NHL Rumor Mill – March 7, 2022

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Will Marc-Andre Fleury accept a trade? Should the Wild acquire Shea Weber’s contract? What’s the latest on the Penguins? Could the Bruins pursue Jakob Chychrun? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.


TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons reports a source claims Marc-Andre Fleury has told the Chicago Blackhawks he doesn’t want to be moved at the trade deadline. “That basically removes Fleury from the trade deadline, unless of course he changes his mind,” writes Simmons.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES Ben Pope took to Twitter to counter Simmons’ report, saying his understanding is the Fleury situation remains “up in the air.” He doesn’t think the goalie has ruled it out.

Chicago Blackhawks goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury (NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Pope added it’s believed Fleury wants to stay in Chicago and could even re-sign with the Blackhawks if he doesn’t retire. Still, he believes a Fleury trade remains possible. Stay tuned…


THE ATHLETIC: Michael Russo suggested the Minnesota Wild consider acquiring the contract of sidelined Montreal Canadiens defenseman Shea Weber after noting Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman reported the Canadiens are willing to trade that contract.

Assuming Weber’s playing career is over, his $7.857 million annual salary cap hit through 2025-26 could provide the Wild a way out of salary-cap hell for the next three seasons after they bought out Zach Parise and Ryan Suter last year. It could free up room to sign Kevin Fiala to a contract extension or delve into this summer’s free-agent market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: An interesting suggestion. It remains to be seen if Wild general manager Bill Guerin will act on that or if he has other plans to find some much-needed salary-cap space beyond this season.


PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: Dan Kingerski noted the Penguins have scouted the Toronto Maple Leafs and Vancouver Canucks over the past week. He believes Penguins GM Ron Hextall won’t “go big” at the March 21 trade deadline but instead seek affordable options for a middle-six winger or blueline depth.

Kingerski wondered if the Penguins could give up a left-hand defenseman (and retain salary) because they’re deep on that side. He noted Toronto winger Nick Robertson has struggled to crack the Maple Leafs lineup.

He also downplayed the “Brock Boeser for Kasperi Kapanen” speculation regarding the Canucks and doesn’t see them parting with J.T. Miller. He wondered instead if Hextall could interest Vancouver hockey ops president (and former Penguins GM) Jim Rutherford in a prospect such as Pierre-Olivier Joseph, Nathan Legare or Samuel Poulin, suggesting Canucks winger Conor Garland or defenseman Travis Hamonic as trade options.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hextall surprised everyone at last year’s trade deadline by acquiring Jeff Carter from the Los Angeles Kings. It was a move that worked out well for the Penguins.

I anticipate Hextall will try to boost his roster at the trade deadline, though it might not be a splash as big as the Carter acquisition. The Penguins have no games scheduled against the Leafs or Canucks so perhaps there’s a deal to be made with one of those clubs.


DAILY FACEOFF: Frank Seravalli recently reported the Florida Panthers have no interest in trading goaltender Spencer Knight. It’s believed the Panthers and Arizona Coyotes engaged in discussions regarding Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun around the holidays. The Coyotes wanted Knight as part of the package but that obviously didn’t happen.

Speaking of Chychrun, Seravalli noted the Boston Bruins were also interested in the Coyotes blueliner. He wondered if Bruin goalie Jeremy Swayman could be part of the proposed transaction. The Bruins would then need a backup for Linus Ullmark, prompting Seravalli to suggest perhaps someone like Philadelphia’s Martin Jones might work.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch speculated about the Bruins perhaps packaging winger Jake DeBrusk as part of a deal for Chychrun. However, I think the Coyotes will stay patient on offers for him. With Chychrun signed beyond this season, they can wait until this summer to move him if they don’t get any offers to their liking by March 21. I think the Bruins prefer keeping their goalie tandem intact for the remainder of the season to see how things shake out.

Ottawa Senators forward Nick Paul would draw considerable interest from playoff contenders seeking affordable forward depth. Sources say there’s been little contract between the Senators and Paul on a contract extension.

The Carolina Hurricanes have started contract extension talks with Jesperi Kotkaniemi. He’s a restricted free agent with arbitration rights who’s on a one-year. $6.1 million contract. Seravalli wonders if a six- or seven-year deal at a lower annual average value between $4 million and $4.5 million might work for both sides.

The Vancouver Canucks must also soon reach a decision on trading or retaining forward Tyler Motte. He’s slated to become a UFA this summer. Sources said there haven’t yet been substantive contract discussions.


  1. Fleury can’t handle playoff pressure, stay where you are safe Marc-Andre …

    • When did that become apparent to you Ed?
      During his 3 cup wins with PIT, or his 3 trips in 4 years to the final 4 in the playoffs with Vegas?

      Just wonderin’.

    • What a ridiculous comment. Have you just started following hockey?

      • One of a repeated habit with him. Gets his jollies from the illusion of being a hard-ass.

    • Tell that to Winnipeg Jets who.were single handedly eliminated by Fleury in the 2018 Western Finals

  2. Swayman not getting traded

    • Some of these teams waiting on trades better be careful.The longer they wait the less they may get.Chycrun is an example of this.Arizona is not going to get a franchise goalie as part as the package for him.They should look at young,roster players with term and experience in the league.So Debrusk,Carlo, and VAAKANIAN OR Studnicka make sense.Get Mcavoy a legitimate partner to play with.

      • AZ can afford to wait and would probably get a better return this summer for Chychrun.

      • Steve R, I believe a lot of the trades that will go down in the week to 10 days leading up to the deadline, as well as on that day itself, will have been fundamentally negotiated in principle, but that either the selling team is holding off in the event a better one comes along (which the other team’s GM fully understands), or the receiving team – for cap reasons – is better off waiting until the last minute.

        There are certainly risks associated with both scenarios – injuries can put the brakes on things – but in the end, I bet most of the deals concluded and announced will have been worked out long before the announcement.

    • Nope but at some point Ullmark should

    • At some point ….

    • If Swayman traded McDavid better be part of the deal. Swayman is their number 1 unless hurt he should play majority of games remaining. Kid is a star for sure.

    • No. Swayman isn’t getting traded. One of the more riddiculous things I’ve seen in a while. But neither is Ullmark with a full no-move.

      DeBrusk isn’t enough of a prospect to add to whatever the Bruins might offer for Chick. I think they’ll get bigger\older\slower with any defense help the Bruins acquire.

  3. The Bruins are not trading their franchise goalie. I wouldn’t trade him for the entire Coyote team. The reporting needs to be realistic. Silly.

  4. If the Coyotes were looking at Knight, and the Panthers we not willing to accomadate, I wonder if the Dogs look elsewhere for a goalie in a Chychurn deal?

    I actually thought Velmelka and Prosvetov were not too bad each time I watched them and understand that Wedgewood has been playing real good too.

    Aside from having wedgewood, I just don’t know why they wouldn’t want to stick out a little longer with their two young goalies at this point. I guess they are in total rebuild mode and may try working from the net out.

  5. The Bruins don’t have many untouchables at the moment, but Swayman has to be in that category, along with McAvoy, Pastrnak, and prospects Lohrei and Lysell

    • Why are Lohrei and Lysell off limits.The Bruins have several LHD prospects in their system 58,67,just to name a few.Lorhei is not that much younger than Chycrun.I would feel better about Lysell if he were a center,the teams biggest weakness of prospects in the system.

      • 67 is a UFA and not signing back in Beantown, 58 is a RFA and I think has a spot moving forward, but Lohrei is a big offensive stud that has excelled everywhere hes played the last 3 years and I expect him to play 1 more year of college and he(if I was the GM) is not going anywhere. Plays left side where they are weak.

        Lysell is only going to be traded IMO for a player with term, think Garland, maybe Miller.

      • Please stop assuming we all know the B’s players’ numbers as well as you do. Your comments seem interesting but you lose me when you just give jersey numbers. Thanks.

      • GreatGonzo yes #67 zboril will be a ufa; unfortunately he got injured otherwise he would’ve the required amount of games play to still be under Boston control. Also hearing reports that he is likely to resign with Boston.

        Vaakanaienen #58 was playing well before his injury and should be back shortly. Should be put in the lineup. He is starting to develop nicely.

      • 67 is just an RFA. Not ufa yet 😀

      • @Steve R

        I agree.

        BOS needs help on LD now. Not in a few years IF these prospects turn into something. Lohrei could be the next Bobby Orr or the next Bryan Fogarty…Chychrun is a legit top 4 NHL defenceman today and he’s only 23 and signed at a very reasonable cap hit until 24/25.

        Bergeron and Marchand aren’t getting any younger.

  6. Boston won’t be going into the playoffs with Ullmark 2.80gaa and .908sv%. If they trade Swayman they just might not go to the playoffs.

    At the moment Swayman is Boston #1 goalie and Cassidy said it’s trending that Swayman will be getting 75% of the starts.

  7. i don’t quite understand the Weber speculation considering that the Habs could really use his LTIR status against the cap.

    I also don’t understand the speculation regarding Bettman accepting the LTIR or not.
    IMHO that makes Nashville the team that would want him the most.

    • I would tend to agree: I would also assume that Nashville would want to acquire him.

      No matter where he goes (if he does end up being traded), it’ll be interesting to see what the Canadiens can get for him: the Blackhawks received a nice package for Seabrook’s LTIR, but other trades have been mixed.

    • Gallagher and Weber for Forsberg

    • Am I missing something? Would the Habs not get something in return for trading Weber, and have his salary off their cap?

  8. Oilers scouting the Jets last 3 games?? Who?

    • Hopefully Hellebuyck. I know, wishful thinking. lol

  9. There is nota hope in “h” Swayman gets traded
    If only the Leafs had someone , even close to his caliber ,,,
    There would be more hope in Leafland
    Chycrun’s contract , 2 more years left after this year , is very attractive , as we well know ..
    Be nice to see if Robertson can be the motor to Leafs second line …
    Bunting is certainly an asset , U never know …
    I was wondering if this Enchanting Moore fellow on here has an ace up his sleeve , as per the Leafs goaltending nightmare !
    Or do we just run with “pond hockey” duet we have in place now !!!!

    • Or they could just play better, Ken.

    • Hey. Toronto.
      We’ll give you Zaitsev back…..and Anton Forsberg.
      You can give us some crap back and make it look meaningful.

      • I detect a note of frustration there Dark G, and I understand where it’s coming from. Currently there are 3 glaring problems insofar as the Senators’ inability to put any consistency together are concerned.

        1) a notable lack of “natural” goal-scorers which makes it mush easier for the opposition to shut down whatever contributions we hope to get from Tkachuk, Norris, Stutzle and maybe Formenton. The extended losses of Batherson and Pinto really hurt;

        2) the complete unreliability of Matt Murray – they MUST buy him out at the earliest opportunity;

        3) the defensive/back-checking system devised by D.J. Smith which leaves whoever is in nets often completely on his own, facing far too many quality chances. The fact he learned under Sheldon Keefe should be obvious to all now.

        That fiasco against the Coyotes should have been the last straw.

      • Hi Mr .Dark
        Glad to know U

        I like Forsberg stats , I was just thinking about that addition
        Zaitsev is a liability , maybe Leafs can buy him out , other ?

        Ya , this is a very doable deal ..
        As per some “crap” back
        Sure Mrazek , I am sure we have a forward that is in the lineup to include in the package
        Whatever , not a difficult deal to pull off !
        I like it actually !
        I am just wondering if Ottawa was would part with Forsberg ,

        As per BCLeaf fan , too many blown leads , as per really shaky goaltending .
        I am not trying to be negative , but a Forsberg edition , might , should help the situation , and give Toronto time to nurture Campbell’s spiral downward
        Campbell is very likeable , great team player, I can’t agree more , but this chaos has been ongoing for 3 months !
        Toronto has a legitimate shot , as per a playoff success , but how do you compete with the likes of Tampa , Calgary with their stellar goaltending , let alone what Colorado , Florida , surging Bruins have to offer .

        Toronto , IMO , hasn’t had a goaltender , who can steal games on a consistent basis, since Belfour
        Stymied Ottawa in the playoffs

  10. Swayman’s not going anywhere I would not trade this guy for anyone, he is a franchise goalie. They have no one in their system that can even come close. Please no Red Light Ullmark against the kings tonight, the bruins will lose. I really think this guy ( Linus) should only start if the bruins have back to back games.. he stinks.

    • Oilers- we’ll give you McDavid or Draisitl for Swayman
      Bruins- nope, franchise goalie

      Leafs-we’ll give you Matthews for Swayman
      Bruins- nope, franchise goalie

      Vasilevsky? Demko? MacKinnon?

      You wouldnt trade Swayman for anybody?

      • Nope, if the bruins had a decent backup goalie maybe the odds would increased for David or Matthews But Ullmark is not a very good goalie.Those two duds providence couldn’t stop Brad Marsh on a breakaway.

  11. George
    I viewed your comments , as per D.J. Smith , learned under Keefe is very interesting; therefore , another internal problem in Toronto, as per their GM and coach … !!!
    It’s inevitable this tandem of Laura and Hardy is not going to last , why not make it sooner than later …

    • George, need to correct you here. Smith was an assistant coach under Mike Babcock in Toronto. Previously he coached Oshawa and Windsor in the OHL.

      • You’re absolutely right BCLeafFan – thanks for pointing that out. A lot happened in 2019 re the Leafs and Senators and everything became a blut – lol – but it was in May that year that Smith signed a 3 year deal with Ottawa and not until Nov 20 that Keefe succeeded Babcock.

        One way or another, none of the 3 will ever be especially noted for their stifling defensive system – goalies are on their own.

  12. Murray out again, I assume with a severe hangnail. Anton Forsberg number one tomorrow the rest of this week and the balance of the year .

    Bob has some runway left. In a lot bigger deal maybe Knight Chychrun exchange .

    • If the league didn’t have an IR system they’d need to invent one just to accommodate Murray.

  13. I don’t know if I understand cap stuff, if you take on a bad contract like a Weber, does that mean that you can afford to spend that much more to get a UFA or a player who exceeds your cap space ceiling? Because the player is on LTIR? So, if the Avalanche have about 3.9 Mil and they want Giroux, that means if they took on Weber’s contract, they would have more than 10 Mil in Cap Space? Don’t really get the cap space stuff, just quit turning the puck over and making bad decisions on defense. GO AVS!!!!!!!!!!

    • tommyboy – first place problems.
      It isn’t $ for $, in fact I really don’t understand how much they get to use.

      • thanks ray bark, I guess it is “first place problems” but I don’t get how that works? Like Vegas is going to try to do that with some of their guys: Martinez and Stone, I think? Because now Eichel is back. I wish the Avalanche had more cap space but they don’t. So, let’s ship out a contract like Girard? How about Girard, Jost and Francouz to the Flyer’s for Giroux and Hart, perhaps throw in a 2nd? GO AVS!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • LV can claim most or all the relief they get with Stone and Patches for the time they are away, adding Weber doesn’t get them another $7.5M in cap space is what I don’t understand as it gets added first.
        How much does that help them, I dunno.

        This could be the Avs year now that Kuemper is rolling again and most of that team has some playoff experience. Perhaps add some D depth?

  14. GOOD Catch BC Leaf fan, as per DJ Smith

  15. Re Kingerski : “ wondered if the Penguins could give up a left-hand defenseman (and retain salary)”….. I wouldn’t and find it hard to believe that Pens would move either Matheson or Pettersson AND retain

    Also re tweak/depth moves….

    big moves (due to limited space) are likely going to be few at/near TDL but there are always tweak/depth moves….

    Throwing out a low cost depth acquisition that may work for the seller and buyer

    DelZ— costing way too much (to be buried). Doing quite fine in Bellville (more than a PPG) and was not going to bump other LDs on the big Sens

    Option 1: Buyout (if done) will cost Sens (for balance of year, and accounting for escrow on balance of season; and buyout [I’m assuming no escrow on buyouts]) ~ $2.1 M; and Cap hits of $0.5M and then $0.75 M (next year and year after)…. And they get nothing for him.

    Option 2: Trade pre/at deadline , retaining ½…… cost… after escrow ~ $1.2 M…. ; cap hit $1 M next year only; AND Sens get something in return… so save $Cash, Save overall Cap (albeit all in one year); and get an asset in return. Buyer gets a depth D add for just over League min. Next year Cap hit only $1M, and could bury him (again) if need be

    This is absolutely by no way a game/series changing move….. but many teams are looking to add cheap depth; and this is one way it could be done.
    5th to the Sens; Sens save $Cash, and Cap and move on.

    Acquiring team gets depth cheap (and with term) , that can be buried (if need be) next year.

    • All well and good to have him racking up points in an inferior league. But teams need to see him in the NHL. If you’re DJ Smith and clearly don’t care about the youth learning and getting experience. And are also clearly devoted to playing favorites and veterans….MDZ isn’t coming back ever. Josh Brown is DJ’s pick for the Norris trophy this year. Until he gets hit by a bus or traded he’s not coming out of the line up. And he needs to….badly. For MDZ to get showcased, for Lassi, for JBD….heck because playing only one defenseman on the ice with 4 forwards would be better than having Josh Brown on the ice.

  16. I have serious doubts re Bruins considering moving Swayman … they shouldn’t…. But who knows these days