NHL Rumor Mill – August 6, 2022

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MacKenzie Weegar could start contract talks soon with the Flames plus updates on the Penguins and Sharks in today’s NHL rumor roundup.


TSN’s Salim Valji took to Twitter to report a source said MacKenzie Weegar has a “strong, genuine desire” to re-sign with the Calgary Flames. He believes the two sides could start contract talks next week.

Calgary Flames defenseman MacKenzie Weegar (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flames acquired Weegar last month as part of the return from the Florida Panthers in the Matthew Tkachuk trade. He and Jonathan Huberdeau both indicated a willingness to discuss contract extensions with their new club.

With Huberdeau now signed to an eight-year extension, the focus shifts to the 28-year-old defenseman. He’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent next summer.

After signing his new contract, Huberdeau told the media that he wanted to sign with the team that wanted him. Weegar could feel the same way. Following the trade, there was a report out of Florida indicating both players weren’t pleased with their contract discussions with the Panthers.


THE ATHLETIC: In a recent mailbag segment, Rob Rossi was asked if the Pittsburgh Penguins could afford to trade one of their left-side defensemen. He doesn’t believe they can.

Rossi felt the Penguins need left-side blueliners such as Brian Dumoulin and Marcus Pettersson to perform at as close to peak level as possible if they hope to contend for the Stanley Cup.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Penguins are sitting nearly $1.5 million above the $82.5 million cap for the coming season. There was speculation they might shop Dumoulin or Pettersson to free up cap space and clear a path for a more affordable young rearguard such as Pierre-Olivier Joseph or the recently-acquired Ty Smith.

However, they’re also sitting one player over their 23-man roster limit and could clear some of that cap space by placing a player or two on waivers. And to those readers advocating a trade of Jason Zucker, no, they’re not going that route. There’s not much of a market for an oft-injured 30-year-old winger with a $5.5 million cap hit and a 10-team no-trade clause.

THE ATHLETIC: In an Aug. 1 mailbag segment, Corey Masisak was asked how the San Jose Sharks intend to address their glut of goaltenders. They currently have seven under NHL contracts, including James Reimer, Kaapo Kahkonen and Adin Hill.

Masisak suggested one of them could be traded during training camp or preseason if another team has a goalie sidelined. They could also put Hill on waivers and if he clears keep him in the minors until Reimer or Kahkonen gets hurt.


  1. Penguins over the cap issue now , simple , re-signing Kasperi Kapanen to 3.2 million for two seasons.

    • Speed Kills, yes, they are shown at CapFriendly as being $1,480,175 over the cap – but that’s with 24 shown as signed. Since they can’t have more than 23 at the major-league level, they can get under through either a demotion – or a trade.

      They’re shown with 8 D, so it could very well be one of those since I doubt they carry 8, Whatever the case, it can’t be an ELC-type since whoever goes down or elsewhere must be over $1,480,175 because they don’t have an LTIR candidate.

      They also have $1,916,667 in dead cap thanks to the Jack Johnson buyout. Has to hurt paying someone that much to win a cup elsewhere! 🙂

    • @ Speed 100 % agreed their blind faith and loyalty to Kapanen is both annoying and mind boggling..

      They could use that money to sign Tyler Motte who would add speed, grit, terrific forechecking, and penalty killing.

      He will easily score more than Kapanen’s. 11 goals.

      In Sullivan’s up tempo forecheck system put him with Malkin and Rakell..15 to 20 goals.

  2. If Weegar wants over $6M on a long term deal, trade him! Calgary has a good D w/o him. Ottawa wanted Weegar and the Pens have an affordable option in Petterson to trade for.
    Weegar for Brannstrom + or
    Weegar for Petterson + ……this would be more affordable for the Pens this year and open up options for the future.

    • Weegar is their best dman now, and she be paid as such

  3. Seems like Philly and maybe Buffalo are the most likely landing spots for one of the Sharks goalies.

    • Johnny Z, I can see Philadelphia, since Fedotov is out of the picture doing military service in Mother Russia for the foreseeable future. But why Buffalo? They have Comrie and just re-signed Anderson to 1 more year as back-up. There’s also Malcolm Subban still in the picture – if he’s healthy.

      • I’m hearing Provorov and Grosenick to LA for Jonathon Quick and 2nd rd pick. Makes a little sense since Quick is expiring and flipped at deadline and while he’s here he would most certainly push Hart and light a fire under him

    • The Leafs will likely trade for one of the Sharks’ goalies, after Murray gets injured and placed on LTIR by December. ;))

  4. The Flames have 6 top four defensemen. I would suspect they trade one of them for a forward. They could really use a right shot winger.

    I know there were rumours Ottawa was looking at Weeger. Maybe the Flames trade him for Batherson.

    • No. They will not get Batherson. Dorion just solved his RW issue for the 2nd line by obtaining DeBrincat so he’s not putting himself in that position again by trading his 1st line RW.

      And as SilverSeven posts, I doubt very much the Flames deal Weegar anyway.

      Right now Dorion likely has several irons in the fire for a RD and is waiting for one of those 15 cap-strapped teams to blink first. If it doesn’t happen, his current D structure is perfectly capable of handling the load with Sanderson joining the group and players like Bernard-Docker and Thompson gaining more experience at Belleville.

  5. Weeger isn’t going anywhere . I also think he will be reasonable. Not like he was a former blue chip draft pick and had 60 points last year. He did play with Ekblad not Zadorov . His potential and Trajectory is what will cost . He should make Andersson money. Hanifin will be due a raise in the future as well . If and when Weeger signs it may be time to move Valamaki.

  6. Weegar for Nylander, helps leafs with their cap and fills a weakness on defense

    • Who fills Nylander spot ?
      A very user friendly contract !
      Need more than Weegar in exchange , or a multi player deal

      Toronto can sweeten the pot with 2 valuable additions.
      1. Kerfoot
      2. Holl

      To be continued !

    • What weakness? Goaltending maybe. And Nylander is not going anywhere.

  7. One of the forward 4 should go for an equal value D man….The decision not to do this combined with maybe weak goaltending will cost Dubas his job.

  8. Matthews can score 60 Leafs can get 120 points and win Presidents trophy but if they don’t win the cup what good does it do. For those hoping just to win one round in playoffs and calling it a success are squirrelly I guarantee the players and front office want Lord Stanley it’s only been since 67.

    • Here is an interesting fact for you:

      Rings since 1998

      6 – Jennifer Lopez

      0 – All NHL Canadian hockey teams combined.

      (not that my Rangers are doing much better)

  9. Dear Dr Frankenstein

    As per Obe’s above comment

    To be reminded , it’s been 1967

    Has sent me back into my “spin” mode !

    Can I book another appt with U and U can re-assure me , there is light at the end of the tunnel !

    Very Much Appreciated ,

    I think there are other beloved leaf fans , who might need your guidance as well !

    Also , Please, I need this to be a reality , as this character from Ottawa area, named George , is back “licking” his chops , thinking Ottawa is a destination for the CUP , long before Lord Stanley arrives in Toronto

    • Heh. Oh no I’m not! Never once gave that impression, I see vast improvement but waaaay too early to be thinking – or even hoping – along those lines. For the record, what I see – and hope – is for Ottawa this coming season to be a pain-in-the-ass to every opponent to such an extent that they finish the season close to – if not in – the playoffs. Baby steps.

  10. Hopefully the Flames can get Weegar signed for a reasonable, say, $5m per year.. I would agree the Flames could use another forward, but they might be able to wait for a deadline UFA-to-be pick-up .. I was pleasantly surprised with Jakob Pelletier’s first AHL year, and he may win the 3rd LW spot on the big club – currently the Flames will have almost no cap space left after re-signing Adam Ruzicka, and I see them lining up as:

    Hubey – Lindholm – Mang
    Coleman – Backlund – Toff
    Pelletier – Ruzicka – Dube
    Lucic – Rooney – Lewis

    No question Sutter will want more experience going into the playoffs, should the Flames get there again.

    On another topic, does anyone know anything about Paul Stastny’s plans? He had 21 goals and 45 points but would still be a cheap 3C option somewhere – I think he would be a fine veteran on a Predators 3rd line between Tomasino and either Tolvanen or Jeannot.

    • Augustus, the wild card in this is Monahan. If he has a full recovery and plays like he did a few years ago he becomes the #2 center pushing Backland into the #3 slot where he should be

  11. @George

    OMG – Where R these Calgary fans coming from
    Visited with the great white Hope ?
    Predominantly Bruin fans on here !

    As for Ottawa George , I didn’t mean , U were gearing down for a Cup this up coming year or 2 , but prior to arriving in Toronto

    Their core is lengthy and talented
    1. Tkachuk
    2. Stutzle
    4. Chabot
    5. Debrincat
    6. Batherson? I am not in the loop on this guy !
    They have a driven , Smart GM , who is for the long haul ..

  12. Naw, I knew that Ken – just having some fun,

    First thing Batherson needs to do is stay healthy. If he does, and puts in a full season at RW with Norris and Tkachuk, he is capable of 25+ goals. His last two seasons, using an 82-game average, he was on track for 25 and then 30 goals – in 56gp and 46gp respectively.

    And don’t forget Giroux.

    as for Calgary, they could probably get Formenton, one of Bernard-Docker, Brannstrom or Thompson (all D) and a 2nd round pick for Weegar. But I just don’t see them wanting to move him in the first place.

    What COULD force the issue is if he and his agent seek a long-term contract north of $6 mil. He has the pedigree.

    • Wow , Yes , I did forgot about Giroux !!!
      The Fabulous “7”
      Ottawa is definitely going to make some noise !
      I think Dorion made a promise to Chabot , pertaining to defense help , as Chabot is getting “goofed” by opponents , missing time , on account of this
      The Chychrun , Lawson rumours are continuous in cyberspace , Arizona needs to finally cut the flippin tape, and allow it to happen ..
      Lawson would allow freedom , backbone to the club
      Chychrun would blossom !

    • Agree George but still have to worry about the hockey Canada stuff. 2 of those guys may never play again . Don’t think it will be that harsh but bad look these days

  13. I would heavily consider a Lassi Thomson & Formention who has very good speed . That will be needed to get past Edmonton and Ottawa’s second next year ? You potentially turned Tkachuk into 6 very good assets. You almost have to do it if am Treliving . Anything lesser just sign and keep Weeger

    • It’s possible Treliving doesn’t move any defensemen as he loves having as many as possible around, but it has become an area of strength for the team. I see our forward depth a little weaker hence my speculation about moving a defensemen for a forward.

      I will be honest I did not see Weegar play last year so I can only go off what people say. The Batherson and Nylander proposals where more to get feedback from my fellow posters. Clearly it was not received very well

      • LOL Flamefan – what it did was provoke some sober thought. Batherson is out for the reason stated above, I’m sure – but Formenton provides considerable speed at LW and a good prospect D such as Bernard-Docker or Thompson gives Treleving some flexibility with his D in terms of options without needing waivers. Add in a 2nd round pick and it all adds to the haul that Tkachuk set in motion.

  14. I see a healthy drake Batherson becoming one of the premier wingers in the NHL if he stays healthy. But right now it’s health may not be his biggest concern. George do you or anyone here know what the latest is from his camp with any involvement he had leading up to the 2018 investigation?