NHL Rumor Mill – August 11, 2022

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Updates on Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, the latest on the Islanders, and the contract statuses of Red Wings forwards Dylan Larkin and Tyler Bertuzzi in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Scott Powers reports neither Patrick Kane nor Jonathan Toews has approached Chicago Blackhawks general manager Kyle Davidson about a trade. Davidson also hasn’t asked them to waive their no-movement clauses.

Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews (NHL Images).

With the 2022 draft and the start of the 2022 free-agency period now history, Powers believes the 2023 trade deadline will be the next time frame when Kane and/or Toews could be moved. He anticipates the Blackhawks will be more willing by that time to retain part of their salaries to facilitate a trade, expecting the club will keep around $10 million in cap space open this season to prepare for that.

It’s expected the two long-time Blackhawks stars want to see how this season plays out as Davidson presses ahead with rebuilding the roster. Powers claims neither player really wants to leave Chicago. “Kane and Toews are going to be allowed to determine their future,” he writes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kane has featured prominently in this summer’s trade rumors, Toews less so. Nevertheless, we can expect these two will continue to surface in the coming season’s rumor mill, especially when the trade deadline approaches in February.

Both players carry $10.5 million salary-cap hits and full no-movement clauses so they have complete control over their fates for the coming season. The Blackhawks will be expected to retain up to half of those cap hits in a trade, which is why they’ll be more inclined to do so at the trade deadline when most of the season has been played.


NYI HOCKEY NOW: Stefen Rosner cites ESPN’s Kevin Weekes’ cryptic tweet anticipating “at least 4 transactions with the NY Islanders coming down the line”.

Three of them are expected to be restricted free agents Noah Dobson, Alexander Romanov and Kieffer Bellows. The fourth is expected to be unrestricted free agent center Nazem Kadri.

Rosner recently cited sources indicating the 31-year-old Kadri would be joining the Islanders but they first have to move out a contract to make room for him. They’ve reportedly attempted to shop winger Josh Bailey but are now looking at another avenue in winger Anthony Beauvillier.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve noted in the past the silence from the Islanders and from the Kadri camp. One or the other could bring this speculation to an end by issuing a statement denying the “Kadri to the Isles” talk.

Bailey is 32 and carries a $5 million cap hit through 2023-24. Beauvillier, on the other hand, is younger (24) and has a more affordable $4.15 million cap hit.


THE ATHLETIC: In a recent mailbag segment, Max Bultman was asked at what point should fans become concerned that Dylan Larkin and Tyler Bertuzzi haven’t signed contract extensions with the Detroit Red Wings. Both players are eligible for UFA status next summer.

Bultman anticipates Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman will tell us that his club doesn’t need to get both players under contract before the coming season. He’s got plenty of time between now and next July to sign both. Nevertheless, Bultman expects there could be some concern if neither player is signed by opening night.

If the Red Wings aren’t in the playoff race before the trade decision, Yzerman could face some tough decisions if one or both remain unsigned. Larkin has a no-trade clause which gives him some leverage and could lead to a new contract this summer. Bertuzzi lacks no-trade protection.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of the two, I think Larkin is the more likely to be re-signed given his status as the Wings’ captain. This is a young team with plenty of promise and Larkin’s been a big part of that.


  1. My fantasy:

    Toronto trades Nylander for picks and prospects.

    Toronto signs Kadri 3yrs/7M.

    • I’m not making any comment of the proposed trade itself, but there’s no way Kadri signs a $7×3.

      • Just because SOMEONE will likely over pay for Kadri that doesn’t mean I’ll overpay him in my fantasy.

        Kadri solving the defensive issues playing behind JT and AM? That’s what you took from my comment?
        Did you know many centres can and do play the wing? Yeah, you can play two centres on one line! Cool, huh?
        And are implying Nylander is better at defence than Kadri?

    • Kadri at 7m on as a 3rd line center behind Matthews & Tavares would solve Leaf defense issues?

  2. Rumor has it 7×7 for Kadri , no thank you
    Beauvillier will be the one with the most interest and likely the best return that fits
    I think the plan was to build around Larkin. He stays. You don’t trade your captain without a good reason or for that matter one of the fastest in the league and coming into his prime

    • Beauvillier has the more affordable cap hit but he’ll be making $1.3m. more in actual salary over the next two years. That makes a big difference to some teams.

  3. Bertuzzi would be the perfect Bruin love his game and his heart the guy is a real player.

    • He just wouldn’t be available every time the Bruins visit a Canadian team – including possible playoff games.

      • The best trade scenario for Bert would be to go to the Metro, as they have the least amount of games in Covid fearing Canada.

      • Covid-fearing Canada? What the Hell is that supposed to mean?

      • Maybe Canada will drop the it’s silly covid restrictions by the time the playoffs come around. The Bruins need to make the playoffs first so he would help them to get there.

      • Pens archibald supposedly in same situation as bertuzzi? But pens said travel to Canada wasn’t a concern?

  4. Bertuzzi and a minor pick for Pageau and Beauvillier would be a wish of mine….But it is more likely to be Beauvillier or Bailey that gets moved and not JP.
    Barzal is subject to rumors also, but I can’t see it. Still the Isles should be making their moves soon, and it will be interesting!

    • Pretty sure you need proof of vaccination to enter the United States. Those silly Covid fearing Americans!

  5. WestBrantKid, to do that they’d have to move more than just Nylander.

    Right now, with 22 signed, they sit $1,493,116 over the cap. If Nylander was dealt for picks/prospects, his freed-up $6,962,366 – minus the over – would leave them with $5,469,220 in cap space.

    And they still have RFA Sandin to re-up who, coming off an ELC of $894,167 and a 5g 11a 16 pt +9 season in just 51gp, is likely going to cost around $2.5 on a bridge deal. That cuts the cap space to $3,969,220.

    So they’d also have to move someone like Kerfoot ($3.5 mil) for nothing more than picks/prospects to make it work – and then you’re down one F with no cap room to add another – not even an ELC.

    • @George O


      I’m okay with losing Sandin for prospects because I think his foot-speed could keep him from reaching the potential people seem to expect. I like Lilgren more. I realize he’s developing slower than Sandin but that doesn’t mean his ceiling is lower.

      I’m okay trading Muzzin if they can get past the NMC (NTC?).

      I like Holl for 2M (I believe that’s his cap hit) but I’m okay losing him as well to open cap space.

      I’d hate to lose Kerfoot. I think his best effort comes when pressure is on, like in the playoffs.

      I like the idea of trading Nylander now because I think his value will never be higher, and he’s a one-dimensional streaky player.

  6. 17 Teams have less then 1 million in cap space, and 13 of those teams are over the cap as of today. Clearly you have teams that will place players on LTIR, however there is not a lot of teams that have the cap space to take on salary dumps.
    Buffalo, Anaheim, and AZ have all pretty much stated that they would take on cap dumps, however the cost is a top 5 prospect or a 1st round pick. I believe it was Bill Armstrong who basically said a month ago, that salary cap is a supply and demand, teams that need to dump a player need to come where their best offer, teams are basically buying his teams cap space and dumping a player. B Armstrong stated that Carolina just received a solid young defensemen and Patches for nothing, that is the type of return we are going to ask for, either a solid player and top young player or a 1st round pick.
    If Toronto wants to drop Kerfoot the same way Vegas just dropped Patches, I hope Bill Armstrong takes Kerfoot and Niemela for Future Considerations.

    • It’s hard to see that…one problem is it’s not an apples to apples with the exception of a young defensive with an unknown potential prospect. Cap hits and money owed are very different between the two of them and favoring Kerfoot.

      Can never tell these days whats to happen but like many fans have realized, don’t expect much.

      • Ron no doubt several things could still take place, Toronto could elect to go into the season with a roster of 20 players, they could send a few players thru waivers etc.
        Sandin seems to be content to hold out, gotta wonder how sour that situation has become.

  7. so with Lehner out Lou should be moving Valarmov to Vegas….

    • Lamoriello wants to keep his goalie tandem intact for the coming season. Unless Varlamov wants out (and he doesn’t), I doubt he’s going anywhere.

      • @Lyle
        Understand that. just seemed obvious deal

        dying to know what Lou has up his sleeve

    • I was thinking Florida may be able to unload Bobrovsky at 50% retained to Las Vegas. Las Vegas can kick the cap problem down the road as they always do.

      • @GP thats a good one too

      • Bob to Vegas??? Will he waive for Vegas???
        Varly for Brossoit straight up would work for both clubs. But Brossoit is still hurt, so that wount happen til into the season.
        Cheif rival San Jose will eagerly trade their extra goalie for a reasonable over-pay. LOL

  8. ds/Lyle,

    I’m still not convinced that Tarasenko isn’t on Lou’s radar?? ESPECIALLY if Kadri doesn’t materialize.

    • Tarasenko seems a fit but i thought he was last summer too for the Isles

  9. @Obe – Bertuzzi will for sure will never be a Bruin, keep huffing that crack rock though. Bruins are a dead team, no reason to go there.

    Larks and Bert are part of untouchable core atm, it would take a lot to wrench either away. People want to play for Stevie, not leave.

    Silly speculation from teams that need pieces the Wings have, nice try though. What a trash article.

    • Stevie isn’t signing them for free.

      Bertuzzi is coming off his first 30 goal season and making and making $4.75 maybe takes a gamble on himself and doesn’t sign.

      Hoping to cash in next off-season on a larger contract.

  10. I hope I’m wrong, but I think Bertuzzi sealed his fate last season when he refused vaccination. I get the principles behind it, and I think Yzerman respects the decision, but it showed a lack of concern for the team itself and Yzerman has always booted non-team oriented players off his teams. One could also make assumptions that his decision to put his views before the team could make keeping him under contract difficult in the future, and hold outs or players that walk right as the team is reaching success is also something Yzerman hasn’t tolerated.

  11. Lol dead team says the guy cheering for the wings coldandstupid you don’t have a clue who will play where and when. Go crawl back in your mother’s basement and play some Nintendo and stop wasting my time. Go Bruins Go

  12. Yzerman could very well trade Bert.How about Bert and Zadina with the Blues 2nd round pick for Barzal and the Isles 2nd rounder.Seems like a good swap for both teams.