NHL Rumor Mill – April 11, 2022

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In today’s NHL rumor mill, a look at what the offseason might hold for stars such as Patrick Kane, J.T. Miller, Filip Forsberg and Vladimir Tarasenko.

NHL.COM: In a recent mailbag segment, Dan Rosen was asked whether several notable stars would still be with their respective teams when the puck drops next season.

Rosen believes Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews and Alex DeBrincat will remain with the Chicago Blackhawks. He doesn’t see Kane or Toews being moved unless they ask to be traded. Of the two, Kane could be the easiest to move because he’s still their best player and would fetch the best return. DeBrincat, meanwhile, is a 24-year-old elite scorer worth building around.

Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Toews and Kane also carry identical $10.5 million cap hits with full no-movement clauses through next season. While there would be interest in Kane if the Blackhawks were to shop him, they’ll have to retain a healthy chunk of his cap hit to facilitate a trade.

I agree that DeBrincat is a player the Blackhawks should retain but I also felt the same thing about Brandon Hagel. Chicago general manager Kyle Davidson would listen if a club make a big pitch for DeBrincat.

The Nashville Predators opted not to trade Filip Forsberg, who’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent this summer. Rosen believes the two sides will work out an agreement on a new contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll likely cost the Predators around $8.5 million annually to keep Forsberg in the fold. With Ryan Johansen and Matt Duchene each earning $8 million annually, I’m not sure how comfortable Predators general manager David Poile would be in having another $8 million-plus forward on the roster.

Rosen suspects the Vancouver Canucks could trade forwards J.T. Miller and Brock Boeser because of their contract statuses. Miller is a year away from UFA eligibility while Boeser is a restricted free agent with arbitration rights and is two years from UFA status.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Reports out of Vancouver seem to suggest the Canucks will attempt to sign Miller to a contract extension this summer while attempting to shop Boeser. It’s possible, however, that Miller also hits the trade block if he proves too expensive to retain.

It doesn’t appear that Vladimir Tarasenko has rescinded last summer’s trade request from the St. Louis Blues. He’s also a year away from UFA status.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Tarasenko was reportedly unhappy over the treatment he received for his shoulder injuries by the Blues’ medical staff and management’s handling of the situation. To his credit, he hasn’t allowed this to affect his performance or his relationship with his teammates.

Nevertheless, if Tarasenko still wants out, I expect the Blues will have an easier time finding trade partners this summer. He’s been healthy this season, with 65 points in as many games, and has only a year left on his contract. While the cap hit is $7.5 million, his actual salary for next season is $5.5 million.

Rosen also expects Dallas Stars defenseman John Klingberg and New York Rangers center Ryan Strome to test this summer’s free-agent market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Klingberg is likely a goner from Dallas after he publicly complained about his stalled contract negotiations with Stars management in January. As for Strome, it’ll depend on how much he seeks on his next contract and for how long.

Rosen doesn’t understand why the Arizona Coyotes should move Jakob Chychrun. The 23-year-old defenseman is signed for three more seasons and should be a big part of their rebuild.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It could be because Chychrun could fetch a significant return but I also wonder if the blueliner is growing unhappy with his role or the direction of the Coyotes. If so, that could explain why GM Bill Armstrong will continue to entertain trade offers this summer.

Mackenzie Blackwood has been injured for most of this season. Rosen doesn’t see the New Jersey Devils trading him because his value isn’t that high. He thinks Blackwood could be a 1A or 1B goalie depending on who they bring in during the offseason.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Injuries have hampered Blackwood’s development. Rosen noted he’s signed through next season. I agree with him that Blackwood will be back with the Devils next season.


  1. J.T. is quite valuable to the Canucks and they will make an offer that he deserves. However , he doesn’t have to sign and could take less elsewhere.

    3 weeks today the dance starts. 4 weeks today a handful of very disappointed teams.

    Beware of the President’s trophy

    • Silver,

      Agree that resigning Miller is a priority. Length of deal and dollars need to be determined darefully.

      • I like Miller but I disagree, he will be 30 before his next contract and he will seek an 8 year deal at to much money, my guess is 8-9m which makes him more valuable to trade and his age doesnt match Vancouvers other players

  2. Kane move (if at all) will all be up to him…. And if he decides he’d like another crack at a Cup …. Hawks would need to retain 1/2

    That said…. Top point getter on Chi still… 82 G pace of 27-72-99 (on a weak team)…. What team wouldn’t want him as their top line winger @ only $5.2 M (and then obviously with the rights to re-up)

    If GMs were throwing 1st + + for UFAs that were not as productive as 3 time cup winner Kane…. Would 2 1sts (or equivalent) to get Kane for a full year @ $5.2 M be unreasonable? I think it’s reasonable.

    He’s owed $4 M in SB, then only $2.9 M Sal after SB paid

    I proposed before that since Chi cash rich, Arz cash poor but in need of Cap space to get to floor…. And trading to one team (without retention) , then back to same team later is allowed….

    Ladd (pre signing bonus) to Chi for. 7th…..

    Chi pays Ladd SB, Kane SB, Toews SB….. retains 50% on Kane and 50% on Toews and flips ….

    Kane (50% ) , Toews (50%) , Ladd (full whack) to Arz

    Arz then retains another 50% on EACH of Kane and Toews…. Flips on

    Final team gets BOTH Kane/Toews for a TOTAL Cap hit of ONLY $5.25 M

    Arz would have (without trades) paid Ladd a total of $4 M and had a Cap hit of $5.5 M; this trade (post SB paid by Chi) has Arz with Ladd back, total Cap hit (including Toews/Kane) of $10.75 M, but only paying Ladd $1M in Sal and $1.45 M total retention on Toews/Kane Sal….total Cash outlay…. $2.45 M…. Saving $1.55 M while increasing Cap by $5.25 M

    I would argue that benefit to Arz must be worth at least 2 2nds (they have 3 2nds in ‘24) and a prospect

    Receiving team getting BOTH Kane and Toews for only total Cap hit of $5.5 M…. That has to be worth 2 1sts, 2 prospects

    So… Hawks could in effect “buy”… 2 1sts, 2 2nds, 3 prospects for their rebuild

    Again all in the hands of Kane (and then Toews)

    • Kane goes home to Buffalo (full salary for Tuch and a 2023 1st (unprotected), and 2023 Vegas 2nd.

      • Hi JZ

        No challenge re deal being fair…. And I knew w it’s his hometown… but I’m not 100% convinced he’d go from one rebuild (Chi) to another

        He has been in Chi all his NHL career…, my gut feel is that any move would be to a contender… that’s IF he decides to move

      • @ Pengy
        Kaner is safe to go home now…That 71 yo cabbie he beat up as a 19 yo has moved on and all is forgiven and forgotten by Sabers fans as long as Kaner comes home and leads them to the play-offs!

  3. I love Brock but the poor kid can’t stay healthy. Get rid of him this off season, and then use the “extra” room to sign JT for 4 years @ $8 mil

    Then get some gritt to fit into our top 9 and we should be set

    • JT will want AT LEAST 6 yrs.

    • Hi Nuckslife

      With JZ on this…. Really can’t see him signing for anything less than 6 years…. I gave confidence his “ask” would be 8 years

  4. Lyle, Did you receive a recent update on this? The way you wrote the below sentence makes it seem like you have.

    The trade request rumors have been quiet in the St Louis area since the start of the season. I know a lot of Blues fans are holding out hope that things have gotten better and that Tarasenko will stay.

    The fans have been cheering on Vova and showing their appreciation every chance they get. Thomas and Tarasenko look great together.

    “It doesn’t appear that Vladimir Tarasenko has rescinded last summer’s trade request from the St. Louis Blues.”

    • Blues2019: Rosen reported this in the link I provided. “Tarasenko has asked the St. Louis Blues to trade him. The forward has been good for them this season, but we haven’t heard anything about his trade request being rescinded. If the offer fits the Blues’ needs, expect them to move the 30-year-old in the offseason.”