NHL Rumor Mill – April 12, 2022

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More speculation about possible offseason moves by the Jets and the Sharks in today’s NHL rumor mill.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Mark McIntyre believes the Jets’ offseason priority must be repairing a defense that is “comically painful to watch.” Part of the solution could come from promising young blueliners such as Dylan Samberg, Ville Heinola, Johnathan Kovacevic, Declan Chisholm and Leon Gawanke.

Making room for those players, however, should force general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff to seriously consider moving one or two of his veteran core players. McIntyre believes Josh Morrissey should be the only full-time Jets defender considered untouchable. He recommends Cheveldayoff explore peddling any one of Brenden Dillon, Nate Schmidt, Dylan DeMelo and Neal Pionk.

NBC SPORTS: Sean Leahy also recommends the Jets repair their blueline corps. He believes that will require trades as Cheveldayoff isn’t the type of GM to toss around money in the free-agent market.

Winnipeg Jets center Mark Scheifele (NHL Images).

Leahy feels the Jets cannot afford to waste the prime years of Morrissey, goaltender Connor Hellebuyck and forwards Pierre-Luc Dubois, Kyle Connor, Nikolaj Ehlers and Mark Scheifele. “Maybe someone in that group is moved this summer in order to facilitate improvement elsewhere”, he writes.

WINNIPEG SUN: Scott Billeck believes it seems clear that Scheifele isn’t buying into the system of Jets interim coach Dave Lowry. He wondered if a new head coach could help the center improve his performance after an inconsistent effort this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Jets have reached a critical crossroads. They were expected to be much better after a solid performance during last season’s COVID-shortened schedule. Cheveldayoff cannot make marginal changes and expect things to get better next season. A shakeup to the roster core seems likely.

That could involve trading Scheifele but he has two more seasons remaining on his contract with a $6.125 million annual cap hit and a 10-team no-trade clause. Perhaps hiring a coach that Scheifele would respect might get him back on track but it won’t create the cap space needed to make room for younger blueliners.

Schmidt, 30, also has a 10-team no-trade clause and a $5.95 million annual cap hit through 2024-25. Dillon would be easier to move given his lack of no-trade protection and $3.9 million cap hit for two more seasons. However, the 31-year-old could be at the stage in his career where his best seasons are now behind him.

Pionk is younger at 26 and still has some prime years left in him. He also lacks a no-trade clause but his $5.875 million cap hit through 2024-25 might not be easy to move with the salary cap rising marginally for next season. DeMelo, 28, has a six-team no-trade clause but a cost-effective $3 million annual cap hit for two more seasons.

THE ATHLETIC: Corey Masisak was asked which of the San Jose Sharks goaltenders could be traded this season. He doesn’t see them shopping recently-acquired Kaapo Kahkonen. Veteran James Reimer would have the most trade value but wondered if the Sharks would want to ship out their best goaltender. Adin Hill would have the least trade value given his injury history.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kahkonen’s not going anywhere so it’s down to Reimer or Hill. They could move Reimer if, as Masisak suggests, they get a solid offer for him, such as a middle-six forward. However, if the goal for next season is reaching the playoffs, I suspect it’ll be Hill getting shipped out for whatever they can get for him.

Asked about Evander Kane’s contract situation, Masisak indicates multiple sources suggest a resolution could be reached before teams start reshaping their rosters in the offseason. He speculates there could be negotiations regarding a settlement between the Sharks and Kane between now and a yet-to-be-determined date for his grievance over his contract termination. That would mean the Sharks would still be on the hook for part of Kane’s salary but not the full $7 million annually for the next three seasons.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kane could be receptive to a settlement. He’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s keen to stay with the Edmonton Oilers. A settlement of, say, $4.5 million annually could make it easier for the Oilers to re-sign him to an affordable deal.

SAN JOSE HOCKEY NOW: Sheng Peng reports the agent for forward Jonathan Dahlen confirmed his client wants to re-sign with the Sharks. The struggling winger is a restricted free agent this summer and there was speculation he wants to return to Sweden.


  1. Hi Lyle

    Agree… Kane settlement @ $4.5 M per would certainly fit a good deal with Kane remaining as an Oil

    However…. Arb hearing could (per TSN and SN a few months ago after investigation did not find Kane had broken any rules) potentially rule completely in favour of Kane (certainly not assured, but a possibility) ….Meaning he gets all back from Sharks for out years AND his net shortfall

    He lost about $4M this year and the balance of Sharks contract for out years is $19 M (including $4M in SB)

    I think $4.5 M for 3…. $13.5 M (which is close to $10 M short on loss) might be too low

    $16M to $18 M payout with Sharks allowed to have that Cap hit spread over twice the term (6 years @ $2.6 M to $3M) might be fair

    If Kane gets say $16 M (meaning out $7.5 M)…. He could sign with Oil @

    6 years each year Sal of $1M with $16 M in SB’s mostly paid out in first 4 years… Oil Cap hit of only $3.67 M…. and net effect the same gross wise for Kane as if he had signed a 3 @ $7M extension (with Sharks) at end of “current” Sharks contract

    No matter what… Kane WILL get a fair chunk back from Sharks; Sharks WILL be hit with a Cap marker; AND Oil/Kane can sign for a reasonable contract

    • It’s possible an arbiter could rule in Kane’s favor, Pengy. But that depends on whether it gets that far. Kane could settle for the right price.

      • I would not settle with him, he’s always been a me first person and player on and off the ice.

        If a team wont play with a player that say alot, he may be doing okay in Edmonton but let see how he does when he sign another contract.

      • Absolutely correct Lyle

        I think the Oil will likely end up be the big gainers in this

      • Hi mp

        Setting aside his personal issues, this comes down to wether Sharks had a viable right/case for contract termination

        The post contract termination investigation certainly did not go in favour of Sharks

        They are going to have to pay … in Cap and Cash

        Kane could go full tilt the Arb route and MAY get much more; or settle early

        Either way, with whatever settlement AND a new Oil contract… he is very likely NOT going to be down any money that he would have had, had he completed the Sharks contract

    • Hi Penny,
      Edmonton Media think the Oilers can get Kane at $4.5 Mil deal for 3 years most think it will have to be A 4 year deal @ $4. Mil
      Hopefully he can pay of his debts and buy a condo!

      • Hi Willie

        sounds reasonable

        I had suggested above… 6 @ 3.67 ($1M Sal, $16 M in SBs over contract)… the effect being… if Kane nets $16 M in Sharks settlement… the result is the same as completing his Sharks contract; plus a 3 year extension @ $7 M per

        He’ll start next year at 31…. This year’s 82 G pace is 39-31-70; and PLUS (+) 41

        Even if next year drops to 25-25-50 and +20….. $4.5 M * 3 is a steal

  2. Am I the only one who is surprised at the suggestion that the Jets’ coach be moved to improve Scheifele’s play?

    What about consideration for the other players? Particularly when just about everyone agrees the Jets’ problem is their D.

    • Hi LJ,
      Regarding Mark Scheifele’s play, its always been Streekie.. He can be Great this month and Horible next month❗️.

      Jets Weakest Area is Defence they need a Top pairing d/man and an experienced Older stay at home type to fill there 4,or 5,or 6 Role, they have a Top Goaltender in Helebuyck… buy He only has 2 Years Left…….@ just over $6.mil

      There First Move and Smartest Move maybe to hire a New GM…..⁉️
      Current guy has not been able to get it done

  3. Jets need to hire a team defence first head coach who is a fresh voice and treats everyone the same, no favourites. I suggest Lane Lambert (Trotz protege with cup ring and ready for head coach role).

    Install accountability for performance do not pander to veterans. Scheifele will have to earn his place. If he doesn’t trade him at the end of next year so that Perfetti is a year more ready.

    Totally agree to clear space on blue line, Dillon, Schmidt, Demelo (in that order) can all be moved.

    Give PLD the”C” (although he has been fading). Drop Lowry to 4th line C, put Perfetti in at 3rd line C, turf Ves and get a legitimate backup goalie.

    • Lambert is going to Detroit to be with Stevie Y!

  4. Maybe Kane likes his new teammates and Edmonton and maybe not. He will have 30 other teams bidding on his services…I have left out the Jets.
    Tripper I agree with most of your points but let’s reorder your dman list to Demelo, Schmitt and even Pionk getting moved. Personally I have for years wanted the Jets to acquire a defensive defenseman so Dillon stays.
    Yes a new staff is needed for many reasons but the most critical is dzone coverage. A lot of responsibility will be dropped on Heinola and Samburg’s young shoulders.

    • Left out the jets but kept in the sharks?

      • He won’t be going to Sabres either

        Yotes shouldn’t even bother to call

        He’s gelling very well with McD (yes Iknow… who wouldn’t)…. I’d figure Oil have upper hand in getting him

      • 100% sure the Sabres wouldn’t be in line for Kane’s services, they wouldn’t want him anywhere near their young players

  5. Lol. Yes your points on the Sharks, Sabers and the Yotes are well founded. None the less his agents phone will be ringing this summer you can bet


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