NHL Rumor Mill – July 9, 2022

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The goalie market is heating up with free agency approaching plus updates on J.T. Miller, Evgeni Malkin and Jeff Petry in today’s NHL rumor mill.


TSN: Chris Johnston reports Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas intends to meet with Jack Campbell in the hope of negotiating a new contract with the goaltender before free agency begins on July 13. Dubas also did due diligence on the Ottawa Senators’ Matt Murray and talked with other GMs on possible options if Campbell decides to test the UFA market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs aren’t the only club looking at Murray. The Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch reports the Edmonton Oilers and Arizona Coyotes are studying that option.

SPORTSNET: Luke Fox reported the Leafs aren’t the only club searching for goaltenders. Multiple clubs will be bidding for Campbell and Colorado’s Darcy Kuemper. Meanwhile, Murray, Montreal’s Jake Allen and Anaheim’s John Gibson have surfaced in the trade market.

Colorado Avalanche goaltender Darcy Kuemper (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: TSN’s Darren Dreger believes it’ll take a lot to pry Allen away from the Canadiens given the uncertainty over Carey Price’s future as he attempts to recover from last summer’s knee surgery. Gibson recently denied rumors he wanted out of Anaheim. With a $6.4 million cap hit and a 10-team no-trade list, he won’t be an easy acquisition.

TWINCITIES.COM: Dane Mizutani reports Minnesota Wild GM Bill Guerin sought to downplay reports claiming Cam Talbot was upset over the Wild’s signing Marc-Andre Fleury to a two-year contract.

SPORTSNET: Luke Fox reports Talbot’s agent met with Guerin on Friday, telling The Athletic’s Pierre LeBrun that the Wild GM had a lot to think about. Asked about those remarks, Guerin bluntly said the agent could say “whatever the hell he wants.” He went on to point out Talbot’s under contract for 2022-23, he really likes him and the team is set now.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Athletic’s Michael Russo cited a source close to Talbot saying he doesn’t want out of Minnesota but he was hurt by not seeing much playing time in the 2022 postseason. He also indicated Talbot seeks a raise on a contract extension.

Guerin stated he has no intention of trading Talbot. However, that won’t keep his name out of the rumor mill.

THE ATHLETIC: Speaking of Pierre LeBrun, he believes Kuemper could be a fit with the Washington Capitals. That could leave the Leafs and Edmonton Oilers battling over Campbell in the free-agent market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Signing Kuemper will be expensive. Washington Hockey Now’s Sammi Silber cited TSN’s Darren Dreger reporting the netminder’s seeking a deal similar to Seattle’s Philipp Grubauer ($5.9 million AAV for six seasons).

The Leafs are in a tighter spot cap-wise than the Oilers, who freed up plenty of cap room after trading Zack Kassian to Arizona on Thursday followed by Duncan Keith announcing his retirement. If Kuemper signs with Washington, the Oilers could pursue Campbell if he goes to market on Wednesday, leaving the Leafs scrambling to find at least a suitable starting goalie via the trade market.


TSN: Darren Dreger reports there remains tremendous interest in J.T. Miller but that failed to materialize into a deal that suited the Vancouver Canucks. Their intent now is to wait and see if teams that fail to address their need for a top-six two-way forward in the upcoming free-agent market will circle back to Miller. If not, the Canucks are happy to have him back for the final season of his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The New York Rangers could be one of those clubs. They’re believed in the market for a second-line center with Ryan Strome and Andrew Copp heading to market on Wednesday.

Chris Johnston reported Evgeni Malkin might be staying with the Pittsburgh Penguins. He believes it comes down to contract term, suggesting a four-year deal worth $7 million annually might get it done.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Penguins GM Ron Hextall remains hopeful of getting Malkin signed, saying they’ll continue chipping away at it.

Darren Dreger reports there’s still some interest in the trade market in Jeff Petry. However, there wasn’t enough for the Montreal Canadiens to trade the 34-year-old defenseman during the draft week.

MONTREAL HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy cites an NHL executive suggesting a Petry trade could take place within the next two weeks. He pointed out that the blueliner has been linked to the Dalla Stars. Murphy also said sources confirm that the Detroit Red Wings, Los Angeles Kings and Carolina Hurricanes had some interest in Petry.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Canadiens hope to shed Petry’s $6.25 million annual average value their best opportunity is between now and the start of free agency on July 13. After that, most teams will have used up much of their cap space, leaving fewer potential trade partners.


  1. Wow $7 mil for 4 years rumored for Malkin? Sorry but thanks for the memories. The Pens could take that money, trade a left side defenseman, and possibly buy out the last year of Zucker or hold half and trade him. For a team needing some new blood they sure are insistent on staying the same. Malkin does most of his damage on the powerplay but it would be money way better spent on getting better at 5 on 5 and improving the bottom 6.

    • Imo $7M for 4 years is to much for Geno. He’s injury prone and played only 41 games this regular season. That won’t get much better…
      Trading Zucker or buying him out sounds good to me. As I mentioned a few times I would try to sign Kadri or Trochek. Re-sign ERod and Rackell and try to get some size and grit for the 3rd and 4th line.
      I would have liked Kassian (50% salary retained by the Oilers) but he is now a Coyote.

    • Pens already overpaid to keep LeTurnover, why not Malkin too?

      • Kris Letang’s stats last season : 10 Goals , 58 Assists , 68 points , and +20 (plus/minus). Kris Letang plays nearly half the game and often vs opponent’s top line. His contract is a bargain.

      • Letang was very good last season and by far imho the only top4 D on that team

        Giving in to Malkin who I dont believe wanted to play anywhere but PGH is a tough pill. Between injuries and his no-show shifts and age…. no thanks.
        Pens in 3 seasons will be a disaster

      • I hope they sign Malkin, the can of pringles isn’t complete without him.

      • Ron..they over paid in years not dollars..

        6.1 against the cap instead of 7.25 like last year..would have rather seen 4 years..

        Not awful he is still playing well coming off a strong season.

    • Rumor – Penguins offered Malkin 3years 6 million per season.

      • Speed..that would work For Malkin

    • Pens 4 life…totally agree no more than 3 years at $6 million for geno.

      Saw a rumor hope it is not true Hextall was talking to Montreal at the draft about Jeff petry good grief no.
      3 years left at 6.25 he is 34..
      Letang was signed already..

      They need to move Peterson Kapanen Heinen

      I would sign Vincent trocheck he is 28 a better all around player with some grit… can get him from anywhere from 5 to 6 million..

  2. I could see DAL acquiring Petry if/when they lose Klingberg in free agency. MTL will probably need to retain 1/2 of JP’s contract
    Also I wouldn’t rule out Petry going home to DET

    • mtl will retain 0 of the petry contract.
      petry has great value

      • AND … Habs don’t want dead space sitting on their cap for the next three seasons.

      • Forgot the sarcasm wink.

    • What I can’t figure out is the basic thinking behind the Penguins’ decision to re-up Letang and possibly Malkin. Do they truly believe that retaining both gives them a legitimate chance at a cup over the next several seasons, or is this a sign that they’re content with just finishing in a playoff spot while they work to replenish their prospect pool – which HockeyWriters rank right near the bottom.

      Does any Penguin fan in here believe that, as structured, they can be considered a cup threat?

      One thing is for certain, they didn’t do much with this year’s draft to build that back up


      • A cup threat – can’t answer your question now. NHL free agency starts next week. Heard a couple free agents Penguins are pursuing. Rumor – the Penguins will deal at least one salary off their current rooster. Wait and see entering the season the Penguins could be a stronger contender compared to last season.

      • I do. They beat the rags with even a back up goalie instead of a third stringer. Crosby is still among the best players. I think you go for it till he fades. There will be a big drop off in a few years. No need to start the rebuilding early.

      • No, the window closed for being a legitimate contender.
        Management is delaying the eventual rebuild.
        It’s so unfortunate but true.. I will always cheer for them but I am realist.
        Love watching Sid play the game the right way.

      • What I sense in the replies is a manifestation of the old adage “hope springs eternal.”

        Almost beating the Rangers does not – in any way, shape or form – signify that they are even in the same rink as Tampa Bay and Colorado.

        From this vantage point – with no particular axe to grind one way or another – I see a team with a small handful of top quality players – some getting long in the tooth – with little in the way of a supporting cast.

        Right now, with the Letang signing, they have $15,308,158 with which to sign 5. Their 2 RFAs (Danton Heinen – 18g 15a 33 pts) and Kasperi Kapanen – 11g 21a 32 pts) are coming off a cumulative $4,300,000 cap hit so when they’re re-up that’ll be closer to $6 mil, leaving around $9 mil to sign 3.

        Of their UFAs I would think Rakell – coming off $3,789,444 – 20g 21a 41 pts with Anaheim & Pittsburgh – is a priority to keep so if and when he’s re-signed, there goes the bulk of what’s left.

        How would they even remotely be able to re-sign Malkin, never mind Rodrigues, coming off a paltry $1 mil – 19g 24a 43 pts, or chasing a couple of other UFAs.

        And where is the rumour that they are about to deal a contract off their roster? Nothing of that sort has popped up in here.

      • I say keep reassembling the same exact team every year!

        Every player on this roster has shown how durable they are year after year. How could that go wrong as they get older?

        And the last 4 years have also shown what a deep cup threat team they still can be!🤪

      • George

        Heard the Penguins are letting Kasperi Kapanen walk.

        Evan Rodriquez may not be back. Most of Evan’s goals were scored earlier on in the season. His production quickly faded. In the playoffs made took a horrible penalty costing them the game. Evan claims he didn’t do any wrong with that penalty.

        Wait and see with Rakell and Heinen. Last season too many of these players play the same way. Penguins want to change a portion of their tram desiring players bigger , tougher , physical. In other words tougher too play against.

        Absolutely rumor – Penguins want to deal at least one salary off their rooster preferred before free agency starts. Hint – how many of D-Men earn at least four million per year ?

      • Hi SK

        If Pens are not giving Kappy a QO… both Hextall and Burke need to be fired

        Kappy QO is only $840 K…. That’s a measly $90 K over league min

        At $840 K he can be completely buried if he litrally falls off the planet

        He had an awful year that was worth much less than his Cap hit….

        But even at those awful numbers …. Where he really has only up to go…. $840 K is more than worth it

        All teams have to pay their 13th and 14th forwards a minimum of $750 K

        For $90 K more… you have a speedy player; already familiar with the system; familiar with team and coaches; that only has 1 way to go… up; and with this year literally a prove it year…. He could very well get up to high teens (maybe 20 ) in goals??

        Idiot move to let him walk

        There will be many teams willing to offer him $1M … as they get him for no assets

        Wake up HexBurkie

      • George O…..yes the Penguins can compete for cup.

        Did you watch the Rangers series.

        No dumoulin 1 game
        No jarry 1 game
        No Rakell 1/2 game
        No de smith 1 game
        No crosby last part of game 5 and all of game 6 in Pittsburgh

        We still went 7 games and ot with out number one goalie, number two defensemen, number two right winger, number two goalie, and no Crosby in game 6 in Pittsburgh he plays that game we win.

        Look at the 5 on 5 stats penguins were better and out scored them 36 – 28 in the series..

        They need to add sone muscle od defense to deal with goo s like trouba lilgren tom wilson, not resign malki , add depth

      • I’m not sure what the alternative would be George? Let the aging stars walk and replace them with what? Overpriced free agents? They don’t have the assets to trade for really god players. Tank? With Sid still playing all star hockey? With guentzel among the best goal scoring wingers in the league? You’d have to trade the both of them to tank cause even without letang or Malkin the pens are still a likely playoff team. Pens only option is to try to play the hand dealt and hope for what any cup winner needs. A little bit (or lotta bit) of luck.

      • Chrisms, I wasn’t raising the issue of alternatives. I merely asked Penguins fans if they truly believe that retaining Letang and Malkin puts them in a cup scenario over the next several years or if they think – again truly – that what is signals might be contentment with being a playoff team while they attempt to build up a depleted prospects pool?

        Then I pointed out their cap situation and wondered how anyone can see how they can retain Malkin while also keeping their RFAs and a couple of other UFAs when the money just isn’t there. Some have come back with rumours of contracts being moved (ask for the source – none given) while others think the production provided by Rakell and Rodrigues, for example, “can easily be replaced off the UFA heap. At what cost and how do they accommodate them cap-wise? You sure as well won’t replace that production with cheap UFAs.

      • Pens have some cap options. I think one of their ld is movable replaced by an elc in poj. If Malkin comes back 2.5 less and letang is over a million less. I think they ice a playoff team and see what happens.

      • It’s interesting that Pittsburgh out scored them 5 v 5 36 – 28 in the series. When both teams only scored 29 goals a piece in the series.

      • The Pens remain just good enough to have a solid chance at a cup. They are not the Colorado or Tampa bays of the league but I won’t say they can’t beat them in a seven game series.

        So the Pens work to win. If teams had the mentality that they won’t likely win than 2/3rds of the league would be at a fire sale right now.

    • I would rule it out for Detroit. They have no need for an old expensive right handed defenseman and i wish people would stop saying Detroit is an option. They have Seider, Hronek and Lindstrom on their right side already. They have nobody aside from Oesterle signed for the left side. Edvinsson might make the team on the left side but they still need at least 2 more. They could also use one of the top centers in the UFA market.

      Wouldn’t be very smart of Yzerman to trade for something they don’t need and waste cap space on it…not unless Montreal eats half his salary or gives up a 1st round pick or good prospect to take him. I would be pissed if Petry was traded to Detroit otherwise and even then i wouldn’t like it much.

  3. I think that the McDonagh trade (who probably has more gas left in the tank than Petry does, and has a better pedigree) was a reality check for Montreal. Tampa basically gave Mac away, and this is an indication of Petry’s value, or lack thereof. As of today, Montreal’s best hope would be to not have to add a sweetener to offload JP. I think they would be better off keeping him for now, hope for a better season for the team and Petry, and maybe his value is higher at the 2023 trade deadline.

    • Mcdonagh trade has no indication of Petry’s value. Mcdonagh had a NTC and TB needed cap space.

  4. I don’t think the McDonagh trade really impacts whatever happens to Petry, any more than it impacts Klinberg.

    Tampa basically gave Mac away and it isn’t an indication of value.

    Hughes has said that he won’t trade him just for the sake of letting him go. Consider that he has already traded away 3 starting D. (Chiarot, Kulak, Romanov.)

    • Well said, Premier and HF30. The only RFA/UFA of any significance left to sign is Dach, and Hughes has been clear he would be happy to keep Petry.

      On a slightly different topic, I took my grandchildren to see Minions. Am I the only one that thinks that Gru is the spitting image of Bettman?

      • LJ
        Gru is more likable.

      • Very true, Hud.

  5. Toronto should trade no lo to the islanders for scot t Mayfield and sign mason parchment from free agency.

  6. There are a ton of backup goalies that can help the bruins, Trade Ullmark buy out Mr Dressing room presence Foligno, get a cheap but decent goalie to backup Swayman. And for G’s sake I love him too but don’t pay Patrice 7 mill. Laden his package with enough salary incentives to cover his 2022-23 contract The bruins are right now on Salary Cap suicide watch. Thanks Sweeney, this guy is a walking, talking Irwin Allen Disaster movie.

    • Do you realize that any incentives earned count against the cap … and if any amount exceeds this year’s cap it is pushed onto next year’s cap … Bergeron isn’t going to sign a deal with unattainable bonuses.

    • Rick there is no real advantage of buying put Foligno.

      The difference ends up being about $750k

      Reports of Pastrnak being the highest paid Bruin on a 8yr contract..
      Maybe only me but for were the Bruins are presently at. I dont like that proposal. If happens hopefully no ntc clause.

      • Maybe he’ll retire he can’t play anymore at least Matt Belesky could skate he was about as useful as a vacuum cleaner on an ice flow but at least he was a good skater

  7. Dufus will overpay Campbell with a 5 year contract, & like Mrazek, Campbell will self destruct early in his term.

  8. Re Pens and Malkin

    The original 3 @ $5M was an insult… plain and simple

    Tanger got 6 @ a hair over $6 M

    Gino apparently is asking for 4 @ $7M…. Which means he’s likely take $27 M or less ( 4 @$6.75M) vs $28 M

    There’s an easy solution

    4-5 years from now Pens in full rebuilt… Cap is no issue….no issue at all

    Give Gino Sal of:

    $3 M in years 1-4; $1 M for a 5th and 6th year

    $15 M in SB spread over first 3 years

    Full NMC/NTC years 1-3

    Yr 4 …. 8 team trade list

    Years 5 & 6 …. No trade protection

    Contract total is $29 M (of which he gets $27 M in years 1-4) …. But Cap hit is only $4.8 M

    Gino almost assuredly walking after 4 years to retire from NHL… play at home one final year

    So worst case Pens have dead Cap (at a time when they won’t need space) of $4.8 M times 2… 5 and 6 years from now

    However… I’m sure at that time there will be a bottom team needing cheap Cap to hit the floor…. Trade Malkin to them; after year 4; he retires…. They get $4.8 M cap hit absolutely free

    Outside chance he wants to leave after 3 years to retire and play at home) 4th year only $3 M SB and $1M sal)

    Again his contract could be traded after 4th year SB paid; bought out by new team…,Total cash outlay of $2M to get Cap hit of 3 years at $4.8 M

    If he stays 3 years; Pens pay his SB at 4th year; traded to any ther team… they buy him out Gino collects total of $28 M for playing 3 years

    He also could be LTIR year 4??

    The point is…. Pens care didlly squat re Cap space 3-5 years from now

    Pens, Pens fans; Gino, would like him yo retire as a Pen

    …. and it can be done for as little as $4.8 M Cap

    After that contract signed….. QO to Kappy; Heinen; bring up PO-J

    That leaves closing in on $8 M to sign Rakell and E-Rod…. More than doable….NOTE…. That’s without jettisoning Zucker and potentially trading Dumo

    Zucker and Dumo out…. Even if magically 50% has to be retained on both…. With P-O J and either Poulin or Nylander in …. Nets a minimum of an additional $2.9 M in space and because the above 2 moved at 50% ; some sort of asset is coming back


    HexBurkie…. Get off your keister and do it

    • Pengy, I admire your inexhaustible enthusiasm and the fountain of scenarios you produce.

      What escapes me is what is in this for the Pens now?

      They have gone out in round one three of the last four years and the other year they lost in the qualifying round. So that is zero wins in 4 consecutive playoff series.

      It’s not as if their chances of winning the Cup will get better by signing Letang and Malkin for the next three years. You are also a Leaf fan and what I see in Pittsburgh is somewhat like in Toronto: an unrealistic view of winning.

      • LJ, no one it seems has an answer for logic. Optimism and hope have no room for that.

        The team I follow more closely than others looked at their roster 4 years ago and decided they wanted no part of bloated contract $/term being demanded by the agents for the likes of Karlson, Stone, Hoffman, Deschenes and a couple of others I can’t even remember. The result was at times a painful long process of re-building that is only now beginning to show results – at the cost of diminished attendance, some of it by “outraged” fan-boys upset at the departure of the name on the back of their $400 sweaters who simply can’t see the forest for the trees. Now they’re filtering back.

        Hanging onto aging stars does nothing for long-term development if they’re still good enough to keep you middle of the pack and you’re always drafting accordingly. That’s reality.

      • Hi LJ

        No blindness here re expectations of a cup

        The situation is this…. Prior to the Carter and Rusty re-up…. HexBurkie could have completely started the rebuild

        New ownership… instructions were to wait re rebuild

        So…. Carter re-upped ; Rust re-upped

        Message is clear…, more or less status quo during Sid’s time… keep bums in seats.,., keep team competitive so that they make the playoffs…. Fan interest remains (compared to waning during rebuild)

        They are not filling the roster with eyes on cup; more eyes on playoffs…. Where upsets happen

        Look at this year…. Pens were not favoured against Rangers…. They were decimated by injuries and facing the league’s top goalie and had to play with their 3rd string,… but the upset was happening… up 3-1 in series; up in the game… if that Trouba hit doesn’t happen…. Close enough zero chance at Rangers winning the series…. sh%#t happens…. against all odds prior to that hit… Trouba knocks out Sid; turning the series on s dime

        Recent history—-

        16 & 17 Cup

        18— out first round to eventual cup winners

        Two out in first round v Isles and Habs….. 7 losses in 8 games …. 3 losses on one guy that miraculously has his name on the cup now; 2 more loses he contributed to significantly; add to that … Price literally stood on his head in the ‘20 playoffs

        ‘21….two crushing OT losses…. Both games with Pens hitting iron and out several times late in reg and in OT

        ‘22— Trouba hit

        So….. slew of bad luck; uber super opposing goalies etc

        The bad luck could continue… but odds in favour not

        So… 22/23 roster is being built to get to the playoffs; fingers crossed re round one injuries…. And see if there is a possible upset round two

        That build and direction better than 1/2 in (Carter re up and Rust re-up) THEN walking away from Tanger and Gino…. That would have had them missing pkayoffs (just)..,, useless low teens pick AND waning number of fans

        My expectations…. Make playoffs next spring; stay healthy…. Hope for a round 2 upseti

      • If if if, If the Penguins didn’t lose, they would have won!

        Lol. Classic!

      • Pengy, the Sens were a game 7 double-OT goal away from eliminating the Penguins in 2017 and a lucky bounce did them in. The next season – WITH the addition of Deschene – they finished dead last. With the same collection of “stars” primarily. They read the writing on the wall and following a meeting between Dorion and Melnyk, it was decided there was no room for “sentimentality” in a professional “it’s a business” world (as some prominent players have often stated when choosing to move on) and so to gut the team as structured.

      • Ok, Pengy. But you have set a low standard for the Pens. I doubt Sid sees the best of next year as hoping for a second round upset (assuming they win the first round).

      • HiGeorge

        No question on that

        My point is… once they re-upped Carter and Rusty…. They couldn’t “start” the rebuild for 22/23… those moves signalled that rebuild was at least 2 years away… meaning try to sign fan fav Tanger …. And then Gino

        Mid ground (in between re-up Tanger/Gino and making playoffs vs not… finishing just out …. Low teens pick, already then losing fans) is no good…. So re-sign them was decided

        The Cap sue was mitigated a bit with Tanger @ just over $6M

        More mitigation is Gino in at reasonable… no Gino… then they are paying more than $6.5 M for a “new” UFA 2C

      • Hi LJ

        I’m sure my expectations/hopes are different from Sid’s

        He is far more optimistic than I

        He can still lead like he’s carrying the team

    • Rebuild 4-5 years from now? Lol, so the average age for their roster is about 30. With guys like Crosby, Letang , Malkin all in their mid 30’s and Pittsburgh is 4-5 years away from a rebuild?

      I like your optimism! Aging (often injured) stars, zero prospects worth anything, ranked 32nd in the league for prospects, and 4-5 years out?

      Good luck with that! I’m seeing 2 more years of 1st round exits, followed by 3 years of no playoffs, followed by a VERY long rebuild. The next Buffalo / Edmonton 10 year plan!

      As a Ranger fan, I really do like this model. It screams empty seats once again, yet another bankruptcy and possible relocation?


      • Hi CO

        Not taking your bait (basically why many here , including me, don’t respond to you)…. But will respond here rationalizing instead (optimistically) that you quickly read the post and accidentally missed the point instead of just posting quickly in a contrarian manor.

        Not rebuild STARTING in 4-5 years…. My line was “4-5 years from now Pens in full rebuilt” (typo should have been “d” , not “t”)…

        IN full rebuild ; is much different from STARTING rebuild (your line … “Rebuild 4-5 years from now? ”)

        Also…. The tact …. Avoiding a rebuild now…. Is not what I was promoting…. I am posting that I am against half measure …. HexBurkie (probably at the behest of new ownership) nixed any start of rebuild by re-upping both Carter and Rusty

        Now that Tanger is re-signed…. Zero chance they start the rebuild in 22 or 23

        As at right now they are in limbo…. If No Gino…no 2C…. Then if they don’t over pay a UFA to be a 2C (with consequences of overpay being difficulty filling out roster with effective players [like Rakell] ) ….they will almost assuredly (with Carter at 2C)end up just missing out on last Eastern WC spot…. Picking 14th-16th…. and since that would have happened… fan numbers fall, gate revs fall, other HRR fall…. Not good for Pens and new ownership

        The decision has been made (delay the rebuild)… so as a Pens fan… hoping for proper and effective filling out of roster ; and for advancement to round two next spring

      • Lmao, many don’t respond to me? You pretty much copy and paste the same things daily. Usually in both morning coffee and rumor mill pages (just in case someone is actually spared of reading it the 1st time) Everyone just scrolls right over your Homer trades and wishful JJ / Zucker trade proposals for about 4-5 years now?

        Not to mention the constant nicknames and initials nobody understands or cares to figure out you use DAILY) Or the never ending “I have a cousin in NY, Ireland, Antarctica, China that thinks / knows and they texted me about it “ therefore it gives me an inside scoop! Lmao!

        The constant personal info nobody believes or cares about… but carry on.

        A rebuild starts by trading your aging stars (while they still have value, not when they’re 39 and useless.) for younger assets and picks.

        Right now Pittsburgh has nothing, zero, nada, zilch in the prospect pool. Teams that succeed, know how to add talent, prospects etc. as they contend. Tampa for instance built a core around Stamkos and Hedman. But added pieces as they went . Kucherov, Pointe, Cirelli, Vasilesky etc.

        Not continuously recycling their aging stars or UFA’s (Carter, Zucker JJ etc. Sure adding these type of pieces is useful and usually necessary, but it’s not how you build a team.

        I can only hope that Hextal has this same mentality you have going forward!

        It’s like taking out milk, tasting it, realizing it’s sour and putting it back in to see if it’s better tomorrow. 4 one and dones consecutively, but you keep drinking that milk buddy!

      • Captain Obvious…You are an annoying little pimple that just won’t pop.

        I don’t know who your team is but your team isn’t near as good as the Penguins.

        All you doubters /you that George O guy who just responds in general to stuff….that’s annoying.

        The Penguins have made the playoffs 16 years in a row and you doubters keep trashing them….go ahead you will see douche. Keep doubting them..

        one of you said keep putting them same team together and the other one oh well if this would have happened or that

        ok dwebs these are facts NO COULD OFS

        since 1990 Penguins 5 Stanley Cups
        Rangers 1940 oh yeah 1 in 1994 they had to bring Messier in to get that done.

        Most playoff wins since 2005 Pittsburgh 103

        Most regular season wins since 2005 Pittsburgh Penguins 750

        Most regular season wins since 1990
        Detroit 1,324
        Boston 1, 298

        look the previous years the Islanders stomped them and they didn’t have a chance no doubt.

        This year the team was better and even you and that George O guy have to admit the Penguins were injured and still took the Rangers 7 and ot and had a lead with 5 minutes to go until Marino pulled a Captain obvious out of his ass… and coughed up the puck in the middle !

        I gave the Rangers credit they barely beat a depleted Penguins team.

        Lets see the Rangers play that 7 game series with Shitsterskin and Geogiv missing every game but one..play with your third string goalie

        Play with no Trouba for 6 gams we didn’t have dumoulin.

        Play with no Panarin for 6 1/2 games

        Take Kreider out for a game plys

        lets see how you do.

        we out scored the Rangers 36 – 28 in the series.

        5 on 5 stats expected goals for in series xGF%
        Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Game 4
        NY 40 % NY 36 % NY 52 % NY 19%
        PITT 60% PITT 64% PITT 48% PITT 81 %

        Game 5 Game 6 Game 7
        NY 39% NY 37% NY 31 %
        PITT 61 % PITT 63% Pitt 69 %

        so keep bagging on the Penguisn way more successful than whoever your team is Georgee boy and Captain…

    • This is very much over simplifying your statements George but it sounds like you should either try to be a cup favorite or try for a lotto chance at number 1 overall pick each year.