NHL Rumor Mill – March 24, 2022

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Could Claude Giroux join the Senators in the offseason? Why didn’t the Coyotes trade Jakob Chychrun and Phil Kessel at the deadline? What other interesting tidbits emerged from the recent trade deadline? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: In his latest “32 Thoughts”, Elliotte Friedman said he believes Florida Panthers forward Claude Giroux “is doing his research” on the Ottawa Senators. He adds there’s no guarantee it happens.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This isn’t the first time speculation has surfaced linking Giroux, an Ottawa native, to the Senators. It’s easy to dismiss the notion of the 34-year-old joining the Senators at this stage in his career given the club’s difficulties emerging from its much-ballyhooed rebuild. Still, never say never.


GOPHNX.COM: Craig Morgan reports no team will willing to meet the high asking price Arizona Coyotes general manager Bill Armstrong set for defenseman Jakob Chychrun. Armstrong hinted some of the teams he was dealing with had the pieces to make the deal but they didn’t want to break apart their rosters. He anticipates greater trade opportunities for the 23-year-old blueliner this summer, expressing his willingness to listen to offers.

Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch reported Armstrong’s price tag for Chychrun kept changing, settling on three first-round picks and a high-end prospect. Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman claimed the return the Montreal Canadiens received from the Florida Panthers for Ben Chiarot drove up the Coyotes’ asking price.

The Athletic’s Pierre LeBrun mentioned the Los Angeles Kings and Boston Bruins among the suitors. The latter might not be among those calling about Chychrun this summer given their acquisition and signing of Hampus Lindholm on Sunday.

Morgan reports Phil Kessel wanted a trade to a playoff contender since the start of this season and his camp wasn’t happy that a deal failed to materialize. The Coyotes’ $6.8 million share of his $8 million annual average value was the sticking point, as retaining half of it would’ve left an acquiring team picking up $3.4 million. Teams weren’t willing to acquire that hit. The Coyotes weren’t able to retain any more salary after doing so to ship Johan Larsson to the Washington Capitals.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Morgan observes, Kessel’s next chance to join a playoff contender will be this summer as an unrestricted free agent. He’ll have to accept a significant pay cut to do so.


SPORTSNET: Regarding the possibility of the Vegas Golden Knights trading Evgenii Dadonov to a non-playoff club following the deadline, league bylaws prevent him from playing for the remainder of the season. Friedman speculates the Arizona Coyotes could be a trade partner if they’re not blocked by the league. The Seattle Kraken could be another given their cap room.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bear in mind Dadonov wouldn’t be a rental player. He’s signed through next season with an annual cap hit of $5 million.

The Montreal Canadiens could be an offseason destination for Colin White. Canadiens GM Kent Hughes is White’s former agent and negotiated the 25-year-old center’s current contract with the Ottawa Senators. The Habs and Senators had some trade conversations before the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: White struggled in the two seasons following his 41-point performance in 2018-19. He was sidelined most of this season with a dislocated shoulder. Perhaps a change of scenery will help him regain his promising form. He’s signed through 2024-25 with an annual average value of $4.75 million.

Zdeno Chara drew lots of interest at the trade deadline. New York Islanders GM Lou Lamoriello kept his promise to Chara and Andy Greene that they would finish the season with the club.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The 45-year-old Chara is an unrestricted free agent this summer. Perhaps one of those interested clubs will try to sign him if he doesn’t opt for retirement.

Seattle Kraken defenseman Carson Soucy drew a lot of attention but the club resisted all inquiries.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Soucy has a year remaining on his contract. The Kraken could attempt to sign him this summer to an extension if they see him as a key part of their future.


  1. Why do Ott fans always think every player wants to ‘come home’ to them?

    • Where do you see “Ott fans” mentioning that? Last I looked Friedman was anything BUT an “Ott fan”

      • Freidman is a Leaf Lover. He has to be, LeafsNet pays his salary.

    • I don’t know, some players might make it known? Maybe the reason they don’t is either party doesn’t see a fit?

      I can list a few that have, either from the city, from the surrounding area, or even childhood fan of the team. Ottawa’s been around long enough and had great teams to believe that it’s possible for players to feel that way? Plus what is the problem with that, having your family grow in the same city as the rest of your family? That means something to some people.

      • Ron,

        Valid point.

      • That is a very valid point. But where the “rumors” involving Giroux are concerned, I don’t see where it’s mentioned by any Ottawa fan. I’m sure there are fans in the area who would love to see it and, who knows, perhaps Giroux himself would like to finish his career in Ottawa, especially of he’s part of a cup-winning team this year in Miami.

    • Just a joke guys, this is what happens whenever anyone mentions the possibility of a Toronto area player going to the Leafs, also usually without any fans saying anything of the sort on the site, but the same comments get posted.

      • joke taken and accepted jb. 🙂

        The only difference is, that sentiment about Toronto more often than not originates somewhere within the Toronto-based media which, in turn, gets the fan-base all excited at the prospect. This one also began within the Toronto-based media … but has Ottawa as the desired stop.

      • well as long as Toronto gets blamed somehow I guess.

  2. I’m still pretty stunned at Doug Armstrong”s lack of activity on deadline day—Nick Leddy is not a “big deal”. I do wonder if the Blues will still be in the hunt for Chychrun this summer—3 1st and prospect is too much however!! I could see a package that centers around Binnington, Kostin, Perunovich…

    I think Armstrong has developed a reputation of being difficult to deal with, but Stevie Y has sure been able to fleece him!

  3. Hi Lyle

    Re Dando and being traded now and “league bylaws prevent him from playing for the remainder of the season. ”….

    This topic was mentioned a few times in broadcasts last night and they said he WOULD be eligible to play in the rest of the reg season; but would be INELIGIBLE to play in the playoffs

    I thought I’ve heard that many times over the years… trades can happen post TDL; player CAN finish out playing reg season; but can NOT play in playoffs???

    • Hi Lyle

      See below from article from last week:

      Petry Could Be Traded Post Trade Deadline | Cheering The Logo

      “Because it’s not something that happens very often, teams are allowed by rule, to trade past trade deadline. The difference is that while they can play in regular season’s games, the players involved in those trades cannot play in the Stanley Cup playoffs that year. “

      • The article has an edit:

        It seems like I was wrong in this article. See the tweet below by Capfriendly.

        I guess I was wrong about that. This would mean that if Jeff Petry, for example, was traded from now until the end of the season, he could NOT play in the regular season either.

      • Hi HF30

        It seems Walsh is the only one saying that

        TSN, SN, ESPN in their broadcasts said eligible to play reg season but not Post season , IF traded after TDL

        All articles / mentions that I could find on the web (with the exception of Walsh) concur

        Could Walsh be right and all the rest wrong… yes…. But I’m tending to believe the masses over the one

        Regardless… very interesting

    • Sort tried to put in the hyperlink …. Didn’t work

      Site is cheeringthelogo.ca … article 18/3/22

  4. You’d think Woke Friedman would let Giroux play one game for the Panthers before starting rumors about him moving on.

    • Friedman is woke?
      What are you talking about?

      • Well he didn’t type it in his sleep.

      • Caught that one chrisms, missed the Sens buried shot though. Once I read it again it was funny.

        Don’t this woke thing, have to be honest.

      • Woke is a term meant to be derogatory I think?

  5. George, thoughts on Colin White?

    • LJ, despite his versatility (C/RW), what blocked any trade was the fact his 82-game average so far for his career of 13g 23a 36 pts comes nowhere close to the $4,750,000 per cap hit which has 3 more years to run.

      He might still be attractive to some team with other assets attached come the summer, but one way or another I think he’s out of Ottawa before next season, with a buy-out a distinct possibility.

      • Thanks George.

        With that salary I don’t see a fit given the Habs cap issues. And I wouldn’t see a fit given the salary and the points. Might as well keep Dvorak.

      • Very true LJ. In fact, their career 82-game averages are quite similar – as are their ages – 18g 21a 39pts for Dvorak. The only difference is, Dvorak is strictly a winger whereas White can (and has) played wing and C. But who wants to pay that much for a 4th line C?

        Ottawa doesn’t, with Norris, Stutzle and Pinto holding down the first 3 lines next season, while at RW they have Batherson, Connor Brown and Joseph.

        That’s mainly why I mentioned the buy-out option in the summer. Unless they can package him with another asset while holding back a portion of this cap hit that would be less than the buy-out costs.

  6. Has anyone seen Dadonov’s 10-team no-trade list? It’s fine to speculate Arizona and Seattle as possible destinations, but how de we know they’re not on his list?

    • Until the sens unbury the list I don’t think nobody is gonna see it!

      • Chrisms, do we know it just went to the Sens or does it go to the league office and the the Sens?

        Not a good look for the league that they don’t have a decent process for this.

        This should not be able to happen.

      • I don’t think any team is allowed to make such lists public. That’s confidential and entirely up to the player – I bet Dadonov isn’t pleased as having to expose the fact he wanted no part of Anaheim. Kinda makes any future visits there a bit uncomfortable. Can you imagine had that been, say, Philadelphia?

      • I dunno ray. I was just trying to make a joke.

    • Best guess :


      That’s 8 of which only Anaheim is a certainty. 9 and 10 could be anybody. Columbus and Arizona possibly.

      • Hi Ron agree save for Sens on list

        He submitted list WHILE a Sen… so won’t have Sens on list

        6 Cnd teams; Ducks; Arz would be my guess….plus 2…. I doubt Krakken on the list

        Jackets and Sabres??

      • One of TSN’s insiders, I forget which one, tweeted that Dadonov had all the Canadian teams and California teams on his NTL. Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Anaheim, LA, San Jose, and 1 unknown. The California teams were speculated because of the high taxes in that state.
        Can a player have a team he is currently playing for on his NTL? That would mean that the team he is being traded to can’t trade him back?

    • Hi George

      True… but my wild guess is the 6 other Cnd teams (won’t have Sens on it as the list was submitted at time he was a Sen)…. Due to huge taxes…. Leaving 4 spots for the 25 US based teams

      Just speculating… but at the time of submitting… Krakken new and exciting Franchise with huge benefit of no state tax…. So to me Krakken on list is possible but to me , highly unlikely

      Who really wants to go to Yotes???? Then or now….…. So them on list would certainly make sense

      • Who would want to play for the Coyotes?

        Auston “Biebs” Matthews.

        Get to play at home with no media pressure and the foreknowledge that he could start booking tee times or shopping sprees when spring arrives each season.

    • Can Dadanov go on waivers IF we agrees that a team not on his list claims him?

      • If Dadonov is placed on waivers, any team can claim him. But why would they when Vegas will pay a team to take Dadonov off their books, thereby generating valuable cap space.

        He has a modified No Trade clause, not a No Movement clause.

      • Hi Ron.
        Austin Mathews want to come Home to AZ…❗️

        All his Family and Freinds are there, He just build a big House down a few years ago where his parents are he is back there Every chance he gets
        he loves AZ

        Austin Mathews is going to be back in time for the opening of the New Arena and will be named Captin of the Team in AZ in July 2024……⁉️👍

  7. Chychrun for Boston 1st, Lysell, Achan, 3rd was turned down by Arizona …. Anyone verify this

    • Joe, other than several sources saying the Bruins were “seriously in the mix” for Chychrun, I haven’t seen any player/pick details speculated.

    • Joe, that actually seems like what they could or would offer.
      Doesn’t matter now I suppose as they got Lindholm and extended him.
      IMO Lindholm is the better player today but Chychrun on a better contract long term but cost more assets.
      Who is the better player long term remains to be seen.

      Still can’t figure out why Yotes are trading him.

  8. Kessel had a small retention on Kessel so you couldn’t add a team to lower Kessel cap hit.

    The cap cost was a similar problem with hall last deadline.

    At $3.5M not many teams can afford that.

    Chychrun wasn’t getting moved at the deadline. Drsft time woukd have many more bidders fir a player like that and no risk in messing up current team chemistry.

    Same with Vancouver and if they were to trade Miller or Boesser.

    • Dan,

      Coyotes are unable to retain salary on Kessel as they have already filled available slots to do so which made trading him difficult with limited teams able to do so.

  9. Fabian Lysell will play on top line in Boston this year should get at least 5 or so games to show his skills. Wouldn’t surprise me if he stayed and plays in playoffs.

  10. VGK not making the playoffs. Stone and Martinez take your time and see you in September
    I would take Lindholm straight up over Chychrun . Like a lot of us speculated not moving anywhere . 3 firsts plus . “I don’t have ink so Tim”

    • Vegas has manouvered themselves into a total cap disaster not only for the present but for next year as well. Players will have to be waived and if unclaimed will require heavy sweetners (prospects and picks) to be added in any trade. The entire NHL knows theyre screwed and will take full advantage of their desparation.

      McPhee and Macrimmon dont look so smart now that the NHL charity wheel has stopped spinning. This mess will set the Knights back for years trying to recover from wasted picks, prospects and chasing every shiney new toy that becomes available.

      Fleury in the playoffs and Vegas out just oozes and reeks of karma.

      Looks good on them.

      • And hopefully even worse to come. As I’ve said several times – NO TEAM “owes” them anything – in fact, a lot of teams probably delight in seeing them squirm and can’t wait for the opportunity to fleece them.

  11. BM misses PB a lot as he should