NHL Rumor Mill – January 12, 2022

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Check out the latest on Evander Kane, John Klingberg, Jakob Chychrun, Tomas Hertl, Max Domi and more in today’s NHL rumor mill.


TSN: Darren Dreger reports the Edmonton Oilers, Florida Panthers and Tampa Bay Lightning are believed to be the top-three clubs interested in signing Evander Kane. Oilers captain Connor McDavid is said to be on board with adding the former San Jose Sharks winger.

Kane and his agent continue to conduct due diligence here holding Zoom calls with general managers and coaches. Meanwhile, Chris Johnston said it could take several weeks for Kane’s grievance hearing with the Sharks to take place. The league and the NHLPA are comfortable with the winger signing with another club and resuming his NHL career while this process is ongoing.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman also wondered if the Carolina Hurricanes could also get into the bidding. Meanwhile, there are reports suggesting Kane could sign with the Oilers before the end of this week.

Dallas Stars defenseman John Klingberg (NHL Images).

Earlier this week, there was speculation suggesting the Oilers had an interest in Montreal Canadiens winger Brendan Gallagher. We can put that to rest if the Oilers sign Kane.


TSN: Darren Dreger reports several pending unrestricted free agent defensemen could draw interest in the trade market. Right-side blueliners include the Dallas Stars John Klingberg, Buffalo Sabres’ Colin Miller and (potentially) the Anaheim Ducks’ Josh Manson, while the Montreal Canadiens Ben Chiarot and (potentially) the Seattle Kraken’s Mark Giordano.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Miller and Chiarot are the most likely to be shopped given their clubs’ low position in the standings. I initially had doubts about the Kraken shopping Giordano but recent reports suggest it could happen before the March 21 trade deadline. I don’t see Klingberg or Manson getting moved as long as their clubs remain in playoff contention by deadline day.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reported there was some speculation that the Sharks could use the money freed up from terminating Kane’s contract to re-sign pending UFA center Tomas Hertl. However, that currently seems to be a premature assumption.

Friedman believes the Carolina Hurricanes and Colorado Avalanche are going to appear in almost every trade rumor.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s because both clubs are considered Stanley Cup contenders in “go-for-it” mode. I would also include the Florida Panthers, who are linked to Evander Kane and are said to be shopping around for blue-line depth.

Friedman includes the Hurricanes with the Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Kings and St. Louis Blues with interest in Jakob Chychrun. He believes the contract of the 23-year-old Arizona Coyotes defenseman ($4.6 million through 2024-25) is right in the Hurricanes’ wheelhouse.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly shows the Ducks and Kings in better shape cap-wise to take on Chychrun’s contract at the trade deadline than the Hurricanes and Blues. They also have more tradeable assets in terms of promising prospects.

Friedman said some teams believe the Coyotes could prefer shipping the blueliner to an Eastern club. However, I don’t think that’s set in stone, especially if a Western club is willing to meet their asking price.

Speaking of Chychrun, the Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch reports the Senators may have kicked tires but he doubts they’ll acquire him. Garrioch believes he “likely doesn’t fit the bill for what the Senators are trying to accomplish here.”

With the Bruins finally signing Tuukka Rask, Friedman wondered if Columbus Blue Jackets forward Max Domi would be a good fit in Boston.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: They could prefer finding a new home for Jake DeBrusk first. Hey, maybe a DeBrusk-for-Domi swap? If not, maybe DeBrusk for Lawson Crouse? Friedman’s colleague Jeff Marek recently noted the Bruins had been linked to the Arizona Coyotes forward.

Oilers GM Ken Holland all but confirmed he’s not interested in trading his 2022 first-round pick. He’d floated that notion earlier this season if this club was in a strong contender position but that’s not the case now.


  1. Only way the Bruins can add a player or players is a salary for salary trade they are just about in cap jail

  2. I thought I heard that Kane wanted to go to a championship contender? wonder why he signed with Edmonton then? bwahahahahahah … maybe he can play goalie …

    • B’s have a goalie ( with his permission ) and DeBrusk to trade to the Oilers

      • What do the oilers have the bruins could possibly want that would be available?

      • What do the Bruins have that the Oilers want that would be available? Looking at Ullmarks game log he is no upgrade on Koskinen. The Oilers don’t need another streaky backup goalie.

    • One of the best teams in the league until they were ravaged by Covid. If you don’t see Edmonton as a threat to go far in the playoffs you don’t know hockey. Do your homework before making moronic comments Vanchimp.

  3. Was hoping in the 15 draft Sweeney would move up to take Crouse who I thought at the time would slide into the ML spot …..

    • Ulmark. Is a good goalie. 9.17 sav% Koskunen is not 9.00

      • As I said, the Oilers don’t need another streaky backup goalie. After another series of games of Ullmark’s save percentage being below .900, that .917 will drop quickly.
        Besides, the Oilers have a young goalie in the AHL who is an upgrade on both Koskinen and Ullmark.

  4. Rangers should be in on Chychrun. His age, size, and skill fit perfectly. It’s been reported that they’re looking for a “veteran” D. Even though he’s 23, he’s already in 6th season. I’d put him ahead of anyone NY has on left side. Nemwth needs to go. Horrible signing. I like Jones, but him and Lundkvist are undersized puck movers who Arizona might have more use for. Rangers also need to figure out what they’re doing with Kravtsov who could be back once his KHL season is over. Lots of assets to use to start upgrading at certain positions of need.

    • Your thought to bring him+kessel over(that was you right?) could work.
      Maybe a third line of Laf-Goodrow-Kessel could generate better offensive? You cant keep throwing Chytil with Laffy and think they will one day fine chemistry

      • ds. I’d only take Kessel if Yotes retain 50%, which shouldn’t be a factor since his actual money owed is less than a million. And I’d put him on 2nd line. Will be interesting to see how the bigger Schneider does with team now that he’s been called up. Lundkvist sent down and depending on Schneider’s performance might not be back up for awhile. I like Jones, and maybe he’d benefit playing with Trouba. Move Miller down to 3rd pairing or trade for Chychrun

      • @slick
        2nd line and kessel no good. panarin and strome need that 2 way winger to do the backchecking etc.
        Laf needs a creative player on his line. Chytil and Gauthier are good carrying the puck but lack IQ and finishing

      • ds. Kessel is a guy that maybe finds the back of net, which is what is needed on that line. I think you’ve lobbied for NY to keep Strome. You’ve just admitted he’s terrible 2 way player (once again on ice for every goal vs LA). He’s never scored 20 goals (Hertl already has 20). And you’re ok with giving him 6-7 mil? Panarin drives play from wing. He needs goal scorers on his line.

    • Outside of Lindren, I’m not a fan of NYs left side at all. The more I watch Miller, the more I think he should be a forward.

      I wouldn’t trade Zac Jones at this point, nor would I trade Lundkvist. They are on the smaller side. but so is Fox, Makar etc.

      I like Chychrun, but I don’t like the asking price.

      Kravstov, they just need to continue to mend that relationship. They are too thin on RW to move him. He may very well be NYs best RW. Which right now wouldn’t be that hard.

      All of these players are under 23. While I don’t think trading one of them is a bad thing, I wouldn’t trade a few of them. Let them develop.

      Tinordi and Nemeth are big guys, and both awful. Tinordi is cheap, but will be tough to move. He’s a 7-8 guy on most teams depth charts, if even that. Should have brought back Smith on a cheaper deal.

  5. I don’t see the Jackets trading anyone to Boston because Boston doesn’t have any assets the Jackets would want. Even a straight up Domi for Debrusk would only create problems fitting the three to five forward prospects thought to be joining the team next year on the roster. Expect Jarmo to insist on draft picks as the center of all trades he makes, this season.

    • Doubt. Bruins have interest in. Domi.

      • Mrbruin4 i hope your correct; not a chance i could cheer for that punk.

      • Do you cheer for Marchand? Bigger punk.

    • Paul Bowles,it’s the other way around, Columbus doesn’t have any assets other teams would want. Columbus is like Arizona, nobody wants to go there. Look at all the players who couldn’t wait to leave Columbus.

      • Really, Tony? Is that why Tampa handed over a 1st for David Savard and Toronto handed over a 1st for Nick Foligno, last year? I guarantee you that there are GMs out there who, in the heat of the moment will give up a pick, or picks, for Domi, Nyquist and Korpisalo. GMs lose their ability to think straight at the trade deadline and on the first few days of free agency.

    • That will severely limit your options Paul. Most teams wanting to upgrade at deadline are capped out. Cbus would have to take contracts back to get draft picks from most contender

    • What do you see as Domi’s trade value?

      2nd round pick?

  6. With the team Don Sweeney has built and the recent additions this team is in the now.

    This is an old team and if Sweeney wants to take a run at the cup it has to be this year.

    Bergeron is still a solid player one of the best 2 way C in the league; with that said, his game has dropped off this season and he was never an elite skater but he has lost a step.

    Eric Huala is not a second line center and their LD is suspect and needs an upgrade.

    Adding Rask is good and having Swayman in the minors in case of an injuring to Rask or Ullmark is a nice problem to have.

    I’m not so concern of where the bruins finish in the playoff standings as long as there in.

    They do need a LD and 2nd line C; otherwise the playoff will be short.

    • Caper. I agree. Both will have to be addressed in order to go on any kind of run.

  7. Bruins can win with what they have will need to stay healthy and Rask will need to steal the odd game. Love to see a stud 2nd line center but that is probably not happening at deadline so just out work everyone else and get the odd bounce Bruins have proven they can play with the big boys. Boston will be a hard out in 7 series.

    • I believe they can win a series or two. But do not think they have enough to win cup without adding a ctr and a d man. And will have to stay healthy. Their schedule is crazy rest of the way

  8. Pen fans; Halak is on the trade block, because the Nucks are penny-wise and pound-foolish! LOL
    “As part of his contract for this season, Halak is owed a $1.25MM bonus when he reaches his tenth game plus another $250K for maintaining a save percentage of .905 or higher which he’s clearly above at the moment. Placing those incentives in there helped the $1.5MM AAV of Halak’s deal become more affordable for them on the salary cap this season. However, with Vancouver deep into LTIR with Micheal Ferland’s contract, they won’t have any unused cap space to offset those bonuses against, meaning that they’d face a $1.5MM overage for Halak when his incentives are met which would come off their 2022-23 cap room.”
    I read somewhere that they don’t want DeSmith .
    So, would they take Heinen snd a 5th for Halak???The salary would have to be close because both teams are up against the cap.

    • Hi JZ

      Heinen is having a great year and Pens are also tight on Cap and could ill afford the extra Cap hit due to PBS (Halak); add to that the fact that DeSmith would not be coming over…. I really can’t see that happening

      Does anybody here know re retention in a trade that has PB’s attached?

      Right now Halak Cap hit as JZ pointed out, is $1.5 M… but eventually that will end up at $3M…. with the $1.5 M Cap in PBs placed in either 21/22 or 22/23. Pens certainly can’t afford the extra this year; and of course would certainly dislike the effective “dead cap” of $1.5 M in 22/23

      So does a retention trade have that PB Cap shared in same trade retention rate; OR…. is the PB cap hit on the team for which he is under contract as at YE?

      Now JZ , as a offered before…. If it was a flip of both DeSmith AND Ruhweedel for Both Halak and Schenn… then the interest (and subsequent bonus from) by Pens is significantly increased

      ‘Nucks still in the hunt as at now…. They’ll likely want to keep Schenn

      Can I interest you in Zucker for Halak??? LOL.
      Pens will just bury DeSmith then

      • Yeah, the PB is a problem and will be applied to 22/23 cap.
        Nucks could retain 1/2 caphit on this year’s salary to make it happen. Since Heinen is not the option, Which Pen goes back for the salary needed to be traded back? Looks like that would cause more moving parts. I think if you need a back-up that you bite the bullet and give them Heinen and take Halak (1/2 salary retained)
        Halak is a UFA, do only his bonus carries over to next year.

      • No spank you on halak. There will be options out their that don’t deplete the pens forward depth.

      • Because you have never mentioned it in your proposed deals for Halak, I suppose you are unaware that his contract has a no-movement claese in it. With the Canucks ascending, he might not want to give up the chance of being a hero in Vancouver to come to Pittsburgh. Demko could go down as easily as Jarry. Then too, Vancouver, like Pittsburgh, is cap-strapped and may not care to retain a big performance bonus due an aging goalie any more than Pittsburgh would want to assume it.

  9. E Kane on Panthers…. If Bobo stays healthy and maintains his 919 through reg season and playoffs; plus one tweak at D…. That has to make Panthers cup favs

    Billy Z doing a great job

    They must go “all in” this year… next year Yandle dead cap is $5.4 M

    • Frankly don’t think either Florida team needs Evander Kane to contend. The Lightning to me it would seem the least likely of the two given the lack of trade options due partly to no trade and no movement clauses and partly because what they would have to give up to remain cap compliant in my humble opinion all exceed the risk this character brings them in return. With the lightning having no pics in the second third and fourth round it would be a dubious decision to give up a first round draft pick for anybody right now

  10. I agree, nobody really “needs” this guy except maybe Edmonton.

    While I wouldn’t go as far to say that the Oilers are a joke. But, for all their great players this team is fragile. REALLY fragile. Just look how they’ve folded here.
    It almost seemed like the Oilers had already signed him, listening to some of the interviews.