NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – June 18, 2022

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The latest on the Avalanche and Lightning ahead of Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final, an update on the Coyotes’ efforts to build a new arena, Gary Bettman addresses Joel Quenneville’s future, and more in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines

NHL.COM: Colorado Avalanche forwards Nazem Kadri and Andrew Cogliano are each making progress in their recoveries from thumb surgeries. Kadri has been skating on his own and practicing his stickhandling while Cogliano took part in a full team practice on Friday with the fourth line.

Colorado Avalanche center Nazem Kadri (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Avalanche remains hopeful both players will return to action at some point during the Stanley Cup Final. However, there is no timetable for when that might happen.

TAMPA BAY TIMES: The Lightning will attempt to generate more traffic in front of Avalanche goaltender Darcy Kuemper in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final on Saturday. While the Lightning was outshot 38-23 in Game 1, they felt they didn’t create more havoc around the Avalanche net, especially in hunting down rebounds for scoring chances.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, expect the Lightning to try and get more bodies in front of Kuemper for screened shots while attempting to pounce on rebounds he can’t control.

TSN: The Arizona Coyotes have received approval to open negotiations with the city of Tempe to build a new arena closer to downtown Phoenix. The club hopes to have a deal for the 46-acre tract of land worked out by the end of this year, but Coyotes President and CEO Xavier Gutierrez acknowledged it could take longer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A new NHL-style arena will ensure the Coyotes’ long-term future in Arizona. Until it’s built, they’ll be playing in Arizona State University’s 5,000-seat venue for the next three seasons.

NEW YORK POST: NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said he doesn’t know if Joel Quenneville will be returning to pro hockey. Quenneville stepped down as head coach of the Florida Panthers last October when an investigation revealed his former team, the Chicago Blackhawks, mishandled sexual abuse allegations made by former Blackhawks player Kyle Beach.

Bettman didn’t rule out the possibility of Quenneville one day returning to the NHL coaching ranks. However, it would require the commissioner’s approval. He said Quenneville has indicated he’d like to be part of the game again at the appropriate time. “I don’t think this is the time,” said Bettman. “But we’ll see what happens in the future.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Quenneville is among the most successful coaches in NHL history. However, he put the Blackhawks’ pursuit of the 2010 Stanley Cup over the protection, safety and well-being of Beach.

Bettman may have left the door open for Quenneville to come back but his comments indicate it won’t happen anytime soon. The argument can be made that Quenneville deserves a second chance, but one can counter that he hasn’t paid a full enough price for his role in the Blackhawks’ cover-up of Beach’s allegations.

DAILY FACEOFF: The Florida Panthers have interviewed multiple candidates for their head coaching job in recent weeks. They include Barry Trotz, Pete DeBoer, Rick Tocchet, Travis Green and potentially Paul Maurice.

Meanwhile, interim coach Andrew Brunette is still awaiting his fate. He was a finalist for the Jack Adams Award, guiding the Panthers to their first-ever Presidents’ Trophy for the best regular-season record.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I can understand the Panthers conducting due diligence given the number of highly-qualified coaching candidates currently available. Nevertheless, it’s an awkward look to be talking to applicants when your interim bench boss was a finalist for coach of the year. Should Brunette win the Adams Award, one has to wonder if they’ll continue interviewing contenders for the job.

THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH: The Blue Jackets signed Liam Foudy to a two-year contract extension on Friday. The first year is a two-way deal with a salary worth $725K at the NHL level and the second year is a one-way deal worth $775K. The 22-year-old forward is a former first-round pick (18th overall) in 2018.


  1. Arizona’s a lost cause fold up the tent and grant Quebec or Hamilton an nhl franchise. Colorado wins tonight. Trying to keep a team afloat in Arizona Is like trying to surf in a tsunami how many times can someone flog a dead horse?

    • Hi RWM

      or Vaughan or Durham

      Canada won’t happen (should but won’t ) soon…. until. gary retires

      Houston for sure could work

      Economically ; now, near term, and long term…. The best move Bettman could possibly make is relo Yotes to become another GTA team…. The relo fees that a new GTA owner would pay ….
      could easily be $500 M…. shared by 31 owners. Sale of Yotes to a new GTA owner… easily a big profit for Muerello . HRR in Phoenix v another GTA team…. Literally night and Day… now, 5 years from now, forever

      Portland, KC, Baltimore, Halifax; etc, etc, etc, etc….ALL with far greater expected long term HRR compared to keeping Yotes in Phoenix

      One guy, and one guy only is blocking all logic

      • Hi George

        I had also read that article

        Quite skewed opinion article that relays heavily on the biased opinion of the GM tasked with making this already sunk ship work. He can’t

        Re “ There’s not a wife in the NHL who doesn’t want to go to Arizona. I think we’re ranked No. 1”. Firstly, a bit misogynistic …. But hyperbole extraordinaire.

        Location location location

        When it comes to hockey now, 5 years from now, 39 years from now… Phoenix is waaaaay down the list of expected success/HRR projections.

        Quebec, Portland, Baltimore, KC, San Diego, Halifax and yes even Saskatoon… have higher HRR forecasts than staying in Phoenix

        Houston is logical

        Another GTA team tops all

        Is Phoenix a great place to live…. No ifs ands or buts

        Is it a great place to play hockey…. Nyet.

        What non over the hill player in his right mind actually wants to play a minimum of the next 4 years with a max in house viewing of 4,900 and seriously reduced TV viewership. It will be a place for a hockey career to die

        No hyperbole , no tongue ‘n cheek , no BS here….were Bettman to retire after this season, his replacement would , as his/her very first order of business; relocate the Yotes Franchise post haste

        As long as it isn’t Bill D…. He does whatever Gary tells him to do

      • Relies not relays

      • Many opinions – including a lot in here – are “skewed” – that’s what makes them opinions as opposed to definitive statements.

      • “ Firstly, a bit misogynistic ”

        Jeezus! So saying women like Arizona is “prejudiced against women”?

        Stop! You get a point for your woke word of the day, but just stop it!

        Saying women like to make sandwiches in Arizona while barefoot and pregnant is “misogynistic “.

        There isn’t even a hint of my misogyny in that statement.

        People just can’t wait to be offended by something these days, even where there’s nothing to be offended about!

      • Bang on George

        Exactly why I love this site

        The differing opinions articulately, rationally, and politely debated here are truly refreshing

        I am stuck with my opinion re Yotes relo; and this pig- headed old fart will stick with that opinion; citing the repeated failures of revenues in Phoenix and the future forecasts (near, mid, long-term) hurting all (not named Gary Bettman) as my rational

        We agree to disagree re Yotes staying

        I’d love another GTA franchise

        I’d love to see Quebec get a franchise back( I know, another one we disagree on)

        Houston checks all boxes; and saves face for Bettman (Sun belt and not going to Canada…. Which he is very against)


      • Agree that is wasn’t misogynistic Captain, we all like Arizona, including me. But you seem pretty “offended” by Pengy saying it while criticizing him for being “offended”. Going all “woke” name calling and stuff. It is used so much I don’t even know what “woke” is supposed to mean anymore.

        All good with the debate, just thought it was kind of funny.

        I get why Gary wants to keep a team in Arizona, I hope it does well there, and have no idea why there isn’t another one in the GTA.

        Not sure I believe the legend that there is this old agreement with Leafs and NHL regarding a competitive team there, so WTF?

        Also think the 2 issues are not connected.

      • I’m not offended at all. People inappropriately using the newest and greatest “words of the day” , “bullying” misogynistic “ etc is both annoying and counterproductive.

        It’s trivializing actual cases of bullying, misogyny etc.

        Annoying, not offended. Huge difference.

        Not sure, maybe it’s a vocabulary issue?

        I’m not going any further on this one today.

      • Agree Captain Obvious. Another one is “hate” – you direct ANY criticism at a team and, if “they” determine you’re not a pom-pom waving, sweater-wearing, put-’em-on-a-pedestal fan, well… you’re a “hater.”

      • I guess my approach is different, I simply don’t give a crap if someone thinks something is misogynistic and is annoyed, or if another thinks that is woke and is annoyed.

        But I do enjoy irony.

      • George,

        That’s exactly something a “hater” would say!


    • Arizona can work, but for that to happen they have to win, something they have failed to do and wont for the next 3-5 years

      • Hi Kent

        I can’t see them playoff bound before 5 years…. again, unless they move … and then UFAs would be attracted to moving to a team that has 18 K + in the stands every night vs 4,900 tops (many sitting on bench seats)

      • Pengy. With all we hear about how many players hate playing in hockey fish bowl towns perhaps playing in Arizona is the place for them. Hockey players in general seem to be less likely to embrace the celebrity aspect of the profession.

      • You got it Chrisms … hard to beat the combination of ideal climate and privacy … and Kent is bang on as well – assuming they get a new arena built and, within that time frame, management builds up their stock of prospects (including this year’s # 2 overall) and it starts to show on the ice, the fans will be back.

        Meanwhile, I hope they stop beating thst dead horse in here (Bettman’s gotta go – Arizona’s gotta relocate) because no one who would ever eventually make either decision reads these comments.

  2. I believe Sutter already was awarded the Jack Adams

    • Hi Fergy

      I think Lyle meant “awaiting his fait” re contract for next year not the Adam’s award.

      I think it was a typo …. “ He is a finalist ” instead of “ He was a finalist ”

      • No, I screwed up and totally forgot Sutter already won the Adams. Saturday mornings…UGH! Anyway, it’s fixed and thanks for pointing out the error, guys!

    • And whether a coach receives the Jack Adams Award shouldn’t decide whether he stays or goes other than the optics would be even worse to sack a guy who’s just been named coach of the year.

  3. Today’s tilt should be great. Bolts will now be more acclimatized to elevation; Point healthier; Vazy is Vazy after losses; Avs still without Kadri…. Bolts have a fair chance to even it up tonight

    Re “ Coyotes have received approval ….hopes to have a deal ….worked out by the end of this year, but ….Gutierrez acknowledged it could take longer.”

    It will be a minimum of 4 years in the barn…. queue up the late Marlon Brando….. “the Horror”.

    Gary…. Take the severance package…. Walk away; save us all the mounting angst

    Re Quenville return…. Certainly inappropriate for a return in 22/23. More likely 23/24 (Vegas ? After they fire another coach?)

    • Let Q return, he takes a sexual abuse class and donates time and money to victim’s. Perfect!

      • Hi JZ

        I think that path and resolution just may be the route it goes …. But I think it won’t be until 23/24 season

    • Weren’t you a big advocate of Voynov being reinstated a few years back?

      Boy oh boy can you pick your battles!

      • Nope…. I was not a big advocate for Voynov being reinstated

    • i agree with Caper yesterday..all talking heads think bolts will play better (as do i)) but the av’s who i have watched all season long can play much better as well and will keep the forecheck/turnover game rolling while coming at the bolts in wave after wave..should be a good one!(with me in the house!!!)

  4. Rick Tocchet to Philly seemed like a perfect match. Wonder if he’ll get a shot at one of the other jobs – Boston maybe?

    • BC

      I think bruins will either pick jay Leach. Or Quinn. For their next coach based on what they are supposedly looking for

  5. Winning is everything I spend my winters in Arizona and when Phoenix played and upset Chicago in playoffs the place was electric it was a blast. I’ve bought tickets over the last 10 years usually picking Bruins Washington Pittsburgh Toronto or Edmonton and it’s ok but not great. Coyotes need to build a good young team that starts winning and people will attend.

    • Hi Obe

      No challenge re winning teams bring in attendance

      However; even if Yotes were WCF finalists this year…. Their still playing in front of 4,900 max for at least 4 seasons

      No challenge re Phoenix as a great city…. It is.

      It’s just not a hockey city

      A franchise move to another city (and there is at least 10 far better options) is what is best for the NHL

      Houston may not be the financial top move (another GTA franchise is)…. But it IS an excellent move with an excellent expected future HRR (near, mid, long term)

      It would actually benefit all owners to give Gary a $70 M + severance to walk after this season

      • Pengy, I can’t counter your argument about the results in ARI, the #’s are the #’s.

        I just think it has more to do with ownership and bad past decisions. If so does that mean you scrap that market? Having said that the current owner doesn’t seem like all that either.

        Examples of it working is CAR, VEG, TB, SJ and now FLA. Kind of to Obe’s point, winning kind of helps. I think arena location does matter as well in those markets, heck, any market.

  6. More chaos In front of the net. Means crashing and hitting the goaltender by Maroon and Perry.

    • Caper, yep. If anybody should do that, it should COL, as he is the key to TB winning this series IMO.

      • Agree Ray. The series has the potential to be highly entertaining.

        I hope it lives up to the hype. So far, so good.