NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 2, 2022

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Kirill Kaprizov returns to the United States, Jesper Bratt and the Devils make their respective arbitration filings, the latest on the Flames and more in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.

THE ATHLETIC: Michael Russo reports multiple sources said Kirill Kaprizov has returned to the United States from Russia. The 25-year-old Minnesota Wild winger was reportedly under investigation in his native country for allegedly purchasing a fake military ID but that has apparently been refuted.

Minnesota Wild winger Kirill Kaprizov (NHL Images).

Kaprizov is said to have departed Russia late last week by way of Turkey and arrived in New York City over the weekend. He is scheduled to fly to Minnesota on Tuesday to resume his offseason training.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Wild and their fans are undoubtedly relieved to see the Kaprizov intrigue come to an end. There were concerns this situation might drag on for weeks or months.

DAILY FACEOFF: The New Jersey Devils and Jesper Bratt have made their respective filings with the arbitrator ahead of his scheduled August 3 hearing. The Devils filed for a $4.15 million salary while Bratt seeks $6.5 million coming off a career-best 73-point performance last season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bratt made an average annual value of $2.75 million for two seasons on his previous contract. Both sides could reach an agreement on a new contract before his hearing on Wednesday.

RDS.CA: Calgary Flames general manager Brad Treliving recently met with Jonathan Huberdeau in Montreal, according to the winger’s agent. The Flames acquired the 29-year-old Huberdeau from the Florida Panthers on July 22 as part of the return for Matthew Tkachuk.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Treliving reportedly wanted to meet with Huberdeau as soon as possible following the trade. The playmaking winger is slated to become an unrestricted free agent next July.

No word yet if Treliving has met with MacKenzie Weegar, who was also part of the return in the Tkachuk deal. Like Huberdeau, the 28-year-old defenseman is due to become a UFA next summer. Weegar and Huberdeau indicated they’re not ruling out signing long-term contracts with the Flames.

CALGARY HOCKEY NOW: Speaking of the Flames, Andrew Mangiapane’s arbitration hearing is scheduled for Friday, August 5. Steve Macfarlane wonders if the two sides will reach an agreement on a new contract before then.

The 26-year-old winger is coming off a two-year contract with an annual average value of $2.425 million. He scored a career-best 35 goals and 55 points last season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: One way or another, Mangiapane’s going to get a significant raise. For how long has yet to be determined.

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Former Stars executive Tom Holy is the San Jose Sharks’ new assistant general manager.


  1. Re: Kaprizov’s situation, the Jackets have a few Russians on the roster and in the system. Naturally, due to the Russia-Ukraine war, there has been much concern over whether or not Putin will allow them to come to North America to play and whether the US and Canada will issue work visas to Russian players. Has anyone heard of any such problems?

    • Paul, this June 22 article from The Province in B.C. indicates there should be no general problems in the issuance of work visas/permits.

      I don’t know about the Biden government, but the last thing the Trudeau government needs is to rile up the hockey community here. They have enough simmering issues with which to deal without adding that.

      Major Junior, on the other hand, is making it difficult – if not impossible – for their various teams to bring in Russian-born “imports.”


      • Thanks, George. Considering some of the things I’ve read about Trudeau’s actions over the last couple of years, I’m not surprised that his government is taking a hands off position. Unfortunately, America has Joe “Space Case” Biden in charge and trying to predict what he’ll do is close to impossible.

      • Keep the discourse solely on hockey. There’s no place here for political discourse.

      • Lyle, do you not think that, with the current world situation, politics could have a profound effect on hockey in general?

      • When it does, comments about it are allowed. Diatribes about individual politicians are not.

  2. I read over the buzz that he had to try multiple countries to go through to get outta Russia. Scary stuff.

    • True, but I understand why and it will be that way for awhile. It sucks when politics interferes with sports.

  3. Kirill Kaprizov scored 47 goals 108pts in 81 gp last season.

    Just for reference that is more goals and point that Nathan Mackinnon has had in any single season.

    Minnesota has dead cap space:

    2022 $12,743588
    2023 $14,743,588
    2024 $14,743,588

    This obviously buts Minny at a big disadvantage. That total is more then the top player in the NHL.

    Even with that massive disadvantage their team is strong enough to compete for a playoff spot.

    • This season, maybe. But next season begins the real nightmare. When this coming season is over they’ll have $17,181,412 in cap space with just 13 signed.

      They’ll have 4 RFAs with which to deal: Jost, Boldy, Duhaime and Gustavsson whose expiring cap hits totals $3,924,458, and 3 UFAs – Gaudreau ($1.2 mil), Dumba ($6 mil) and Kulikov ($2,250,000) – total expiring cap hit of $9,450,000.

      Just retaining those 7 only brings them to 20 signed and uses up their cap space PLUS, and srill with 3 to sign.

  4. Would really enjoy seeing Lucic back in a Bruins uniform ..3rd .. 4th line winger if the price was right …you know he would want back in has a lot of friends connected to the Bruins

    • Brad looked good I’m still trying to master the Macarena myself. No to lucic yes he can still beat up almost everyone in the league but he is slower than a three toed sloth. Sweeney’s motto” never put off until Tomorrow what you can put off for today.

  5. theres a short video out with BM dancing at the Rask wedding in Italy …he was moving really well for someone that had hip surgery

    • Seen the video Joe, just bouncing up and down, no pivots.

      Wonder how the hips felt the next day.