NHL Rumor Mill – August 27, 2022

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In today’s NHL Rumor Mill: The latest on the Senators’ rumored interest in Jakob Chychrun plus three ways the Bruins can get cap compliant later this season.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators general manager Pierre Dorion would like to add another defenseman before training camp opens on Sept. 21. If he doesn’t, he’s hopeful that he’s put together a competitive roster for the coming season.

Garrioch writes the Senators have held talks with the Arizona Coyotes regarding Jakob Chychrun but Dorion balked at the asking price for the 24-year-old blueliner.

Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s been the running theme regarding Chychrun since last season. Teams are interested but the Coyotes have set a price too high. Several versions of their asking price have made the rounds including a first-rounder, a top-prospect, and a good young NHL player, a first-rounder, two prospects and two players. The latest is two first-rounders and a top prospect.

Whatever the Coyotes want, nobody wants to pay it at this time. Maybe Dorion or another general manager gets desperate if injuries strike in training camp or during the season. Perhaps Arizona GM Bill Armstrong will lower his price to make it more palatable.

For now, I wouldn’t be surprised if Chychrun’s still with the Coyotes when the regular season begins in October.

As for other blueline targets for the Senators, the best remaining free agent options are P.K. Subban and Anton Stralman. Dorion could target cap-strapped teams in the trade market looking to shed salary before the season begin.

THE ATHLETIC: Fluto Shinzawa recently examined three ways the Boston Bruins can become cap compliant when some of their sidelined players return to action later in the season.

One way could be trading Mike Reilly once defenseman Matt Grzelcyk is good to go. The 29-year-old is among five left-handed rearguards with one-way contracts on the Bruins blueline. He carries an average annual value of $3 million.

Trading Craig Smith is another. He turns 33 next month and is in the final season of his contract with a $3.1 million AAV. He could be replaced from within by Fabian Lysell or Oskar Steen.

Shinzawa’s third option is demoting Nick Foligno or attempting to trade him if he’ll waive his partial no-trade clause. However, it would require packaging an asset with him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There was a report earlier this month that the Bruins had held trade talks regarding Smith. Nothing has come of them but that doesn’t mean a deal won’t happen at some point.

Reilly could draw interest if the Bruins put him on the block. Foligno carries a $3.8 million cap hit and is slated to become a UFA next summer. His performance, however, has really declined over the past couple of years. Unless he has a bounce-back effort this season, the Bruins’ best option could be sending him to the minors, though it will only trim $1.125 million from their payroll going that route.


  1. Good observation I like the iodea of a demotion for foligno he has not earned the right to play for the big team terrible terrible player. Fluto one of the most respected Bruins reporters in the game also had a survey out a few weeks back

    The Athletic put a percentage on it as part of their annual end-of-season fan survey.
    Of the nearly 2,500 subscribers who completed the survey, 91.4% answered that Neely and Sweeney are not “the right executives to lead the Bruins.” Only 8.6% said they are.
    Among other results, 82.6% said Cassidy should not have been fired, and 92.2% said the organization is not “headed in the right direction.”

  2. Lyle, in the Headlines thread I mention another aspect of Garrioch’s article where he reports that, according to Dorion, the agents for several UFAs have contacted him seeking PTOs for their clients – do you think two of them might be Subban and Stralman?

    • Could be, I wouldn’t rule it out.

    • I liked Doeion’s quote. “ I think other’s see me coming from a mile away.” Haha

      • Yeah, that gave me a chuckle too “sure, you can have Chychrun … but I want two 1sts and Josh Norris along with Jake Sanderson…”

  3. Chychrun’ actual salary the last 2 seasons of current deal jumps to 5.4 mil and 7 mil from 4 mil this season. He also will have a 10 team ntc kicking in. There’s been talk here about Kane at deadline maybe going to Rangers, but Chychrun at deadline might be a smarter play. They still lack a 3rd left D. They picked up Braun at deadline last year to take role that Nemerh had but failed miserably. Right now they have Zach Jones and Libor Hajek on roster. Just like they’re hoping young forwards make a jump this year, they really need those 2 or Lundkvist to step up and gain Gallants trust. I don’t see them doing now but could be interested at deadline. Sens in a better position cap wise right now to get it done.

    • Hey George.
      you might want to revise a few things you say.
      Id be surprised if a 1st wasn’t part of a package for Chycrun. ++
      I feel like you think Dorion will somehow lowball this trade and Win it. there’s no way the Sens will steal Chychrun. it will cost them.

      Also yesterday you said Stutzle will move back to the win. I don’t know where you get your information but you seem alone on that island. Giroux has played a lot of wing in the last few years in Philly. I’d be willing to be money that this year it will be Stutzle entering that line 95% of the time. The Sens want Stutzle to be that number 1C down the line. there’s no going back to the wing for Stützle. for sure they will be having Giroux take some of those draws but it will be Stützle in the middle.

      you seem to have some pretty strange takes at time. hahaha

      • Hehe – no – just musing. No different than anyone else in here. If it amuses you … well, fill yer boots.

        As for the “future # 1 C” they already have him – his name is Josh Norris. And there was strong speculation that Shane Pinto would be another very good C – until his progress was derailed by missing all of last season due to shoulder surgery.

        As for Giroux, yeah, I know he’s also played wing – but he’s also damned good in the face-off circle – something Stutzle still needs to work on.

        But you may be more closer to what will transpire than I am since my thoughts are – as I say – merely musings, whereas you come across like someone with inside knowledge.

        We’ll soon see.

      • I don’t think Chychrun is going anywhere until at least the trade deadline. Coyotes ask is just too high! I think the maple leafs might make a major move prior to training camp opening. …. How about Sandin, Kerfoot, Robertson and a lottery protected first rounder to the Kraken for Adam Larson and Yanni Gourde. Some retention from seattle would have to take place.

  4. Slick62, re: ” Sens in a better position cap wise right now to get it done.” – only if Zaitsev and his $4.5 mil cap hit (2 years left) is part of whatever package would go to Arizona – which will NOT include a 1st round pick, – let alone two of them.

    Right now they’re shown with 19 signed and two RFAs left to re-up

    Formenton – 18g 14a 32 pts -13 coming off an ELC of $747,500, and

    Brannstrom – 0g 14a 14 pts -17 – coming off an ELC of $863,333

    When re-signed I would think both would come in at around $2 mil each on bridge deals, bringing them to 21 signed and around $3.9 mil left to sign 2,

    However, should one or both be part of a package to Arizona, and Zaitsev makes way for Chychrun, that would give Dorion a bit more to play with in order to flesh out the roster to 23.

    • Can’t see Arizona dropping their asking price to the point where they accept mostly crap and not even get a 1st rounder in the deal. Someone will offer more than that.

      Formenton is decent but with the possibility of him being part of that WJC scandal, i doubt Arizona (or any team really) would want to touch him until that is resolved and he is proven to have had no part in it. They had to get rid of that player they drafted that bullied a kid in school so i doubt they want to risk trading for someone they could have to get rid of in the near future.

      Brannstrom has very little value imo. He’s not good defensively and doesn’t provide much offense or physicality.

      Lastly adding a cap dump like Zaitsev to the deal doesn’t lower the asking price, it would increase it. I don’t see Arizona taking a package from the Sens that doesn’t include at least 1 first round pick unless they put Sanderson in the deal.

      • Then Chychrun – and ObamaCare – remains in Arizona.

      • More than likely. I don’t think Arizona will get exactly what they want for him but someone will pay up something like a decent roster player, a good prospect and a 1st for him. More than likely it will be a team that is pretty sure the 1st is going to be a late 1st because they know they will make the playoffs and they already have a lot of prospects coming. Rangers or L.A would be my guess.

      • My bet would be L.A. He’s done some pretty amazing things with that team and his moves always seem to catch everyone by surprise.

      • Plus they have the draft picks, prospects and young roster players to spare to make a move like this. They won’t have enough room or roster spots/roles to fit all of them into their lineup so they can move a few for something they really need.

  5. Chychrun will still be a Coyote after the trade deadline
    Wouldn’t something like Valamaki ($1,5) for Formenton also projected to be in the 1.5 range when he signs be less of a risk ?
    Ultimately way less cost in terms of assets for someone who likely will never play 80 games in a season and isn’t the second coming of Brian Leetch

  6. If I was sens I’d offer Sanderson 23 1st top three protected (if it’s top three then Arizona gets 23 2nd and unprotected 24 1st) and zaitsev for chychy.

    • No offense, but that would be Dorian’s worst move ever. Giving up those assets for an injury prone Dman, that is a hard no.

      • I second that. Any GM who forks over a 1st round pick AND a top prospect like Sanderson for someone whose history suggests an injury-prone career is one step away from unemployment.

        I’d gamble on him for someone like Formenton and Brannstrom, along with Zaitsev. That’s it.

        They want more than that find a sucker somewhere else.

    • Omg, really. What kind of player do you Chychrun is?

      “No I wouldn’t give up a 1st round pick.”

      Sweeney if it’s just a 1st round pick. Please pick up the phone and call NOW!!!

      6’2″ 210lbs $4.6 cap hit for 3 more years.

      Yes by all means you can also have Boston top rated d prospect in Mason Lohrie and we’ll throw in Matt Grzelcyk.

      Top 4 Lindholm McAvoy
      Chychrun Carlo

      • It’s no surprise that the two individuals poopooing the proposal are fans of teams in perpetual rebuild. The focus becomes solidly on potential instead of the present. Chychy has had injuries but has also proven he is a top 3 if not too pair d man. None of the proposed assets have done that.

      • With ya Caper 1st ain’t getting him.
        Not sure we know what he is do we?

        Has had 1 good offensive year, also got mostly offensive minutes judging by where he started his shifts. Don’t think he will ever be a big point producer, which means he needs to defend at a high level to be a top 3 guy.

        Last year got the opposite most in his own zone plus the tougher assignments. Like what top 3 D first guys get for assignments. He struggled. A lot. Especially in first half of the year, then seemed to turn it around near the end.

        The injury concerns are legit, not sure why some guys get hurt more, but so far he has.

        D men of crappy teams are the hardest to evaluate as per Mr Burke, sounds reasonable.

        The book on Chychrun, and the reason he slipped in the draft was the decision making and the WTF was he thinking moments.

        Physical side is plus plus, hard to judge the other on a crappy team. Bit on the risky side for a king’s ransom, hence nobody has paid it.

      • His career Chycrun reminds me a little bit of Gord Kluzaks.To many injuries.

  7. Flames have a lot of D, maybe Dorion can check in? Maybe not now but when Tanev gets back. They have 6 very good D and 2 prospects that either needs to play or at least move 1 when Tanev is back

    • Kent, I haven’t given up hope on Weegar … and the longer it goes without him signing a new deal in Calgary, the hope lingers 🙂

      • I think they can sign him, the question is if someone else needs to move, cant see him signing with the prospect of being on the third pair

      • A 3-way with Chychrun going to Calgary and Weegar off to Ottawa?

      • I think Dorion would do better going after Weegar or Soucy. I say Soucy because I have not heard any news on the Krack re-signing him. Maybe he wants out of Seattle’

  8. Sean Monahan endears himself in Montreal putting on his new jersey, #91 and referring to himself jokingly as Sean Monahab followed by some French.

  9. I really need someone to help me out here.

    I need someone to explain to me, without using “hope” , change of scenery “ “if he can stay healthy”. Why Jakob Chychrun is worth anything near that asking price.

    Or just explain why a guy with pretty ordinary numbers is so highly sought after and worth the risk?

    And, go!

    • Hah. The best you’ll get … the best you CAN get … is that he was a 1st round pick (16th overall), is 6′ 2″ 220 lbs and in the shortened season of 2020-21 had 41pts in 56gp.

      What those who agree that two 1st rounders + is a valid demand avoid like the plague is that he has also missed close to 28% of Arizona’s games since coming into the NHL – 57% this past season alone.

      Would I take a chance on him if available for a reasonable return? Yes. Does a reasonable return include 2 1sts, a good roster player and a top prospect? Hell no.