NHL Rumor Mill – August 15, 2022

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In today’s NHL Rumor Mill: The best bargains remaining in the free-agent market, possible trade destinations for the Sharks’ James Reimer, and the Canucks need for another defenseman.


THE HOCKEY NEWS: Paul Stastny, Phil Kessel and P.K. Subban top Mike Stephens’ list of the top 5 best bargain players in this summer’s unrestricted free agent market.

Stastny remains a reliable presence at both ends of the rink. Stephens observed there are rumors linking him to the Colorado Avalanche, suggesting the 36-year-old center could fit seamlessly in their lineup on a one-year contract for around $3 million.

Free agent defenseman P.K. Subban (NHL Images)

Kessel still has plenty left in the tank. While he managed a career-low eight goals, he also had 44 assists with the low-scoring Arizona Coyotes last season. A low-money, one-year deal could make him a worthwhile addition to a contender.

Subban isn’t the Norris Trophy contender of the past. However, he could be a good depth addition for a club seeking a veteran presence and puck movement for its blueline.

Forwards Evan Rodrigues and Sonny Milano round out Stephens’ list. Stephens expects Rodrigues gets snapped up once fellow center Nazem Kadri is finally signed. He doesn’t rule out Milano perhaps returning with the Anaheim Ducks after a solid performance with them last season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rumors linked Kessel and Subban to the Edmonton Oilers though we don’t know if the club is interested in either player. Of the two, Kessel seems the best fit given their need for more offensive depth on right wing.

Some fans and pundits wonder if the Canadiens might bring back Subban to bring his career full circle. Anything’s possible but that doesn’t seem like the direction the rebuilding Habs are willing to take.


NBC SPORTS BAY AREA: Sheng Peng reports the San Jose Sharks have one goaltender too many. With Kaapo Kahkonen expected to become their starter in the coming season, James Reimer or Adin Hill could be the odd man out.

Reimer. 34, could have the most value in the trade market. He had a strong campaign last season with the Sharks and is signed for the coming season with a $2.25 million cap hit and a five-team no-trade list.

Peng reported a source said the Sharks sought a second-round pick for Reimer. The Vegas Golden Knights and Arizona Coyotes could be among the suitors.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Dallas Stars were also included as a possible destination should Jake Oettinger end up staging a contract holdout. However, I think those two sides will get an agreement in place before training camp opens in mid-September.

The Golden Knights could be in the market for a replacement for the sidelined Robin Lehner. Meanwhile, the Coyotes need a reliable backup for Karel Vejmelka.


THE PROVINCE: Patrick Johnston believes the Vancouver Canucks could benefit from the addition of an experienced depth defenseman. He noted The Fourth Period’s Irfaan Gaffar recently suggested UFA Calvin de Haan as an affordable option.


  1. We’ll send over Ullmark for Nolan straight up. SWWW-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-NNNNNNNN-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-Y get busy!!

    • Rick i’m awarding you the first “Brad Marchand Award”

      You are able to agitate and irritate, posters without even mentioning them by name.

      I’m with Chrism, not sure why folks are bother and continue to reply to your pointed post.

      Congrats on your award and we always strive for consistency and you if nothing else are very consistent.

      • You know what Cappy, I’m not really trying to irritate anyone on here, I know Lyle may have almost choked on his ham on rye upon hearing this, But it’s the truth. I was really ticked off when Sweeney got an extended contract. Words can’t express what I Felt about that. Anyhoo any award to do with Brad I’ll pick up. I wish I had half the talent playing hockey as he does but I didn’t and still don’t.

      • Thanks for making my argument with chrisms Rick, I said you were not a troll – simply posting for the reaction – but believed what you post to be true.

        I don’t think signing Bergy and Krecji for the amounts he did was a given, far from it.

        Think they come back for a rebuild? Nope.
        They want to give it a go.

        Think he could have signed or traded for a legit 1 and 2 C? Nope not that either unless you don’t live down here on Earth 1. Maybe next year they can get one with the space they will have. But wouldn’t bet the farm on it, and if they do they will over pay like every other UFA in that position.

        So the choice for this season is throw it away, move guys for assets for the future or give it another go.

        They will give it another go and the only options to that were the ones he just signed, at a significant team friendly discount.

        So the only other reality based argument is to go rebuild now or not, but the constant vague posts to do something now, or get busy or whatever term you choose to use that day, are simply that – annoying and constant complaining.

        Go ahead, your choice, but it would be more interesting if you made a realistic argument sometimes.

        Just trying to help.

        Your friend Ray.

      • Your nose is growing Rick.

    • I enjoy and agree with everything you have to say…and B’s lucked out the two took a discount … now bring in ML

      • Hey Joe thanks everybody deserves a second chance,Sweeney’s had about a half dozen, signing Bergy & Krejci is a given. You know Zacha wanted to be in Boston after playing in the gulag of the nhl NJ. Now I suppose this Pastrnak thing will go on for the better part of the year. When it’s all over you realize Sweeney’s done nothing.

      • Don’t know how they can sign Pasta before next offseason, they will have to shed salary and will have about 26+ million coming off the books … could be wrong but my thoughts are they talked to Pasta about it and let him know they want to resign him but he’ll have to wait …or depending what happens this coming season the Bruins could just blow it all up next offseason with 9 players pending UFA’s

  2. Whether it’s Subban or not, the Habs need to bring in a veteran RD on a one year deal. Even while rebuilding, you don’t want to hang the young players out to dry. The Habs only have three RD with any chance of taking a regular shift, one of whom is one year removed from the KHL and one of whom has played only 7 games in the NHL. Veteran depth is needed.

    • Agreed but they really can’t do anything yet to address that until they know whether Carey Price can play this season. They’re currently bumping against the cap ceiling and still have Kirby Dach to re-sign.

      • It’s not just Price. There seems to be a good chance that Byron won’t be able to go. If he’s on LTIR, that’ll open up enough space. And I still think that someone could be moved with a sweetener.

    • They could go for a Jon Merrill, good team player who plays within his ability OR they could go for yet another young prospect as in Kaedan Korczak from LVK who are in a tough spot.

  3. Were I a GM, I would give serious thought to signing Stastny and Kessel. But Subban would be more interesting as a coach in the system, helping prospects develop and aiding NHL defensemen in playing better. Milano basically disappeared in the second half of last season, which was a huge part of the reason he never established himself with the Jackets. Rodrigues would be a decent addition, at the right price.

  4. Kessel, PK, Stastny …. Likely to cancel me in at ~ $900 K…. If so…. Good adds.

    Stastny is a 35+ contract so trams need to be wary that his Cap hit counts (unless LTIR) regardless of performance (can’t be waived to avoid Cap hit)…. So shouldn’t offer him > $1M

    E-Rod won’t get what he deserves now (fewer bidders left); some team will snag him cheap…. Would live him back on Pens

    • Pengy

      Stastny. Salary can be over million. But best to do it bonus wise like bruins did with Bergy and Krechi. The over 35 rule

      • My bad Mr Bruin


        My numbers were meant re Sal

        PB’s paid out on say points and/or goals…. Mitigates the risk; moves team towards remuneration/cap equaling value to team (total cap hit be player of the $82.5 M)

        Sorry for my misguided (but unintended) inference that Statsny total Cap (if performs well) should be $1M or less

        $0.8 M – $1.0 M Sal; up to $2 M based on PBs dictated/parsed out by points (or goals)

        I wouldn’t do PBs based on games played

      • My bad Mr Bruin


        My numbers were meant re Sal

        PB’s paid out on say points and/or goals…. Mitigates the risk; moves team towards remuneration/cap equaling value to team (total cap hit be player of the $82.5 M)

        Sorry for my misguided (but unintended) inference that Statsny total Cap (if performs well) should be $1M or less

        $0.8 M – $1.0 M Sal; up to $2 M based on PBs dictated/parsed out by points (or goals)

        I wouldn’t do PBs based on games played

  5. Subban $8m, Kessel $6m and Stastny $3.75 actual salary last season.

    What is a realistic salary for 2022 season

    Evan Rodrigues 19g 24a salary $1m last season why can’t he find employment?

    Sonny Milano 14g 20a $1.8m should be able to sign.

    Sam Steel 6g 14a I remember media heads giving Boston the gears for not drafting him; with that said he does have 24 career goals to Frederick 12g.

    still some teams with money to spend, a frozen cap certainly hurting the bottom end.

    • Stasny and Kessel are set for life but cant see Phil taking only 900. Stasny maybe for a contender

      • ds

        Do you realize how much hot dogs can be bought for $900 K 🥸

        As Mr Bruin appropriately pointed out…. Put the Cap risk on the player…. Make remuneration low in Sal; with ability for much more based on Performance (Performance bonuses)

        Statsny qualifies to n that he is already 35 and can have PBs

        Not if Phil (35 in fall) can have PBs (only allowed in 35+ contracts)…. does anybody know if 35+ contract counts (is applicable) for players signing at 34, but playing that first year at 35?

      • Just read on Cap Friendly re 35+ contracts….

        “A contract is designated a 35+ contract if the players age on the first year of the contract is 35 or older (as of June 30 prior to the year of the effective contract).”

        on 30/6/22 Phil was 34…. So his contract NOT 35+, and therefore can Not have Performance Bonuses

      • I’m not that crazy about Stastny coming back to the Avalanche? He is a solid 2 way player but what the speed the Avalanche play at? I don’t know, I would rather the Avalanche invest in Rodriguez, he can skate. It’s going to be difficult for the Avalanche to replace that goal production with the loss of both Kadri and Burokovsky. I say go for Rodriquez? What’s the hold up if Lou already has an offer to Kadri on the table, he’s not going to turn that down and return to Colorado? So, let’s move on! GO AVS!!!!!

  6. I am not following the Bruins as a 1A team until Jacobs appoints RWM – CEO

    Sorry Bruins fans , A move in the right direction !

    • Maybe RWM buys the Bruins off of Jacobs …. LOL

    • No, make him GM. Then, when his moronic trades, etc make the Bruins a last place team there’s a chance he’ll STFU.

  7. Reimer would have been a great addition to the leafs over Murray. I think samsonov and reimer tandem would have given the leafs some cap flexibility to maybe sign statsny to a one year deal to shore up the 3rd line and someone who could move up the lineup if needed.