NHL Rumor Mill – February 12, 2022

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What’s the latest on Jakob Chychrun, Claude Giroux, Marc-Andre Fleury and other top NHL trade candidates? Check out my analysis of TSN’s latest trade bait list in today’s NHL rumor mill.

TSN: Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun, Montreal Canadiens blueliner Ben Chiarot and Chicago Blackhawks goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury fill the top-three positions in TSN’s Feb. 11 trade bait list. Philadelphia Flyers forward Claude Giroux and Dallas Stars defenseman John Klingberg round out the top five.

Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve written at length regarding Chychrun, Fleury and Giroux for The Hockey News over the past week. I don’t dismiss the possibility of Chychrun moving by the March 21 trade deadline but the Coyotes’ high asking price suggests this could be an offseason move.

The Colorado Avalanche reportedly has interest in Fleury and Giroux but their limited cap space means they can’t afford both. In either case, they’ll have to get the losing club to retain salary and could still need a third team to get involved in order to broker the deal by spreading out the remaining cap hit. The Avs could also be forced to part with some promising prospects.

Chiarot’s been at or near the top of most trade bait lists since December. It’s assumed the Canadiens could get a first-round pick for him. There were reports last month indicating the Stars were trying to move Klingberg but there’s been nothing of note since then. Much could depend on where the Stars are in the standings in a month’s time.

San Jose Sharks center Tomas Hertl, Seattle Kraken defenseman Mark Giordano, Columbus Blue Jackets forward Max Domi, Vancouver Canucks center J.T. Miller and the Coyotes salary cap space fill spots six through 10.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No certainty Hertl will be traded following a report this week indicating the Sharks are talking contract extension with his agent. It could depend on how much cap space they’ll have following the outcome of Evander Kane’s grievance over his contract termination.

TSN’s Pierre LeBrun reports Kraken GM Ron Francis is expected to sit down with Giordano soon to discuss the possibility of a trade. He mentioned the Florida Panthers as a possible destination. The well-traveled Domi recently surfaced in trade rumors but there’s no indication which teams might be interested in him.

Miller’s been a hot topic for trade chatter since November. However, recent trade rumors regarding teammate Conor Garland have led some observers to suggest the Canucks prefer not only retaining Miller but perhaps signing him to a contract extension this summer if they can find sufficient salary-cap flexibility.

The Coyotes carry plenty of cap space to help other clubs looking to offload salary or perhaps broker a three-team deal by the deadline. They’re already retaining salary on two contracts (Darcy Kuemper and Oliver Ekman-Larsson) and can only take on one more as the CBA allows just three retained salaries per season.

Coyotes winger Phil Kessel, Buffalo Sabres defenseman Mark Pysyk, Blackhawks defenseman Calvin de Haan, Detroit Red Wings defenseman Nick Leddy and Winnipeg Jets center Andrew Copp sit at positions 11 through 15.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kessel isn’t the scorer of his youth but could still be a worthwhile addition to a team seeking a winger with playoff experience. With 28 points in 44 games, the versatile Copp will draw interest if the Jets got into sell mode in March. Pysyk, de Haan and Leddy could be affordable options for contenders seeking blueline depth.

Canadiens defenseman Jeff Petry, Boston Bruins left wing Jake DeBrusk, Sabres defenseman Colin Miller, Stars goalie Anton Khudobin and Flyers defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen are at 16 through 20.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Petry’s garnered lots of recent trade rumor buzz but his contract ($6.25 million cap hit through 2024-25, 15 team no-trade clause) and declining production this season makes the 34-year-old difficult to move at a time when a large number of teams have little salary-cap wiggle room.

DeBrusk made a trade request in late November but there’s no indication the Bruins are close to moving him or receiving much interest from other clubs. Miller is midway through an expected six-week absence due to surgery for an undisclosed ailment. The Stars placed Khudobin on waivers in December but couldn’t find any takers. Ristolainen might garner some interest but he’s dogged by a reputation for sloppy defensive play.

New York Rangers winger Vitali Kravtsov, Ottawa Senators center Chris Tierney, Red Wings defenseman Marc Staal, Kraken forward Calle Jarnkrok and Coyotes center Johan Larsson round out the list.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kravtsov is playing in the KHL and cannot return to the NHL until their season is over. Tierney and Jarnkrok could be affordable depth forward additions. There’s talk the Wings could bring back Staal on another one-year deal as they value his leadership and experience. Larsson underwent sports hernia surgery and isn’t expected to return to action until early April.


  1. Every year a lot of us set ourselves up in front of the TV on what has become an unofficial holiday (trade deadline day), hoping to see a flurry of meaningful deals involving the top names being bandied about for weeks leading up to the deadline – especially where our team of choice is concerned – and almost always what we get are a clutch of minor, insignificant transactions.

    So, out of the 25 names above put forth by TSN, how many do you see actually being moved. I see no more than 5: Chiarot, Copp, Tierney, Pysyk. Colin Miller

    • Yes, deadline day is overhyped, and yes, most of the deals are minor ones. However, a number of notable players are usually moved on deadline day or in the days leading up to it. The biggest issue is most of them get traded before deadline day, leaving mostly secondary talent remaining.

      • Very true. And the usual “culprit” in jumping in ahead of the others in the days just before TD is Lou Lamoriello. Be interesting to see if he makes a big move this year to get his Islanders back in the hunt. Points-wise they are well back of the last wild card – but they also have upwards of 7 and 8 games in hand.

    • @GeorgeO
      I think you will see Giordano, Giroux, MAF, Chiarot, Miller + more from the list
      The Habs should be moving more

      • I really hope you’re right ds!

      • Speaking of the Habs ds, do you think they consider Drouin part of the building blocks, or have they grown tired of his hot-and-cold routine? Always wondered what he’d be like if reunited with MacKinnon, They were amazing together in Halifax.

      • Hi George, I think you will see the new management team/coach assess Drouin’s future with the team over the rest of the season. He’s on the IR right now and has one season left on his contract. If he gets back on the ice and improves (it’s been a sad season but he hasn’t been that bad) then I can see them keeping him and continue evaluating him next season. No improvement and I can see him being moved in the off-season.

      • I wonder if Girioux will allow a trade he is such a Flyer through and through.??

      • I predict that weirdo starts posting again around this year like he’s some sorta insider.

    • I have to agree With you on this almost everybody gets suckered into this with the announcers doing their best to look busy some are better at it than others. I’ve stopped watching, considering all of Sweeney’s useless additions. But it took as long as it’s been on for me to turn away that damn show is addicting every year you’re sucked in. I’ve had it though, you wait you check, wait some more check again nothing. But as long as the trade deadline is on people in huge numbers will check in because they want their team to come out winners that doesn’t happen very often.

  2. Agreed George. However, even though deadline day tends to be anti-climactic, I always find the buzz and speculation very entertaining. It also seems as though some of the most intriguing dialogue that doesn’t come to fruition sets the foundation for potential DraftDay deals. So in the end, it always captures my interest despite the overhyped nature of it all. Maybe I’m just easily entertained 🙂

    • me too…I watch for James Duthie, I do think he can be funny and to one up my hockey fantasy league GMs by making a move on a tried guy just to beat them to him….

      • Oh, I’m still a TD junkie too, Deacon and Bill. And, yes, Duthie alone can be worth the watch. His facial expressions alone can be worth 1,000 words.

    • Maybe they should have to publicly put every offer on a board (website) so that opposing teams can block or one-up their rival?? It would be interesting to see the offers as a spectator/fan.

  3. If Van wants to keep Miller, I’d it possible they could shop Pettersson? IMO, if Rangers aren’t planning on bringing back Strome, a younger, established top 6 center should be target.if I’m NY, I’d be willing to part with Lafreniere for someone like Pettersson, Debois, or Suzuki (who could fill RW spot now and take over for Strome next season.

    • Pettersson should be the franchise in Van for the next bit. Suzuki is a building block in Montreal(I’d prefer him) and PLD has had a great season in WPG(he has to be untouchable)

      I think Strome is resigned soon too

      • ds. I’m curious to see which way Winnipeg’s season goes and if they clean house. I’ve read that Schelieffel could be shipped. I’d rather him at 6m for a couple years than locking into Strome long term at same money. If Dubois dad loses job, maybe he wants out. Imo, Habs would love local boy Lafreniere. Moving Suzuki would free up cap space for next year.

      • Slick62. Canadiens have better options to free up cap space and they will not trade Suzuki. Lafrenière is ”Québecois” but that doesn’t mean that the Habs would give up on a guy like Suzuki only because that other player speaks french.

    • I’m sure you would be willing to part with an inferior player for a far superior one … nice try but typical

      LaFreniere will be a 3rd liner, get real.

      • Laf gets zero powerplay time and has been stuck behind panarin and kreider. he scored in back to back on his 2nd rw assignment on the first line.
        he is not the next sid as we were told but he will be good player.
        i would swap for suzuki…. and laf would be the man in montreal with plenty of ice time

      • I don’t think anyone thought he would be crosby. He was never touted as the next generational player type. But it is definitely too early to be flop. But a star? You’d have wanted to see more. I think his ceiling now is good too 6 player but not a star.

  4. Flames need to get their hands on Toffoli .
    Dube, Ruzicka and this year’s second . Waive Pitlick
    Habs have zero cap space and need to start somwhere

    Oilers are going to play with 11 forwards and 7 defence. The new guy has played that system for 2 years in Bakersfield. the 3 tenors up the middle and rotating pairs of wings. Not sure how the dfence work but Manson does. I like it if you have 3 good centers

    • Silver, I like that trade, both Dube and Ruzicka are very good young players, Ruzicka being a center with size will blossom into a very good player. So Montreal would be getting good young players along with the second round pick.
      Toffoli would be just what the flames need for their 3rd line to play with Monahan. Would give the flames 3 real solid lines.
      Biggest concern will be next year when they have to sign Tkachuk, Gaudreau, and Kylington.

      • Being a Habs fan, I am not excited about this scenario. Habs are looking for quality not quantity. 1vs1 is way more intersting for example either Coronato or Pelletier. But I do think the Habs will keep Toffoli as a veteran that can help the youngsters. Plus please stop with Dube he is far from interesting and Pitlick on waivers ? for now he is doing very good with 6 points in 11 games since he arrived and playing well.

  5. George O will Ottawa be moving Nic Paul? Could be a nice pickup.

    I’m calling for an Ottawa win today.

    • Caper, I still believe Dorion would like to re-sign him – but at a reasonable cap hit and term. Right now he costs $1,350,000 off the cap, and turns 27 in March.

      I figure he wants him at no more than $2.5 mil over 3 years. Should he and his agent think they can get more $ and term as a UFA, things could go 2 ways:

      1) he gets moved on TD day for the best return possible if there are several teams seeking veteran depth for the stretch run

      2) he keeps him to the end of the season, and then continues to dicker during the UFA season after seeing what the market is offering.

  6. He has size and tied a career high in goals in 14 less games. Could be a nice replacement for Debrusk when Boston finally moves him.

    • He is big, Caper. But after they got him from Dallas in the Spezza deal, it took him a couple/three seasons to realize he was never going to be a regular in the NHL until he PLAYED like a big man, and so was up and down like a yo-yo. Once he got that into his head, he found his niche.

      Logan Brown was another in the same vein – just would not USE his size to advantage, Now he’s in the St. Louis system where he’s still up and down playing the same way he did in Ottawa.

  7. Psyk will be a low cost good depth add

    Psyk plays (equally well) both RD and RW. In tough playoff series if a Dman is lost early in a game; it can be tough. Losing a winger in game; less problematic

    Having Psyk in the line up provides options…. Only $900 K and won’t cost much in trade

    Avs getting Giroux or MAF…. They are already a scary team; the add just makes them that much more scary. Can’t get both and Kuemper doing ok, Fracouz (smaller sample) has better numbers…. So Giroux is the more likely add

    Avs don’t have their 1st , 2nd…. So will need to send prospects…. Who?

  8. Well, if I’m Chicago or Philadelphia, the names Byram, Kaut, Newhook, Barron and Olausson have to be in the mix for either Fleury or Giroux – not all of them, of course, but those names have to be part of the negotiations.

    • And you’ll notice I did not include perennial prospect Shane Bowers, You know, the guy they got from Ottawa in Nov 2017 in the 3-team deal that saw Duchene come to Ottawa in another “hosing” of Dorion and Turris “stolen” by Nashville (as some of the trade descriptions back then were noting).

      Here it is going on 5 years later and Bowers, a C, has yet to get even a cup of coffee in the NHL, nor is he exactly burning up the AHL.

    • i would not give up byram or oscar(the kid looked nhl ready in pre season) and could be a star…not sure how he fell so far in first round… maybe jost and 2023 first for giroux throw in kaut or bowers if need be..id hang onto barron for dear life as well

    • If I’m the Avs, I only consider moving Newhook if DeBrincat is going the other way. He’s too big of a piece to trade for a rental.

      • For DeBrincat ? Newhook stays with the Avs fore sure

      • Sorry, ”for” sure 😉

  9. Of course that puke Marchand is appealing. What a turd.

  10. Dube doesn’t move any teams needle.

    Drouin & him being flakey turns off GM’s.

    What is it with the Rags unable to develop prospects? Shesterkin is a great find & Fox fell into their lap. After that the vets aren’t getting younger.

    • Gordie I still would never trade Drouin for Dube… 22 goals and 54 points in 162 games, a big average of 26 points per season will low upside. Nah thank you.

      • Damn corrector ”with” low upside sorry about that