NHL Rumor Mill – February 5, 2022

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Check out the latest on the Bruins, Golden Knights and Ducks in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Fluto Shinzawa believes the Boston Bruins’ most pressing need is for a second-line center for this season and perhaps beyond. He suggested the Philadelphia Flyers’ Claude Giroux could address the former while the Vancouver Canucks’ J.T. Miller would be a good candidate for the latter.

Shinzawa felt center Jack Studnicka could become a trade piece if he can rebuild his game and help the Bruins. Other teams have shown an interest in Studnick and defenseman Urho Vaakanainen, though there are questions about the latter’s ceiling and if he’s playoff ready. If the Bruins believe Vaakanainen is ready, Mike Reilly could be on the move, though Vaakanainen could fetch a better return.

NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Nick Goss believes a lack of defensive depth could be a fatal flaw for the Bruins as it was in recent postseason runs. He suggested targeting the Chicago Blackhawks’ Calvin de Haan, the Seattle Kraken’s Mark Giordano, the Detroit Red Wings’ Nick Leddy or the Arizona Coyotes’ Jakob Chychrun.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Giroux, Miller and Chychrun could prove to be out of the Bruins’ price range unless they’re willing to part with top prospect Fabian Lysell and that’s something they shouldn’t do. Leddy or de Haan could be more affordable options.

Giordano is somewhere in the middle. He probably won’t be as expensive as Giroux, Miller and Chychrun but will cost more than Leddy or de Haan. The Kraken could seek a first-round pick and a prospect.


NHL.COM: Dan Rosen was recently asked how the Vegas Golden Knights will clear salary-cap space for Jack Eichel’s contract when he’s finally healthy and ready to join their lineup. They currently have Eichel, defenseman Alec Martinez and forward Adam Brooks on injured reserve.

Vegas Golden Knights defenseman Alec Martinez (NHL Images)

If all three are activated they’ll have to start trading or waiving some depth players. If they’re still over the $81.5 million cap, they’ll have to move a more impactful player like Evgenii Dadonov or Reilly Smith, who each carry cap hits of $5 million.

VEGAS HOCKEY NOW: With the Golden Knights’ recent signing of Brayden McNabb to a three-year deal worth $2.85 million per season, Owen Krepps speculates they could look at shedding a defenseman to trim some payroll. He suggested Martinez could be the odd man out. While they re-signed the 34-year-old blueliner last summer, he’s been sidelined for all but 11 games this season. Meanwhile, the Golden Knights have managed well in his absence.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Martinez carries a $5.25 million annual average value. Moving him would spare them from shipping out Dadonov or Smith. However, his 16-team no-trade list for this season could complicate efforts to move him.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman looked at the “to-do list” of new Anaheim Ducks general manager Pat Verbeek. He believes winger Rickard Rakell is the most likely of the Anaheim Ducks’ three notable pending UFAs to get traded. The top question is whether Verbeek can allow Hampus Lindholm to walk if he doesn’t think he can re-sign him.

Josh Manson would also draw interest if they shop him. He’s been linked to the Toronto Maple Leafs but Friedman reports the Leafs are one of the teams on his no-trade list.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see what Verbeek does as the trade deadline approaches. I think much will depend on where the Ducks in the standings by then. They last reached the playoffs in 2018. Like every club, their revenue has taken a hit by COVID-19 and a chance to get some postseason cash could be tempting. Those three could be retained as own rentals if they’re still in the thick of the Western Conference playoff chase.


  1. The Bruins first need is a puck-moving defenseman. Watch their games and see how pitiful they get hemmed in their own zone because they always have to shoot the puck up the boards because many of their D can’t get it out any other way.

    • Barry.

      I think 1stly. They need a second line ctr. Then a LD with the ability to play in top 4 Preferably with 73. I do not think Sweeney will be able to get both It will be interesting. At the deadline for there seams to be slot of good players available

      • Bruins need too much to match lines with Florida, Tampa, Canes.
        Giroux+Yandle(powerplay help??) enough?
        Miller will fetch more than Boston has to offer

        If they can find a way to sign Kadri this summer and Bergeron resigns for a discount next season looks better

      • @Mrbruin4

        Unless Sweeney is willing to offer their 1st pick and their top prospect (Lysell) there is a very slim chance they’ll land a #2C. Not many teams want to give away their C depth.

        I don’t think Studnicka or Vaakanainen have much trade value…mid round picks at best. They both have limited NHL experience.

    • Bruins are fine in the puck mover category. Grzelcyk is an excellent partner for McAvoy, in fact they are the best pair in the NHL in goals for rate when they are on the ice together at 71%. Outscored opponents 22-9.
      That is flippin’ outstanding, and the most important stat/results for a D pair there is.


      With Mr Bruin, if they want to be an actual contender they need a 2C.

      Add some D depth, but I would go D first with size, and if a banger even better.

      • Someone like Martinez would be perfect but. Woukk lol s have to dump $$ in another trade 1st
        Griz. Is good puck moving D man. But small and got crushed on the fore check by the isles key reason we lost the series

      • I like Grz, but ya, is what he is and the physics are not on his side. More often than not it is a benefit to the team on the ice, the guy can really skate and exits the zone either carrying it or making the right pass at the right time. Makes good decisions.

        Like Martinez, proven guy, been out quite a while though and getting up there with term.

        Never know, if Vegas in a bind, might get him at a discount.

    • Barry, your Right the Bruins have lots of trouble moving the puck out the Zone and even more trouble on the PP..!! Just look at the last 3 games No point from the D…!!
      Boston really mis K.Krug on the D, They have nobody after MaClvoy
      Edmonton Oilers are looking to move Tyson Barrie A PP Specalist for a Goaltender
      Trade Jeramy Swagman for Barrie

  2. My wish list at the deadline would be any one of Miler, Giroux or Pavelski.

    Miller I just don’t see moving. Just can’t understand why they wouldn’t keep him. Then again, NY trading him in his mid 20s while he was putting up 40-50 points primarily on the 3rd line was a head scratcher. Adding insult to injury was Mcdonagh and a lousy return coming back.

    Does Philly make a deal with NY? Maybe, the biggest deal between the two teams was the Lindros deal. But Lindros was a risky deal. I think NY would have to at least somewhat overpay.

    What would the cost of Pavelski be? He’s having a fantastic year, but he’s 37 and definitely a rental. I’ wouldn’t give up the farm.

    • Pavelski isn’t going anywhere. He stated he wants to stay in Dal
      . If by chance he does change his mind I have no doubt they will get a 1st a decent roster player and high end pick

      • You have a link to Pavelski remotely saying anything about not wanting to be traded? I’m gonna go ahead and call bs.

        Zero on google to back that up. He’s 37, a pending ufa. Zero chance he passes on a chance to end his career in b a contender. Zero.

        He owns a m-ntc. (3 team trade list) so he may not have a choice in the matter regardless.

        Klingberg is in the block but Pavelski is not? That would seem a bit bizarre no?

        I’m confused by your suggested return , a 1st AND a high end pick? Isn’t that the same thing?

        Also zero chance Pavelski lands 2-1st round picks plus. Has any rental player in the cap era landed that kind of return?

      • I do remember reading that pavelski was open to resigning in Dallas. But I haven’t the foggiest where. And yeah. No way on that return. That’s high in a sellers market. And it’s currently shaping up to be a buyers market.

      • Assuming you mean high end prospect, Bruins gave up as much for Rick Nash back in 2018. Probably Gorton best trade as pieces were used in other deals. Lindgren ended up too 4 dman. Spooner traded for current 2CStrome 1st round pick used in trade up for other top 4 D, Miller.

        “We love it there,” Pavelski said of his wife, Sarah, and their son, Nate. “Things couldn’t be any better for us right now. The family’s doing great. It’s a great city. Really enjoy the guys in the locker room and the team. For us right now, that’s probably the No. 1 option.”

      • That’s a far cry from “I ain’t going anywhere”

        And he may not have any choice. If I’m the GM of Dallas and the team falls out , why am I not trading him? If they are a perfect fit, he’s a ufa when the season ends.

        The Nash trade yielded Lindren, a 1st, Spooner who looked good for about 10 minutes and also took on Belesky.

        You can’t attach what trades came after the fact. That had nothing to do with Nash’s actual return.

      • That entire quote was in response to the possibility of a SJ reunion.

        You also left out his next comment.

        Asked if he keeps the door open to a return to San Jose — assuming there would be interest from the Sharks — Pavelski said with a smile, “we’re going to try to get through this year first, and then we’ll figure it out.”

      • Might be a far cry from “I ain’t going anywhere”, but think it might fall into category of “remotely saying anything about not wanting to be traded”.
        Lindgren, Spooner, Beleskey, a 1st and a 7th was quite a haul for a 33 year old who at time of trade had 28 points in 60 games. Pavelski currently has 48 points in 43 games. A 1st, a high end prospect and a player s doesn’t seem unreasonable.

      • But don’t forget , Lindren was nowhere near a can’t miss prospect. He was a guy that was a gamble. Probably abou t a c prospect at the time of the trade or worse.
        Belesky was a salary dump and Spooner was a gamble as well.

        As far as Pavelski, these type of comments are preprogrammed and pretty much an automated response.

        You don’t see a lot of guys saying

        “yeah, this city sucks, my teammates suck, this organization sucks, my wife hates it here, and my kids constantly threaten to run away from this god awful city!”

        If Dallas is out of the race entirely, Pavelski will be playing in another city after the deadline.

        If not, Nill is a complete and total incompetent moron. You don’t waste the chance to recoup assets. And again, if this match is made in heaven they can reunite come July.

  3. What about
    To Bos: Miller & Chiasson
    To Van: Haula, Stud & Vaak plus pick

    To Bos: Chariot (% salary retained)
    To Mtl: DeBrusk

    Bos gets defender for playoff grind
    Bos Gets miller a better option upfront than DeBrusk. Miller can play center and wing. Miller also solves issue next season also.

    Think cap works out

    Van gets young assets .Mtl gets young winger for retool.

    • I think someone overpays for Chariot

    • Habs not looking for a player like debrusk. They will be be in rebuild mode. So they would want a top pick. Prospect. And would want bruins to pay more then other teams

    • Van gives up a 28 year old, gritty player who can play centre or wing and is currently 25th in NHL scoring and would immediately be second in the Bruins stats. In return they get a 30 year old centre who has about 30 points less, and 2 players picked in 2017 (22 and 23 years old) who have yet to prove they’re NHLers and a pick. Ya, they’ll go for that.

    • @ihatecrosby

      Why would VAN make that trade? Haula is 30 and had one good year while in Vegas. Studnicka and Vaakanainen are 22 and 23 with very limited NHL experience.
      That package isn’t getting Miller. Unless it’s a 1st and Lysell Boston can forget about it.

      Re Chiarot…Zero chance MTL is retaining salary and taking on DeBrusk, an RFA with arbitration rights.

      BOS has limited assets to offer up in a trade aside from their 1st and Lysell.

    • Boston Trade Back up Goaltender
      Jeramay Swayman
      Edmonton Oilers for PP D/man Tyson Barrie
      That meets both teams needs

  4. Vegas potentially have a cap issue, the Bruins have a need.

    Alex Martinez to Boston helps both teams.

    What is the cost.

    • Alex. Would exactly what. Bruins would want Questions are can he stay healthy. Do they want his contract for that long. And what do they have to give up
      I very hard to do as bruins would have to move $$ out before hand to make it work cap wise. So doubt it happens

      • You post worse than a 5 year old mashing buttons…

  5. In order for the Bruins to make any significant moves DeBrusk and Moore have to be headed out of Boston. Otherwise is depth moves at the deadline. My biggest concern is 2 he line center then a big tough defenseman. There’s zero need for a left shot d unless he’s physical presence. Grizz is their best puck mover followed by Charlie Mac

    • No one is taking. Moore. He just cannot stay healthy.

  6. Devils have plenty of cap space. Fitz better use it to “help” out his fellow GMs.

  7. I dont think teams looking to upgrade will have to pay as much as the last few seasons, of course that might make some teams keep players, like Anaheim. But if you look at the standings 11 teams are already out and Van, San Jose and Jets are on the verge. That is a lot of teams fixing to sell. The really good players like Hertl will still cost, but the middle low end players will come cheap since there will be a lot of them. So if teams look at last trade deadline and think their D will fetch a first, keep dreaming, cause most of them wont

    • Hope you are correct 👍

  8. With the real power houses, Flor,Tamp, Colo, Vegas, Wash, do you of you think the second tier of teams will really pay a big price at trade deadline IE is Miller to Boston really gonna make Boston take down a Tampa or Florida in a seven game series
    I just don’t see a lotta buyers but I guess it only takes two

  9. Avid Bruins Fan since 1972, How about a trade Proposal Debrusk, Vakaanninen, Studnicka 2nd Rndr For Nate Shimdt, Andrew Copp? Comments Please as the window for my Bruins is closing fast and it looks like Winnepeg is going looking from the outside for Playoffs!

  10. J.T. Miller will demand a first and top prospect like Lysol and Vaakanainen and maybe even a conditional pick. For Boston I think worth it.

    The Knights are painted in a corner . Someone will get someone on sale.

    Martinez is not overly needed in VGK and makes sense.

    • Martinez has a 16 team “no trade” clause. The only contender that can handle his $5.25M cap hit is NYR, and maybe Boston. But I don’t think they want him for the rest of that term. I don’t see him waiving for a non-contender that has space.

  11. Got home from work late but my 2 cents …. Sweeney won’t go big on a trade or trades his track record says so …. Maybe a # 3-4! Dman and or a cheap center it’s his way