NHL Rumor Mill – January 26, 2022

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Which clubs are in or out on Jakob Chychrun? What’s the latest on Claude Giroux and Marc-Andre Fleury? How’s the Oilers goalie hunt going? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: In his latest “32 Thoughts” column, Elliotte Friedman reports several teams are “going hard” at attempting to acquire Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun. He believes the Florida Panthers are among them but doubts they’ll part with Anton Lundell. Other suitors could include the Columbus Blue Jackets, Anaheim Ducks, Boston Bruins, Carolina Hurricanes and Colorado Avalanche, while the New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings are out for now.

TSN: Darren Dreger believes the Toronto Maple Leafs are among the clubs who’ve “kicked tires” on Chychrun but it could take creativity on general manager Kyle Dubas’ part to fit him within their tight payroll. He also cites sources saying the Kings, Panthers, Bruins, Ducks, and St. Louis Blues are among the clubs with a strong interest in the Coyotes blueliner.

Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: According to Friedman’s colleague Jeff Marek, only one team has pitched an offer that would meet the Coyotes’ rumored asking price of a good young NHL player, a top prospect and a first-round pick. If it was sufficient the Coyotes would’ve moved Chychrun by now. I suspect GM Bill Armstrong will use that offer as leverage to land a better return from another team. With Chychrun carrying three more years on his contract, Armstrong has the luxury of time here.

The Columbus Dispatch’s Brian Hedger is skeptical of rumors linking the Blue Jackets to Chychrun. He believes trading either of the first-round picks they’ll have in this year’s draft would take away a valuable asset that could be used to address their more pressing need for impact centers. Hedger also noted there’s no certainty Chychrun would stay with the Jackets once his current contract expires and raised concern about the rearguard’s history of knee injuries.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman expects Claude Giroux to meet with his agent Pat Brisson to discuss his future during the All-Star weekend. Friedman believes there are Colorado Avalanche players who’d love to have him as a teammate but it could take getting a third team involved to make it work.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Giroux carries a full no-movement but could waive it to join a Stanley Cup contender like the Avalanche. However, he also carries an $8.275 million cap hit for this season with over $3.8 million remaining to be paid out. The Avs, meanwhile, are pressed for cap space which will make landing him a complicated endeavor.

The Washington Capitals are believed to be looking into acquiring Chicago Blackhawks goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Capitals have just over $2 million in projected trade deadline cap space. Fleury’s cap hit for this season is $7 million with $3.255 million currently remaining to be paid out. They’ll have to free up some room to make this work, assuming they’re not on Fleury’s 10-team no-trade list.

The Edmonton Oilers were willing to part with a late-round draft pick for Martin Jones but the Philadelphia Flyers wanted more for the 32-year-old goaltender. They’ve also looked at the New York Rangers’ Alexandar Georgiev, the Dallas Stars’ Braden Holtby and Anton Khudobin, St. Louis Blues’ Ville Husso, Columbus Blue Jackets Joonas Korpisalo, Washington Capitals Vitek Vanecek and New York Islanders’ Semyon Varlamov.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t see the Rangers moving Georgiev after he did a fine job filling in for the sidelined Igor Shesterkin earlier this season. Ditto the Blues with Husso after he spelled off Jordan Binnington when he missed seven games to COVID-19 earlier this month

The Stars prefer moving Khudobin while the Oilers could be on Varlamov’s 16-team no-trade list. Vanecek won’t be available unless the Capitals acquire an upgrade while Jones and Korpisalo probably aren’t much of an upgrade over the Oilers’ tandem of Mikko Koskinen and Stuart Skinner.

In short, the Oilers appear screwed in their efforts to land a goaltending upgrade.

Friedman wondered if the Toronto Maple Leafs might attempt to acquire Ben Chiarot based on their previous interest in the defenseman before he signed with the Montreal Canadiens. The Calgary Flames, Florida Panthers and St. Louis Blues are among the clubs looking at him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: TSN’s Chris Johnston reported the Leafs would prefer landing players with a little more term on their contracts. That shouldn’t rule them out of pursuing a UFA like Chiarot but it sounds like Dubas could be reluctant this season to part with assets for rentals after getting burned in last year’s Nick Foligno deal.

The Coyotes intend to retain Lawson Crouse…Friedman wonders if Detroit Red Wings forward Filip Zadina could use a change of scenery.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports Ottawa Senators general manager Pierre Dorion scouted the Minnesota Wild during their recent game against the Canadiens and spoke briefly with Wild GM Bill Guerin. LeBrun doubts there’s anything imminent but pointed out the Wild were among the teams discussed during the Senators’ pro scouting meetings as one of the NHL clubs pressed for salary-cap space.


  1. Keith Yandle : 965 consecutive games without going into the corners.

    Congrats on the record.


    • When he was with the Rangers I would swear that there were a dozen or more games that no one saw or felt his presence on the ice.

    • I agree. Yandle has always been what he is. An offenseman. A soft offenseman!

      But give the guy his due. No one else in the history of the game has played in that many games without missing one.
      I’m not a Yandle fan, at all. You guys know I’m an Orange and Blue fan. But let’s at least acknowledge his achievement.

      If it was easy, everyone would do it.

    • Ron last night was riot, everytime yandle hit the ice the isles rolled out there 4th line.

      Pylons would do more to defend.

  2. The Flower as a Cap….. The Horror !

    I’m thinking (hoping) that he has Caps on his 10 team nix-trade list

    Would obviously love him as a Pen…. Odds very low on that

    Re Chykrun… good young player at reasonable $4.6M for 3 more years…. But he’s 2-6-8 and -31 in 30 GP and will (it appears) cost the equivalent of 3 first rounders

    To me the better option is Soucy…

    Yes 3 1/2 years older; and only 1 year after this under contract … but…

    Cap hit only $2.75 M
    This year…. 6-7-13 (33 GP) and +7…. His stats significantly better than Chychrun’s… and the two teams are close in standings …. 29th and 31st

    The biggest thing…. Soucy will cost considerably less in assets and can be re-upped at a huge raise even (say the $4.6 M already on Chykrun’s contract)… so less Cap year 1; and at worst, identical Cap yes 2 and 3

    Less in trade, lower cap hit, bigger, stronger, and this year performing much better than Chykrun

    • are you Carson Soucy’s brother-in-law????

      • Too funny. Soucy. Is not in top 6 for most or all contenders.

      • Hi Mr Bruin

        There is not a single team that he wouldn’t be top 6

        I’ve watched him play in maybe 40 games….IMVHO …. severely underrated

        I was hoping for him on Leafs or Pens for the last couple of years

        He is second pairing quality on most teams

        Very smooth skater, poised, heads up, great sense of entire ice; rarely makes mistakes; very strong

        My point is… he’s statistically far better than Chykrun this year, Cap is much less, assets to acquire much much less

        Chychrun for sure has the better upside….but teams like Panthers don’t need that huge investment (equivalent to 3 firsts and need the extra space to fit him in … note Panthers $6.6 M in dead cap next year) to do well. They are already an extremely good team.

        The lower cost/cap investment of Soucy , strengthens team and detracts less in futures and future cap space

        I do see Chychrun as a prudent investment for a non contending ; but well on the way to rebuild) team as they are looking down the road a couple of years

        LA is certainly on the rise and much more in their system… next year and year after they are very likely to have a deep run type of roster; has loads of assets

        Clb needs to look down the road


        Chychrun is not getting the cup for Bruins or Leafs or Ducks

        Certainly improves odds for Canes and Rangers… but they have to go through the other AND one of the FLA teams AND Knights or Avs… still a longshot…. Worth equivalent to 3firsts for that long shot….No IMVHO

        Panthers certainly don’t need to go that big ; at all!!

        Again my point is not comparing Soucy directly with Chychrun…. For sure Chychrun turns his game around on another team and will likely be a quality top two (top4 for sure) on any other team… for 3 more years

        My point is…. 3 equivalent first rounders … too much gamble for any contending team this year

        Contending teams , with limited space, would have a better ROI overall by acquiring Soucy

        Put another way….. equivalent of 3 1sts gets

        Soucy and good UFA top 6 fwd (@ 50%)….

        If I’m Zito and I’m facing (for the equivalent of 3 firsts)

        Option A …. Chychrun

        Option B….. Soucy and Hertl (50% retained)… obviously 2 trades)


        Option B wins every time

      • Hi Ed

        I’ll take son-in-law

        My brothers-in-law are in their late 50’s and early 60’s

      • There is absolutely nothing “funny” about that schmuck.

      • You will be giving up more assets to make two trades to acquire Hertl and Soucy, who I think will cost a team more than you think than it will to acquire Chyckrun which will be creating another hole on a team IF a team has the assets to give up for both players. Is Soucy even available?
        Not only is it crazy that the Coyotes have made Chyckrun available, but it would be just as crazy if the Kraken made Soucy available.

      • Hi KevJam

        Agree, it is confusing that Yotes are making him available …. But it seems so

        Re Francis and trades…. He’s said he’s listening to trades and is building a team to compete in the future (I have interpreted that as “futures” for “current rosters”…. But again… that’s me interpreting it)

        Re 2 trades and giving up more in total…. here I have to politely disagree

        Hertl at 50% gets a first (or first equivalent) and a good prospect… ifSharks were offered 2 first equivalents for Hertl (@ 50%)… then Sharks would need to add a prospect back

        Prospect and equivalent 1st to me gets Soucy from Krakken (again IF available)

        So …. With that logic…. Soucy and Hertl (50%)…. Cost of acquisition; same as media proposed equivalent 3 firsts for Chychrun

        Cap space…. Chychrun in replacing (at worst ) league min…. Net cap need max …. $3.85 M ($4.6 – $0.75 M)

        Soucy and Hertl (50%) ….. total $5.55 M …. Replacing (at worst) 2 league min players…. Net cap need max …. $4.05 M ($5.55 M – $0.750 – $0.75 M)

        So difference cap wise in space needed… max of $0.2 M …. Thus comparing Cap needs…. Basically the same

        Compare next year (when Panthers have $6.6 M in dead cap)….. $4.6 M (Chychrun) vs $2.85 M (Soucy)

        Again…. My preference would be Soucy on Leafs or Pens

    • I really dislike the +/- stat. There is too much into it that is out of the players hands. Especially on a bad team. Poor goaltending, linemates making bad plays, weak linemates, and for defencemen weak d-partner. In the advanced stats, Chykrun’s corsie is 47.09%. That is the best among Coyotes d-men and is more than .5% higher than the next guy. Chykrun also has the Coyotes best fenwick amongst the d-men at 47.67% which is more than 1.5% higher than the next best guy.
      Good d-men having good offensive numbers on bad teams are few and far between.
      I like Soucy, he is a good strong kid, but Chykrun doesn’t have a Larsson or a Giordano to help him out.

      • Hi KevJam

        Very valid points

        I am not a big backer of +/- in the short run or for +/- when it is relatively in the middle (somewhere in the norm of the bell curve)

        If the +/- is in the extremes (huge + or huge -) compared to teammates or same positions on other teams…. That absolutely gets my attention

        Short spans of a few games are irrelevant…. Too small a statistical sample

        Yes some teams far better teammates; team; goaltending than others

        Yes if you play more minutes than other players…. Your extremes are magnified

        We’re far enough along in the season so large enough sample size

        That said….

        Chychrun is by far the lowest +/- on the team (not even close)…. He’s – 31; Roussell is -13

        Add to that…. Even comparing to his most common D partners…. He’s 3 times their minus ; at the very least

        No doubt he’s playing on a tough team; and heavy minutes….. but he’s -31

        The next worst Yotes D-man is Stralman at -10; then Lyubushkin at -7

        With that extreme magnitude of minus ; at this point in the season; and using same team comparable; to me; it’s a relevant stat

        Ghost is 7-19-26 and is only -5 BTW

      • I’m OK with the stat KevJam, but yes it is dependent on team mates, and the empty net goal thing makes zero sense to me.

        But so does Corsi and Fenwick depend on team mates. So comparing them with team mates is correct, but you need to do the same with +/-.

        The reason Chychrun fell in the draft is the glaring mistakes that ended up in the back of the net which made teams think he didn’t make good decisions often enough and perhaps didn’t see the ice well, or process what he saw correctly. He has all the physical tools.

        If that is still true, it would explain the discrepancy between Fenwick and +/-. No idea, don’t watch the Coyotes unless they play BOS or EDM.

        It would also explain why ARI is “exploring” the market for a 23 yr old, talented D-Man on a supposedly good contract. Or he asked for a trade. Dunno.

      • Chyckrun (23 years old) -31, 24:14 ATOI, 27.1 average shifts per game.
        Gostisbehere (28 years old) -5, 22:03 ATOI, 24:14 Average shifts per game
        Mayo (25 years old)
        Stralman (35 years old) -10, 20:42 ATOI, 25.1 Average shifts per game.
        This shows me that Chyckrun, a 23 year old d-man, is constantly playing against the opponent’s best players more than any other d-man on the Coyotes. Yeah, he may not be the best defensively, but the Coyotes, as a team, aren’t doing him any favours.
        Chyckrun is the guy who has the best advanced stats and is the guy who is constantly going up against the opponent’s best players. You get this kid on a better team with a better d-partner, you should see his stats increase a lot. Now I’m not saying he will be a plus d-man, but he shouldn’t be a -30.

      • That is all fair KevJam, his #’s didn’t dip until he started to face the tougher competition and get more D-zone starts.
        But when he did start to face that competition his #’s turned down dramatically including his offensive production.

        Top pair D-men are asked to do what he is being asked to do and if he can’t, what role does he play? If it is a sheltered 2nd pair guy getting mostly offensive opportunities, that’s fine, but that is what you should pay. Not only in salary, but also assets to acquire. But he also needs to produce that offense, which he hasn’t this year while being on the 1st PP unit.

        If that ask is reasonable, have at er. Just saying I’m not convinced he is worth the ask by the Coyotes. Really hard to tell as he is on such a crappy team. I would scout this guy for a while before pulling the trigger. Seems kind of risky to give up the ask being rumored.

    • Pengy…agreed and that could happen. Why not they have so many Penguins there already.
      – Sprong
      – Hagelin
      – Sheary
      – Schultz
      – They use to have Orpik

      It would be horror hopefully he stays in Chicago, f=goes to Minnesota or Avalanche.

      Some good pick up for the Penguins not mega deals.

      Tyler Motte Vancouver / Robert Hagg Buffalo / Jack Roslovic Columbus / Lawson Crouse Arizona / Calvin De Hann Chicago / Delauriers

      • Hi BNG

        I wasn’t saying that it could happen … I really hope it doesn’t

        It just wouldn’t seem right…. MAF wearing the jersey of his Arch nemesis team

        Depending on time out for Zucker…. If exact same core repair as Sid….. that puts him at TDL…. If they can stretch that for 3 1/2 more weeks after…. That’s $5.5 M in space to work with

        Now that is fair maneuvering room

        Keys to deep run….

        3RD upgrade…. First and foremost

        Back up….. this depends on how Domingue fairs when he returns …. Unfortunately B2B games this weekend so DeSmith has to start one of them

        Depth forwards

        Burke has been consistent that he is very hesitant giving up futures unless it “improves team now and in the long run” ….. meaning no giving up 1sts and/or 2nds unless player has term

        So… UFAs that can be had for mid-round pics ; OR ones that have term

        For depth forward…. Unless he has a bad Olympics… for a Cap hit of League Min…. E Staal…. Think Boyle with far better speed and hands (although nice between the leg goal by Boyle v Yotes)

        At Olympics have a look at Demers …. It’s apparently possible he could get out of his KHL contract

        opportunities at 3RD…..

        Schenn …. Excellent upgrade in size, talent, strength, has one more year at 850 K…. Prob get for a mid-rounder….Have to see if ‘Nucks get back in race

        Miller (Sabres)…. right now he’s on LTIR…. not sure how long??

        Psyk…. Prob got for a 6th or 7th…. Plays equally well at RW and RD…. If a Dman is ailing a bit but able to start a game…. Psyk could dress as 4RW and drop easily to 3RD if a Dman can’t continue or gets injured

        De Haan… a Lefty that can play both LD & RD

        If push comes to shove and Pens can’t get any of the above; AND have the $5.5 M in space….. a dark horse pick is PK (at 50% of course)

        The rest of the available UFA Ed’s are either too much (1st or 2nd or better) or not worth it

        Back ups

        Of course with $5.5 M in space …. MAF (50%) can be fit in…. But there will be bidding wars and it will be a minimum of a 2nd…. He’s UFA…. See notes above re Burke and giving up 1st and/or 2nd

        Halak…. Again see how Nucks fair out in next few weeks


        If Sharks are out…. Reimer has one more year after this….if he could be had for a 2nd??

        Bernier at 50% …. Still has a year left?..

        Grit/Size UFAs….

        Paul (Sens)…. Good hands as well…. Not sure if Sens let him go
        DesLauriers… depends if Ducks fall out of playoff picture

        Freebie….. (nothing given up)

        E Kane… absolutely worth the risk if he’s only looking at $1.5 M…. No brainer…, worst case… bury…. Only $420 K showing above the line

        E Staal… see comment well above

        Demers…. see comment well above

    • Pengy…Penguins just resigned Jeff Carter to a two year extension Aav of $3.125 million a nice team friendly deal down from $5.75. Thats cool thought he was gone

      You like the move?

      • Yes

        But I thought he might come in less

        Big raise in Sal…. More than 50% increase

        Cap hit goes up from $2.6 M to $3.1 M

        I thought they might get him for 2 @ $2.5 M Cap…$3M Sal, then $2M

        But reasonable and fair 👍👍👍

  3. No way do the Panthers trade Lundell. I watch him play every night, should be the rookie of the year. Plays in all situations, faceoffs, penalty kill, power play, last minute of the game, overtime, shoot out. All this on an entry level contract, he’s probably the Panthers best player behind Barkov, Huberdeau, Ekblad. And not trading Knight either. Chychrun would help but he’s not Fox or Makar.

  4. Panthers will be all in regardless. Lots of teams will be looking to upgrade which will drive costs up
    For all buyers I would not trade Lundell either I still assume. Bolts and AVS are the teams you have to beat won’t be easy

  5. Reading what Sweeney has to say about trades the Bruins might or might not make it looks like nothing will get done either way until closer to the 3/21 trade deadline and that includes holding onto DeBrusk …. I feel Bruins won’t be in on Chychrun just because he’ll be traded way before the Trade deadline … just look back at the trades Sweeney has made thru the years expect more of the same … no scale tipper

    • It may be prudent not to go all in this year for bruins As I think to be up with the true cup contenders this year they would need not 1 but 2 big deals. A top ctr and LD. Doubt Sweeney would do both so just add some quality at deadline and roll the dice for heath. Hot goalie and a bounce here and there

      • Don’t disagree on that assessment Mrbruin4, but still think they will go for it.

        Reason: Bergeron is 36 and a pending UFA

    • Sweeney is an incompetent gm unless he pulls rabbit.out his Ying yang he’s history. He won’t be here come Sept.

  6. Sweeney will hold onto DeBust because he’s not worth much on the trade market as a RFA with arbitration rights currently making $3.65M for 10 points.

    • Jake will be traded by deadline

      • @MrBruin

        He may well be traded but not for the return Sweeney and many Bruins fans are hoping for. Best thing they’ll acquire is cap flexibility.

    • I am ok if they go for it. Always all in. Just when you stop going all in got to be ok with the blow up. Reset. 3 years of yuck. Lol

      I also the debrusk will be part of a bigger pkg

  7. Still almost 8 weeks to the trade deadline and a quick look at the standings, even though just reaching the half way mark. it looks like the East made already be done.

    Boston holds the 2nd wildcard spot, they and 10pts above Detroit who is next.

    Meaning time deadline comes Det, Clb, NYI, NJ, Phil, Buff, Ott and Mtl will likely be sellers.

    That’s lots of sellers at TDL, not counting what will be coming out of the west.

    Each teams UFA’s

    Det 9
    Clb 4
    NYI 5
    NJ 3
    Phil 9
    Buff 11
    Ott 7
    Mtl 6

    total of 54 ufa’s some won’t be moved but there is alot that will. Don’t want to be the last one to the dance part.

    • There’s certainly potential there for a lot of deadline-day movement/rentals, Caper. I can’t comment on the other teams you list, but in Ottawa’s case I can see Tierney, a veteran C, going to some team seeking depth at that position, as well as one or possible both D-men Holden and Josh Brown.

      UFAs likely re-signed include Nick Paul, Anton Forsberg and maybe even Ennis as a 4th line veteran. Sanford and Sabourin won’t be back.

      None of those dealt will bring back much, although I could see Dorion seeking a decent prospect for Tierney if several teams come calling.

      • Hi George

        I like Paul

        If not re-signed… what’s the ask?

        Big, gritty, has shown good hands…. was able to get up after all 235 lbs behind Ovis shoulder ploughed his head into the boards (of course fully from behind) Ovi hoped to send him to the parking lot… Paul was able to play on…. That’s tough

  8. If you look at point %. There still a small outside chance. Isles catch caps. But very very small.

    Lots of potential trade chips to be sure

  9. Isles have 9 games in hand on the Caps. If they win hem all, they are 3 points behind.
    Isles have played only 35 games and many of those with an AHL roster.

    Isles are coming. Looking at the schedule, I see lots of games against weaker teams.

    Isles will make the playoffs.
    Many of the teams ahead of them have not hit a losing streak so far this season. Every team hits a rough patch sooner or later.

    • I believe they will too nevinsrip … in one respect they are much like the Senators who have only played 36 games and 5 of whose losses came with an AHL roster for the most part when upwards of 9 were out with Covid to go along with 3 key injuries.

      But while Ottawa won’t quite make the playoffs, the Islanders will, for sure. It’ll be interesting to see who they add at the trade deadline … and I’m sure Lamoriello will shore up somewhere.

  10. Holy Crap Pengy…

    Is it not possible to post shorter to the point? Day after day this penchant is getting stale.

    Lyle can you insert a max word rule lol

    • Hi Geordie,

      Soucy deal better ROI than Chykryn deal

      +/- counts at bell curve extremes

      No please for MAF on Caps👎👎👎👎

      E Kane definitely worth the gamble👍👍👍👍

      Chad & Casey…. Very bad; Pens Need upgrade; HexBurkie …. Call Jimbo… one stop shop… Luke/Jaro; then Sign E Staal; E Kane for no assets given up👍👍👍👍

      Psyk… plays RD & RW

  11. Buyers market imo

    Saturation will slow down trades earlier on maybe but out west can expect some big names could move.

    GM’s will be lining up ti move players in a tough market fir UFA’s.