NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – March 24, 2022

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A scoring milestone for Patrick Kane, the Canucks keep their playoff hopes alive, the fallout for the Golden Knights after the league invalidates the Dadonov trade, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.


NHL.COM: Patrick Kane reached a career milestone with a goal and two assists as the Chicago Blackhawks doubled up the Anaheim Ducks 4-2. Kane reached the 20-goal plateau for the 14th time, tying Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby for second among active players for the most 20-goal seasons.

Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane (NHL Images).

Speaking of Crosby, he scored his 23rd goal of the season as his Penguins dropped a 4-3 decision to the Buffalo Sabres. Tage Thompson scored twice for the Sabres and netted the only goal in the shootout. The Penguins (88 points) picked up a point to move within two points of the first-place Carolina Hurricanes in the Metropolitan Division.

The Vancouver Canucks kept their playoff hopes alive by holding off the Colorado Avalanche 3-1. Jaroslav Halak made 32 saves and J.T. Miller scored what proved to be the winning goal. With 70 points, the Canucks are three points behind the Dallas Stars for the final Western Conference playoff berth. The Avalanche, meanwhile, remains atop the league’s overall standings with 95 points.

Shorthanded goals by Ilya Mikheyev and Pierre Engvall gave the Toronto Maple Leafs a 3-2 victory over the New Jersey Devils. Mark Giordano saw over 18 minutes of ice time in his debut as a Maple Leaf following his acquisition from the Seattle Kraken on Sunday. Nico Hischier had a goal and an assist for the Devils. The Leafs (85 points) sit one point ahead of the Tampa Bay Lightning for second place in the Atlantic Division.


NHL.COM: The NHL has invalidated the Vegas Golden Knights trade of forward Evgenii Dadonov to the Anaheim Ducks. In a statement, the league indicated the trade could not be concluded because the deal didn’t comply with the forward’s modified no-trade clause.

LAS VEGAS SUN: Danny Webster reports the Ducks were on Dadonov’s 10-team no-trade list, which was filed last June 30 while he was a member of the Ottawa Senators. He was acquired by the Golden Knights on July 28. The Golden Knights claimed it didn’t receive Dadonov’s no-trade list and they and the league believed it hadn’t been filed correctly or had expired. However, documentation subsequently revealed it was filed on time.

Moving Dadonov to the Ducks would’ve freed up $3.4 million in cap space, enabling the Golden Knights to activate Mark Stone or Alec Martinez off long-term injury reserve. It’s expected they will attempt to trade Dadonov to a non-playoff club. Teams can still make trades after the deadline but the player becomes ineligible to play for the remainder of the season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Athletic’s Pierre LeBrun reports several NHL clubs would listen to offers by the Golden Knights but the price could be at least a first-round pick.

SAN JOSE HOCKEY NOW: Sheng Peng reports there’s still no hearing date set for Evander Kane’s grievance against the Sharks for terminating his contract in January. There doesn’t seem to be much of a hurry on either side to get it done during this season.

Kane subsequently signed with the Edmonton Oilers and apparently enjoys playing with them. He’ll become an unrestricted free agent in July. The Sharks need clarity regarding their salary-cap payroll for next season but they don’t really need it until the offseason. A league source told Peng they will try to schedule the hearing before the NHL Draft in Montreal on July 7-8.

THE ATHLETIC: Bill Shea examined this season’s NHL Fan Cost Index by Team Marketing Report, which annually measures the fan costs for the major US sports leagues. The average cost for a family of four to attend an NHL game this season is $462.58, up from $439.91 in part because of the expansion Seattle Kraken joining the league.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have the highest FCI at $697.75 USD while the Arizona Coyotes have the lowest at $314.70 USD. The Kraken has the second-highest at $672.89 USD.

Shea considers the Florida Panthers as the best deal for NHL fans. The top team in the Eastern Conference standings has the second-lowest FCI at $319.74.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bear in mind that teams charge their fans what the market will bear. That’s why it’s so expensive to attend a Leafs game and so affordable to go to a Coyotes or Panthers game.


  1. Leafs v Devils…. Leafs were lucky to get two points (thank you Mikheyev and Engvall).

    Devils had some very good spurts

    Leafs…. That wasn’t playoff hockey

    Playing that type of hockey …. Bruins catch Leafs for sure….. and any thoughts of maybe catching Bolts… pipe dreams

    Bieber reversibles…. Schticky …. Maybe “neat” for public to wear…
    But I didn’t like the look of them

    The way Leaf’s played last night… maybe they should have reversed the jersies (??)

    Pens-Sabres….Pens lucky to come out with a point. Sabres had some very good pressure; Pens D all were struggling (not just CR…. Marino had a worse game than CR); DeSmith had a poor game …. Twice Rackell saved open net crease goals; a couple more gaping nets were missed; 3 posts/cross-bars; not good in shoot-out; ….. this could have been over in reg 6-3 , 7-3

    This was 2nd game of B2B…. So one could argue some lethargy….. to me it was more apathy… perhaps taking the Sabres game for granted as an easy win…. Not playoff hockey

    Pens had chance to be up 4 on Blueshirts and just one back of Canes…. Playing like they did last night…. They didn’t deserve a point. Brutal in their own end

    That said…. Before last night’s game; Pens had been playing very well…. So let’s hope it’s a blip…. Tough schedule ahead…. 3 v Rangers over a 2 week span…. Excellent opportunity to put Rangers way behind. 🙏🤞

    • “ and any thoughts of maybe catching Bolts… pipe dreams” was supposed to have “as at end f season”

      Leafs; as at now ; 1 point up on Bolts (Bolts game in hand)

    • Hope the Leafs find themselves in a wild card spot and somehow cross over to the metro.
      Would suck to play the canes, pens/new york but I’d take that over Florida and tampa all day.

      • I agree Taz

        Would absolutely love a Leafs/Pens first round match up…. That way 100% guaranteed one of my two fav teams advances

        If Leafs finish above cut line; OR end up WC#1 and play Canes….. reasonable chance both Leafs and Pens (v Shesterkin… scary) out round 1

        As at now…. Since more likely Leafs playing Bolts first round…l believe Pens then have more of a chance advancing than Leafs (who would have quite a longshot to bear Bolts)

  2. If Vegas wants a non-playoff team to take Dadonov’s $5 mil cap hit contract (1 year to go) off their hands it seems to me they are REALLY going to have to sweeten the pot.

    I’m sure Dotion would take him back IF Brendan Brisson came with him. 🙂

    • Maybe. Ana was going to do it for a second. All it takes is one other team to underbid the rest and there you go.

      Is it they are not eligible to play the rest of the season? Or is it they can’t play in the playoffs? Would be really yucky if they trade dadonov and he can’t even finish the season on the ice.

      • Hi Chrisms…. Just the playoffs

        Free and clear to play out season with team traded to

      • They can play the rest of the season – just not eligible for the playoffs.

        And why should any team take on an under-performing F costing $5 mil off the cap for one more year for a lousy 2nd round pick who won’t be a factor for at least 2 or 3 seasons – if at all?

        In agreeing to that the new Anaheim hierarchy demonstrated they’re no smarter than the previous administration. No other team in the league owes Vegas anything. Let them cough up or twist in the wind.

      • Chrism if traded after the deadline the player is ineligible for Both regular season and playoffs.

        Tweeted by Allen Walsh and Capfriendly umoung others.

      • Hi Caper

        Just posted an article on Rumours side of Spector that says…. Yes eligible to play balance of season; just NOT playoffs

        Also same mentioned on multiple broadcasts last night

        Always could before… maybe the new CBA somehow changed that and nobody (well almost nobody) in the media was privy to it????

      • Thanks fellas. Look at what purchasing draft picks has cost teams in the past George. There is lots of precedent for his remaining money owed being equivalent to a second or even lower.

      • Hi Lyle

        Saw that Walsh tweet

        But it seems absolutely everywhere else has that not being true

        TSN; SN; ESPN …. All had broadcasters saying can play post TDL in reg season if traded AFTER TDL

        also many articles on the net, including the one I mention (article re Habs/Petry)

        So…. I’m confused…. Certainly more than usual… LOL

    • Exactly or more. It’s a great time for the Sens to step up. Talk about having someone over the barrow. The only problem is, would Ottawa be on his do not trade to list? I’m sure the Yotes would be otherwise they too would be lucky…Seattle maybe?

      • Hi Ron

        Absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for him to have Sens in his NTC list…. Lust was submitted when he was actually a Sen… so Sens won’t be on list.

        He could put new list out (including Sens in NT list) this summer

      • That’s the problem Ron – no one, to my knowledge, has ever exposed what teams are on his 10-team no trade list. I doubt Ottawa is or he wouldn’t have signed there as a UFA and, if they’re on an amended list, that change would have had to have been made after he joined Vegas – so that would be an indication they were fully aware of the 10 teams.

  3. For G’s sake don’t put in Ullmark tonight. It’ll be like a shooting gallery at the Gardens. The only way the b’s stand a chance is with Swayman.

    • Yes, b’y.
      I think they play the games for a reason.

      • SOP ya gave yerself away me son you’re newfie right

      • I know a couple of “Newfies” who would gladly punch your lights out if you used that stereotype to their faces

      • Sop my grandmother was from Grand Banks

        As one of my good newfie buddies would say

        “God love your cotton socks and rubber boots.”

    • Tampa Bay’s not exactly clicking right now – the sky may not be falling after all.
      Pengy could tell you exactly why that’s happening by the way.

  4. Re Knights/Ducks deal quashed

    As I posted yesterday… they can bring Martinez on right now…. Just paper-work sending some ELCs down

    They could (instead of Martinez) , bring Stone back, with just any (of the 10) of the current roster players with Cap >2.5 M; going on LTIR

    Since trades can still happen (player just can’t play in playoffs)… why not go back to Ducks… 2nd for Kessler

    IF (still TBD) Knights AND League front office were completely unaware (at time of trade call) that Dando had an active 10 no team trade list…. and IF (still TBD) Sens were aware of it ; AND per media reports; required to disclose…. will there be ramifications out of this.

    Again… loads of supposition and TBDs…. But if Knights/Ducks we’re trading in good faith and known facts…. But both get screwed out of a trade…. What are the ramifications?

    Since he (Dando) WAS on Sens; and therefore at the time f the list would NOT have Sens ON that blocked list…. Then he COULD be traded back to Sens

    It would be weird; certainly unprecedented…. But IF (again big IF) League found Sens negligent…. it would be symbolically ironic if League forced Sens to be the team to accept Dando in trade….. odds of that happening not zero… but damn close to…. Was just a funny thought I had

    • Funny like a toothache. According to Friedman, the paperwork has been found that shows everything was kosher in the Dadonov-to-Vegas trade – what more needs to be determined?


      As I say elsewhere, Ottawa would probably not even blink at taking him back IF Brisson was part of the deal – otherwise let them squirm in Vegas – it’s not as if Ottawa – or any other non-playoff team – owes them any favours.

      • Hi George

        Here is where the grey area is

        As per his article… Dandonov DID file (that’s the correspondence) …. So that end of loop is closed

        However, what has not been established is if Sens conveyed that to Knights

        Per EF… “had been made aware of”…. Inferring after the fact; and many media reporting that Knights were not aware (or at least claimed to be not aware) BEFORE the Ducks trade

        Per EF and many in the media…. At the time of the trade call (Dando …. Sens to Knights) both Knights AND NHL were NOT made aware that he had an active 10 team NTC…. that’s “on the actual call”

        …. And per TSN and SN …. There is actually no “central registry data-base” at the NHL of active NTCs

        What happened outside of that call is still TBD; but during that trade call (Sens-Knights-NHL) Knights/NHL were NOT made aware that there was an active NTC clause

        Per TSN and SN…. CBA requires that any “seller” in a trade; fully disclose any “existing” conditions on that contract including any NMC and/or NTC clauses

        Again, this comes down to IF (and that has not been determined) Sens conveyed that to Knights; at any time pre-trade

        I’ve no vested interest in this ; but if I have negotiated a trade in good faith believing I have the full option at any time to trade that “new” player to whoever; AND do so, and obviously NOT disclosing terms I didn’t know about to Ducks…. Then I haven’t , nor has Ducks, done anything wrong

        The trade for sure needs to be nullified because that is part of his (Dando’s) rights per his contract

        Again, I stress, the big IF is NOT whether the trade should be voided…. Clear as day it should

        The big IF, is whether Knights actually knew about the clause before the Ducks trade

        If (again big IF) Sens conveyed (to Knights) before Sens-Knights trade…. Just didn’t say so in the call (with NHL)…. Then negligent and not of formal protocol and certainly not negligent of anything else

        If (again big IF); Sens never have formally disclosed to Knights (pre Knights-Ducks trade)…. then I believe they are negligible

        IF…. again big IF….. Sens conveyed AFTER Sens-Knights trade; and therefore Knights knew…. and didn’t inform League; and obviously didn’t inform Ducks…. Then this is on Knights

        I’ve no idea (as it appears almost everybody is the same) which any of those IFs actually happened

        What is clear to me…. At least one person screwed up; Dando caught in the middle… now has to play for a team that clearly wanted him gone; greater than the aspire trading of Smith (UFA … and I believe no trade protection)

        The biggest loser in this is Dando (he can still be traded to another team)

      • George, I am still curious about that meeting.
        What is being reported is that Vegas, Ott and the league were on a call and Vegas was informed that he had not filed his list.
        Now the league says oops, I guess he did. Our bad.

        There is no other decision to be made by NHL, agree 100%, because what else you gonna do.

        But wow, this is brutal for Vegas and not of their own doing. How can an industry this large and so competitive not have a better process to track this stuff.

        Mr. Foley must be just a little irate right now.

        Unless the reporting isn’t accurate and the league wasn’t on the call.

      • Exactly Ray – classic “he said she said” and unless Vegas kept a recording of the telephone call they don’t have a leg to stand on.

        As for Pengy’s “solution” above, I haven’t seen this many “ifs” outside of a Hollywood divorce pact

    • As per Cap Friendly, this morning Vegas only has 4 players on their roster that are on ELCs, one being their backup goalie. Out of those four, three of them are waiver exempt, including their backup goalie (Hague isn’t because of his age). The only way the Knights can get Martinez to come off LTIR is by sending Pachal ($765K), Leschyshyn ($778), and Hague ($792) down and risk losing Hague on waivers. Their current cap space is $3.620 million, plus those three being sent down would increase their cap space to $5.955 million. That’s enough to free up Martinez’s cap hit of $5.25. That would be reducing their roster from 22 to 20. That will also reduce their cap space to $705k.
      In order for the Knights to get Stone off of LTIR, two of Lehner, Smith, Pacioretty, and McNabb will need to be put on LTIR. If one of them is McNabb then Pacioretty will need to be the other.
      Ottawa doesn’t have any players on LTIR that can go back to Vegas to free enough cap space to get Stone off of LTIR.

      • Also, in order to be put on LTIR, a player has to be, you know, injured…..
        Some of this mess comes from Vegas being determined to get Eichel. Careful what you wish for.

      • Hi KevJam

        Agree… but don’t need to go to 20 or 21 to get Martinez in….I posted a lengthy analysis of the Cap math yesterday or day before

        Basically … with some paperwork… then Martinez can play; AND 23 on roster

        Martinez still on LTIR; and just one current roster player with Cap hit of $2.5 M or greater on LTIR…. Then Stone can come back

        The Capfreindly table is deceptive… yesterdayfor Knights it was actually showing (after splicing out Kessler etc)…. 14 F, 9 D, 2 G NOT on IR …. that’s 25 players !!!!; AND another 4 on IR… total 29… all teams must have at max; 23 on roster at any one time

        Quick shuffle on CF this morn…. Now 22 NON IR…. @ $58.1 M; 4 more IR @ $19.5M

        That’s 26 players with total cap hit of $77.6M … have to get to 22 to allow Martinez (23rd player) to actually be activated….4 @ League min… $3M…. That’s then $74.6 M…. More than enough to fit in Martinez

        Setting aside getting down to 22 (of the current CFshowing 26)… Lechyshyn and Pachal down ; Martinez in …. $81.3 M (so under the Cap) …. and that’s absolute worst case scenario

      • Hi KevJam

        Agree… but don’t need to go to 20 or 21 to get Martinez in….I posted a lengthy analysis of the Cap math yesterday or day before

        Basically … with some paperwork… then Martinez can play; AND 23 on roster

        Martinez still on LTIR; and just one current roster player with Cap hit of $2.5 M or greater on LTIR…. Then Stone can come back

        The Capfreindly table is deceptive… yesterdayfor Knights it was actually showing (after splicing out Kessler etc)…. 14 F, 9 D, 2 G NOT on IR …. that’s 25 players !!!!; AND another 4 on IR… total 29… all teams must have at max; 23 on roster at any one time

        Quick shuffle on CF this morn…. Now 22 NON IR…. @ $58.1 M; 4 more IR @ $19.5M

        That’s 26 players with total cap hit of $77.6M … have to get to 22 to allow Martinez (23rd player) to actually be activated….4 @ League min… $3M…. That’s then $74.6 M…. More than enough to fit in Martinez

        Setting aside getting down to 22 (of the current CFshowing 26)… Lechyshyn and Pachal down ; Martinez in …. $81.3 M (so under the Cap) …. and that’s absolute worst case scenario

      • Yeah, that is the big thing.
        I’m loving the mess that the Knights got themselves into. LOL

      • I’m with you on that KevJam – NO OTHER TEAM owes that organization diddly-squat. Squirm

      • Waiving players after the trade deadline might make them ineligible for the AHL playoffs. I don’t know if they can be called back up for the playoffs or emergency or one of those 4 slotted call ups.

        It’s easier when you’re unaware of all the tiny pieces of bs in the cba.

      • Right now as per Cap Friendly the Knights have a roster of 22 with $3,620,000 in cap space.

      • Players on the IR list don’t count towards the roster, but their cap hit still counts. So right now the Knights can take a player off of IR and don’t have to send another player down, increasing their roster size to 23. Except for Logan Thompson who is on an emergency loan. So everything that I said above still holds true. If Martinez is activated the Knights roster will have to be reduced by 2 players. Then there still won’t be enough cap space to activate Stone.

      • Well, they do have Chabot at $8 mil (but he isn’t going anywhere) and Murray at $6,250,000

      • Hi KevJam

        See above re Knights space… they do have room with paperwork sending to minors; to bring back Martinez AND be at 23…. It’s just the confusing way in which CF displays the numbers

        I’ve no idea if their priority is Martinez back or Stone back

        Regardless… certainly in a pickle…. Thought they had things fixed…. And perhaps they had no idea of the NTC active clause…. Meaning not their fault

      • Hi KevJam

        We agree re Stone back; but disagree re needing to be at 21 to get Martinez on board

        Again, not sure if priority is Stone or Martinez

        No matter what…Martinez back on and playing is doable

        They also have the option (however cruel) to send Dando down saving $0.32 M (can bury $1.07 less league min replacement)

        They’ll find a way

        If they do trade Dando…. Stone immediately can be activated (Martinez Cap $4.25 M less than Stone; Dando $5 M)

        Interesting times

        If it comes out that Knights were completely in the Dark re this clause being active (so no fault of their own)….. I’m sure Foley will be freaking

      • @ Penge, your posts have a lot of “if”s.
        As of right now, this is how the Knights cap breaks down as per Cap friendly.
        13 forwards – $37,138,33 cap hit.
        7 defenseman – $17,794,167 cat hit.
        2 goalies – $3,125,00 cap hit.
        4 IR – $19,500,000 cap hit.
        Last season’s bonus carry over – $285,772
        That is a total cap hit of 77,843,272 out of $81,500,000.
        Available cap space – $3,656,728
        As of right now, there is no way the Knights can take Martinez off LTIR without sending three players who make less than $800k back down to the minors. It also doesn’t really matter which player comes off of LTIR, once they are healthy enough to play they need to be activated off of LTIR. You can’t keep a healthy player in LTIR, or IR for that matter. The NHL pays close attention to these players.
        My question now is, if the Knights can make a trade and acquire a player from another team who is on LTIR for the rest of the season, can they use that LTIR for the rest of this season? Even though that player won’t be eligible to play for them the rest of this season if they do become healthy?
        Also, if they do trade an active player from their roster, which team takes the cap hit for the rest of the season considering that player isn’t eligible to play for the acquiring team the reset of this season?

      • @ George, The Knights already have Lehner at $5 million for 3 more years. I don’t think they want or can afford Murray at $6.25 million for two more years. 😉
        I was basically saying that Ottawa doesn’t have a player on LTIR for the rest of their career like Anaheim does with Kesler.

      • Ahh, gotcha KevJam. Montreal does!

      • Hi KevJam

        We agree to disagree re true Cap space and Martinez in /out with 23 on roster…. All good… it is what this site is all about

        We agree on the true muck up the situation is

        Re how long they can keep a player on IR…. right now if there was any chance any of them could return from IR…. It’s in Knights best interest to do so….. not faring well with. Current roster

        IR to LTIR…. If team believes player will be out longer than the greater of 10 Gs/24 days…. They can go n LTIR…. McN can be placed on LTIR retro to 6/3 (day I believe he went on IR); if Knights believe he won’t return before next Wed (24 days and greater than 10 games missed). I can’t remember, but I think of the current IRs, he has been on it the longest

        Yes IR scrutinized

        Re LTIR…. if league has looked at and had no issues with the original placement on LTIR….. subjectivity re when “ready”/“healthy enough” to return leads to some “grey “ areas…. Cite Kane, Kuch as prime examples on subjectivity of when they “must” return

        Knights also have the option (won’t and shouldn’t do as it is callous and cruel) to send down Dando…. Saving another $1.07 M off Cap

        Again… a true muck up… and if they knew (TBD) of the block on Ducks pre-trade …. Then this muck up is on them

        If they were unaware until AFTER the trade…. I do sympathize with them

        I’m wondering if they can re-visit with Ducks for …. 2nd for Kessler ????

    • No 1 I don’t like your attitude George, mind your own business some of my best friends are newfies and I’m gonna tell you right now pal when you talk about pounding someone’s lights out be careful I taught the martial arts for three years in Newpoundland I am shodan in Chito-
      ryu I boxed in addition to playing hockey till my late teens. I worked there for over 15 years in Newfoundland. And I love those folks my wife is a newfie so shut your big yap.

      • Ooh .. and I’m 83 years old Dubya. Maybe you could handle me peach-fuzz, but I wouldn’t bet on it. And by the way, why not follow your own advice of “minding your own business” – you don’t seem to have any problem tossing out caustic comments in response to others

      • Calm down, Skipper. I’m pretty sure George isn’t spoiling for a row with you.
        I knew you weren’t being derogatory with your “Newfie” moniker.
        Ask yer wife, how’s she gettin’ on?

      • Kevjam, missing from your calculation is LTIR at $15.467. Grand total of ALL salaries is $92.062. Vegas uses $10.562 of relief (with almost $5 still available) to come in at $81.5.

        IF Martinez comes off LTIR, the LTIR pool is reduced to $10.217, which is only 350k less than $10.562.

        So, send one player down and Vegas is cap compliant.

  5. FYI, Alex Tuch also scored in the shootout

  6. Fan Cost Index… fam of 4… $320 USD to see the top team in the East play…. Fantastic

    For next year….Compare that to… $5 cheaper…. see the League’s worst team play… in a Tiny 5,000 seat arena, with bench seating…. Oh and the added bonus of getting to do that for 4 years (maybe 5)

    Hmmmmm…. Tough choice

    $700 US (closing in on $900 Cnd) for fam of 4 to watch a Leaf game .

    Now I’m not whining the blues on that; our family is comfortable…. But take a young family with two pre-teen kids (with all the other expenses going on)…. $900 is quite a chunk

    Not sure where they are getting their numbers….Leafs Lower bowl tickets are usually $250 – $350 per ticket; back row purples must be $125 each

    $900 means $225 per… certainly can’t allow for $30-$35 in parking and $15 beers; $9 hot-dogs; $7 cokes; etc

    • Speaking from experience. If you take your gf and you get good seats. To leafs. They are re sale cost $$$ than add parking Dinner before game drinks during and after. Toss in hotel for the night you can actually go to panthers stay weekend and fly out from Buffalo. For less

      • Seems to me a good place to move the Coyotes would be southern Ontario.

      • I would love to see another team in Quebec City and/or southern Ontario. However, the NHL desperately wants to get into the Houston market. This is why I’m surprised that the Coyotes haven’t been moved there yet. I have no idea why Bettman is fighting so hard to keep the Coyotes in Arizona. He’s even letting them play the next few seasons in a CHL sized area until their next home is finished being built. I would bet dollars to pennies, and I no gambler, that no other team in the NHL would be allowed to do that.

      • You got it Ray – forget Quebec City, never going to happen again – but a team in the London-Kitchener-Waterloo area would not only sell out but wouldn’t have to function with both hands tied behind their backs in terms of “language” concerns. The money to buy the team is certainly there.

      • Hi KevJam


        “ This is why I’m surprised that the Coyotes haven’t been moved there yet. I have no idea why Bettman is fighting so hard to keep the Coyotes in Arizona. He’s even letting them play the next few seasons in a CHL sized area until their next home is finished being built. I would bet dollars to pennies, and I no gambler, that no other team in the NHL would be allowed to do that.”


        The reason… Bettman …..arrogance, stubbornness, ego, etc etc etc etc

        This mistake (allowing a MINIMUM of 4 years in the “mini” arena) is not only costing Yotes $M and $M and $M…. But the whole league suffers in lost HRR (and several of the “profitable” franchises will be seeding the Yotes losses; to no gain of their own) 💩💩💩

        Bettman has repeatedly been shown the horrific projection numbers of staying in Arz (and he disregarded the already bad economic numbers to start…. when they moved there) … and he still refuses to move them

        31 other teams would gain (relo fees and massive turnaround pad in HRR) from the move; AND Yotes ownership gains from the sale …. And gains TREMENDOUSLY…. Ridding a perennial losing asset and making a profit on the sale

        I get there would be losers to this…. Max 5,000 Yotes game attendees and if TSN is correct in their numbers…. An estimated overall max of 30,000 “regular” Yotes fans (viewers, listeners, followers)….. but that is massively offset by 18,000 regular @ arena fans; and an estimated minimum eventual 300,000 to 400,000 “regular” fans in Houston ….

        Can we announce Gary’s retirement…. Just for the betterment of hockey….. everywhere?

        There is no chance at all a new commissioner would blink at moving the Yotes…. It would likely be one of the first orders of business

        A grade 7 middling student who is poor at math can see the massive error in staying

      • George

        Don’t disregard Vaughn or somewhere in *Durham ….. Both abut Toronto (4th largest city -pop; in North America; and disproportionate [to pop] amount of hockey fans compared to other cities

        *(Maybe Whitby???)

        Relo Yotes to another team in GTA…. 31 teams share a minimum of $500 M in relo fees; gate revs of max 5,000 at league min avg price replaced by MINIMUM 18,000 at near max avg seat price; add massive increase in viewership; ad related revs; hockey merch…. Etc etc etc…. ASTRONIMICAL compared to keeping Yotes in Arz

        Gary won’t even allow the move to Houston…. Not a chance he considers the most logical move (2nd GTA franchise)

        Even the Leafs would gain revenues and profits from a 2nd GTA team; just from the inherent rivalry alone…. with the added bonus of zero travel costs for at least 2 games a year (flight, hotel, etc etc …. 2 “away” games would then have all Leafs and staff staying at home and driving to the new GTA arena)

        Oh… and Yotes still don’t have signed plans for a new arena… new one built (if it does happen) won’t be available until fall of ‘26

        New arena in GTA… could be built and ready as early as the fall of ‘25 (if relo approved in short order)

      • Hell Pengy, anyone of 4 places in Ontario would serve the Coyotes better, including the Marlies’ home barn, the Coca-Cola Coliseum which has a capacity of 7,779.

        Then there’s Budweiser Arena in London (9,100) and the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium (7,131) – each better than that shed they’ll be playing out of for the next several seasons.

        But the best of them all would be the First National Centre in Hamilton with a hockey capacity of 17,363! And you know they’d sell out.

      • Bettman second best commish in sports!

      • Nor should we forget Sask Centre in Saskatoon -15,190

  7. What a blackeye for the league.

    If you google the Dadonov trade you’ll see it got alot of coverage in the US media.

    How can a site like Capfriendly.com have him down with a ntc and the NHL not?

    Yesterday I read it was Ottawa fault, that they didn’t inform Vegas when traded.

    Still that trade would’ve been registered and the NHL would have it on their records.

    This is a bad look for the NHL.

    Maybe all trades should run thru capfriendly being that they have all the updates and clauses listed.

    • IF…. again big IF….. Sens conveyed AFTER Sens-Knights trade; and therefore Knights knew…. and didn’t inform League; and obviously didn’t inform Ducks…. Then this is on Knights

      Exactly what you said. It was public knowledge. Before AND after the trade. Also, all trade calls with the NHL are recorded.

      • Hi Dark G

        Agree re public knowledge of his contract having that clause

        What was not public was (1) whether he activated it by submitting on time (we all know now that he did) ; and (2) the 10 teams …. We all know Ducks are one of the 10; and certainly can speculate the others…. Some have posted 6 Canadian teams; 3 Cals plus an unknown

        I agree very likely 6 Can teams; and for sure Ducks

        That said…. Only one is known for sure … Ducks

        Agree… any prior (to TDL) knowledge of Ducks block…. Then screw up is On Knights

        I would think all trade calls are recorded by NHL… and if so and NHL has said they were unaware of the clause…. Then not disclosed at the time of the call… that said… does not preclude that Sens informed them beforehand (emails, calls, etc) or that Knights may have found out after Sens trade and before Ducks trade (Sens to Knights; or Dando’s agent to Knights)

  8. It makes total sense that a player is ineligible to play if traded after the deadline.

    Ie you get an injury your a bubble team, just need a player to help us get in.

    Then, our guy is coming back from injury.

  9. It’s wild all the glee over the vegas situation. If they trade dadanov to a non playoff team and the return mimics the Ana return that other team isn’t doing them a favor, they are improving their own situation. Gms. Wait. Good gms! Do not get emotional.

  10. I haven’t really read much into the whole Dadanov trade, but how is there ANY confusion to the no trade list?

    I’d imagine the no trade list would HAVE to be a part of the contract. Which I’m positive would be transferred for full transparency to the Knights at the time of the deal.

    Or, Are NHL contract just still in the dark ages? Is there some McDonald’s napkin floating around somewhere with this information / addendum of a no trade list?

    Beyond weird how somehow this information is foggy!

    • My thoughts exactly CaptainObvious. He clearly had no such list (or if he did Ottawa wasn’t on it) when he signed with them as a UFA. Obviously, it was composed when he agreed to Ottawa’s terms, and why would Ottawa then deliberately withhold the list when he was dealt to Vegas (who weren’t on the list obviously)? And surely his agent was involved in the transaction to some degree.

      Love the McDonald’s napkin analogy.

      Talk about a Dog’s Breakfast!

      • Hi CO

        The way they explained it last night…. The contract is written with the codicil to block 10 teams; with a clause stating that the list of those teams must be submitted each year before “x” date…. So two pieces make up the contract for the year… (1) original contract; (2) list for that year.

        #1 stays throughout the contract length; #2 list can (if desired) change year to year

        If list is not formally submitted by “x” of that year; or if there is an error in filing (not sure what that means) then that player can’t enact the block list at any time that year

        Once submitted in time… can’t be traded to any of those blocked teams that year…..But , at his discretion , can waive his blocked list (for example, to be traded to a more desirable team… such as a contender)

        They cited MAF (outside of the verbal promise to negotiate with him first…. IF he had Wild in his original list (not likely) then he could (as he was) be traded to that blocked team (in this hypothetical block, the Wild) with his written consent (waving his right to block)

        What seems clear

        1) he had list;
        2) it had no errors to preclude it’s authenticity
        3) it was given and registered in time

        The above 3 means for sure that Sens were aware of the list

        What’s not clear; is

        A) if that list (and the fact that it was registered in time, making it official) was conveyed (Sens to Knights) before Dando was sent to Knights (it’s been reported that it was not conveyed AT/During the call); and/or

        B) Sens conveyed this info to Knights post Dando to Knights trade; OR

        C) Knights found out anyway; before trade with Ducks

        If A Or B or C happened…l this is all on Knights

        As at now…. It seems they are either playing dumb; or truly were never informed

        If never informed…. Then this whole mess is on Sens

        No matter what….. what a muck up!!!!

  11. There is no benefit to putting another team in Canada. No increase in fans, no increase in media revenue, no growth of the game, no long term benefit to owners.

    Arizona is a big time sports area, minor hockey is growing there and it appears that the league believes its only a matter of time for proper ownership to take over.

    • I used to make the same argument about sticking with it in Arizona HF30. Seems logical and a reasonable business decision.

      Problem is as far as I can tell it will still be the same owner. The same guy who wasn’t paying his bills with the city that just decided not to renew his lease as they would be better off without the Yotes. Think about that, your biggest and most regular tenant and you dump them like a bad habit.
      Don’t blame them either.

      Still no deal for Tempe.

      As far as no benefit to another team in Canada, have to disagree. 35% of league revenue is at the gate and also at a higher sticker. Immediate sell outs IMO, and lots of corporate $$.

      Same for media growth with all the regional broadcasts with TSN and Sportsnet. I think it would blow Arizona (whose ratings are down 29% this year) out of the water immediately with the gap getting wider every year.

      Good money after bad comes to mind.

      • Agree Ray. I know it’ll never happen, but often wondered how things would shake down if the 7 current Canadian teams pulled out of the NHL and formed their own league with, of course, franchise additions in Quebec City (would be hard to exclude them in that scenario), Hamilton, Saskatoon, Nova Scotia (based, of course, in Halifax), and southern Ontario (around London/Kitchener-Waterloo).

        A nice, compact 12-team league with their own draft and let the draftees choose the best offers. All Canadian TV revenues would remain here, to be shared by 12 teams. The Stanley Cup, of course, would be the prize here (Lord Stanley means zilch to the U.S. fans.

        The stuff (pipe) dreams are made up, to paraphrase Sam Spade 🙂

      • Put another team in the GTA and see what happens. Sellouts, instant rivalries, merchandise sales to match any other NHL franchise. The Leafs know it and that’s why it won’t happen.

    • Hi HF30

      Unfortunately that is just not the case

      There would be massive increases in HRR, including a fair blip in media revenue; with another team in Toronto

      Re game growth… also untrue re growth with another team in Toronto vs stay in Arz…. Tremendous growth

      Re long term benefits to owners…. The numbers are off the chart re another GTA franchise

      All projections show continued massive losses to HRR due to staying in Arz

      Models repeatedly shoe Leafs revenues actually increasing with a built in home-town rival …. AND league overall revenues from the second GTA team are expected to be no worse than 4th place in the league…. That’s a massive + to HRR vs a continued drain on HRR (sharing) by Yotes

      It’s the logical thing to do

      We get it… Bettman does not like Canada (he won’t come out and say it, but it is quite apparent)

      Set that aside…. He won’t even consider moving them to Houston….revs would certainly not be as big as a second team in theGTA…. But should rival that of Seattle …. AND would create “new” “big” growth in Houston and surrounds

      He won’t move them to KC; he won’t move them to Baltimore; he won’t move them to Portland or SAN Diego etc etc etc

      All of those locations provide growth, substantial short term and long term gains for owners (over staying in Arz)

      He just won’t do it

      As soon as he retires …. Then it’ll get done