the other way around

        I’d take the flip (with a 3rd) if there were no other options…. But Holtby or Halak just might be available if one or both of Stars/‘Nucks fall right out of picture come TDL

      • Johnny Z..i like your proposal very doable.

  7. Agreed on the Islanders. Trade some dead wood away at the deadline, trade one of the goalies, get some prospects. This hasn’t been there year, but don’t blow it up.

    As for Florida there are WAY better defensemen that will shore things up without giving into “pundit pressure” and trading with the Habs.

    • I agree Big Lou will be a seller not a buyer and will take this year as a 1 off

  8. Free agency and aging stars make the Penguins’ future look bleak, and Jarry’s and Rodrigues’ pasts make counting on their continued excellence precarious. If, however, the performance of their players remains constant, the Penguins may have Burke’s referenced 20-percent chance of winning without any personnel change but Malkin’s return.

    While the Penguins may be reluctant to part with future possibilities for a 20-percent chance of winning, they presently face the real prospect of not again having odds that good for the next few decades. I think that’s enough to make Hextall gamble. Maybe, something not stupendous: something like signing Kane as a free agent might bolster the Penguins chance of winning to 25 percent.

    It might even allow them to deal with the future smiling.

    • A little harsh for Jarry. With last years playoffs the exception Jarry has a history of success at all levels.

      • True that Chrisms, won a Memorial Cup right here in Edmonton.
        Really tough trophy to win.

        The guy was a star that year in the WHL playoffs.

        Having said that, I get what Burke is saying, but the Pens have been on fire, if they keep playing well how does he not go for it knowing the window is starting to close?

        If they start to struggle, then ya, don’t go for it.

      • Which brings to mind a question: Are people being way too hard on DeSmith? I recall reading something about DeSmith beating out Jarry for the goalie job while both were with the Baby Pens. Maybe there were extenuating circumstances.

      • I was one of desmiths biggest supporters. I think until this year he had been a solid even really good backup who could start stretches for a time. But this year he ain’t right. Whether physically or mentally he currently can’t be the option should jarrry go down. Maybe he gets it figured out by deadline. But clocks ticking

    • Hi Francis

      Good points

      The low cost move is in upgrading the back-up

      Of course I’d love MAF; but taking an upgrade of any sort; should be first move and if done right; is not giving up the farm

      20% chance could become zero chance (not making the playoffs) with a serious injury to Jarry (and with DeSmith playing as he has on average this year; for the time Jarry is out).

      Offence is clicking for Pens; Gino will give them more production… there might be a temp slightly lowering of production as “new” chemistries are formed and current chemistry is jostled; but in a couple of weeks…. Offence should be very strong and no issue….

      That just leaves Back-up concerns and 3RD concerns.

      A depth 3RD vet to replace Ruhweedel come playoffs, won’t cost too much

      The give for those two (better back-up, better 3RD) is not likely pricy in assets…. Space is the issue

      $5.5 M can be lost without any loss to production; I would argue, a gain to production

      “Feeler” calls need to be made… and they should be done sooner than later

      • I think that there’s a better chance of DeSmith returning to form than there is of any of the cheap trade-block goalies carrying the Pens into the playoffs and io the Cup. If one were that capable, the Oilers would have him.

        I believe that Fleury makes too much and would cost too much to be a backup, and that he would not come to the Pens not expecting to be their starter.

        I think that Jarry costs more than a backup should, and that he would not be happy as a healthy backup. I believe that demoting him to that could damage his career.

        With the Pens not having quality tradeable depth at any position, it would be difficult for them to find a worthwhile upgrade at any one position without seriously weakening another. For that reason, I believe that their best chance for success is to hope for the best possible outcome from those players they have, unless they can sign a free agent and stay cap compliant, or unless they get an offer they can’t refuse.

        As far as a 3RD, talk to Sullivan about that one. Some say he already has better options than Ruhwedal, but he loves Ruhwedal.

        Without a doubt, your $5.5 million player is J. Zuker, who certainly hasn’t played like a guy worth that much. However, he doesn’t make that much because he never played very well. Selling him at the point of his lowest value may not be in the best interest of the Penguins, He was brought to them to replace an injured Jake Guentzel, on whose health the Pens must rely as much as they must rely on Jarry’s. Zucker did well at what he was brought in to do.

        Besides that, Zucker is a good man (from what I’ve seen written about him), and the Penguins will need him to counteract Kane. It would be like Gabriel against Lucifer.

      • Good points Francis

        I still think an upgrade to back-up is necessary….

        Hoping Dallas and/or ‘Nucks fall out…. And Holtby or Halak become available…. Cost would be low

        Not convinced that MAF would expect to be a starter on a contender; a 1A1B competition with Jarry/MAF would be nice…. Certainly a long shot…. But nice

        No challenge on Zucker as a nice person . Apparently JJ was also like as a person.

        There comes a point where a GM has to look at the big picture…. Rutherford in his last two years failed at that…. Couldn’t admit that he had erred…. Which came at a big expense for Pens

        It would be absolutely fantastic if ‘Nucks fall out of it that Jimbo keeps his bromance going and trades Halak for Zucker and DeSmith

  9. Pre Varicator of IBS reported today that several teams were interested in acquiring sophomore usher Iva Hickey from the Habs. Varicator noted Hickey is young, agile, and “gets bums in seats,” an important skill in a league starved for revenue.

    When pressed for his sources, Varicator said: “Sources? We pundits don’t got no sources! We don’t need no sources. We don’t have to show you any stinking sources.”

    • LJ, are you saying there is a pundit going by the actual name Pre Varicator?

      If so, pretty funny handle, and if you just made it up, stick tap to you sir.

      • A moment of frustration, Ray. I know we come here to read rumours and speculation but sometimes it is so obvious that someone is grasping to fill a deadline.

    • You can’t believe anything Pre Varicator says. His sources were joshing the blowhard–the calls were about Anderson, probably from the Oilers.

  10. B’s kick the tires on Kane take the temp of the team with him go get Lawson Crouse …. Trade for Klingberg….. shake the tree Sweeney

  11. What about price to Pittsburgh for Zucker, Jarry, pick and someone to balance the cap hits?