NHL Rumor Mill – July 16, 2022

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Speculation over whether Auston Matthews will “pull a Gaudreau”, suggested destinations for free agent Nazem Kadri, and the latest on the Islanders in today’s NHL rumor mill.


TORONTO SUN: Michael Traikos recently wondered if Auston Matthews might follow Johnny Gaudreau’s example and sign as a free agent with a club close to his hometown. The 24-year-old Toronto Maple Leafs center was raised in Arizona and makes his off-season home in Scottsdale.

Toronto Maple Leafs center Auston Matthews (NHL Images).

Matthews is slated to become an unrestricted free agent in 2024. If the Arizona Coyotes can’t afford him if he tests the market, nearby teams like the Los Angeles Kings, Anaheim Ducks, San Jose Sharks or Vegas Golden Knights could pursue him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s a good chance Matthews will stick with the deep-pocketed Leafs, especially if they can finally get over the playoff hump over the next couple of seasons. However, Gaudreau’s situation serves as a reminder that even superstars on good teams can take the opportunity presented by free agency to move closer to their offseason homes. That was a key factor in John Tavares’ decision four years ago to leave the New York Islanders for the Maple Leafs.

Could Matthews bolt for one of those clubs mentioned by Traikos in two years’ time? Yes, he could. Will he? That’s something only Matthews knows and he’s not telling. However, if he doesn’t sign a contract extension with the Leafs next summer, questions about his future in Toronto will dominate the rumor mill throughout 2023-24.


THE ATHLETIC: The Colorado Avalanche, New York Islanders and Calgary Flames are among Peter Baugh’s suggested destinations for Nazem Kadri. The 31-year-old center is currently the biggest name available in this summer’s free-agent market as speculation abounds over where he’ll eventually sign.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Avalanche has just $3.9 million in cap space for this season. They’ll have to shed salary if they hope to bring Kadri back.

The Islanders have the cap space but they need a scoring winger, not a center. They could shift Mathew Barzal or Brock Nelson to the wing but I think their preference is for a natural winger. They must also ensure they have sufficient cap room to re-sign restricted free agents Noah Dobson and Alexander Romanov.

Kadri rejected a trade to the Flames three years ago. Perhaps he’d be willing to join them if they pony up a big offer. They’ve got over $18 million in cap space and while a big chunk of that will go to Matthew Tkachuk, they should have enough for Kadri. However, that could complicate efforts to re-sign RFAs Andrew Mangiapane and defenseman Oliver Kylington.

Baugh also listed the Nashville Predators and Seattle Kraken as destinations for Kadri.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless the Predators can trade a high-priced center such as Ryan Johansen or Matt Duchene, or they shift the latter to the wing, Kadri isn’t a fit in Nashville. Besides, they already have three high-salaried forwards in Johansen, Duchene and Filip Forsberg. I doubt GM David Poile wants to add a fourth.

The Kraken have room on the roster and in their cap payroll. However, Kadri might prefer joining a playoff contender instead of an NHL club in just its second season of existence.


NEW YORK POST: Ethan Sears wondered what the New York Islanders will do after losing out in the Johnny Gaudreau free-agent sweepstakes. He noted that Nazem Kadri was still available but believes he’ll be out of their price range.

General manager Lou Lamoriello could go the trade route to address his club’s need for a scoring forward. St. Louis Blues winger Vladimir Tarasenko could be available but he’s a UFA next summer and has full no-trade protection this season.

Lamoriello could inquire about Patrik Laine if the Columbus Blue Jackets have difficulty re-signing the RFA winger after adding Gaudreau. He could also revisit his interest in Vancouver Canucks forward J.T. Miller.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lamoriello is getting slammed by Islanders fans and the local media for missing out on Gaudreau as they question whether he’ll be able to address his roster’s biggest need this summer. The Isles GM never tips his hand and never speaks to the media about his intentions, which is stoking the impression that he’s doing very little.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Lamoriello is quietly going about his business searching for a scorer. Nevertheless, he could find it increasingly challenging this summer to bolster his offense. Suitable options via free agency are few and far between and the trade market could be cooling off after a couple of weeks of heated activity.


  1. Disappointed that Lou could not land the big fish to finally solidify the top line. Not ready to jump ship.

    The only way this team is ever going to get that type of prize is through trade.

    • St. Louis is a playoff team. Don’t see them getting better by trading Tarasenko. Vancouver almost got in and they don’t need to move Miller. Not rebuilding. JT to isles fell through before. I’d say Nucks are also looking for a return that makes them a better team now. Isles need to still sign Dobson and Romanov. Aquiring a “big fish” will require sending back salary. And pending ufa’s like Vlad and JT will be hard to keep next year when Barzal will need a new deal.

      • Slick,

        Is this reasonable??

        Beauvillier and Mayfield and a conditional 1st round pick


        Tarasenko and Bortuzzo

        The conditional is if Vaddy signs extension.

      • Iowa, I’m not an Isles fan and don’t see value for you in either of those 2 guys. I’d think Blues could get a lot better return for Vlad. Mayfield also ufa next offseason.

  2. Patrick Kane and Barzal be a fun combo but i see Kane saying Avs or Rangers

    • “I doubt GM David Poile wants to add a fourth.”

      I’m glad you brought this up. The overwhelming #1 need for the Preds going into this off-season was to acquire a legitimate 2nd line winger to play on Granlund’s line. Apart from someone who follows the Preds, one would be hard pressed to name even one of Granlund’s linemates last season. So what did Poile go out and do? He traded for a 33 year old Dman with a 6.75M cap hit with 3 years left on the deal. Now Poile, as he stated on a sports talk show this week, says he can’t sign a UFA forward to a longer term deal because he already has too many long term contracts. :/

      This is why David Poile has been an NHL GM for 40 years and not only never won a Stanley Cup, but only reached the finals once. But hey, he did lock up Zach Stanford for a year, so there’s your 2nd line winger upgrade!

    • As an Avs fan, I’d rather lose without Kane than win with him. I hope Kane and Toews finish their miserable careers in Chicago.

      • 3 cups is miserable? Cmon man!

  3. Players stringing along GM’s and Owners during the UFA process has created a brand new way of trying to build a successful hockey team.

    Players go for the money, which you can’t blame them for doing, but show no loyalty to their current team by telling them the truth about their intentions of leaving.

    Tavares did it, Gaudreau did it and who knows how many others have.

    This scenario played out again and the Islanders and Flames lost a franchise impact player for nothing in return.

    GM’s cannot allow this scenario to continue playing out this way. It’s appropriate for the UFA players to have leverage, but if they are not honest with their respective GM’s, they should and will be moved for something at the deadline prior to the upcoming summer when the UFA deadline hits. So sad bc the Organizations drafted these players as 18 year old’s and dedicated so much time and money, all to have nothing in return if they walk.

    Maybe it’s time for mandatory Draft Picks to automatically be awarded to the Team’s losing their originally drafted players who after 10 years of service leave for nothing.

    Maybe a tiered compensation similar to the Draft Pick return structure on Offer Sheets.

    Something needs to be done by the League to aid the Team’s like the Islanders and Flames moving forward.

    • I’m relatively sure both Johnny T & Johnny G left money on the table when signing with their new teams, so saying that players leave teams for the money is not exactly a correct statement.

    • Vinny

      Doubt that will happen the GM s make a lot of $$ and it is their job to manage the roster and cap. So if a player wants to leave the GM must decide the value of holding the player and letting them walk for free. Or trade them for assets

    • A contract, is a contract. Theres a reason they’re called UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENTS.
      Once a contract expires and a player earns his right to sell his services to the highest/best bidder, his former team is owed nothing. That’s how standard NHL contracts work.
      I’m pretty sure the union would never sign off on their members being “forced” to play for a club they don’t want to play for, just because.
      Calgary had lots of time to get John to put ink to paper………he just didn’t want to. That’s on Tre. He should have dealt him, just like he should deal Matt Tkachuk.
      The Flames were owed nothing. They bought and paid for 10+ seasons of Johnny Hockey. They should enjoy the memories and move on. Lessons learned.

      • In all fairness the union has signed off on players being forced to play for a specific location. Unions doing what unions do… feed off their young.

      • In all fairness Chrisms, the kindest comment in reply to your “union feeding off their young” comments is that it is ill considered. If there weren’t a collective agreement in place what player rights would there be?

        Do you think that NHL owners would benevolently say, sure players, we’re fine with being part of a league where players are free to play for any team each year?

        If you took 10 seconds to think, you’d realize the reason players have the right to movement at all is that it is a bargained right balancing benefits to team owners for some return on their investment with players earning some freedom of movement. A right players voted in favour of.

        This isn’t the first time you’ve posted banalities about the NHLPA. How about doing a little reading about what it was like for players before the NHLPA was in existance. Or maybe ponder why not once has there been a de-certification movement by the players?

      • Nowhere in that counter response did you address the specific quote about unions eating their young.

      • I thought it was obvious, Chrisms. If it’s not I am not going to put the work into spelling it out for you.

    • 100% Disagree…i think 10 years of time is due compensation. The GMs are not always honest with their players. How many times have we seen a GM say, “Nope, player X is not on the trading block, he’s an important part of our team”. Only to be traded 2 weeks later. If you don’t want a player to leave. Treat him better. Pay him more. Make him Capt. Who knows, Johnny may have absolutely hated spme of his teammates, we just dont know…. People in big business are recruited by competttors all the time. It just doesn’t make the headlines. This is not, “poor team”. At the end of the day, it’s a business

    • PL Dubois was upfront when he told the Jets he was going to test the free agent market when he is eligible in 2 years. The Jets can let him play out the last 2 years of his contract and lose him for nothing or trade him now, although the return won’t be great because teams know he is a rental and he won’t be resigning. At least the Jets have time to prepare/plan for the inevitable.

    • Got a question for you, Vinny. Let’s say that you take a job and sign a contract which keeps you with a company for a certain number of years. While you are under contract, the company gets to use you, or not, as it seems fit. While under contract, the company can even send you to work for another company, either by selling your contract or swapping you for one (or more) of it’s employees. During the last year of that contract, should you be required to inform the company of your intention to either re-sign with that company or sign a new contract with someone else?

      • Somebody sign JAROMIR JAGR!😃 Even if they don’t let him play anymore he could drive the zamboni.

    • Hypothetical if Johnny Hockey knew he wasn’t resigning in Calgary and didn’t inform anyone that was his choice.

      GM could’ve traded him but didn’t his choice.

      If Johnny mind was made up, maybe a reason for not informing the team was as simple as:

      I don’t want to move now and then pack up and move again after the season over. I fulfill my contract obligation and decide in the off-season where I want to live and play.

      • I agree Caper, it is on the GM to put a deadline on an extension as soon as the player is eligible to be resigned.

        If the player wants to drag his feet on re-upping then the team must decide whether to move him for the best return possible or keep him as their own rental.

        IMO Gaudreau earned the right to choose whatever option that he liked best.

        Eric Francis wrote yet another negative article about Johnny saying he disrespected the Flames and Calgary fans. He further added he had been predicting for years that Johnny would leave . He has written so many negative and often undeserved articles over the years that I heard Gaudreau’s sister had called him out on twitter. If anyone needs to apologize it is him.

    • The LEAGUE can do nothing as this is all subject to the Collective Bargaining Agreement

    • couldn’t agree more that there has to be some compensation perhaps tiered to what they sign for IE over Ten 1st round top ten pick over 7 million 3 rnd or 5 million 4th round etc but only for original draft pick

      But as you state GMs need to be smarter Snow s deserved to be fired you need to tell your franchise player if you dont resign by oct 1 we will begin to seek trade offers and if they dont sign by trade deadline you trade them period for best offer and you still try to pursue when they are an ufa Any GM who doesnt do this doesnt have the smarts to run a team as GM. what happened to the islanders to lose JT for nothing a top ten player was and still is unforgivable same now in Calgary. Playofd chase be dammed u need to protect your franchise that comes first. if you cant decide by Oct your not worth a risk to lose out a decent return vs 0 assets when they walk away

    • If you are going down that path, all clubs must honour the contracts they willingly offered and agreed to with the player. No more “you are not producing so we don’t want you anymore” scenarios. No more “we can’t afford your contract anymore as we need cap space to sign someone else” situations. Buy-outs are a thing of the past too.

      A contract is a contract. It works both ways.

    • A GM can sign a player a year ahead of the end of their contract. It’s not like the possibility of a player leaving sneaks up on them. What did Calgary offer Gaudreau last summer to make sure they never got to this point?

  4. Maybe it’s time for players and agents as well as fans and gms to learn math and budgeting?
    80 ish million per club, twenty something players means four ish average per. Get too many long term high dollar deals with trade and movement protections and the market stalls. For every contract above the average you need one equally below… When you pay Matthews, McDavid money to a player you need several players below…. For nearly every player they make more on their first contract or two than their parents made in the 18 years of that kid’s life. Far more than spent on gear, ice time, coaching etc. So, do they “deserve” excessive contracts? Not my money to spend… I don’t blame them for getting whatever they can… Good for them… They don’t choose where they want to play earlyin their careers, with few exceptions they are drafted and held hostage basically in that club’s system. So, enjoy what we have or we end up like the crap sport with the round ball and players deciding who plays where and what city wins championships.

    • And yes I need a math tutor

  5. No clue what the Leafs are doing but the Janrok and Aube-Kubel signings are good ones (except the term on Janrok, 4 years is too long).

    Both pretty good on the forecheck, defensively responsible and can kill penalties.

    Scooby could have done worse.

  6. The hard cap & fair draft make hockey the easiest of the major sports for a small market to contend and build a championship team in terms of financial competitiveness. Those teams whose hands are tied put the knots in place themselves. Some like Chicago, are looking back at a run of finals and cups, and got things more right than wrong. Others miss out more often than random variation would suggest.
    Yet the way of the world is that GM’s seem to bear less of the burden than coaches, and players.

    Their job definition is to handle the issues….any issues…that arise and navigate them successfully.
    The agreed upon measure is the W-L record over a period of years, and whether or not the team has the series of peak years in the cycle that the structure should allow all teams to have.

  7. Lyle, re “There’s a good chance Matthews will stick with the deep-pocketed Leafs …” one thing has become clear with the advent of the hard cap and that is, being “deep-pocketed” has its limits when trying to flesh out a roster after paying 5 or 6 players over 50% of the available cap.

    Sure, they could up his cap hit well north of the current $11,640,250 when he comes due – they have the money – but in that circumstance the cap had better be going up exponentially or some other high-priced contract moved if Dubas doesn’t want to be constantly searching for low-priced “bargains” to flesh out his roster – not to mention signing pending RFAs – as he’s facing now.

    • Well, George, by the time Matthews hits UFA status the Leafs will only have one year left on Tavares and Marner’s contract, and Nylander’s expires the same year as Tavares.

      So the Leafs could let Nylander go, ride out Tavares’ contract, pay big and keep Matthews and Marner. With Tavares and Nylander out that’s nearly 18 million in cap space to try and bring balance to the roster.

      But don’t you have to wonder if Dubas will still be GM by then?

      • All you state is fact LJ – but where do they find replacements as good as Tavares and Nylander between now and then but whose cap hits are considerably lower, and who in their right mind is giving that up? For what? And in that scenario, with no adequate replacements for the lost production of Tavares & Nylander might Matthews have second thoughts about re-upping there?

        Just another combination of events that could wind up making re-signing him problematic.

      • I have no quarrel with the comment I initially responded to from you, George. Just pointing out how the Leafs might be able to escape the cap hell they have so ensconced themselves into.

        WRT Matthews specifically, if he has to get the most he can get from the market then he is going to hamstring any team’s cap.

  8. Gaudreau left $14m dollars on the table. A GM has to understand if it is going to be money or term or something else . The latter was in Johnny”s case. He wasn’t taken away from Calgary but given to Calgary in the first place.
    Treliving’s job is on the line with Tkachuk and his next moves…No pressure

  9. As per the Leafs, I honestly thought this was Dubas last season
    1. Tavares
    2. Kadri
    3. Foligno
    4. Marchment
    5. Mrazek
    6. Not signing Matthews and Marner earlier . Marner requested 8 mil /yr over 8 years
    Matthews -9.5 over 7 .I still have the article .Mark Hunter encouraged the signings …
    Treveiling has learned the hard way as well …
    7. Signing 2 ex Ottawa Senator castoffs, that obviously Dorion has no use for , even in their minor league affiliate
    8. Leafs have to now sorry about Matthews as per the article today ?!?!?!?!

    As far as the goalies , IMO , an improvement over last year …
    Bunting is fine as well

    Dubas doesn’t have the moe joe , or hockey Davy, IQ to pull off any blockbuster , difference , significance to the lineup , as a Dorion, Yzerman , Sakic etc

    Leafs are a very good team , but some tweaking is needed , not band -aid adds

  10. Matthews loves the big stage. How many years will the Yotes be playing before 5,000 fans? If he ever did want to play in Arizona, I suspect he would give the Leafs plenty of notice. He has mentioned in the past that he loves playing in Canada…though he does usually put on a show when they play in Arizona.
    Who knows? Maybe they trade him for Connor Bedard next year and save $10 million?

    • That’s funny, a team will trade a top prospect for 1 year of Mattews. Or that the Coyotes can’t afford him. July 1st 2023 AM’s NMC kicks in. I love it when Leafers bring up that the Coyotes are playing @ ASU. Once the new arena (and the whole entertainment district) is built it will be a prime destination, next to Tempe town lake. I’m predicting that the Arena will be ready for the playoffs in Matthews 1st season as a Coyote.

  11. If Leafs don’t make ECF at a minimum; by June ‘24…. I can’t possibly fathom Mathews staying

    If Yotes had a reasonable franchise ; or weren’t playing in front of 4,900 for at least 2 years past June ‘24…. Then AM signing there and being their Captain…, has to have been the biggest probability

    If Gary retires..,. AM becomes first Captain of the Houston Yotes

    A fair possibility is AM signing 1/7/24 with Krakken …. $105 M … 7 years…. Being made Captain…. By that time , Krakken playoff bound and on the rise

    BTW $15 M per in Seattle …. To earn same take home ($9.5 M take home) in TO his gross would need to be $20.3 M (figures from the Gavin group)

    • Pengy…Penguins dump Marino (to of all teams a division rival) for 22 year old Ty Smith and a 3rd round 2023 pick.

      If you are going to dump a top 4 defenseman for cap space there are better places for Marino than in the Metro…good grief

      I know this moves saves a lot of cap space and moving Peterson will create even more and hopefully something bigger is coming.

      While Ty Smith is young at 22, cheap at $825,000, he was also -25 last year and sent down to the minors twice in the last two years.

      This is a cap dump and hopefully more things are coming but New Jersey benefits right now.

      Maybe Sullivans system and the large amount of talent in Pittsburgh will help Ty..

      If we can move Petersson that will free up $ million more to make $ 8 million..

      we shall see….

      i was hoping john Marino to Vancouver for Connor Garland to Pittsburgh.

      I like Rutta alot..

      Metro is improving alot

      – Carolina Pacioretty & Burns
      – Columbus Johnny Gaudre]eau
      – New Jersey Marino & Palat
      – Washington Kuemper & Connor Brown
      – Rangers Trochek

      Hopefully Hextall has a few more moves coming My nephew who lives back in Pittsburgh says there is a bunch of chatter the Penguins are trying to reacquire Brandon Tanev…you hear anything like that..

      • Ty Smith is gonna be a good one. Nice deal for the Pens.

      • Hi BnG

        Pens list both trades…. But that’s OK if there are more moves coming that will move Zucker… and then havd Pens sitting with North of $7M in space…. To fill out top 6 … my suggestion is Neidereiter

    • Ok just heard from Elliot Friedman that Jeff Petry will be traded tp the Penguins soon,,deal being completed.

      Marino thing makes more sense now..

    • Take home pay might be more in Seattle, but with the Leafs being able to front load contracts via roster bonuses, the players management team can then invest the money to make up for that shortfall in taxes.

  12. If Austin doesn’t sign a extension by the end of next year. You trade him for a huge package of players and draft picks.

    • The problem Stefano is that Matthews has a a full no-move clause. If he wants to decide where he wants to play, he will.. I think more and more players might prefer moving close to home or go to their favorite team. Dubois is next as he and is agent confirmed he wants to play for the Habs. Even if the Jets decide to trade him he might simply let the other team he will not sign with them. So that’s why the Canadiens shouldn’t pay too much for his services or maybe simply wait two years to sign him as a UFA.

      • The other team ”know” Sorry about that 😉

      • Hi Mike

        Mathews has no trade protection whatsoever up to and including 30/6/23

        Up to 1/7/23…. Leafs can send him anywhere they want….

        With that in mind…. If Leafs don’t make it to the ECF next spring…. They need to seriously consider trading him for a bucket of assets…. No ECF appearance next spring and the likeliehoid of a cup appearance in ‘24 is slimmer…. And he’s walking 1/7/24…. Get what they can, when they can

  13. Penguins traded John Marino to Devil’s for Ty Smith and 3rd Round Draft Pick.

    • Trying to make sense of this from a Devils perspective. I wanted to see what Ty could do outside of the Naz system (which I felt was horrible) and get him past the sophomore slump. Seems like we sold low on him. Kicking in a third as well seems as an overpay. Marino is an analytics darling however, so maybe it wasn’t Fitz making this call. Also Marino slots in as a third pairing RD – at $4.5 million?? Something else might be up (or I hope is).

    • Love this deal

      Pens were tight against Cap

      Smith thanks s ELC does not have to clear waivers

      Pens had 5 RDs

      Pens not w have $3.3 M in space

      Smith, although sleight … from what I’ve read, it s projecting well

      Also got a pic

      Move Dumo from r a 3rd;

      Use those 2 3rds plus s a Pens 3rd… as a sweetner to take Zucker

      That would have Pens at $12.8 M space…. Neideriter ? Klinger??

      • Penguins moved Matheson and 3rd in 2023 for Jeff Petry and Ryan Poehling.

        deal done

      • Now we’re talkin’

        Right now at 23/23 and $2 M in space

        Flip the 3rd from the previous deal( plus Poehling) to Yotes for them to take Zucker and Ruhweedel

        P-O J up

        That leaves Pens at $7.4 M for a top 6 forward….. Neiderreiter????

        Sid Guentz Rusty

        Gino Neiderreider Rakell

        Carter McG and one of Nylander or Poulin or Kappy

        Blueger and two of Nylander or Poulin or Kappy

        Tanger Dumo
        Petry Pettersson
        Rutta P-O J
        Freidman Smith

        Jarry/De Smith

  14. 🍁!00 % He Will want to go back to the West Cost or Dessert where his family live in AZ, he also has a house he build there….⁉️

    Speculation over whether Auston Matthews will “pull a Gaudreau”, suggested destinations for free agent

    TORONTO SUN: Michael Traikos recently wondered if Auston Matthews might follow Johnny Gaudreau’s example and sign as a free agent with a club close to his hometown. The 24-year-old Toronto Maple Leafs center was raised in Arizona and makes his off-season home in Scottsdale.

    Its a Mess in Leaf land, a first round exit again in 2023 and he is as good as gone,
    They can have 4 forward players eating up 50% of the salary Cap❓
    2 of them Marrnier & Tavares are NOT Worth
    $11.M PA…. this is why its NOT Working…3rd & 4th lines are Weak, the defence is Mediocre.. Matt Murray the New Leaf goaltender better be able to stay Healthy….⁉️…. and pul lots of Rabbits out of
    his Hat…..

  15. As a Devil’s fan a little puzzeled. I wanted to see what Ty could do outside of the Naz system (which I felt was horrible) and get him past the sophomore slump. Seems like we sold low on him. Marino is an analytics darling however, so maybe it wasn’t Fitz making this call. But Marino slots in as the third line RD, behind Hamilton and Severson, at $4.4 million that’s an expensive 3rd pairing. Perhaps Fitz has another trade in plans (or I hope so).

    • Penguins trade Mike Matteson and 4th round pick to Canadians for Jeff Petry and Ryan Poehling.

    • I wouldn’t have made that deal if I was Fitzgerald.

  16. Where’s Pengy? Pitt making moves today. Petry and Poeling for Matheson and a pick?

    • Responded above Slick

      Love Matheson, wanted him to stay but now have space and Piehling and pick ti be used to punt Zucker & Ruhweedel …. Then could sign Neiderreiter to play with Gino and Rackell 👍👍👍

      This cost Matheson; but if the end result is Zucker gone…. All good

      • Pengy….. I like having a right side of Letang / Petry & Rutta way more solid…

        I still think Hextall moves Petrsson bring in a solid LHD Vet like say a Robert Hagg on the cgeap to play with Petry on second pair D..

        Let young newly acquired Ty Smith and Pierre Oliver Joseph battle it out for the 3rd pair LHD……whoever wins will be protected and sheltered by 2 time Stanley cup defenseman Jan Rutta..who will teach them.

        I like the way Zucker played in the playoffs he looked healthy (finally) and played aggressively and with speed…..that contract can’t be moved…

        On the bright side we got Rudwhedel out of the line up…..LOL

      • Hi BnG

        Like the deal if we can punt Zucker…. Otherwise…. Marino/Matheson replaced by Petry/Rutta… team D got older and slower and less offensive

        Pens lose the trade with Habs …. but I’m OK with that as long as Pens can use Poehling + to rid Zucker…. Then use that extra space for an effective too 6 winger …. I suggest Neiderreiter (who is also big)

        Pens should not be moving Pettersson…. P-O J and Smith at 2LD and 3LD is too green

        HexBurkie…. One more trade (for Zucker Exodus) . Then UFA top 6

        Now….. IF it costs Pettersson as the incentive for another team to take Zucker…,,

        Rutta can play LD or RD…., so go

        PK Suban ($1M) P-O J

        That would put Pens with over $11 M in space… Kadri in play???

  17. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kane wants to go to the Lightning & play there. I’m sure he’s gonna want a chance to win another cup at some point before he decides to retire.

  18. Somebody sign JAROMIR JAGR! Even if he doesn’t play they could just let him drive the zamboni.😃

  19. How is it called “Pulling a Gaudreau?” Such a dumb thing to say. Johnny literally did what other UFAs do and it’s called pulling a Gaudreau FFS