NHL Rumor Mill (Part One) – March 19, 2022

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Check out the latest on Claude Giroux, Hampus Lindholm, Mark Giordano and Tyler Bertuzzi in the first part of today’s NHL rumor mill.


PHILLY HOCKEY NOW: Sam Carchidi reports the Florida Panthers and Colorado Avalanche remain the front-runners for Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux. However, a source said the Flyers aren’t close to a deal with the Panthers, adding he expects talks will pick up on Sunday as teams position themselves.

Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux (NHL Images).

It’s believed Panthers forward Owen Tippett was discussed but he wouldn’t be worth it as the centerpiece of the deal for the Flyers. Meanwhile, there are unconfirmed reports the Avalanche have offered up prospect Justin Barron and their 2023 first-round pick.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Joe Haggerty cited a rumor claiming Giroux has rejected offers to join the Boston Bruins and New York Rangers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No word if there could be a third team Giroux is willing to join or one stepping up to make a bid. It appears he’ll either be heading to the Panthers or Avalanche.

THE ATHLETIC: Eric Stephens reports contract term remains a sticking point in negotiations between the Anaheim Ducks and pending free agent defenseman Hampus Lindholm. General manager Pat Verbeek would prefer a deal that doesn’t stretch in the blueliner’s mid-30s.

Verbeek’s asking price for Lindholm in the trade market is expected to be three assets, with what the Montreal Canadiens got in the Ben Chiarot deal (first-rounder, fourth-rounder, prospect) shaping the ask. The St. Louis Blues, Boston Bruins, Carolina Hurricanes and New York Rangers could be among the suitors.

Stephens also weighed in on Rickard Rakell, indicting the pending UFA winger’s recent upper-body injury isn’t considered serious. He’s said to be on the Rangers’ radar.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Ducks sat out Lindholm from last night’s game against the Florida Panthers. While it’s still possible he could sign a contract extension, it appears more likely he’ll be moved by Monday’s trade deadline. I also anticipate Rakell will be traded before the deadline.

THE SEATTLE TIMES: Geoff Baker reports teams seeking a top-four defenseman like the Kraken’s Mark Giordano include the Toronto Maple Leafs, Carolina Hurricanes, Boston Bruins, New York Rangers and St. Louis Blues. What could be holding up a potential trade is the Kraken seeking a first-round pick as part of the return. Some clubs, like the Leafs, aren’t willing to part with a first-rounder for a rental player.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: One of them might part with a first-round pick. However, if no one’s willing to do so, Kraken GM Ron Francis could be forced to lower his price come deadline day.

DETROIT HOCKEY NOW: Bob Duff cited Daily Faceoff’s Frank Seravalli reporting he believed Tyler Bertuzzi has let Red Wings management know he’s open to moving on. Seravalli doesn’t think Bertuzzi made a trade request but thinks the winger would be okay with a trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bertuzzi lacks no-trade protection so he really has no say in any dealings that could involve him.


  1. Here we go rumours galore. Next 2 days. That was a hell of a trade last night between Bolts and hawks

    • Wow! They are loaded again. If your another gm in the east do you even consider trading away a 1st rounder.

      • Yes guy…. No

        They should not consider it…. But GMs go looney tunes at this time of year…I would not be surprised at all if some do

        I keep posting this but to me it’s worth repeating…

        Leafs are a very good team…. But with their guaranteed path to a cup this year needing to beat at least one of the big SE US franchises (more than likely two of them, fair chance 3 of them) then try to out-dual the Avs…..odds of a cup this year….very very remote

        They have a much greater chance of losing the first round , than winning the cup

        To me the chances of winning the cup this year may be less likely than Leafs swept first round by Bolts or Cats

        With the odds stacked against them… why blow the wad

        With Cats hit with $6.6 M in dead cap next year, and Bolts up against the cap next year… Leafs could make prudent off season moves and be the East fav for next year…. That’s the better path IMHO

      • @Yes guy

        In my opinion if you are in win now mode and can get a known commodity that can produce consistently at the NHL level it’s a no-brainer to trade some late first round picks.

        With Tampa having won the last two Cups those picks are 32nd overall. It’s practically like trading two second round picks.

        Good on Brisebois for having the guts to do it.

      • Hi Pengy ……

        Iam not for the Leafs trading the 1st rounder for a UFA rental player i.e. Giordano ….


        …for a quality player or PLAYERS with term Iam DEFINITLEY in win now mode and willing to bust out of the East with a bang into the playoffs…

        If we look at what players like Chychran or Hagle is commanding ..you have to seriously look at moving Nylander at this moment
        …if teams are asking at LEAST 3 pieces for some of these names Nylander is having a decent season and you should be able to get that for him …upgrading on D …get a more hard nosed player on the wing and a prospect

        Id be moving my 1st round Pick and Myhkeve for
        for JT MILLER & Tyler Motte.

        and then

        Nylander, Robertson Dermott Mrazek and
        a second round pick in a deal for
        Chychrun & Wedgewood

        One can dream !

      • Heh Kal El

        Welcome back… good to see you back on

        I’m good with Leafs adding a player with term as that player will be around (at least) next year for when I really think Leaf’s Cup window is

        Re 1st and Mekhyeyev for Miller and Motte…. The way that assets are being flung around by GMs now…. 1st and Mekhyeyev won’t even land Miller let alone him and Motte

        Nylander, Robertson Dermott Mrazek ; 2nd for Chychrun and Wedgewood

        I love the big trades, I really do; but that is a bucket and a half and overpay IMHO

        Chychrun in high demand…. and primed for a bidding war likely to end in quite a killing (for Yotes) in return.

        I’d rather have Soucy (granted only for one year)…. But lower Cap, much less in trade; and his current (21-22) performance is better than Chychrun’s; greater flex on Leafs

        Much smaller give (in trade v Chychrun) to get a top 4 LD with term

        Nylander will have a far bigger courtship group come summer…. Nylander for backend upgrade balances more the currently top heavy (1/2 Cap on 4 Fwds) make up of Leafs roster

        I have no issues if Leaf’s give up low round picks and/or prospects now if the player coming over is under contract until at least end of 22-23

        Panthers just blew a load and are hampered with $6.6 M in Deadcap next year

        Bolts also cap strapped next year

        Leafs are sitting good (with a couple of big strat moves this summer) to be the EC rep in the ‘23 SCF…. Fingers crossed

    • I bet most GM’s didn’t even know he was available. Maybe Kane is available too. SWEENEY!

    • Any news on what kind of deal Rakell is asking? I seem to recall he used to be listed as a winger/center. Duck fans? If Rangers could get him in a similar deal to one they got Vatrano, I’d take him as a rental in NY. If he also plays center, maybe they extend him for depth down the middle. Again, I don’t think Rangers should give up assets for Lindholm or Giordano unless they’re sending Nemeth back in deal. Or separated one.

      • Nemeth and a 3rd for Leddy (1/2 salary)

      • Nemeth has an 8-team no-trade list. He had a stint in Detroit, and they’re the 9th worst team in the league, so there’s still a chance they’re not on the list – but not a good chance.

      • If Nemeth was a UFA maybe but the Wings already had him and got rid of him. On top of that you want the Wings to retain 50% salary and get less than what they paid for Leddy (2nd round pick). I would much rather just keep Leddy until the end of the season than take Nemeth back and get a lesser return. Re-signing Staal for one year again would also be a much better option than Nemeth.

    • TB’s move, 2 first rounders is steep but the likelihood of landing a player like him and the main thing is under cost control, a few more years at $1.5m and two after that as RFA mast a ton of sense for them. The fact that he’s as good as he’s been, let’s hope that continues, is a super move by TB.

  2. Just read Garrioch’s column who writes “there’s a strong belief that Paul thinks he’ll get $3.25column million per year on the open market … it’s believed as many as 10 teams have called about Paul, and of those four or five are serious, so Dorion should be able to get a strong return.” A 4 year deal at this amount would give him $13 mil – for a player who has average 10 goals a season. If the best he’s offered is that amount for 3 years then he’s leaving money on the table.

    I would suspect those 4 or 5 serious teams are out west, as I reasoned the other day.

    • @ George O

      Any GM that offers Paul $3.25M per season is crazy.

      He’s never scored more than 20 points in a season. He’s been a minus player every year but two and is a career -32 so he’s obviously not very strong defensively.

      Think of the Nick Ritchie experiment in TOR. He was only signed for $2.5M for two years and had better career numbers than Paul.

      With OTT strong young core coming due for raises in the next few seasons Dorion is going to need those extra dollars. Paying Paul anything more than $1.5M a season is going to haunt them.

      • I heard on the broadcast last night that he was offered 2.5 x 4 years and turned it down. Too bad I grew to like him as a player, he has improved much in the past 5 years.

    • Hi George

      I think that Paul is exactly what a lot of teams are missing in there 2nd line and 3rd line options
      He is a great utility guy as well…hard to come by good skater can score and plays within himself….

      May not be a natural goal scorer ..but he does what most teams are lacking from higher skilled guys when needed…. like a puck hound and a dog on a bone but doesn’t look out of place when you play him with higher skill….

      With that …the amount of interest that he has generated by the way of inquiries means that he will probably get paid what he wants and add more years onto that as well…so he may get
      $4.25 million per year for 7 years ….that’s what his style of player is commanding at his age …so he knows this and will get that on the open market 10000%

      Term is key for him in his own negotiations …

      I think he gets what he wants on the open market from multiple teams…

      • We’ll soon find out Kal El. In “normal” times I’d be inclined to agree … but I just don’t see the cap rising any appreciable amount in the next few years simply because this Covid thing isn’t finished with us yet. And with just about every team needing to negotiate with their quality RFAs and extending expiring UFAs they wish to retain, anyone who gives him $4.25 mil for 7 years is heading for cap trouble.

      • Paul would never be on a good team’s 2nd line, I doubt he’ll be a permanent fixture on the third too. Anything north $2.5m is too much for a guy who will be a bottom 6 player. If he was a middle six, which can play on the 2nd line for a good team, a contract like that would make sense since that’s probably the Sens thinking.

  3. Hagel a good player and at a great Cap hit… but wow…. What a basket Hawks got in return

    Bertuzzi…. If Hagel got that haul (acknowledging the low cap hit)…. what is Bertuzzi potentially able to cull in trade….

    His 82 game pace is 39-39-78 this year…. on a struggling team

    What would he fetch if Stevie Y were to retain 50%?

    I’m still kind of shocked that the offensive Juggernaut Panthers are in on Giroux…. If the want more production…. Go for the bigger, faster, younger, and more productive Bertuzzi? (Note I am certainly not ignoring CG’s highly coveted other intangibles…. Two way game, face-offs; veteran presence…. Just running with the idea that Panthers are looking at adding offence)

    50% would not have to be retained if Horny and Accairi are included in the deal

    Tippet and first (‘24) starts off the basket o’ returns…. What else??

    • This is the year the east is going through Toronto. So Bertuzzi won’t be traveling.

      • 1st rd exit is my bet for leafs

      • Mr Bruin

        Sadly as a Leafs fan….I have to say that is a reasonable bet… so Dubas…. Don’t blow the farm….Leafs have an excellent chance (with right moves) in June ‘23 and June ‘24

      • Only 2 games Bert will not participate in if against the Laffs. LOL

      • Burins gonna miss the dance? BTW who will the Leafs be playing against in the first round? TB, panthers, or the Canes? Who thinks their team will beat them? At least Leaf’s fans can say, yes we got booted out the first round by a known superior team (except last year) and the team that did it went on to the finals after a 7 game series against them. Yeah you’re all right, crappy team them Leafs.

    • Bertuzzi is good hockey player but with not being Vaxed. Causes issues and will reduce his value to other teams He would be good on any playoff team

      • Tough for a contender to add Bertuzzi with Calgary being a legit option to go far and not having him for the games up there

      • @ Ron Moore

        Leafs playing the Canes in the first round
        Senility kicking in ..
        How old RU
        So Sad,, So Sorry for your shortfall
        Enjoy your remaining years

    • I don’t think you can compare Hagel to Bettuzzi / lightning needs. Hagel is 23 putting up 21 goals on a bad team. Costs 1.5 for 2 more years after this run. 9 points less than Bertuzzi.

      Even at 1/2 retained Bertuzzi is still more expensive and has one less year @27 and will be an ufa.

      Not to mention, if somehow the finals run through Canada Bertuzzi will be sitting home.

      This was a perfect fit for Tampa all the way around. This also frees up Cirelli to play 3rd line center rather than 2nd line wing.

      Win win. Tampas 2-1st’s are pretty meaningless at this stage of Stamkos, Hedman, Mcdonaghs careers.

      Those 2-1sts aren’t keeping their window open.

    • And anybody thinking Raddysh / Katchouk are some kind of loss, they may want to watch them play.

      • they were stuck getting 10 minutes ice time per game. Hard to impress when you are on a stacked team and gripping the stick trying to not make mistakes. They should get a chance in Chicago to play more minutes.

      • Fergy,

        Anything is possible I suppose. But I wouldn’t bet on them becoming top 6 guys anywhere.

        I had high hopes for Raddysh. But they have faded quickly.

        Katchouk may end up being a 3rd or 4th line grinder. But I think that is a stretch. This is not a top 6 guy. Well, maybe in the AHL.

        By far, Hagel is a much better player than either.

      • CO, it is not a stretch to thank they can pan out as solid 3rd line players on the BlackHawks. But they will have to work hard to earn their minutes. Agreed that Hagel is no comparison talent wise but I think the Hawks did alright in that deal. The other thing that made them attractive was that they are both signed @ less than 800k for the next 2 years.

    • I think it will be tough to move Bertuzzi. Contenders have to worry about him missing any playoff games in Canada, which reduces his value. I would be surprised if anyone offers enough to make it worth it to Detroit.

      • If a team does trade for Bertuzzi, it probably has to be something conditional, right? A 2nd round pick becomes a 6th if the team acquiring him faces a Canadian team in the playoffs.

        I hope the Avs don’t go after him. I’d rather lose without him than win with him.

    • The Hawks did get a Very Big Reture for Hagel,

      Tampa they got a very young talented Winger on a Great contract 2 more years at $1.5 Million
      who will play 1st or 2nd line for the next 9-10 years..+!
      this could end up being the icing on the cake for more than a 3rd Stanley cup Win…⁉️

      I dont think The Hawks will move Kane till next year
      as they will have picks from the Flurry trade
      and other stuff thats coming this year.

      And then there is Cat at Alex is getting $6.4 PA for one more year then they may move him then before the next big contract,

      MAF The Best Goaltender Avalable that could put any team over….i think will end up moving to a Team of his choice …? but it maybe just a 2nd rd pick
      as he wants to get one more chance to help Win a cup….

      #1 Home to the Penguins✔️
      #2 Back to Vegas if they kiss his Ass…..🤔⁉️
      #3 Maple Leafs….🤮

      food for thought

    • I agree, his non-vax status diminishes his value. If FLA offered Tippet and their 1st, Yzerman should jump on it.
      Looking at potential playoff teams, in the East Toronto is the only team that will make it out of Canada – so there is good potential to not have to leave him home. In the West, though, there’s both Edmonton and Calgary to worry about. But if Colorado was to make a move for him their only risk would be a 3rd round match-up and the very slight possibility that the Leafs do better than expected and make the finals.
      If Colorado was to offer Byram (even with his concussion issues) and a first, that would be a great trade in my mind. He’s gritty and can score those scrum goals that matter so much come playoff times.

      • Florida doesn’t have a 1st round pick this year or next…they already traded those. Even if they did, i would keep Bertuzzi before trading him for that low of a return. Wings don’t have to trade him and he plays good in Detroit with a decent cap hit for everything he brings.

        As for all the Canada talk lowering his value, Canada is dropping most restrictions on Monday (aside from maybe Quebec). Proof of vaccination will end or has already ended but i’m not sure if that includes travelers from the US. Then again, Bertuzzi is a Canadian citizen and that might mean he is ok to enter without having to isolate from now on.

  4. Dubas should be all in. Trade 2022 and 2023 first rd picks plus Robertson for chychrun. Not sure what it would take to get fleury (chi retain 50% and if he is willing) A 2023 2nd pick and Dermott. Throw in another prospect if they are willing to take Mrazek as well.
    In the off season trade nylander for 1st rounder and Grade A prospect. Frees up salary cap to replace nylander and address other holes on the roster.

    • Dubas should do a reverse and reacquire Zaitsev and Brown while adding Forsberg and sending Mrazek away. Zaitsev is a decent RHD who got a bad rap in Toronto.

      • ds, I agree that Zaitsev is a lot better than some give him credit for being, and Connor Brown has been a solid, veteran presence in the Top 6, while Forsberg has consistently shown his value as a solid back-up goalie.

        But Dubas should re-acquire them – AND Forsberg how, exactly? By giving up who? Holl?, Liljegren? Muzzin? Also, Dorion won’t even consider low picks in whatever round is offered for any of them even if he was considering dealing them.

      • @ Pengy

        It’s possible tte Leafs are out in the first round.

        However, if the availability to improve the roster presents itself they have to do it. Trading for a superior player with term isn’t a bad idea.

        If they could upgrade on LD with Soucy for a 1st they should do it. He’ll be a UFA at the end of next season and worth a 1st at next years TDL if the Leafs are out if it. Same goes for Severson in NJ.

        While top 10 1st round picks should be held onto in most circumstances trading a pick in the mid 20’s isn’t the end of the world.

      • @George O

        A bit off topic, but…

        What’s your take on Josh Brown? He seems to me like a pretty good Shutdown D.

        Am I wrong?

      • Hi Daryl

        No challenge whatsoever if Leafs shuttle asset(s) for a player with term

        BTW …. You had me at “Soucy”

    • @ Jeff

      That is a gross overpayment for Chychrun. Why not simply offer Nylander for Chychrun straight up? ARZ would love Nylander’s contract as it gets them to the floor without spending actual cash on salary.

      As for Fleury…do you really want to have to talk a goalie into playing in this market?

      • Hi Daryl

        I’ve posted many times before that Leafs need to move 1 of the big 4 for improvements on the back end

        This is almost a zero chance to be done by TDL…off season best

        Won’t be JT (his choice); won’t be AM….as … well…shouldn’t and won’t happen

        Seeing as there is nigh $4M in Cap diff MM over WW… easy to see who is the more likely to be moved

        If Dubas would move Nylander now….rather than dealing with Yotes for Chychrun….I’d rather see something in the realm of calling Ronny F….

        WW, Holl; and Mekheyev or the big Swede for

        For McC and Soucy

        Save the first and other assets for between the pipes… if it’s by TDL…needs to be a goalie with term… ruling out the Flower (which is a longshot anyway IMHO )

    • Hi Jeff,
      if Dunbas is not all in this year he is going to get FIRED…..!!
      If the Maple Leafs Get kicked out in the first round Yet AGAIN…
      They still need a Very good d/man and a Goaltender only if Jack Campbell is going to be out with his injured ribs…..

      if not the should look at trading Mitch Marner and his $11. mill contract to the Ducks for there two UFA🤔
      Winger Richard Rackel & d/man Hampus Lindholm and spend the rest on Mark Giardano…..WOW….❗️❗️⁉️

  5. Sweeney’s working the phones, he never accomplishes anything but he’s working the phones somebody reported it could have Mr. (stand pat) Bruin that Donny is working phone feverishly Expect either players past their primes or ne’er-do-wells.

    • Yawn

    • Rick W with another perfect prediction! This guy is money. I’ve made all my money based upon his postings. Eichel to Bruins? $$$. Emmanuel-Larsson? $$$. Today the do-nothing lame-duck GM that only gets retreads picks up the biggest loser Dman on the market in Lindholm. Again, my money was well-placed. This RWM guy is a friggin prognosticator on the level of Punksatawny Phil.

  6. Yawn – Lol !

    Bruins , 2 points behind the Leafs …
    I guess it doesn’t really matter ,
    Either or ..
    What’s your flavour , Florida or Tampa in the 1st round
    Neither- A desirable task !

    Tampa picking up Hagel , another magical move on their behalf ..
    A player u want to go down the foxhole with !

    • Toronto 1 pont back of Tampa Bay so what’s your point.

      • Point is. There is no east out when the playoffs start

        Ken the yawn is for RWM post.

      • East out is supposed to read easy ☺️

  7. With the over payments made to Montreal and Chicago

    Dubas is saying he isn’t giving a 1st round pick for a rental.

    Teams like Seattle holding out for a 1st round pick.

    We might not see much movement until late deadline day.

    I, for one, hope Sweeney is thinking the same way as Dubas no 1st for a rental.

    • @Mr Bruin4
      I know the yawn is for the RWM post ..Lol
      What’s worse , is the what the heck guy , that comes on here

      • Why, does logic, truth and plain out facts bother you?

  8. Ekblad injury does not look good. Right knee. Has to be out long term. A testament as to why you need defensive depth. Heard that in Flames 2004 run they used 10:D
    Panthers should not be in any longer on the Giroux trade talks. WHAtever that offer was flip it to Anaheim for Lindholm

    • that is a tough loss , maybe they take a run at Giordano or Lindholm.

    • They are reporting already it’s nothing structural. And he won’t be out long term.

      Giordano or Lindolm are both lefties. Ekblad is a righty.

    • Ron Moore

      R U not attending to your soccer match..

      Russia vs North Korea

      Hockey is not your thing

      • Ken








  9. @ Caper

    I’ve also read that Dubas is unwilling to trade a 1st for a rental.

    If Giordano wants to play in TOR I’m wondering if Giordano would agree to a 3 year extension in TOR at $3M to facilitate a trade? He’s already made $60M in his career. He could play 3rd pair LD and PP2 in TOR while making just a bit less than Holl +Dermott.

    • So you think paying a 38 yr old $3m x 3yrs is a good contract? Wow what’s next? I think we’re on to something.

      • @ Ron Moore

        Well, Lamareillo thought it was a good idea to pay Marleau 3@$6.25 as a 38 year old…

        If Giordano can play 18 minutes of consistent good D a night and help out on PP2 I think $3M is reasonable.

        The Leafs simply front load his contract so it’s a reasonable contract in the final year for a team looking to reach the floor.

      • Ya that wasn’t a good move by an over-rated GM. It was a bad contract then as it looks now. You’d think we would learn from the past mistakes.

    • Ron Moore
      U cannot speak s as my slower

      U R already in 3 modes

      Slow, Slower , Stop

      In 1 of your recent posts , U mentioned Toronto playing Carolina in the first round

      U R so much out of the game , could be an age thing with you, senility perhaps …

      Save your comments for someone else …

      Die hard Leaf fans like yourself can’t comprehend
      Can’t see the forest for the trees !!

  10. I’ve said all year Boston does not and repeat not need to make a trade they are one of the best teams in NHL. If Bruins gave up 2 firsts for a Hagel I’d throw up what a horrible trade. Hagel shooting at like 25% when that drops to 6% he will be a 10 goal a year scorer. One player I would take in a hockey trade would be Bertuzzi but not two firsts maybe Jake and something.

    • Are you & Mr. Bruin engaged? Or just Siamese twins separated a birth? You two deserve each other.

      • Yawn.
        No we just know hockey not like someone ???😎

    • Obe. I agree Bruins much better then the credit they have been given. Have to be top 5 since Jan 1. Just took time to get the new guys assimilated Still think. They add a D and Forward

    • Even at just 10 goals, which I doubt he’ll fall to but at $1.5m, that’s still leaps and bounds better contract/player than other players like him. Oh did you know he’s also young and a cost controlled asset?
      I guess if you did, you would of made that comment.

  11. I believe Detroit has all the necessary pieces to make a good run at Chychrun and Crouse in Arizona.

    Bertuzzi, 2023 1st, Zadina and Hronek? More?

    Just spitballing!

    • Artsy19, while Josh Brown hasn’t exactly been the defensive stalwart they perhaps thought they were getting when he over from Florida, he hasn’t been the worst on terms of +/- for D-men getting a lot of ice-time. His -7 is exceeded by both Brannstrom (-14) and Mete (-15) and not that far off Zaitsev (-4), Holden (-2) and Chabot (-1 and done for the season (the only regular + D on the roster is Zub (+3).

      He’s essentially a stay-at-home type and will use his big body (6′ 5″ 220lbs) effectively, and is relatively cheap at $1.2 mil per off the cap (a UFA at season’s end).

      I suppose the reason why Ottawa is making no effort to retain him is due to the fact that, with top pick Jake Sanderson due to be leaving the college ranks in the next weeks and joining the team, to go along with – next season – Chabot, Zub, Zaitsev, Holden, Brannstrom, and perhaps one or both of Bernard-Docker and Lassi Thompson, there’s just no room.

      As a depth D addition to a solid playoff-bound roster he won’t hurt any such team.

      • Thank you! You reaffirmed my thoughts. I see him as someone the Oilers could really use.

  12. Lets begin with celebrating the greatest of all time hockey player in Auston Mathews’ return to action tonight. Auston has evolving into an elite complete package player. He is now entering into a prime in terms of his physical strength, savvy knowledge and tendencies of the all the players around the league, and he is simply becoming more lethal in every aspect of his offensive prowess. His slap shot, wrist shot, backhand, Lacross move, between the leg, tipping, batting, one timer, dekes…simply put it, he is by far the most dangerous player the league has ever seen in terms of offensive artillery. He is US air force, he is US navy, he is US arm force, He is US nuclear threat to the rest of the league every time he steps on the ice. I predict 70+ goal season next year if he stays healthy, and as long as the dumb zebras don’t get in his way. What is more scarier to his game other than the obvious OFFENCE. He is by far one of the most fiercest defender, most tenacious forechecker, he often disrupts the flow of the opposing offence, extreme IQ is at full display whenever he plays defense. Honestly, if the coach decides to put Auston into a defenseman position, he will be our best defenseman, even better than Borje Salming. Auston is a COMPLETE super human playing a game of hockey. Auston is Superman, Connor would be a Flash. He is once again leading an average hockey team to an above average team status. Only reason Toronto is not the most elite team in the league is because the Toronto management is failing to see the obvious. Auston has a chain wrapped around his ankle, and this he is dragging many dead weights that exist in the team. Travis Dermott, Timothy Liligren, Jake Muzzin, Justin Holl. These are too many dead weights that play regularly and holding back Auston as he is trying to SOAR higher to the levels that NHL has seen before. Free this MAN from carrying these dead weights, allow him to be FREE, and SOAR high to limits that has NO LIMIT to this SUPERMAN. Replace those LIABILITIES with just decent players, not asking for the world. Just decent defensemen who can DEFEND the blueline, who has PRIDE in their position and their craft. I’m not asking for an all star, just defensemen who are willing to defend not dance around with their head cut off. Bring in more guys like Lyubushkin, a guy who plays SIMPLE and PHYSICAL. If it takes Nylander, Kerfoot, Muzzin, Holl, Liligren, Dermott, Mikeyhev, Engvall…. SO BE IT… Surround our SUPERMAN with some GRIT and IQ. We can’t expect AUSTON to do everything every single time he is on the ice. SCORE, STEAL, HIT, FIGHT, BACKCHECK. This man should be focusing on SCORING only, as no one in the team seem to know how, maybe other than Bunting and Marner. Auston should not be LOCKED up in the press box, because his team failed to send a message to the opposing team not to take liberty on Auston’s BODY as that is clearly every opposing team’s strategy whenever they play the Leafs. Auston shouldn’t have to do all the heavy lifting, there are other 20 players on the ice. These guys need to earn their paycheck and do their part. Auston deserves to make $20 million dollars a season… This pales in comparison to other sports’ best players. Auston is Tom Brady, Auston is Michael Jordan, Auston is Lionel Messi, Auston is Roger Federer, Auston is Tiger Woods, Auston is Barry Bonds,
    Auston is Mike Tyson, Auston is Mohamad Ali, Auston is Khabib Nurmagomedov. Auston is the GREATEST OF ALL TIME ATHLETE. Kyle Dubas, you owe it to this Superman to surround him with decent Defense Corps, so he can achieve SUCCESS he so desperately deserves. If he can play every minute of the game, we won’t need anyone. But reality is that he can only play 1/3 of the game. AUSTON MATHEWS deserve to have a GM who is competent enough to acknowledge and remedy what is needed for the team. GO LEAFS GO….In Auston Mathews We TRUST…Long live the GOAT.

    • I get the impression you’re a Leafs fan, Mike. Wow. And to think I used to criticize Striker for his long posts.

      • LMAO !!!

      • Ha! Good Ole Striker!

      • Mike’s been saving it up, I guess. Go get ’em, Mike!

    • You forgot to get down on your knees and thank god for Gary bettman. Mathews isn’t a thing without him.

    • Na he blew it with the peppy le pew moustache of a 5th grader

    • This may be the longest love letter ever! I’m hoping if you’re married you delete your history. Your wife would be pissed / jealous seeing this one!

  13. One last time for me … Bruins

    LD & RD both with toughness and can play D in their zone & a Winger with size and is hard on the puck ..no to the #2 center it would cost entirely to much … Sweeney usually makes 2-3 moves at the trading deadline I suspect it will happen again

  14. Re Bertuzzi… trade now or not and travel restrictions/concerns (In the Great White North…. Covid)

    There are restriction lifts coming next week; and for sure won’t be in next year

    Obviously trading to a Canadian team (or one playing a Canadian team in the first round ) will be of concern if restrictions are put back on (maybe not a strong possibility but something to consider)

    That said… trading to a Metro team should be of no (or very little )concern

    Earliest they would play in Canada is 3rd round…. If somehow Leaf’s have beaten 2 of Cats/Bolts/Canes…. This is very hard for me to believe

    Meeting Flames (more likely) or Oil (longshot ) in the SCF… meaning they’d have to have won against Avs…. would be the true only concern re Bertuzzi and cross border travel

    I’m certainly good with HexBurkie giving up futures to acquire Bertuzzi (he has term)

    I don’t support his Vaxx stance… but I do like his hockey

    As a Pens fan… the biggest playoff fear is Rangers

    Shesterkin alone can steal a series

    I think he has it in him to take two series (I can easily see him out-duelling Freddy in a series) and then match up against Bobo or Vazy

    I think he’s certainly better than Bobo…. Rangers v Panthers would be interesting

    Rangers v Vazy, their D, their offence, their Cup experience …. ????

  15. I said hold the line Sweeney but that trade was friggen awesome great for now and future a hockey trade.