NHL Rumor Mill – February 7, 2022

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Leafs GM Kyle Dubas and Hurricanes GM Don Waddell outline their plans for the trade deadline plus some suggested trade destinations for Claude Giroux in today’s NHL rumor mill.


TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan reports Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas wants to see what a healthy and complete roster can do in the coming weeks before reaching any decisions regarding potential moves before the March 21 trade deadline.

Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas (NHL.com)

Dubas hopes to see how young defensemen Rasmus Sandin and Timothy Liljegren fare over the next several weeks. The Leafs GM would prefer adding players with term remaining on their contracts. However, he pointed out salary cap limitations will have an effect upon whatever decisions he makes before the deadline. Dubas would prefer retaining his draft picks but they could be in play if necessary.

THE ATHLETIC: Jonas Siegel believes Dubas will be aggressive at the trade deadline to address an apparent need on the blueline or to shore up other roster weaknesses that could crop up before the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs are in “win-now” mode this season, perhaps more so than in previous years given their inability to get past the first round. Another early postseason exit could spell the end of Dubas’ tenure as general manager. He’s proven adept at salary-cap gymnastics in the past and I don’t doubt he’ll find some cap flexibility to make a deal that helps his club.

We can expect to hear the Leafs being linked to a number of notable trade candidates in the coming weeks. They’ve already been tied to Anaheim Ducks defenseman Josh Manson despite being on his “no-trade” list.

THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun reports Carolina Hurricanes GM Don Waddell isn’t feeling any urgency to make a deal right now simply for the sake of doing so. The Hurricanes are on pace for a franchise record of 124 points this season. He’s also not feeling any pressure to react to whatever his division or conference rivals do.

LeBrun points out the Hurricanes are deep in young prospects to draw upon for trade bait to address any need that could arise. He speculates their priority could be adding a left-side defenseman though it remains to be seen if it’s a 4/5 blueliner or a 6/7 rearguard.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It wouldn’t be surprising if Waddell swings a deal or two before the trade deadline. Still, he can afford to take his time with his club playing as well as it is. If his roster remains healthy he could stand pat or make an affordable minor depth addition.


THE SCORE: John Matisz listed the Calgary Flames, Minnesota Wild, Boston Bruins and Colorado Avalanche as his suggested trade destinations for Claude Giroux. The versatile 34-year-old Philadelphia Flyers forward is an unrestricted free agent this summer.

Speculation over Giroux’s future in Philadelphia has been growing with the Flyers near the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings. General manager Chuck Fletcher has left it up to Giroux to decide if he’ll waive his no-movement clause.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flames need secondary scoring, the Wild and Bruins need reliable second-line centers while the Avalanche could use Giroux’s two-way skills on their second line. Whether any of those clubs are on his no-trade list and if they can afford the Flyers’ asking price (which could be a first-round pick and a top prospect) remains to be seen.


  1. “General manager Chuck Fletcher has left it up to Giroux to decide if he’ll waive his no-movement clause.”

    • Hey Johnny, don’t get the LOL?
      Is it funny, because of course he is leaving it up to Giroux? Like a no brainer type thing because it is his decision?

      • Like johnny Z I wondered about that statement too, Ray. Talk about stating the obvious – like saying “you know it’s cold outside if you go outside and it’s cold.”

  2. Can’t see Av’s getting Giroux. According to CapFriendly, they’re showing less than 300k in space with a roster of only 21. Kadri is having a career year. Minnesota has a bigger need as Giroux has almost as many points as their 2 top centers combined. Vegas at top of Pacific by one percentage point over Calgary. 3 of the 4 current wild card holders have better winning percentages than Vegas. Will be interesting to see who Vegas moves to fit Eichel and how new lineup gels. Giroux could make a big difference for Minny winning the west

    • The Avs will work some magic to add to the roster. Same as Vegas…..Vegas will use the IR..Reilly Smith is a straw there…too important to move(and he stays healthy)

      • ds. Will take a lot of magic for Av’s to add Giroux. Can’t see it. And Vegas? Seriously? They need to subtract, not add. Av’s might make minor deal.

      • @slick
        Vegas will find a way for their cap…without moving Reilly

    • Hi Slick

      Once Stephenson, Coglahn, and Hague are back… that 23 man roster has $7 M in space… Eichel has to replace someone on the 23 man roster (so even at replacing league minimum player…. Then $9.2 M is max space needed [note that is before allowing for a Cap buffer] … so at least $2.8 M has to exit (or still be on LTIR)

      Moving Dando $5M (can be traded to 21 teams) or Martinez $5.25 M (can be traded to 15 teams) does the trick and with plenty of buffer room

      They have been doing fine without Martinez…. and there are teams who would like a puck moving top 4 LHD. Who knows, maybe he remains LTIR until playoffs. Trading Martinez should get something in return.

      Dando in much less demand …. Might have to cough up assets to move him

      Knights IMHO, should not move Smith…. Keep him as “own rental”

      • Martinez is off limits to half the league….however maybe LA is on his trade list. They could do a 3- way trade to get Martinez back!
        Iafallo to Yotes, Yotes send Shark’s 2nd to VGK. Martinez to LA
        The Yotes might even get away with a 3rd, as these are salary dumps!

      • @Pengy…..Well Jarry was terrific in the all start game and we had Penguins and Flyers working together…Damn Girioux and Guentzel set each other up and looked good together.

        Pipe dream here…what if Giroux removed his no movement clause and came to the Penguins.

        Crosby Girioux and Guentzel wow

        Malkin Rust Carter nice top 2 LOL

      • Hi JZ

        If Martinez has not blocked Kings…. Then a direct trade…. Maata for Martinez is easier

        Knights bury Maata…. clearing another $1.08 M in addition to trade differential of ~ $1.9 M… swing of $3M gets Knights Cap compliant

        Of course Martinez far superior and with term….. so in addition….

        Knights get Kings 1st (lottery protected) or equivalent prospect;

        Kings get a 3rd from Knights

      • Pengy, like a lot of your posts, I’m not following you. Lol. Not being mean. I don’t fully understand deadline cap. Eichel should be back before seasons end and from what I can tell, they’ll be 9m over?

      • Pengy- the Kings are not going to give up a 1st to help Vegas get salary compliant! They’re not in a “win-now” mode, so there are very few available players (if any are actually available) that would warrant the trade of their 1st. And Martinez is not one of those guys. I’d say a 2nd under normal circumstances but a 3rd at best due to their well-documented salary constraints.

      • Hi Slick

        The $9 M over is artificial and not a true representation of their Cap situation

        Right now per CF…. 20 players above the line (13 F, 5 D, 2 F)…. Add up to ~ $70.4 M (see top three sections’ totals in chart in CF)

        Add back Couglahn, Stephenson , Hague…. That makes 23 on the roster at ~ $74.7 M

        HJ in and league min player down (to again be at 23)… additional max of $9.2 M…..83.9M…. Only max $2.4 M over

        If they decide to keep Martinez AND he returns b4 YE AND if there are zero other LTIRs… Martinez up; lowest D Sal down (net in exchange is additional $4.5 M)

        So, absolute worst case re Cap…. All currently on IR/LTIR back and HJ and Martinez replacing league min players…. $6.9 M over

        If they replace anything more than league min and/or anybody else goes on IR….. less than $6.9 M

        That is absolutely the worst case

        Moving Martinez … and the max worst case scenario (no one on LTIR from TDL to year end) is $1.65 M over to maneuver

        Moving Dando…. Worst case is $1.9 M over

        Those numbers are tough but manageable

      • Hi Slick

        The $9 M over is artificial and not a true representation of their Cap situation

        Right now per CF…. 20 players above the line (13 F, 5 D, 2 F)…. Add up to ~ $70.4 M (see top three sections’ totals in chart in CF)

        Add back Couglahn, Stephenson , Hague…. That makes 23 on the roster at ~ $74.7 M

        HJ in and league min player down (to again be at 23)… additional max of $9.2 M…..83.9M…. Only max $2.4 M over

        If they decide to keep Martinez AND he returns b4 YE AND if there are zero other LTIRs… Martinez up; lowest D Sal down (net in exchange is additional $4.5 M)

        So, absolute worst case re Cap…. All currently on IR/LTIR back and HJ and Martinez replacing league min players…. $6.9 M over

        If they replace anything more than league min and/or anybody else goes on IR….. less than $6.9 M

        That is absolutely the worst case

        Moving Martinez … and the max worst case scenario (no one on LTIR from TDL to year end) is $1.65 M over to maneuver

        Moving Dando…. Worst case is $1.9 M over

        Those numbers are tough but manageable

      • Taking into account the Canes above, why dont Vegas send Martinez to them? Could be a first since its a 25-32 pick and Vegas sends a 2nd back. Trade makes sense, unsure of price

      • Hi BPD

        Martinez has 3 more years so he’d be helping Kings for all of that time as well

        Re Kings giving up a first just to get Knights Cap compliant… not a chance they would do that

        However, that is not what I was proposing

        Flipping Martinez for Maata certainly has a big upgrade for Kings now and for 3 years after

        And…. They aren’t giving up a first alone for that…. It was an exchange of Kings 1st (or equivalent ) for Knights 3rd…. So that (1st less 3rd) could also be viewed as a 2nd (or equivalent)

        You are right…. No chance Kings make a trade just to help Knights…. This trade helps them (Kings) now (and for three years)

        If Martinez had same contract and was on an Eastern team…. Flipping Maata and 1st (or equivalent) for Martinez and 3rd (or equivalent) should have no concerns by Kings and well worth the swap

        Trading intra-Div is the issue

      • Hi BnG

        Didn’t see the ASG…I argue that there was no “All-Star” game

        More like a “participation” game (as many of my kids generation are calling it)

        Mandating that there MUST be a player chosen from EACH team nullifies a roster at that game being comprised of true “All Stars” (top of the league players

        Avs Bolts Panthers could easily have had 4 “All Stars” each

        Rant re “ASG” over

        Re CG as a Pens…. Certainly would be nice… but (1) Pens trading with cross-state rivals is always a longshot ; and more importantly (2) Burke would need to shell outa 1st plus and he’s already stated he is completely against throwing futures at anything but a player that has term (helps Pens now and in future)

        Re Pens and playoffs…

        Upgrade at 3RD is MANDATORY…. and there are options out there

        Hoping Domingue is back soon so that Pens can get him in for at least 6 games pre TDL…. If he does fair or better…. UFA G back-up upgrade not needed; if he does not…. Upgrade MANDATORY

        Pens upgrading depth for low cost UFA…. fine. Staal (pending Olympic performance) comes w/o giving up any assets

        Dream move….. Zucker for Schenn and Halak; bury DeSmith, CR, Domingue

        Zucker in gives Jimbo opportunity to move Miller for 1st, young roster, and prospect

        Zucker is nowhere near Miller in Capability… but ‘Nucks need to be eying future

        Martin replaces Halak
        Bowie OR Juulsen OR Woo OR Keeper replace Schenn
        Zucker in Miller out

        ‘Nucks get younger; save $’s and Cap, gain (expected request in trade per TSN & SN) 1st, fair young roster; and prospect

        Pens…. Doing fine w/o Zucker; free up space; massively improve at 3RD and Halak over DeSmith is gargantuan (only have 1 game of Domingue to go on)

      • Pengy. Martinez will be 35 this summer. Do you really think LA wants to add a guy with 5.2m cap hit for another 2 seasons? And give up a 1st to aquire? As far as I’ve read, Martinez is close to returning. Definitely not out for 3 more months. Eichel skating with team today without the no contact jersey. Those 2 plus Stephenson total 18m in cap. Not many teams in position to add guys with 5m plus cap hits for another year or 2. Dadonov is 33 next month. Vegas will be lucky to give players away with sweeteners

      • Pengy, I have to agree with Slick62 on Dadonov. It has to be abundantly clear to anyone that his big seasons in Florida of 28g 42a 70 pts in 82gpin 2018-19 and 25g 22a 47 pts in 69gp in 2019-20 came about more as the result of who he played alongside than any great individual skill (a lot like Jonathan CheeChoo in that regard).

        He has yet to live up to the fat $5 mil per contract awarded by Dorion and since taken on by Vegas and, in addition to turning 33 next month, he leans more towards the smallish size and isn’t possessed of blazing speed.

        So, who does Vegas any favors by taking him on for another year after this? And please don’t fall back on the hoary old adages that “some GM will think he can turn his game around” or “if the pot is sweetened enough and enough is held back, someone will bite.” To what end? With the flat cap not showing any signs of rising appreciably for at least another year, those kinds of deals are no longer looked upon with the same positivity in terms of “assets.” Assets are useless if you can’t pay them.

      • Hi George and Slick

        Absolutely no challenge re Dando better option to move (than Martinez) for Knights

        That said….. also far more difficult to move

        Agree re 35 and 36 for

        To me Maata vs Martinez ….. even though Maata 7 years younger…. Martinez still highly more valuable (and $2M more is worth it IMHO; when you compare their values)

        Regardless…. Kings need a top 4 LD next year and IMHO Bjornfort is not there….. are they re-upping Edler (LTIR AND 1 year older than Martinez) OR Maata

        If not …. They need one….. and top 4 D with Martinez’ talent and experience will cost $5 M or more

        And Kings are handing Knights a 1st in the deal… it’s basically a 2nd….. in my suggestion Kings give a first (obviously lottery protected) or equivalent; and Knights give up a 3rd or equivalent

        In essence…. Maata + 2nd (or equivalent) for Martinez

        Kings are loaded in prospects and on the rise

        They are certainly in the mix to be in the playoffs this year…. Martinez in; Maata out, certainly makes them a load better

        Re HJ… yes his first non contact practice is now

        Per TSN before Christmas, they expected once he started back in with a practice where he was allowed FULL contact …. It would be 2 weeks….. I would guess non contact practices should be at least a week…. With those parameters…. 2nd week in March is not unreasonable to believe … that’s 3-4 weeks of strategizing re Cap

        It’s possible another player goes LTIR from now until then

        Re Martinez….I think you are more on top of that than I…. I hadn’t heard one way or the other whether he was close

        George…. Agree that GMs believing they can turn a Dadonov type of player around are few and far between if any at all

        Moving Dando (who can go to any of 21 teams without his say so) will come with a sweetener

        The soon to be (hopefully) Houston Coyotes …. Have said that they are open for assets business …. and since as at now Yotes have only 3 forwards under contract for next year….That’s a call Mac Crimmon should at least make

      • Pengy, to be fair, I’ve mentioned Dadonov as a possibility for Rangers in past. He was Panarins line mate for a couple years in KHL. I think Galant would prefer Smith though. Rangers could fit either, but Dadonov extra year would be a problem. I’d want Nolan Patrick as sweetener.

  3. Re Dubas and “win now”…

    I believe he should more or less stay the course this year

    IMHO, Leafs window now lies in June of ‘23 and June of ‘24 (I have strong belief that Mathew’s walks 1/7/24)

    This year, I find it hard to imagine a trade in which Leaf’s have a roster that can win 2 series in the State of FLA; then beat Canes or Rangers or Pens; and then beat Avs OR Knights

    Winning 1 of those series is tough…. Winning 4…. It’s just very hard to believe

    I truly believe that both Florida teams are better than Leafs; as are Canes and Avs

    If Lehner is playing well (and Handsome Jack will be playing by then) … to me Knights > Leafs

    Rangers v Leafs would be a great series as would Pens v Leafs

    Hard to imagine a scenario in which Leafs play Caps… but Leafs should win that

    Almost impossible for a Bruins v Leafs playoff series this year (would have to be Bruins or Leafs finishing 4th then winning two series vs Metro teams; then Leafs and Bruins meeting in ECF)

    Dubas…. Tweaks and inexpensive depth adds only is the smart move…. Make the bigger moves off season

    • @Pengy

      Currently the Leafs have a .700 winning percentage. I believe they’re 4th overall in the NHL that regard.

      Is it their past failing that lead you to believe that they won’t beat FLA, TB, or CAR?

      Also, where do you get the idea that Matthews walks as a UFA? He’s already making nearly $12M a season not to mention endorsements. Where does he sign if not in TOR?

      Leafs need insurance against another playoff top 4 D injury. They are okay when everyone is healthy but if one of Rielly, Brodie, or Muzzin goes down they’re in trouble.

      • Hi Daryl

        The 700 winning percentage does mean a ton in league standings but I just can’t possibly fathom Leafs going in to one Florida state team’s arena as the visitor and taking the series; let alone doing it twice

        Then if that miracle happens …. twice (how could it)……They are likely facing being the non-home ice advantage team against Canes

        3 miracles!!!!…. Then they have to go and win a series in the “Alps” or the desert

        To me, the odds are stacked tremendously against them

        Re AM staying with Leafs…. Again a big longshot that he stays IMVHO….

        His next contract is very likely going to be $14 M….. 8 @ $14 M from Leafs ….. nets him (after tax) *$52 M……

        Signing $14 M * 7 with Krakken OR Knights OR Stars OR Predz OR Panthers OR Bolts OR relocated Yotes (then in Houston) nets him an additional *$10 M…. and then even re-upping with that team (@33 years old) for just $10 M nets him another $6.4 M in take-home…. $16.4 M extra take-home. His sponsorship/ad $’s likely to drop (from potential in Toronto) in at least 4 of those cities…. But after tax…. There should be no change

        * Figures c/o the Gavin Group

        I would expect Krakken to put a full tilt press on getting AM (after their 3rd season)…they’ll be on the upswing; have the space; and very likely have a Captaincy to dangle… Giordano won’t be there for the ‘24/‘25 season…. Who would be Captain then?

        I don’t see Patches on Knights then; and moving Wild Bill (along with Patches being gone) gives them the space….Knights with 1C and 2C being a pair of 27 year olds… AM and Eichel….nice

        The relocated Yotes …. Houston Oil Rigs???…. Would be right in the mix and easily offering 7 @ $14 M (and probably even more)

        Re Leafs this year…. Yes a buffer/acquisition to temper a potential top 4 D injury, is a good idea…. However…. As I mentioned…. Cup this year is an extreme longshot at best…. So acquisition has to be reasonably priced UFA or someone with term (that can help in their window)

        I’m good on that strategy…. I’ve been waiting 5 1/2 decades…. One more year with a prudent move or moves…. Just might end the drought. 🙏🤞🙏🤞🙏🤞

  4. Where is the Bruin crew this morning?

    DeBrusk+Foligno+? for Kevin Hayes and Yandle…. does Yandle have enough left to help the powerplay?

    • ds, Bruins PP is one of the best in the league, their PK is pretty good too.
      5 on 5 is what they need to improve on.

      DeBrusk and Foligno isn’t attractive for a team acquiring them, same is true Hayes and Yandle.

      Yandle is cheap, but we have better puck movers that him, Hayes is overpaid for a very long time.

      Legit offence at 2C (not Hayes) and a big LD, preferably physical.

      Can they get both? Maybe, but gonna cost the future with I am fine with one more time.

      • yes B’s gotta be all in for this core
        you might have some slim years comng

      • mentioned deHaan ( dont know if he’s what they might want ) and D Strome who would be a upgrade at 2nd line center in the Morning Coffee but dont know if the Bruins have the pieces to make that offer or if the can fit in cap

      • Don’t get the DeHaan. What does he bring in the form of shut down or anything else for that matter.

        I always read that we have not replaced Krug, and I don’t get that either. McAvoy > Krug IMO.

        I will say it again, I do not think the Islanders will make playoffs, and if it were me I would add chara to the left side. He brings more to the table then Cliffton and is still a plus player and a terrible NYI team.

        As for picking up a 2C, to create room Debrusk has to go somewhere and likely Moore which would create about 6.5 in space.

    • B’s need a shutdown Dman thats big and a little mean..

      • But they need a puck-carrying defenseman the most- the Ghost,klingberg as a rental even , Leddy,etc

      • Reilly for Martinez, straight up. The age difference should not necessitate a pick going with Reilly.

  5. IMO a 1st round pick is too expensive for a 34 year old UFA, let alone adding in a top prospect. The trade deadline is for adding support pieces into the bottom half of your roster, not to be adding expensive pieces into the top half.
    There have been way more busts like the Leafs using a 1st round pick acquiring Nick Foligno than them actually working out.

  6. I had to re-read for irony when I saw “Dubas” and a reference to being “adept” with the salary cap.

    Dubas giving out the monster deals to Tavares and Marner doomed his roster from the start. You simply can’t spend half your cap on 4 guys, and then split the other half of the remaining 19. That is NOT how you build a winner, and the results have shown that.

    The only reason the leafs will be mentioned in every trade rumour is because they’re owned by Canada’s two Sports Networks. On-air personalities are contractually obligated to speak about the leafs in priority over the other teams. (Much as TSN blathers on about the CFL because they have a stake in that league.)

    Finally, if the leafs are in “win now” mode, it’s because this management team needs to win ONE playoff series, or else. Otherwise, the experiment is over with Scooby Dubas and the new GM will be forced to break up the 4 at the top of the salary list to be able to complete building an NHL roster.

    • Dubas didn’t engineer the Tavares deal.

      • I really believe Shanahan did all the groundwork on that one.

      • I think the Leafs/Dubas got burned as much as any other team due to pandemic caused flat cap.
        They locked up their young stars (Outside Tavares), which are usually high vs other star players early in the contract, and look good near the end.

        How different would the Leafs look if the cap was over $88M?

        I would guess really good.

        Dubas deserves a stick tap for Campbell doesn’t he?

      • That he does, Ray … no doubt about that … but with the year he’s having how much (and for how long) is it going to cost? And who goes to make room for the new deal?

        As things now stand, and if the cap stays stagnant for another year due to the lost Canadian gates, they have $74,155,616 committed to 14, leaving $7,344,384 to sign 9. Campbell will eat up the vast bulk of that, and Dubas also must deal with RFAs Kase, Engvall (both coming off $1,250,000), Sandin ($894,167) and Liljegren ($863,333). I would assume UFAs Mikheyev ($1,645,000) and Spezza ($750,000) are done (although, Spezza could stay on at another minimal hit).

        As Lyle says, Dubas has “… proven adept at salary-cap gymnastics in the past and I don’t doubt he’ll find some cap flexibility to make a deal that helps his club.” Just wondering, Lyle, how you see that transpiring.

        And, yes, they did suffer more in terms of the bottom half of the roster due to the flat cap … but not nearly as much as the Wild if the cap doesn’t start to rise appreciably over the next couple of seasons.

    • People keep forgetting those deals were made when the cap was increasing 3-4 mill a year for the 5 years before hand. Pandemic and cap levelling off has made the Tavares/Matthews/Marner deals look worse than they probably would have had the league revenues not tanked cause of Covid. That’s no GM’s fault…

  7. Waddell has a decision to make with his young $6.1 million man.

    Qualify him at 6.1?
    Release him as a UFA?

    He didn’t sign him to a low cost affordable contract in January which was supposedly a handshake deal according to some experts.

    • HF30, I was one of a couple that suggested the 2 options you provide are not the only 2 options available.
      They still are not.

      CAR has until this off season to extend him, we should wait to judge until that time IMO.

    • Ray Bark,
      Qualiying offers have to be in by June 29,first Monday after the entry draft not the of season.

      I didn’t say there were only 2 options then or now, obviously they have until QO deadline to try and re-sign at a lower rate.

      I merely pointed out that the advance deal that was supposedly in place, isn’t.

      You’re beyond pedandic.

      • You like that word HF30. I could correct your spelling of it, but that would be pedantic.

        You stated that some experts suggested January, and since you and I debated this at length when it happened, I piped up and said that January wasn’t my take at the time.

        You suggest Waddell has a decision to make and list 2 options, I suggest it is 3.

        So not pedantic, just disagree. Which I think is fine on this site and not worthy of an insult, but hey, you do you.

  8. @ Pengy….You were right on Leddy this year he is – 25 or something like that and Luke Scheen would be ideal for our third pairing you were spot on with that too..

    He crushed Adam Lowry in the corner the other night and 45 seconds later they fought and Lowry the bigger man was on his back. He would be a nice addition to pair with Matheson.

    I think the Pens are going to lose Letang he wants a raise from $7.5 million and wants to play until he is 40…He will want $ 8 million per or more to stay with the Jossi’s, Makar’s and Hedman’s of the league we just cant afford that.

    Hextall/Burkec should go hard after John Klinberg if they know they aren’t resigning Kris Letang.

    • Hi BnG

      That’s the big IF…. IF they believe they can’t sign Tanger reasonably

      If HexBurkie trades for Klinger now…. The gig is up… Tanger knows he is not coming back….. not a good signal to send going in to the playoffs…. It would upset not only Tanger, but Sid, Gino and likely a big affect on Dumo

      Pens can always acquire Klinger as a UFA this summer

      For this year…. remaining 1/2 season and playoffs… A replacement of Tanger needs only (if actually at all) be discussed privately between Hextall and Burke

      Pens moves this year need to be strategic without blowing the future

      If they Stay 2nd or 3rd….. they’ll likely play Rangers or Canes; drop to 4th …. They could potentially open in the State of Florida

      Get to 1st (and to get there …. 3RD and back up MUST be addressed very very soon) …. and they likely host Bruins or Leafs

      If they can get two series wins under their belts before ever meeting one of the FLA teams…. Then Pens have a little window of “maybe”

      With that Strategy…. acquiring Klinger by TDL should not be attempted

      Upgrade at 3RD, and possibly back-up (Domingue TBD) plus low cost UFA acquisition (or Zero cost…. Staal or any UFA KHL player whose team is out by NHL TDL) …. To me gives them (Pens) an excellent chance v Caps; and fair chance against either Rangers or Canes or Bruins or Leafs

      No upgrade to 3RD and/or back-up….. book the late April tee times now

      • @ Pengy that is true about the off season but then you get in to a bidding war with many other teams for Klinberg. You get him now you can resign him and give him Letang’s money and he is almost 5 years younger.

        If you go get John Klinberg and move out Zucker, Kapanen and Rudwhedel.

        Can you imagine for the playoffs three deep on the right side Letang, Marino Klinberg…wow

        If Letang doesn’t want to take a team friendly deal say 4 years @ $6 million per the Penguins aren’t writing out a blank check for a 35 year old with an injury history..

        I don’t want to lose Letang he has had a great year but he wants north of $ 8 million can’t see that happening in Pittsburgh. You get Klinberg you start next season with Klinberg and Marino right side. Dumo can play with anyone..

        I do like Luke Schenn though he is a solid third pair that can fight, is physical and covers the net in front of Jarry.

    • Re Tanger and a raise… he’s earned it this year for sure… how much of a raise???

      If HexBurkie can re-sign Tanger and Gino to the combined Cap they are making now (or less) then that’s OK…

      Gino already said “I’m already rich”…. Inferring a hometown discount and of course a drop in AAV

      If Tanger’s raise is equal to or less than Gino’s pay cut… then it can work

      Gino starts next year at 36; Sid has 3 more years after this…. If they can give a “verbal “ final year (4 years away) to Sid…. Then Sid, Gino, Tanger can retire together, having played together for 20 seasons

      Tanger and Gino identical 4 year $8.25 M Cap hit contracts just might do it

      • Pengy…You are awfully generous to two players that will be 35 and 36 with extensive injury history’s.
        Does Letang deserve a raise yes,but I just don’t think the Penguins are going to offer him more than he is making…Montreal will.

        If Malkin say takes $ 8 million/ $ 8.25 resign him 3 years max…

        This is a business and you want t be as loyal as possible but you cant strap the team…Boston is having trouble signing Bergeron as well..

      • Hi BnG

        I would be gobsmacked if HexBurkie didn’t offer Tanger a raise

        His production this year alone warrant a raise

        $8 M is fair…. But how many years will he insist on

        Yes no doubt Canadians would bid more… but Tanger has to weigh an extra $1M or so (if contract length the same) per year (and that’s before taxes…. Habs, Sens, Leaf’s players are heaviest taxed players in the League) more and being on a rebuild team (albeit in his hometown) vs staying with the only franchise he has ever played for and a franchise that still gets to play in the playoffs

        BTW …. $8 M gross in Pitt has same take home pay as $10 M in Montreal…. Both around *$4.7 M take home

        * per Gavin group

      • When calculating cap space towards the TDL how does it work if trading for a player on LTIR?

        Can a cap strapped team like TOR or BOS trade for a player on LTIR to gain cap space? Could they arrange a trade with BUF for Johnny Boychuk and gain his remaining cap hit ($2.43M) by using LTIR?

  9. Pengy hope u r right.
    I think he will take $9 mlllion in Montreal as opposed to $8 in Pittsburgh.
    Lets hope wanting to b a penguin out weighs the perception of more money in Montreal