NHL Rumor Mill – August 23, 2022

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A look at five stars who could hit the trade block this season plus three potential destinations for Phil Kessel in the NHL Rumor Mill.


PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: St. Louis Blues center Ryan O’Reilly and winger Vladimir Tarasenko topped Dan Kingerski’s list of five NHL stars who could get shopped this season. Detroit Red Wings forward Tyler Bertuzzi, Arizona Coyotes defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere and Anaheim Ducks blueliner John Klingberg round out the list.

St. Louis Blues center Ryan O’Reilly (NHL Images).

These five players are in the final season of their contracts and are eligible to become unrestricted free agents next summer. Kingerski suggested their respective teams would be wise to move them in order to avoid protracted contract talks ending with their departures via free agency. He cited what happened with the Calgary Flames and Johnny Gaudreau last season as an example.

Kingerski also believes Vancouver Canucks center J.T. Miller is among several players already on the trade block. He anticipates long-time Chicago Blackhawks stars Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews will also appear in trade rumors. Like the others, they’re also slated to become UFAs next summer

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be easier for those teams to shop those players if they’re not in the playoff chase when the 2023 NHL trade deadline rolls around. The Blackhawks, Coyotes and Ducks aren’t expected to be postseason contenders so it won’t be surprising if Kane, Toews, Gostisbehere and Klingberg hit the trade block in the New Year.

The Canucks and Red Wings could qualify for the playoffs. They could retain Miller and Bertuzzi as own rentals and take their chances on their possible departures next summer.

Most observers (including me) consider the Blues a postseason contender. Unless that changes over the course of the season, I don’t see O’Reilly or Tarasenko going anywhere.


THE HOCKEY NEWS: Mike Stephens suggested the Edmonton Oilers, Dallas Stars and Los Angeles Kings as possible destinations for Phil Kessel. The 34-year-old right winger is among the few noteworthy players still available in this summer’s UFA market.

The Oilers and Stars could benefit from Kessel’s playmaking skills. However, both clubs would have to do some salary-cap maneuvering to make it work. The Stars have over $10 million in cap space but most of that will go toward re-signing Jake Oettinger and Jason Robertson.

Stephens suggested Kessel might be a fit on the Kings’ third line. They have enough cap space to make it happen if they can convince him to accept a pay cut.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kessel’s been linked to the Oilers though some observers believe they could or should make a play for Patrick Kane. The former Coyotes winger would be a much more affordable option for them.

Kessel is going to have to accept a pay cut wherever he goes. At this stage of his career, he’s probably not that worried about it.

The chance to play this season and set the NHL Ironman record likely means more to Kessel now. He could be a good, affordable fit as a depth forward with a postseason contender.


  1. Kessel thanks n Oil…. To me… too much for f a gamble unless at $1M or less

    Great hands….. but how would he possibly keep up to McD et al in speed

    McD would be hitting O-Zone circle while Phil still at centre red stripe

    He’d be a good add on PP#2 but he s that niche worth the roster spot?

    • Wow….. auto correct hell….,

      “Kessel thanks n Oil” was supposed to be “Kessel an Oiler”

    • not sure where Kessel would fit, anyways, on EDM.
      Kane is their top line RW, followed by Yamomoto (points similar to Kessel but a lot younger) and Pulujarvi. EDM likes JP’s size, and would have traded him by now if they were going to

      • Hi Mike

        If I were an Oil fan; I’d love to see Yammo/Ryan for Soucy + 2nd; the sign E-Rod

        In addition…. Pick up Spring at $800 K for depth… happy s speed would fit in well with Oil

      • If I’m EDM, after getting cap compliant by moving Foegele or JP, I chill until the TDL. See who is performing, injuries etc.

        Agree Pengy, if you look at their roster where they lack veteran depth is on D, and a shut down guy like Soucy could work.

        Seems like way too much for Soucy though. IMO at the deadline you get him for a no more than a 2nd, maybe even a 3rd. He was a 3rd pair guy on a crappy team last year. Not sure what that is worth, sure as heck not throwing in Yammo.

  2. Dog days of summer… quick look at CapFriendly and at first glance it looks like there is plenty to do for many teams…. 17 teams at $1M space or less (14 over the Cap).
    However (huger however !!!!), closer examination… and the truth is much less dire.  When CF lists number of contracts (over 23) it is NOT counting IR’s and LTIR’s in roster count, BUT IRs and LTIRs DO count towards the total Cap hit shown against the team.  IF the IR’s become LTIR; then team gets that space freed up; and if they come off of IR… the number shown (of 23) increases.
    As somebody already pointed out (Paul I think…. Apologies if I have that wrong)….Jackets are showing as being over….. but that is for 28 contracts!!!  They will have no problems getting under
    Also, push comes to shove…. Teams could potentially go with 22 to start the season to get under Cap. 
    Setting aside the reality of some RFAs yet needing to be signed; and with the premise of the ability to start season with 22…. Only 3 teams IMHO are a MUST to make a move (moves??) prior to game 1 of season:
    CATS: already have 22 contracts being shown on CF; over by $3.4 M… to me the fix is … move Horny; bring up 2 AHLers or sign 2 low cost UFAs… that would be 23 and under the Cap
    LEAFS: already at 22 contracts and counting $1.5 M over… I would still like to see the Leafs move away from ½ Cap spent on 4 Fwds.  A quick fix (if possible)…. Kerfoot out; replaced by Marlie or low cost UFA…. Would have Leafs at $1.2 space; 22 contracts; and still Sandin to sign (at $1.2 M or less—- is that possible?)
    BRUINS: 24 current contracts… showing $2.2 M over.  Going to 22 (dropping let’s say 2 league min contracts down/out) only gets them to $0.7M over… start at 21 or move another??
    All the rest are technically Cap safe at 22 (if they choose to go that route)… below shows (in brackets) number of contracts currently counting towards cap and actual showing over [in CF]:
    Bolts (23; showing $7.3 M over)… but Bogo/Cerelli ….IR? LTIR? …. $5.7 M

    Caps (25…. $6.3 M over)… 3 IR’s totaling $17 M +; and at least one will start LTIR

    Habs (24…. $6.1 M over)…. But 3 IR’s (most likely going to be LTIR) totaling $22M+

    Oil (as at now 22 counting; showing $6 M over) have 2 IR’s totaling $6.4 M that are likely to become LTIR

    Knights (20; $5.8 M over)…. 3 IR’s (Lehner, Brossoit, Nolan) $8.5 M); Note: Hague unsiged also on IR

    ‘Nucks (23, $2.8 M over) …..Ferland LTIR $3.5M; 3 others IR $4.2 M

    Flyers (25…. $2.5 M over)… Cotourier/Ellis… $14M

    Sharks (26…$2.2 M over)…. 2 IR’s total $5.6 M

    Jackets (28….$1.8 M over)…. 28 counting AND…. 3 on IR ; $6.3 M

    Pens (22; $1.5 M over)… at 22 would be JUST under Cap

    Canes (22… $1.1 M over) … but already $4M in LTIR; and Patches (currently IR) at $7M
    BTW…. To me , biggest GM winner so far this summer ….. Tre

    • Not that it matter much but tsn is reporting that Monahan is “the healthiest he’s been in years and is good to go for next year” so that 6.3 will still be on the books for the Habs next year.

      • Hi Nomad

        Monohan, If healthy and playing at/near his capabilities…. Bonus for Habs

        If performing well…. They could retain 1/2; move him at TDL for futures

        Price , it seems, likely to “retire” on LTIR…. He won’t formally retire…. Nobody wants to walk away from $25 M (that the ins. Co. covers anyway)

  3. The Kings are so cautious/slow when developing their young talent. They went straight to the pros with the likes of Kopitar & Doughty out of the draft but players like Vilardi, Turcotte, Byfield, Kupari … list goes on … have had trouble sticking.
    I’d really like to see the Kings try and win with a mix of the (current) vets (no signing of over the hill players) and a mix of the young guns.

  4. The Kings have no cap space for Kessel and they won’t sign him because there are a bunch of kids competing for that spot. They have to make a trade to sign Durzi and Anderson.

  5. I’m kind of curious to see if Carey Price LTIR space gets shopped to a team like Toronto, with say Mike Hoffman for Justin Holl, Rasmus Sandin and a pick.

    • But what if Carey tries to come back in 2023????
      It may happen.

  6. Getting sick of Carolina being aggressive and compiling a threatening roster.
    They just signed Stastny to a 1 year deal.

    • They need him. With Trochek and N’rreiter gone, and Patches out, they’re in a bit of trouble.

    • Very underrated pickup.GM has done a good job!

    • I dunno… Canes got slower and older this off-season. One of their strengths was the forward depth that could skate up and down the ice while tiring the other teams out.
      Not sure this team can run Rod hockey the same way

    • I like that move! I mentioned a few days ago that he was good fit. I thought they were going to have to buy out Gardiner to pull it off so I gave up hope when they didn’t buy him out.

  7. IMO I think the Wings are going to shop Bertuzzi all season, which hurts my soul. I love how he plays, but I think he’s going to be a difficult contract every time his contract comes up and I just don’t see Yzerman keeping that on the team.

    I can see Yzerman getting a roster player and picks for him similar to how he did with Mantha.

    The more interesting trade option for the Wings at the end of this season may be Nedeljkovic. With an improved D core his numbers should improve, but his contract is up this year and the goalie market is going to be THIN heading into the playoffs.

    • Would love to bring a Bertuzzi back to Long Island. His uncle didn’t get a fair shake here! His status for travel would be a big issue for Lou L.. He shipped Bode Wilde off to Europe because of his stand on vaccinations!

  8. Stastny has lost a step.
    1 yr is probably all he’s got left.

  9. Shredded and all

    Stevie Y has “fleeced” Armstong in some recent trades and acquisitions! I keep wondering if he might try to add Tarasenko to end his summer?? Mabe Bertuzzi and Maata??


  10. Burt would be an awesome Bruin plays the game the right way Boston should have plenty of room next season getter done right Rick.