Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – March 13, 2022

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Will Marc-Andre Fleury waive his no-trade clause to join a winner? What’s the latest on Claude Giroux, Tomas Hertl and John Klingberg? Are the Canucks pursuing a Penguins defenseman? Find out in the Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman believes Marc-Andre Fleury’s 10-team no-trade list is “irrelevant”. He believes the Chicago Blackhawks goaltender could accept a trade to a club where he has a chance to win (like the Colorado Avalanche or Toronto Maple Leafs) if a deal can be made.

Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lots of mixed signals regarding Fleury. Some believe he’ll accept a trade to a Cup contender while others suggest he’s leaning toward finishing the season in Chicago. Maybe that offer will arrive before March 21 but his $7 million cap hit will be a stumbling block that could require some creativity to overcome.

I think the Avalanche will stick with their tandem of Darcy Kuemper and recently re-signed Pavel Francouz. I can’t see the Leafs adding Fleury without shipping out Petr Mrazek but I doubt they’ll find many takers given his woeful performance of late.

Jeff Marek said things are quiet regarding Claude Giroux. Teams have called the Philadelphia Flyers about their 34-year-old captain but Marek doesn’t believe there have been any big offers yet. On Thursday, Giroux will play his 1,000th game with the Flyers against the Nashville Predators. Friedman suggests keeping an eye on the Avalanche as injuries to Gabriel Landeskog and Samuel Girard could open up some salary-cap flexibility to do something.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Landeskog carries a $7 million cap hit and Girard $5 million. Putting one or both on long-term injury reserve would give the Avs plenty of wiggle room to take on someone like Giroux. Much will depend, however, on whether they’re out for the remainder of the regular season. Girard is reportedly out approximately four weeks, meaning he’ll be back before the season ends on April 29. Landeskog, however, could be sidelined until early May.

Friedman reports San Jose Sharks center Tomas Hertl’s name is not out there in the trade market. The Sharks are continuing contract negotiations with the 28-year-old Hertl. Friedman said he’s been told Hertl isn’t available at this point in time.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Contract term is believed to be the main area of concern in the Hertl talks. The Sharks could start fielding trade inquiries by the end of this week if they’re no closer to an agreement.

Marek believes it’s time to take John Klingberg off the trade board. The 29-year-old Dallas Stars defenseman was the subject of trade chatter. It’s believed the Carolina Hurricanes and Toronto Maple Leafs were among the clubs that looked at him. However, with Miro Heiskanen sidelined by mononucleosis, he’s become more valuable to the Stars.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Even with a healthy Heiskanen, the Stars weren’t likely to trade Klingberg. They’re jockeying for a wild-card spot in the Western Conference and need all hands on deck.

Friedman also reports the Pittsburgh Penguins John Marino is among the young defensemen on the Vancouver Canucks’ radar. He’d doubtful the Canucks can land him as the Penguins think highly of Marino and it’s difficult to find a trade match.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Canucks hockey ops president Jim Rutherford and general manager Patrik Allvin know Marino from their days in Penguins management. I’d see the odd report lately linking Marino to the Canucks but I didn’t put much stock in it for the same reasons as Friedman.


  1. I’d love to see Hertl stick with the Sharks, but, given his injury history with his knees, I think it would be foolish to offer more than a five-year deal, and I don’t think that would get the job done. Might as well get some good assets while they can.

    • Rock

      They should go for assets. And if want him back try to sign him after season is done if he really wants to be a shark they can work it out

      • Jack Campbell save percentage this season is .914. His goals saved above average is 6.7

        MAF save percentage is .908. His goals saved above average is 0.1

        Campbell’s save percentage in last year’s playoffs was .934. Fleury’s was .918.

        Besides reputation, how certain are you the Maple Leafs would be getting an upgrade?

        Boston is better off getting a second line centre and defenceman than MAF. He’s not an upgrade in goal.

  2. RWM
    I know U R not an Ullmark fan
    Plan A
    Trade for Mrazek – U can have him at 0 cost – He’s yours for the taking ….


    Such a kind gesture – Leafs can than pursue MAF

    The outdoor classic will soon tell , if Mrazek has another 1 of his performances today

    • I’d rather the bruins try For Marc, Ullmark just doesn’t appear to be able to win a single game, the guy is useless. Jon Casey was even better. If they start this guy against Chicago the b’s will lose.

      • Seems a little hyperbolic Rick.
        Ullmark is 17-9-2, so seems like he has won a few, and if he starts against CHI I will bet win.

        Tough start, good for a stretch, tough stretch lately but was pretty good last game so maybe finding it.

        Not sure why he isn’t playing up to his past in BOS, might be something technical, different goalie coach, who knows, but assuming he won’t find it again seems foolish IMO.

        I am as happy as anyone that Swayman has had the great start to his career, and hopefully it keeps going.

        You could fill a gym with one year wonder young tenders, you could fill another one with tenders who lost their game for a stretch and found it again, and it’s not like Ullmark has sucked, but hasn’t been good either. Kind of meh.

        We’re gonna need both, he’ll keep working, and the B’s will too, hope he gets it going again.

        The B’s are not trading for MAF.

  3. Bruins should just hold tight
    Save the expense

    Sign Kadri in the off season

    The 7 million dollar club
    Kadri. =. 28 million

    Tavares 11.5 million
    Marner 11. Million
    Nylander. 7.5 Million = 30 Million

    Which package would you prefer

    Not trying to be negative here
    Just crunching some number

    • I agree with you Ken the Bruins do not need a goalie. But I would prefer they sign Herlt in off season rather then Kadri

      • Hertl has an injury past I believe …
        I just believe Kadri is an Ideal Bruin
        Fits that mould , nasty and “good” competitive ,
        I was joking about the goalie Mr Bruin4
        Leafs need a goalie !!!
        In the worst way!!
        But, R hurting, as per cap space
        Leaving Muzzin on LTIR is the logical diagnosis IMO
        Why R they rushing him back after back to back concussions ?
        Hindrance to the player , as well as the team ..,
        Leave it to Dubas

      • If the Bruins can find a way to resign the captain and Kadri…and add a Dman. they can go all in next season before Berg+Todd decline

    • @ Ken

      Again…don’t let facts affect your thought process…. The three Leafs you posted do not have those salaries…or specifically cap hits

      Tavares $11M
      Marner $10.9M
      Nylander $6.96M

      That totals $28.8M not $30M or the equivalent of Pierre Engvall’s salary this year. In a hard cap system every dollar counts.

      Also keep in mind that the salary cap was a little lower when the three Bruins signed their deals and none of them were UFA…or point per game players (save Nylander) when their deals came up.

      Signing Tavares handcuffed the Leafs as I think they were doing quite well with Kadri at 2C and could have used the extra $6.5M given to Tavares to sign a good defenceman or two. I would have considered keeping Kadri at 2LW with Tavares and Nylander. Then we wouldn’t have had to witness the failed experiment of Tyson Barrie.

      As with almost every team in the league…when the starter goes down the back up usually isn’t capable of winning the same number of games…hence “back up goalie”

      There is cause for concern with the Leafs goaltending but their forwards are doing quite well and their D, while not perfect, is getting the job done for the most part.

      • A lot of good and accurate points but there are plenty of (honest) counterpoints that is on that other side of the coin.
        I’m shocked the goalie coach still hasn’t been mentioned for the dramatic poor performances of both goalies…what’s going on there is more than poor defensive play although again it too has its warts.
        I’m sure you’ll hear more.

      • Chrism i wouldn’t. I’ll take Pastrnak and Marchand and Kadri over that package 12 out of 10 times. That without adding Bergeron.

    • Weird manipulation there ken. Sub in mathews for any of the leafs and you take the leafs combo 11 times out of ten.

  4. Last night’s 6-3 loss to Chicago illustrates what I said recently about goalie Anton Forsberg – i.e., very good in his role as a back-up, but as soon as he has to play 3, 4 and up games in a row his play deteriorates – 6 goals on 28 shots. Now, mind you, not all 6 were his fault – Holden (a -3 on the night) looked like he was skating in mud and screened him on at least 2, and a couple of the young Fs forgot what back-checking is all about. And, as usual, Kane owned them.

    • Maybe if the Sens suited up real players instead of goons your goalie would have a chance …

    • Hi George

      its been a long time….anyways…
      your evaluation of Forsberg seems very very similar to another Goalie who was written off in the past and was said to had played his last game in the NHL and was a bust ….only 3 to 4 years ago …his name is
      Jacob Markstrom

      Very similar goalie styles, stature and game play.
      Iam just sayin ….Goalies get a terrible rope to hang themselves with in this league ….

      I keep reading here …things like Freddie Anderson sucks cant be a winning Goalie …LOL well put him on a good defensive team hes top 5 in league , 2 years ago last time I posted guys here were saying Carey Price was done he sucked and was not worth anything and he should retire then went on a run to come within 2 gams of winning the cup …
      Most guys here argued about Bobrovsky getting paid in Florida and he wasn’t worth it..i argued daily here ..he was worth the risk …now they are a serious Cup contender ..who else would be better there LOL…..most guys here wanted Carter Hart to be brought up a few years ago when Hextall got fired …I was of the mindset at that time it was still to early ..and I stand by that still…he was praised as the next one of best all time goalies… LOL

      Outside Vasilevsky and Shesterkin …every goalie in this league sucks and is done ..LMFAO ..and cant take their team to a cup ….

      While iam enjoying watching the Sens rebuild your not going to find a goalie that is going to make that much of a change or better than Forsberg for WHERE YOUR TEAM IS NOW …SENS still need to be rounded out and bolster the back end better to give insulation to the Goalie tandem…

      I like Forsberg and his style …I STRESS PATIENCE here….and give him the benefit of the doubt and wait until Dorion can find hem a true top 6 NHL defensive core

      OR TRADE for Samsonov and take your chances once again…he was to be the NEXT ONE TOO …see what Iam saying !!


      enjoy out doorgame today !!

      Take care


      • Hey Kal El. great to hear from you.

        Over the past few weeks I have said essentially the same re Forsberg. The best of both possible worlds would have been a Murray who can stay off the IR backed by Forsberg. But Murray is the proverbial accident looking for a place to happen and with Gustavsson struggling at both the AHL and NHL levels, a lot is being put on the Forsberg’s shoulders, and the evidence shows – so far anyway and overall his experience is still inth development stage – that when he’s called upon to play several games in row, his performance declines.

        As I have said repeatedly, I hope Dorion can re-sign him to continue his role as a back-up while he gains more experience (Tim Thomas once bounced around for almost a decade as a back-up (at the NHL level) before finally settling in as a solid starter for Boston). The kicker is, they have to get a starter more reliable than Murray, and maybe buy him out if they can’t find a taker at a % cap retained (highly unlikely).

      • I understand what your saying …but both Grubauer and Dreidger were looked at in the expansion draft to be exactly what you are saying you are looking for but they are the worst 2 goalies in the league on a similar built team…..

        thats what you will be looking at going outside the organizational structure ….you will encounter more of the same …of the marry go round …who is even a REAL option via trade or UFA ….i say stay the course here …and dont do the Murray thing ….AGAIN !!!

        I think you have talent there …just needs maturation….and patience …the whole team is exactly where it is suppose to be …including the goalie …growth stage

        …yes next year needs to take a bigger step ….

  5. John Marino? Canucks can have him …

    • @ Kal El @ George O

      You guys do make a lot of sense with your goalie comments.

      Wasn’t Hasek a back-up to Belfour in CHI for a couple years? He only became a regular when he moved to BUF at the age of 27/28 and still took him a bit of time before he became “the Dominator”

      • Yep. But unfortunately, by the time he came to Ottawa in their Cup finals year against Anaheim he’d turned into the “groinpuller.”

  6. If going by winning %, Dallas has taken over the last wild card spot. They’re a point behind Vegas, but have 3 games in hand. I’ve said before, I don’t think Vegas can afford to go rest of season with key guys on Ltir. They’ve dealt with other injuries and are quickly sliding. Still think they are a team to watch this week. Agree, Dallas won’t be selling.

  7. Bruins don’t get bigger tougher they’ll get by in the regular season but come playoff time against the big teams they will lose ….

    • Joe If the bruins can’t land Chychrun and I see no reason why they would with Sweeney manning the helm. Having Sweeney directing this team is like Moe Howard steering the schooner or even worse Mr bruin as gm. But if they can’t get Chychrun, or Klingberg really like this Manson kid. I don’t like the idea of Ullmark as backup I can’t see the bruins ever winning another game with this cluck in net.

      • Putz has spoken. Klingberg solves nothing for bruins much like your ideas Must play ringette

      • I was wondering when ole poopey pants was going to throw his head under the door. The comment was directed at Joe Not that it matters read the last sentence the name I thought the b’s have a better chance of landing is Manson. Trying to pass along any information to you is like trying to blow out a lightbulb. Sweeney loves yes men you’d fit right in.

      • Your outlook is so good lol, why don’t you just cheer for another team.

        Joe is 100% right, if they do not get bigger on the back end it will be tough sledding. If it were me I would replace Clifton with Chara, would not cost much.

        Aside from that I would be targeting a bigger gritty RW to replace Debrusk on the 1st line.

      • Rwm. You got the man part correct rest wrong as usual
        You posts are. Amusing if nothing else based on true lack of hockey knowledge.
        You make an smile every post. Please keep it up everyone needs to smile more

  8. Mono can drag on for weeks. Enlarges the spleen and you can not take any chance of contact in addition to having no energy. Klingberg has to stay

    I am guessing Landeskog out until playoffs in order to welcome Giroux .
    However I do believe they need some depth defence .

  9. I would be wary of trading for Fleury.
    Great in the regular season but not so good in the playoffs. When he was with Pittsburgh he started but management did not have the confidence to stick with him and went with Murray. Vegas did not have confidence either so they went out and signed Lehner.
    I may be in the minority thinking this but buyer be ware if a team wants Fleury for the playoffs.

    • @ Flame Fan

      Im 109% in agreement regarding Fleury. I don’t think he’s the answer for Toronto.

      Besides the cost to acquire him I’m not sure he’s an upgrade on what they already have in Campbell.

      They do need to sort something out. I doubt DAL will part with Holtby now that they’re in the mix for a W/C spot in the West.

      Any goalie they acquire will require the Leafs to overpay now due to their situation with Campbell and Mrazek. I can see a Marleau type situation where it costs them a big asset to dump his salary.

      IF they can trade for a decent goalie they should place him on waivers and Hope somebody picks him up…

  10. Tough schedule for the Flames.
    Playing 5 games in 7 nights with two back to back games the final game in this stretch is tonight against the Avs in Colorado.
    Sheesh, I know a lot of teams have some tough schedules this year but this is excessive. Thank god they haven’t had some serious injuries. Only one so far is Kylington.

    It doesn’t get talked about very much but the Flames usually log the most miles every season with some real crazy scheduling.

  11. MAF (1/2 retained) for Mrazek (.8M retained), Nick Roberson, 1st or Joey Anderson

    • @Johnny Z

      You really hate the Leafs eh?

      Fleury’s best years are behind him. His numbers this year are not better than Campbell’s. Where is the upgrade? Do you really want a goalie that has to be sweet talked into waiving a No Trade clause to play in this market?

      • Eh, yaa eh! And I don’t like Chicago either, eh! LOL

  12. BTW Lyle, since I could not leave a reply on the other site you wrote in today, I will do so here – that’s a hard NO from the Wings perspective to your trade proposal for Chychrun.

  13. Now What !
    Another embarrassment in Hamilton

    • No trading Pter now!! LOL