Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – April 24, 2022

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In the Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup, Pierre-Luc Dubois’ contract negotiations could be worth monitoring and the Wild must find a way to sign Kevin Fiala.

SPORTSNET (via KUKLA’S KORNER): Elliotte Friedman believes Pierre-Luc Dubois’ contract talks with the Winnipeg Jets will be worth watching this offseason. He’s a restricted free agent with arbitration rights sitting two years away from unrestricted free agency.

Winnipeg Jets center Pierre-Luc Dubois (NHL Images).

Friedman speculated Dubois’ name could be out there in this summer’s trade market if the 23-year-old center and the Jets fail to reach an agreement on a long-term contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dubois is completing a two-year deal with a $5 million annual cap hit but an actual salary of $6.65 million for this season. Cap Friendly indicates it’ll cost the Jets $6 million to qualify his rights. I daresay he’ll be seeking more than that on his new contract.

The Jets have $66.3 million invested in 15 active players for 2022-23 with Dubois as their priority signing. They have the talent to be a better club than they’ve been this season but their defensive game needs improvement while their scorers need more consistency.

Whatever moves they make to address their issues this summer will likely factor into their contract discussions with Dubois. He’ll want assurances the Jets can get back on track and become a perennial playoff contender. He will also want to be paid as a first-line center, a role he took over from Mark Scheifele during this season. He could seek $8 million annually, which could mean shedding a high-salaried player to free up cap space for his new contract.

Having given up Patrik Laine to get Dubois last season, it wouldn’t be a good look for this franchise to start peddling him this summer. They might not have much choice if he only wants a two-year deal taking him up to UFA eligibility. However, I believe they’ll get him signed to a long-term deal but it will be expensive.

NBC SPORTS: Adam Gretz believes the Minnesota Wild must find a way to re-sign Kevin Fiala, who’s formed a dominant scoring duo with rookie Matt Boldy this season. The 25-year-old winger is completing a one-year, $5.1 million contract and is enjoying a career year with 32 goals and 82 points.

Fiala is due for a significant raise on his next contract. The Wild, however, face a significant salary-cap crunch over the next three seasons following last summer’s contract buyouts of Zach Parise and Ryan Suter.

Gretz suggests they need to shed some salary to free up the cap space needed to keep Fiala in the fold. They could ship out a depth forward such as Marcus Foligno or Jordan Greenway or Tyson Jost, or perhaps a higher-salaried player such as Matt Dumba or Jonas Brodin.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Fiala has garnered praise for his improved performance this season. Cynics will suggest he only stepped up his game to land a lucrative long-term deal but I don’t buy into that theory. He’s genuinely worked hard to better all aspects of his game, so much so that parting with him now would be a serious blow to their top-six depth.

As Gretz points out, the Wild must make a cost-cutting deal in order to re-sign Fiala. They have over $74 million invested in 17 players for next season. That includes the $12.7 million buyout hit for Parise and Suter. Moving a higher-salaried player will make it easier to free up sufficient space for Fiala’s next season.

Dumba has frequently surfaced in trade rumors over the past couple of seasons. He’s popular among his teammates but is only a year away from UFA status and carries a 10-team no-trade list. He’d be easier to move than Brodin, who has a full no-movement clause. He would also fetch a better return than Greenway or Foligno.


  1. Hire Coach
    Scheifele trade D return
    Wheeler buyout
    Land Good draft position
    Let Stastny go
    Sign Dubois for whatever it takes and long term
    Pickup milk
    Drop off dry cleaning

    • Looks like a plan, what about Chevy?

  2. Thinking that trading Fiala and Dumba to the Krack for Soucy, Donato, Joey Daccord, Kole Lind and a 2nd. A lot of cap savings and some promising players. Maybe take Sprong instead or Donato if you prefer, and maybe a 3rd can be added to all.

  3. No Ron Mclean made HNIC pregame almost viewable….. almost.

    • Here’s a tip buddy, stop watching Toronto Maple Leafs broadcasts. I don’t live in Toronto myself so it’s easy from me since there’s so little talk in the local city that even knows of the Leafs existence. Try that. It might make you….likable.

      I think it’s preposterous to think you’re not gonna get some hommerism from a home city broadcast for one of the leagues biggest teams. If you live in Toronto, the media will serve the local teams like as in the case in all cities.

      I hope this makes sense to you and understand why you sound silly bellyaching over local Leafs coverage. Cheers!

      • Homerism is one thing, thats to be expected but when you call yourself Hockey Night in Canada then spend the entire pregame, intermissions and post game droning about the Leafs with no mention of any other Canadian team its beyond the pale.

        I mean seriously, does anyone really care if Austin Matthews and his little buddy Marner are carrying matching purses? Is it neccessary to spend a half hour ball washing and gushing over Matthews 58 goals every single night? We get it, its impressive. Its a Leaf record, not a league record. Not even top 25 all time.

        Last night Hrudey started going off on what a great matchup Panthers/Leafs will be in round 2 before Friedman of all people mentioned Tampa Bay might have a say in that.


        Only thing that made that tripe barely watchable was the absence of backstabber Ron Mclean.

      • He’s not your buddy guy!

      • I wish the fish in the lake took the bait as easy as you.

  4. Great article on LeafsNet by Luke Fox. Leafs going with a “Super Line” of Matthews, Marner and Nylander. Isnt that the same so called super line that vanished against Montreal last spring?

    Not a single article on LeafsNet about the loss last night. HNIC panel (Hrudey) talking up Leafs/Panthers 2nd round matchup before Friedman of all people had to remind the rest of the Leaf hype machine that Tampa may have something to say about 2nd round matchups.

    LeafsNet, home of the Toronto koolaid corporation.

    • Team Lightning brought everyone for a pit stop a couple of games ago, and made the necessary adjustments. No changes but fuel and tires for the 88 car, a little calibration for the 91 and 86, and pretty major adjustments for the 98 and 71. The 20 continues to run better than expected, and the line 4 haulers are the class of the field. They’re all running neck and neck with the leaders now, and know how to close out a race. Anticipating a late lap pass for the win, these boys know that rubbin’ is racin’ and they’re ready.

    • Ron, I bought some new TV’s a while back.
      They came with this hand held device, called a remote I think.
      You should check them out.

    • Your posts are bang-on Ron. It’s always been bad, but given that SN & TSN own 90% of MLSE, the coverage is beyond nauseating. Even my best friend, a leaf fan, gets nauseated with the leaf-lovin’ that replaces objective sports journalism.

      I can tell you straight from past SN announcers that they are contractually obligated to spend x-amount of time talking about the leafs. It’s mandated. It’s pure corporate propaganda to push the properties they own.

      What’s even worse is a writer on “The Hockey Writers” website who calls himself “The Old Prof”. He’s worse than Luke Fox and he’s not even paid by SN. He’s just a blinded Toronto fan who turns out fan-boy garbage without a hint of dissension.

      It’s still a great game in Canada if you just turn down the announcer sheep people. At least this year when the leafs don’t advance to the 2nd round for the 19th year in a row, their losing streak will be legally old enough to drown their sorrows in beers.

  5. How does a team with the Richard winner, the Hart and Selke winner, the Calder winner, an All Star Vezina candidate, and the 2nd coming of Bobby Orr roll into Florida and come away with one of four possible points?

    Could one of the Toronto Sports Networks “insiders”, HNIC panel, or Luke Fox of LeafsNet please explain how this is even remotely possible?

    • Why do people that hate the leaf’s here always talk about them?

      • It’s easier to get other people to join you if they feel the same way no matter how dumb or hateful the thing you said.

        Come on here because comments means bitc# and belly ache over a team more liked than yours or better than yours or one your just jealous of…if it not game, or even mentioned in Lyle’s rundown, it’s just weird, like a cry for help/attention.

  6. I like it Silver 7. Maybe it will start the Jets”moving on up” like the Jefferson’s

  7. Hearing more and more rumours about the jets trading Scheifele. Seems unbelievable, he is on a good contract.
    To the jets fans on here why all the rumours about him? Has his play deteriorated, does he have a bad attitude, what is the reason?

    • Because despite all his points, his net contribution is minimal. His offense is great, his defense is poor. He’s just not evolving into a complete player. Next contract he’ll be on the wrong side of 30 and want mega bucks. Best to cash out on Schiefs now and look to the future.

  8. FF I will defend until my last breath the right to find scapegoats on my under performing nhl team haha.
    I don’t know what’s going on with Scheifele but this latest injury and reports that he has been shutdown for the rest of the year has a very bad vibe.
    Great player but maybe it is just time to move on from his and the teams prospective.
    The return will be very good if he’s moved and people can start adding names if they wish. I’m just thinking that if it’s a big move it could be like what the Flames did a few years ago with their 4 player trade involving Carolina.
    For me I keep him and start with a new coaching staff. Bring in a defensive system that the players can buy into.
    There are many different ways this team could go that’s why the opinions are so varied

  9. siverseven, as a lifelong jets fan, may I suggest a few tweaks to your shopping list.

    replace entire coaching staff except for goalie coach.
    trade sheifele for someone willing to defend.
    trade pionk and schmidt as they are just not good enough defensively.
    remove the C from wheeler.
    sign dubois long term.
    absolutely convince stasny to stay.

    flamefan, scheifele is a gifted offensive player, but he has zero commitment to defensive effort, I can’t count how many times I have seen him gliding back into our zone, not picking up a man, and watching another goal against.

    • Bruins will make deal. Debrusk and Reilly studnicka for mark and Sanberg

      • sorry mrbruin, the only place dylan samberg is going to is into the jets starting lineup next year.

    • Gents, thanks for the feedback on Schiefele.
      I will offer a word of caution about wishing to trade a top player.

      I was feeling the same way about Gaudreau for the last couple of years.
      Too small gave the puck away, could not check in the defensive zone, lots of frustration.
      Then the Flames changed their coaching staff, shook up the lines, Sutter brought in a no BS attitude and showed no favouritism. Completely changed the culture and of all people Johnny thrives in this system.
      I cringe at the thought of wishing to trade him.
      The same could happen in Winnipeg.
      Maybe all you need is a coaching change, bring in a no BS style of coach and he can get the most out of Schiefele.
      If you have two top centermen on your team along with some very good wingers like Connor and Ehlers I wouldn’t be messing with that.
      Your defense looks a little weak, maybe Chevy should change the entire coaching staff then work on the defense.

      • that is a very fair point, flamefan.
        full credit to gaudreau for commiting to improving his 200 foot game.

        Yet I have watched scheifele his whole career, and something about the way he speaks, and definitely the effort he puts forth on the ice, that just rubs me the wrong way.
        I am an old hockey player, and I don’t know if I could respect him as one of the team leaders if I were a teammate.

        Manitobans are a humble, hardworking, caring lot for the most part, and we would like our hockey players to exhibit the same kind of values. I just don’t see enough of those values from scheifele.

      • Fair comments FF but something I cringe at is signing a 29 year old player to a 8 year, $9+ million per year deal, which is what’s probably going to happen with Gaudreau, and could happen with Schiefs. I don’t want my team committing to guys who are going to be potential anchors into their mid to late 30s, just look at Wheeler now. If the Jets aren’t going to get top tier, no nonsense, coaching Schiefs needs to go this off-season. Otherwise they’ll have some tough decisions at the 2024 trade deadline.

  10. There is good chance Johnny Hockey still ends up in Philly next year. There could even be an “arrangement “ already in place

    Talent aside the Jets need to drastically change the room. My opinion is it needs to be Scheifele and Wheeler. Connor and Dubois are the future . In addition to the coaching staff of course

    • KFC, Dubi, Ehlers, Svech, Perfetti can all stay, but everything else should be up for debate on the forward side for the Jets.

      • I agree silverseven, the leadership of wheeler and scheifele has run its course, its time for new voices to take the lead. scheifele is tradeable, unfortunately wheeler and his contract is not, so best they can do is ask him to give up the C. morrissey the new C perhaps? he raised his game to a new level this year.

        Brock, I would also keep lowry, sanford, and appleton, as they are solid defensively and good on PK.

  11. Really nice bit by the Canadiens to honor Guy LaFleur before their game today.

    No adverts on boards either, just #10 Guy LaFleur and his signature.

    Class act.