NHL Rumor Mill – August 5, 2022

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Will the Blues trade Vladimir Tarasenko this summer? Could Patrick Kane be a fit with the Sabres? Find out in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


NHL.COM: In a recent mailbag segment, Dan Rosen was asked if the St. Louis Blues have any trade talks going on with other clubs about Vladimir Tarasenko.

St. Louis Blues winger Vladimir Tarasenko (NHL Images).

Rosen doesn’t think Tarasenko rescinded the trade request he made last summer. However, that doesn’t mean the Blues want to trade the 30-year-old right winger. They held onto him last season and he responded with a career-best 82-point performance.

If the Blues did shop Tarasenko, Rosen believes they’d want a top-six forward in return, especially after losing David Perron to free agency last month. He doesn’t see a team willing to part with that type of return for an older winger with a history of shoulder injuries who’s a year away from unrestricted free agent eligibility.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rosen believes the Blues will hang onto Tarasenko for the coming season to take one more run for the Stanley Cup. The Athletic’s Jeremy Rutherford shares that view, writing that he believes general manager Doug Armstrong would rather have Tarasenko’s production in 2022-23 and let him walk next summer via free agency than not have him around for the coming season.

That doesn’t mean a trade can’t happen if a club desperate for scoring punch came calling with a great offer. I just don’t expect that’s going to happen this summer. The only realistic scenario I see for a Tarasenko trade is if the Blues are out of the playoff race by next year’s trade deadline.


THE BUFFALO NEWS: In a recent mailbag segment, Lance Lysowski was asked if the Sabres should attempt to sign Patrick Kane next summer if he’s interested in coming home to Buffalo.

Lysowski believes Kane could be a fit under the right circumstances. They’d have to move out someone like Victor Olofsson whose contract expires after 2023-24 and reduce the ice time of a young winger. He must also be willing to accept a short-term contract that doesn’t take away too much cap space from future seasons.

Mentioning the chatter on social media suggesting the Sabres attempt to trade for Kane this summer, Lysowski doesn’t think the longtime Blackhawks star is a fit in Buffalo for the coming season. He believes the return would involve a haul of draft picks and prospects. “The Sabres don’t want to part with those yet,” he said.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I concur with Lysowski’s take. If the Sabres want Kane and if he wants to finish his career in his hometown, it’s best to wait until free agency next summer. It’ll take a big chunk out of their cap space but they won’t have to part with promising young assets.

Nobody knows right now what Kane’s plans will be following this season. There were reports of clubs making inquiries last month but it’s believed he hasn’t reached the stage yet where he’s willing to waive his no-movement clause. That might not happen until the trade deadline approaches and it’s expected he’d only be interested in joining a playoff contender.


  1. Rumours have the Tank going to bruins with 1/2 retained for Foligno and Reilly and a signed Orr jersey😎

    • you forgot Ullmark

    • The Orr jersey can be left out considering the stupid one page ad he took out endorsing Trump.

      • Orr is as entitled to his political views as you are to yours.

      • people still got TDS eh?

      • You’re right Lyle I was shocked when he endorsed you know who. But when I consider what an amazing player he was. A guy who like Johnny B used to say “would play with injuries that would put most nhlers out of action” The best of all time. He is entitled to his political beliefs.my wife who wishes the nhl didn’t exist once said well what do you think Orr now. I love him as player and he was an ambassador off the ice , as for his politics I guess two out three ain’t bad.

      • With all due respect Lyle, Steven is not saying or suggesting that Orr is not entitled to his political views. He is merely expressing his own.
        I generally agree with the suggestion you made the other day to just keep politics out of this blog.

      • If the greatest hockey player ever Robert Gordon Orr and the greatest golfer ever Mr Jack Nicklaus both endorsed 45 that’s good enough for me. What’s going on in our world since is a total disaster and I spend 6 months each in Canada and US. Now as for Patrick Kane I believe he will go to a contender next year Colorado Rangers or maybe even Edmonton on a team friendly deal.

    • To Rangers (50% retained) for Chytil, Hajek and a signed Orr jersey (Colton)

    • The Orr Jersey alone, Is massive overpayment on Tarasenko. Would imagine the Bs decline.

  2. Huberdeau $10.5 for 8. A lot of dough for a left winger. Weeger next and they win that deal hands down
    One would hope the cap rises in a couple of years.
    Blues in a tough spot with Tarasenko moveable at the deadline but they will also need him post season

    • That $10.5 is not going to age well.

      • Kicks in at 30. Granted concerns on long term effects. Full NM for first 6 Heavy signing bonus with actual salary 3.5 the last half. I believe

        He will outlast Gaudreau who was offered the same deal.
        Goods news for Flames fans

    • Yawn… 100pt players are a dime a dozen. Also a beast of a player. Nothing to see here.

      Do people here think he’s overpaid? If so by how much?

      • By about 3 years

      • Clearly they overpaid but I think the Flames made the move they had to. For whatever reason they were struggling to keep high end talent and this guy is a high end talent.

        Also I would certainly rather have Tkachuk but a case could be made that based on their style of play, Huberdeaus contract might age even better than Tkachuk despite the age difference.

  3. Well,

    I now agree with LYLE, Rosen, and Rutherford—I don’t expect a Tarasenko trade!

    I had anticipated that something could happen with the ISLES or DEVILS or ARIZONA or FLYERS or CAROLINA or ……..but no!?

    Stubborn Armstrong?
    Arrogant Armstrong?
    Shrewd Armstrong?


    • I think Tarasenko helps the Blues get to and be competitive in the Playoffs. What he would get in return at this point probably would not. So I say shrewed…

      • I would agree he would find it very hard to get fair value in this cap strapped environment for Tank. Keep him as own rental and if wheels fall off can move at deadline

      • Both him and Kane if they were available at the trade deadline this year, would make some interesting differences to any team ramping up for the playoffs.

    • Stubborn Armstrong, The Blues aren’t winning the cup with VT this season, and would be a fringe team without VT, BUT letting him walk out the door for nothing is a “keeping my job” decision not a long term team decision. Getting a young productive NHL player plus a prospect and/or a 2023 first or second round pick would be.

      • I will go with pragmatic Armstrong.
        Rob, I think he knows exactly what the market is for Tarasenko, which is sweet FA, and won’t bring nearly the value he is worth to STL this season. This isn’t a shot at Tank, as he is a very good player.

        A rebuilding team isn’t taking him unless they get more added by STL in the deal, because they likely have similar offers already. And the only reason they would, is because they believe they can flip at the TDL to a contender.

        Also can’t compare STL to CGY deals as they can’t take 2 multi million $ players back in return.

        Tarasenko has a NTC, has some control as well.

        Have a look at cap friendly and see how many contenders have the space to send prospects/picks back. Will save you the time – zero.

        Way more teams with expensive guys that need to be moved than there are teams with the space to take them. Think Patches return, which is nothing.

        Easy decision for Armstrong, move him for nothing, or keep him and give it a go again. So something, vs nothing.

        I think they have a reasonable shot, they lost to COL in 6. They played them as tough as anybody.

  4. Hey Joe,

    I’m wondering if they could package Nick Pylon to minny retain some of his salary to join his brother. Maybe the b’s and the invisible man can throw in a few more articles to get something in return.

  5. Ron

    Both difference makers for sure

  6. One of Kane or Toews will be on Rangers come deadline day.

    • Toews would look good in Philly if Philly can convince CHI to take back JVR & Konecy.

      • Philly will finish bottom 5 again, So ask me why Toews would have any interest in a bottom feeder like Philly?

  7. Patrick Kane from the sixth worst team in the league/chicago to the ninth worst team in the league/Buffalo. He’s really climbing the ladder!