NHL Rumor Mill – June 17, 2022

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What’s next for the Canadiens after trading Shea Weber to the Golden Knights? Should the Flyers shop Ivan Provorov or Travis Konecny this summer? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.


SPECTOR’S NOTE: Follow this link for my thoughts on the Montreal Canadiens shipping Shea Weber to the Vegas Golden Knights for Evgenii Dadonov on June 16.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Stu Cowan reports Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes is still listening to trade offers for Jeff Petry. The 34-year-old defenseman has three more seasons on his contract with an annual average value of $6.25 million.

RDS.CA: Hughes was asked about Petry during his video conference announcing the Weber trade on Thursday evening. “There is no imminent transaction,” he said. “But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen before the draft.”

Montreal Canadiens defenseman Jeff Petry (NHL Images).

Hughes also said he’s had several calls from rival general managers expressing interest in Josh Anderson. While admitting he’s always willing to listen to offers, he has no plans to trade the 28-year-old winger. Anderson’s signed through 2026-27 with an annual cap hit of $5.5 million.

SPORTSNET: Eric Engels reports the Canadiens still have over $80 million invested in 19 players for 2022-23 following the Weber trade with promising restricted free agents like Alexander Romanov and Rem Pitlick to sign. There’s little they can do to clear sufficient cap room to pursue big-ticket talent in this summer’s free-agent market.

Engels expects Petry will be traded but Hughes indicated he’s not going to part with futures to make it happen. Despite the interest in Anderson, there’s no urgency for the Canadiens GM to move him.

Hughes also indicated he likely won’t have clarity on Carey Price’s status until close to training camp or possibly afterward. He intends to proceed with his offseason business as though Price will be on his active roster.

Engels also speculated forwards Paul Byron and Jonathan Drouin could be moved this offseason. If they’re not, the Canadiens will gain extra cap flexibility next summer when they become unrestricted free agents.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s apparent Hughes intends to move Petry. There’s been recent speculation linking the blueliner to several clubs, including the Dallas Stars and Pittsburgh Penguins. Whether he ends up with those teams remains to be seen.

The Habs GM intends to be patient to find the right deal for Petry. Considering the moves he’s made thus far (Weber on Thursday, Tyler Toffoli, Ben Chiarot, Artturi Lehkonen and Brett Kulak before the trade deadline), the return must either fetch the Canadiens an affordable player who can help their roster or futures such as draft picks and prospects.

Anderson is the Canadiens’ best trade chip if Hughes is willing to move him. However, he’ll have to receive an offer that’s too good to refuse. I wouldn’t be surprised if Anderson’s still wearing a Habs jersey when the 2022-23 season begins.

Drouin and Byron could draw some interest but their respective injury histories could make them difficult to move. Then again, Hughes found a trade partner to take Weber’s hefty salary-cap hit off his hands. We shouldn’t dismiss the possibility of him finding a taker for either guy.

MONTREAL HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy recently suggested the Canadiens look into acquiring Martin Necas if he no longer fits into the Carolina Hurricanes’ plans. The 23-year-old forward became the subject of trade speculation after a disappointing season amid rumors of a possible rift with Hurricanes’ coach Rod Brind’Amour. He’s completing his entry-level contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It might not be a bad idea to look into Necas’ availability. However, the Hurricanes have some cap issues of their own to deal with.

Cap Friendly indicates they have $19.4 million in cap room and key players such as Vincent Trocheck, Nino Niederreiter and Tony DeAngelo are in need of new contracts. They probably won’t want to take back much salary unless the return is an affordable replacement for one of those three.


PHILLY HOCKEY NOW: Prior to the Flyers’ reported signing of head coach John Tortorella, Sam Carchidi suggested it may be time for them to trade Ivan Provorov or Travis Konecny. He believes they should use either guy to pursue high draft picks and rising young players to restock their prospect pipeline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Carchidi did go on to say perhaps a coach like Tortorella could do a better job bringing out the best in players like Provorov and Konecny. I think that’s what the Flyers’ front office is counting on having gone out and hired “Torts”.

That doesn’t mean Provorov or Konecny wouldn’t be traded if the right offer was made in the coming weeks. However, it seems to me that Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher still believes this club can turn things around with the right guidance behind the bench.


  1. I think Hughes’ know that Price may never be able to play again, and will spend the year on LTIR, which is the reason for the Weber trade. Teams don’t want too much salary on LTIR because it causes issues with end of season bonuses

  2. Sure, anything is possible, but more likely Drouin and Byron get moved at trade deadline.

  3. Torts coming back – I would want out of Philly. He should like Konecny not sure about Provorov .
    Habs not done yet. Petry will get moved. They have been trying to trade Byron for the last 3 years what’s different now .

    • The difference is Byron is healthy now. But he’s not an “off season trade target”. A playoff-bound team might be interested in his PK services at the trade deadline. Otherwise, he walks.

      • Lyle, (or someone in the know) can you employ the mercy rule for me and elaborate on your comment yesterday that:

        “Canadiens opted to trade Weber’s contract instead of simply placing him on LTIR again and exceeding the cap ceiling if necessary. Under that scenario, they can’t accrue cap space over the course of the season, hampering efforts to add players via call-ups, trades or free-agent signings.”

        If the salary is off the books why does it hamper team moves?

      • LJ: As per Cap Friendly,

        “Why’d MTL make this trade? No club wants to use LTIR. It’s restrictive to roster construction (no pro-rating so recalls cost more cap space) and makes an overage penalty significantly more likely.
        This trade enables the possibility of the #Habs operating without LTI this season.”


      • Thanks Lyle.

      • At the end of the season, Byron talked about a potential retirement. Reality is he can barely walk, and if he does not get much much better fast, retirement it will be.

  4. Poor Torts has to deal with the most useless GM in the league.

    Yeah we can turn it around and be a bubble team for the next 10 years or do it the right way and trade a provorov and TK and get 1st’s for the 23 draft.

    Thing about trading these guys, if I am shooting for 1st round picks then that BS about transferring the pick if it a lottery pick wont do. If you make a trade for a 1st you get that 1st end of story.

  5. I would be calling LA , Ottawa, and see what there offers would be. Both have some solid prospects that will be ready to play in the nhl soon.

    I know La was in on Chyc from Az so provorov would fit there needs, and Ottawa if starving for a top 6 RW. There left side and center spots are filled with good to great players. If they would ever get a goalie who could stop a puck and stay healthy there a playoff team.

    • As a Kings fan, I couldn’t agree more on the Kings interest in Provorov.

      They dont have room for all those prospects anyways, may as well trade a few for a player that is young enough to grow with the team but yet help out right away.

  6. 🍁The Edmonton Oilers have been linked to
    Josh Anderson.
    if they cant re-sign Evander Kane

    The Habs need an Affordable and younger offencive d/man like $4.5M Tyson Barrie and the Oilers can move him as Evan Bouchard has moved into his spot

    if the Habs Trade Jeff Petry & his $6.5 mill contract look for that deal to happen it fits both teams needs very well……🤔

    • Montreal might trade for Barrie but there is no way they do this trade one for one. According to Hughes, they are getting offers on Anderson and for him to trade JA it would take a great offer and that’s not a great offer.

      • 🍁 Premier what do you think get a deal done.. all the other UFA offencive d/men are all looking at +$7.M to $9.M…. The Hab cant afford that kind of cash

        With both Weber now gone weber deal saves you 2- Million,
        The habs are at $80.576M Today and have to sign 6 players to fill all 6 spots $1.9m dose not get it done…..❓

        When petry go’s at some point Jonathan Drouin is still on on IR and his $5.5M salary will come back on to the team

        They need 2-3 d/men when they trade JP, they have nobody to move the puck
        They also need a back up Goaltender for Allen
        if Prices cant go…. as its not looking good for him

        Rem Pitlick will be looking for $1.5M & a back up goaltender$1.5 M that can play 35 games in place of Allen ….
        Now your at the cap & you still need to find 4 more players 2 of them decent d/men $2.5 $3.5 range to get you up to the team 23 man roster

        So you will have to move at lease $7.5-$9M off the payroll just to man the roster and if
        Carry Price comes back thats +$10.M unless they can trade him and retain 50% of prices salary But thats a very long shot to happen ….!
        your still way over in payroll cap space …….⁉️

    • Seems like some columnist throws out name and a team and it becomes a thing for the rest of us.

      So it is with Barrie. He’s signed for 4.5 for each of the next two years. Signing him if Petry goes gives the Habs less than 2 million more in cap space for a guy who scored 7 goals last year. Don’t see the upside for the Habs.

  7. Admittedly I don’t know much about Shea Weber injury.

    If there was ever a time to try and get healthy enough to make a playoff run for the elusive Cup, this might be the time.

    Just get the body healthy enough for 28 potential games.

  8. Hey Bruins package Carlo and DeBrusk for a Center go call the Oilers and get one

    • Joe. Who that be. Leon Draisaitl??? Would xii or atvhell of a lot more then that

      If RNH. Then too much

      • Sounds about right MB4.
        IMO they need to draft one, sorry I mean 2. Or trade Charlie, but that is now whack a mole.
        So draft one, they almost always come in top 10, which means we need to lose for a bit.
        Or get really lucky in draft, and luck ain’t a plan.

  9. I’m still not getting all the love for Josh Anderson.
    He is a good player, has a scoring touch when he is hot but does suffer from cold spells. He also has an injury history.
    Its a long term contract too.

    Honest question here, why exactly is he worth a king’s ransom?

    • Anderson is worth a king’s ransom because he’s a rare commodity, a top 10 power forward in the prime years of his career.

      • Disagree, not even close to top 10.

        Maybe top 30, but his value is what a GM will pay for his services.

        If i were the Habs hes a player to move so is drouin, petry.

  10. So, who do you see paying a king’s ransom for a “power forward” who, over the course of 388gp in the NHL (a pretty good sample size), has averaged – for 82 games – 21g 15a 36 pts?

    • “Rare commodity” players should be worth at least a couple of 2nd round picks and a B level prospect.

      As an aside, if the Bruins hire Dave Quinn or Joe Sacco, I’m jumping on the Sens bandwagon. 😔

    • lol top 10 power forward.

      Yeah okay, sounds like another homer comment, would’ve expected this from a leafs fan but next in line is habs fans overrating there players.

      His scoring is one thing but his injury history is horrible. Salary isn’t too bad at 5.5 but how many games a year is he going to miss?

      • Well, The Hockey Writer ranks him a Top Ten Power Forward, so maybe you should compare your definition of a Power Forward to theirs. He has not been overly injured since joining Montreal, but he does run hot and cold. Btw, there are not a lot of real Power Forwards in the league

      • Just wait for Nichushkin to hit the market.

      • https://thehockeywriters.com/top-15-nhl-power-forwards/

        Mad Dog, whether they rank him or not I am still not paying “a king’s ransom” to acquire him, just as I wouldn’t for at least 6 of the players on that list.

        I’m not saying he wouldn’t be a decent acquisition – but the return would be modest.

      • For example, when Montreal acquired him it cost them Max Domi and a 3rd-round pick in 2020 – I wouldn’t even categorize that as a Duke’s ransom.

  11. For example, shoulder surgery, 1G 3A and still commanding Max Domi and 3rd rounder is testament to the value put on a power forward.

    Considering his health and performance in Montreal since being acquired, it will need to be an overpay for it to be interesting

    • I won’t argue that, if Montreal ever did deal him, that what comes back won’t be construed by some as an “overpay.” But nowhere near what they would regard as a “king’s ransom.”

      Now Barkov of Florida, for example, also ranked in that article as a Top 15 power forward, would command – and get – that sort of return. But certainly not either of Corey Perry or Blake Coleman – also ranked.