Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – June 19, 2022

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What’s the latest on Alex DeBrincat and Patrick Kane? Are the Devils trying to re-sign or trade Jesper Bratt? What are the Senators’ plans heading into the draft next month? Find out in the latest edition of the Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup.


THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun reported Friday the Chicago Blackhawks are listening to offers for Alex DeBrincat. There’s no guarantee they’ll trade the 24-year-old winger but if they do it’ll be for a “young player/high picks/top prospect type of return.”

Chicago Blackhawks winger Alex DeBrincat (NHL Images).

DeBrincat has a year remaining on his contract with an annual average value of $6.4 million. He becomes a restricted free agent next July with arbitration rights. LeBrun indicated part of what teams are trying to figure out is what his next contract might look like. He added the Los Angeles Kings are among several clubs to express an interest in DeBrincat.

NBC SPORTS CHICAGO: Charlie Roumeliotis wonders if Patrick Kane will want out of Chicago if the Blackhawks trade DeBrincat. The 33-year-old winger has hinted his potential future with the club could be tied to his linemate’s.

Kane is a year away from unrestricted free agent eligibility. He can sign a contract extension starting on July 13 but could be reluctant to do so without more clarity on what the roster and the potential rebuild timeline could look like.

Roumeliotis suggests it might be better for the Blackhawks to trade Kane if he’s hesitant about a long-term extension rather than let him depart via free agency next summer for nothing.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks wonders about Kane’s worth to the Rangers as a rental player after they were eliminated from the Eastern Conference Finals by the Tampa Bay Lightning.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Blackhawks general manager Kyle Davidson has indicated his intent to rebuild the roster. He’s also said he’ll keep Kane and team captain Jonathan Toews informed about his plans.

Davidson showed a willingness to trade a young player for the right return when he shipped Brandon Hagel to the Lightning for two players and two draft picks. He could move DeBrincat for the type of return outlined by LeBrun. Time will tell if there’s a team willing to meet that expensive asking price.

Bear in mind that Davidson doesn’t have to move DeBrincat before next summer. The winger is two years away from UFA eligibility so Davidson can be patient in evaluating trade offers. He won’t just move DeBrincat for the sake of doing so.

Kane could decide it’s time to move on if DeBrincat is traded. He’s still an elite forward who can contribute to a playoff club. If Kane is looking ahead at next summer’s free-agent market, Davidson could attempt to move him this summer or at some point before next season’s trade deadline.


ESPN.COM’s Kevin Weekes tweeted yesterday that he’s been told there have been no significant contract extension talks between the New Jersey Devils and winger Jesper Bratt. He confirms there are several teams interested in trading for the 23-year-old restricted free agent.

NJ.COM’s Ryan Novozinsky reports Bratt’s agent called him a week ago and said the two sides have had multiple discussions regarding a contract extension. He followed up by reporting Devils officials confirmed the contract talks are ongoing, noting these things take time.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t doubt that there are teams calling Devils general manager Tom Fitzgerald to express their interest in Bratt if contract negotiations fall through and he heads to arbitration. Nevertheless, it appears Devils management and Bratt’s camp are continuing to work toward a deal. Just because teams are calling doesn’t mean he’s going to be traded.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch recently reported Senators general manager Pierre Dorion confirmed he’s received calls regarding what it might take for the club to trade the seventh-overall pick in this year’s draft.

Dorion confirmed he’s spoken candidly to those interested parties that his club might move the pick in return for a player who can help them get to the next level. Garrioch speculates the Senators GM might not get his best offer until draft day. Dorion didn’t rule out retaining the pick.

Garrioch also reported Dorion has been public about his search for a top-end winger and a top-four defenseman. He speculated the Sens GM could target a cap-strapped club like the Tampa Bay Lightning, Vegas Golden Knights, Montreal Canadiens, Boston Bruins, Florida Panthers, Chicago Blackhawks, San Jose Sharks, Edmonton Oilers and Minnesota Wild.

The Senators have been linked to Wild winger Kevin Fiala as he could be a good fit alongside Tim Stuetzle. Garrioch suggested Claude Giroux could be a good fit if the Panthers fail to re-sign the pending UFA forward.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: You can read my take on this story in my column for The Hockey News.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports Senators winger Connor Brown might test next summer’s UFA market. They’ll have to decide if they’ll let him play out the season or make a move.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Trading Brown would free up $3.6 million for the Senators. That cap space could be put to good use by acquiring a right winger via trade or free agency.


  1. Let the dominoes fall! DeBrincat, then Kane then Jonny….Toews will be very hard to move so he just retires after the season. The Cat and Kane will garner about 7 very good assets and should give the Hawks about 3-4 less years on a rebuild!

    • No way should the Hawks trade DeBrincat. He’s the type of player to build the team around during their rebuild. As for Kane, it’s probably time to move on. The Hawks should see what they can get for him.

      • Maybe, maybe not Howard. Can he put up such numbers without Kane?

      • Yes LJ, I believe he can put up solid numbers without Kane. DeBrincat has been a solid scorer since he broke into the league. And like it or not, the day will come when he won’t be playing with Kane. Early next season, Kane will be turning 34. He’s 9 years older than DeBrincat. While still a great player, he’s closer to the end of his career than the beginning. By the time the Hawks are ready to compete again, he’ll be near the end of his career. Best to try to get something for him now. And best to stick with a young player who has produced for them than to take a chance on the unknown.

      • DeBrincat will be a graybeard making 9.5 million plus before the Blackhawks get a sniff of the first round of playoffs.

      • Howard..completely agree with you about building around debrincat.. Kane has one more year Chicago would have to absorb 50% for that final year???

  2. NJ should try to target Matty Tkachuk in a trade for Bratt, 2 OA, Zacha. A win-win for both sides!

    • Flames fan?

      • No, maybe it has to be Sharangovich instead of Bratt on that deal as I originally had it. Bratt is going to sign in NJ….eventually.

  3. Petry (retain $.5M) to the Sens for Brannstrom and Joseph.

    • Johnny, that trade AINT GONNA HAPPEN! I don’t see Brannstrom becoming a top 4 defenseman. Joseph will be a bottom 6 winger at best. No way the Habs do this. In any event, they won’t trade him within the division and Ottawa is likely on Petry’s no trade list.

      • Petry is not worth his cap hit and is in decline. Only Kenny Holland would overpay for that “experience”.
        I cannot see how Detroit would be interested in him unless he comes with a big sweetener.

      • Yeah, Jeff’s uncle is a trucker. Ottawa would not be on his list.

    • @JohnnyZ

      How does Petry to Ottawa make any sense? When he wants out of Canada period, No way is Jeff Petry waiving for Ottawa when he wants the States only. Not happening he’d stay in Montreal before Ottawa.

    • @Johnny Z

      Ottawa would be 100% on Jeff Petry’s 15 team no trade list. He made it abundantly clear that he wants the States only not another Canadian team. he wants to close to home in Michigan it’s not hard to imagine that he wouldn’t waive for Ottawa when his folks are still there in Michigan.

  4. Retain half of Brown’s salary and send him and #7 OA in a package for Fiala…..
    Brown, #7 OA, Brannstrom?

  5. Forget Petry to Ottawa. Why do people think they can dump their unwanted deals on Ottawa? That will never happen and most certainly not for those two. Nor, I think, would they want any part of Anderson. In fact, a deal of any sort with Montreal is remote — at best — since the only players Ottawa might be interested in are off limits.

    A return of Erik Karlsson is laughable as is acquiring Brent Burns even if he agreed to go to “a rebuilding club.”

    The Fiala rumour has been circulating consistently since before the trade deadline, and usually where there’s smoke there’s fire. Personally, I hope not – that has all the possibility of turning out to be Jonathan CheeChoo part deux as I’ve mentioned.

    I’d like to see them give Colin White a chance out of the gate at RW on the Stutzle line … I mean, the guy missed almost the entire season recovering from shoulder surgery and I believe, given half the chance, he could blossom with Formenton and Stutzle. Another possibility is UFA Palat.

    Pinto, a promising C, also missed the entire season with similar shoulder surgery and when camp opens, he’ll be the 3rd line C with Conor Brown on his right (who I HOPE they keep) and Joseph on his left.

    Cambrell will take over from Tierney as the 4th line C with Austin Watson on his right and probably one of Ridley Greig, Roby Jarventie or Egor Sokolov on his left.

    • Not to be sensitive about Habs’ players George, but let’s not label Petry as an unwanted deal.

      Petry asked for a trade last year because he didn’t like Ducharme’s unwillingness to change a bad defensive system, and because his family moved back to the US because of Quebec’s covid rules.

      The Habs have cap issues. Hughes has said he will only trade Petry if it is a good trade for the Habs. If not, he stays and the Habs will use what is almost certain to be Price’s LTIR cap space.

      Finally, there are several teams reportedly interested in Petry, so I would not consider him unwanted by other teams either.

      Just saying …

      • We’ll discuss it again if and when he moves … and especially what they take in return. Whatever the case, Ottawa is in the market for a top 4 D-man – and Petry, who turns 35 in December, is not a top 4 any longer.

      • I accept, George.

      • Yes, Detroit is usually mentioned as a potential destination for Petry, but Detroit does not want him……unless the 2022 number 26 pick is coming with him, and Detroit sends Montreal its 2023 7th rounder. Barring that, no thank you.

    • George, agree I would not be to excited about acquiring Fiala. That has bust written all over it.
      Fiala is a good player but not a player you give up the 7th overall pick for.
      Dorian is a pretty shrewd GM I don’t see him making that move.

      • Yeah, there’s just something “one hit wonder” about that guy Flamefan. I’d rather they go hard after Palat as a UFA – give up nothing but cash.

  6. Patrick Kane to the Rangers is not the right fit.
    Tampa’s D and system slowed the Rangers down and a 34 year old perimeter player is not the need right now. Panarin was playing that game and his linemates were not making space or getting to the net enough. Rangers need another speedy forward who can drive the play who can gel with Panarin.

    • ds. At this point, with the moves that NY made this past deadline, I don’t see them letting Copp walk and giving up more assets for Kane. Even with 50% retained there’s no way Rangers fit him. But, to say a 92 point player wouldn’t have helped against Tampa? Strome was a leader in high danger chances, just not a finisher. I don’t see any contender having cap space for either Kane or Toews and their nmc’s will keep them from going anywhere else. Both will be in rumors come next deadline. I think Copp will be 2C and NY will hope Kakko/Kravtsov/Laf step up scoring at RW.

      • @Slick I did also mean the fit with the cap and the price does not make sense.
        Not 100% sold on Copp as Chytil deserves 2C ice time. Even with the kids taking the next step the Rangers need one more forward with finishing+wheels.

        I always say P Kane to Buffalo makes sense for many reasons.

  7. Sen’s cap space is a weapon. Use it wisely. I believe they have all kinds of options . I would focus on the backend if I were Dorian because it is harder to accomplish unless they are talking elite forward like a Debrincat .

    • Would the sens do a chabot for nurse trade?

  8. What about nylander to the senators for the 7th overall pick, Connor and Zub.

    • Hell no. No way Toronto gets Zub.

    • Hi Jeff

      Pens insist that you are overpaying and want to make the deal right…. On top Alexander; Pens will be sending Zucker and Ruhweedel in the deal… LOL

      What? You say you meant William and not Alexander…

      Leafs fans then say “deal”methinks however, Dubas says “no deal”

      If the deal DID go through; Leafs would like to flip the 7th OA, Holl, and Abruzzeze for Burtuzzi (50 % retained by Stevie Y)

      Since Dubas already nixed the deal; the Detroit offer is moot 😢🤬💩

    • Hi Jeff

      Pens insist that you are overpaying and want to make the deal right…. On top Alexander; Pens will be sending Zucker and Ruhweedel in the deal… LOL

      What? You say you meant William and not Alexander…

      Leafs fans then say “deal”methinks however, Dubas says “no deal”

      If the deal DID go through; Leafs would like to flip the 7th OA, Holl, and Abruzzeze for Burtuzzi (50 % retained by Stevie Y)

      Since Dubas already nixed the deal; the Detroit offer is moot 😢🤬💩

  9. Well George, what is your trade for Willie???

    • IF – and that’s a big big IF – Toronto did finally decide that Nylander had to be the sacrificial lamb in order to free up enough cap to re-sign Campbell, not to mention their RFAs, everybody and his uncle would know the decision was made for that purpose, and so the return could not include any significant cap – more in the nature of picks/prospects.

      If I’m Dorion that would include the 7th overall + their choice of Bernard-Docker or Thompson + one of their 2nd round picks (of which they have 3 I believe with theirs being the highest of the 3 in Round 2). If the Leafs can get better than that elsewhere …. go for it.

  10. If the bruins weren’t in rebuild I’d say go for Alex. knowing Sweeney’s epic moves we’ll probably end up with someone like Corey Perry. New GM and coach Barry Trotz and Mr Bruin for President. He appears to know everything, just ask him he’ll tell ya , the bruins built for the playoffs

    • The horse has expired, Rick. No need to beat him further.
      We get it. You aren’t especially keen on the current Bruins management duo.

    • If somehow the Bruins sign Perry at least that means they make the Cup but fall short

      • Snicker.

  11. was Phillip Forsberg actually in Ottawa yesterday?