Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – August 14, 2022

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Could the Flames attempt to trade Milan Lucic? Would there be room on the Bruins for his return? What’s the latest on P.K. Subban, Phil Kessel and Josh Bailey? Find out in the Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup


CALGARY HOCKEY NOW: Steve Macfarlane recently observed Flames winger Milan Lucic was trending on social media last week after the Boston Bruins signed Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci. He believes the Flames have no urgent need to move the 34-year-old power forward unless they’re planning on making another big trade.

Calgary Flames winger Milan Lucic (NHL Images).

The Flames made headlines last month with a blockbuster trade by shipping Matthew Tkachuk to the Florida Panthers for Jonathan Huberdeau and MacKenzie Weegar. Macfarlane wondered if they might make another impact trade or free-agent signing.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy half-jokingly made the suggestion that Bruins general manager Don Sweeney should attempt to bring back Lucic after signing Bergeron and Krejci. He pointed to Lucic’s close friendship with those two as well as Bruins wingers Brad Marchand and David Pastrnak.

Murphy wondered if Sweeney would be interested in acquiring Lucic if the Flames agreed to retain part of his $6 million cap hit. He’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent next summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Bruins want a reunion with Lucic (and there’s no indication Sweeney is considering that) they’ll have to wait for next summer. Macfarlane pointed out he remains a key part of the Flames’ leadership core for the coming season as they hope to contend for the Stanley Cup.

Flames GM Brad Treliving could surprise us with another big off-season move. However, I think he’s already made his big splash for this summer.


EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples reports oddsmakers have the Oilers as the potential destination for free agents P.K. Subban and Phil Kessel.

Staples also noted Oilers Now insider Bob Stauffer said the club could be a choice destination for some aging free agent players. Kessel has been frequently linked to the Oilers this summer in the rumor mill.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m no oddsmaker but I’d say Kessel has a better chance of joining the Oilers than Subban. They could use more offensive depth on right wing and he put up a respectable 52 points last season on the offensively anemic Arizona Coyotes. However, we don’t know if the Oilers are interested in him.


THE ATHLETIC: Kevin Kurz poured cold water on speculation suggesting the New York Islanders could move Josh Bailey to clear cap room to sign Nazem Kadri. He believes if that deal was going to happen it would’ve by now, pointing out most rosters around the league are now set. There are few teams that can afford the 32-year-old winger’s $5 million annual cap hit through 2023-24.

Kurz acknowledged the Isles could retain $1.5 million to $2 million of Bailey’s salary-cap hit to facilitate a trade. However, it wouldn’t make much sense for them to do that.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Bailey was in the final season of his contract it might make more sense to retain part of his cap hit. Doing so for two years, however, leaves dead cap space carrying over into 2023-23. Retaining part of his salary could still hamper efforts to sign Kadri, depending on how much they spend to re-sign restricted free agents Noah Dobson, Alexander Romanov and Kieffer Bellows.

Bailey lacks no-trade protection so he could be shopped to rebuilding teams with cap room such as the Arizona Coyotes or Chicago Blackhawks. However, the Isles will be expected to include a decent draft pick or prospect in the deal. There is also the question of whether those clubs want or need a veteran winger at this stage in their rebuilding process.


  1. At first I was against it. But if it’s a one for one even up trade for the human pylon Foligno, I’m for it. At least Milan’s got a little tiger left in the tank, Foligno’s tiger has left the building. Right now I’d even go for Matt Belesky over Nick. If I see Foligno even in the lineup for one game next Season I won’t watch the bruins. Great dressing room presence though, yuk!

    • He got tagged in a fight pretty good last season. Real bell ringer. He wasn’t quite the same player after that, although you could see the heart and compete in every shift.
      He’ll be better this season, I’d wager.

      • Foligno is washed up. You could put a potted plant on the ice and it would do better than he could. Morning sop.

    • We will hold you to that promise Rick. Come to the Dark side ‘The Habs’

      • I’d rather take a roomful of Don Sweeney’s than ever cheer for the habs. Never in this lifetime. I’d cheer for the Russians before I’d ever come over to habs side. It would be worse than reading a MrB. Or Paul post

  2. Lucic is stuck in Calgary, which is not bad. The Flames will move out a D-man for a forward if anything. But they don’t need to do anything right now. They have a little bit of cap to make a preseason or in-season move if it presents itself.

  3. Kessel has gas left in the tank , but I think Subban is running on Empty .
    Kessel would be reborn in an Oiler uniform IMO ..
    He would definitely have alot of fun …
    Not sure what the Oilers need to take them over the TOP
    Perhaps, Defense

    This cap situation is a nightmare

    Who do you blame that on ?

    • Whoever was responsible for Covid?

  4. Josh Bailey is 7 games shy of a 1,000 with the Islanders. There is no way Lou trades him before that achievement. He’s a loyal to a fault GM who goes out of his way to make players feel human. Dying breed. If the team is out of it by the TDL- he’ll get moved then, or in next offseason. Lots of “fans” have been calling for his head since he had an extra bad season in a season where everybody had bad seasons. His 44 pts were 5th on a team that doesn’t score, but we should just discard him with no way of replacing his input. Would make no sense!

    • Bailey is has been given too many prime minutes of the years. His 44 pts are misleading and does not over shadow his multiple giveaways and minus rating. If Kadri is added and Bailey is subtracted you just replaced Bailey’s output and made the team stronger. Time for the Isles to worry about wins and not individual achievements.

      • Agree. The fans are sick of Bailey. He gets a lot of minutes and is on the power play. Yet he is always pass pass, pass.If he has a golden chance to score he will do guess what? Pass. And he never fights for the puck avoids the corners. Like Don Cheery used to say if he played with eggs in his pocket none would be broken. Was hoping the Kraken would have taken him. He is an addition by subtraction.Good bye.

  5. How exactly would Boston fit Lucic when they’re already 2m over cap? 2 guys starting season on ltir will be back eventually. As mentioned, Calgary doesn’t need to move him.

  6. I would be surprised If the Bruins made a deal for Lucic.
    Boston has no cap space and the Flames do not have to get rid of him in a salary dump.

    There is absolutely no up side for the Flames or Bruins to make this deal.

    • Some clearly function on “sentimentality” Flamefan. That and $2 will get you a cup of coffee. It has NO room in a professional sports world.

      Here in Ottawa, for example, I’ve heard it said that the Senators and Alfredsson should “bury the hatchet” and he be given a top job in the organization. Why? is my response

      • Yeah George,

        I get it though, we are in the dog days of summer not much going on so we kinda start scratching for things to talk about.

        I give Lyle credit he does an amazing job posting stories when they are far and few between.

      • Because sports are about both winning and sentimentality. As a fan I love Mario because of his cup wins but also his whole career. Ring a penguin. That means as much to me as the cups if not more. If alfy is qualified for a role he should absolutely be brought back. Winning sells but so does tradition and history.

      • Oh, there we agree – IF someone is qualified for a certain job. And since Alfredsson has never held a post where he could gain experience in the running of a franchise, bringing him back just because “he’s Alfie” and to please the bleeding heart element of the fan base … well, no thanks.

        And in what way would Lucic make the Bruins better?

      • I agree George,

        Zero room for sentiment. Zero.

        It’s funny, you see statements like this from Pens fans, who wouldn’t pee on Jagr if he was on fire. Why? Because he didn’t want to be a part of the last tank job. The same exact fans (here) that have openly stated they stayed home during the bad years because they didn’t want to watch Rico Fata? Lmao. So it’s okay to bail as fans, but don’t you dare waste prime years of your career and bolt somewhere else? Seems logical, we’ll thought out and confused all in one !

        But somehow, they believe in sentimental signings or jobs being handed out.

        Most NY fans would have Messier be 1st line center, captain, gm and coach. Why? He has no business in any role.

        And also agree about Lucic. Why? Just why? Recapturing his glory days on a core that’s half rotten already? Why not Chara? Is Ray Bourque doing anything? 2nd pair pp specialist maybe?

        I like certain players, but when it’s time to go, it’s time to go.


      • Aww. You miss me. 😘

      • Awewww did someone just get caught in one of many contradictions?

        Yeah. They did

    • No upside for the Flames in dumping Lucic, FF?

      10. 6. 8. 10. 10: the 3 of goals the $ 5 million dollar man has scored in the last 5 years.

      1: the total playoff points in 12 games last year from Lucic.

      In the three years that Lucic has been a Flame, they have won one playoff series. What is this vaunted leadership effect then?

      • That should be the # of goals the $ 5 million dollar man has scored in the last 5 years.

      • LJ

        Although his cap hit is 5.25 million his salary for this year is 1 million.
        Which is what you would want to pay a 4th line enforcer.
        Not saying the Flames wouldn’t trade him I just don’t see a deal to be made with the Bruins. Like I said the Bruins have no cap space and I don’t think they would make a compelling offer for the Flames to be interested.

      • FF, this isn’t a thing for me, it arises from my not respecting Lucic. As a Flames fan you may well appreciate things in him that I do not.

        My comment wasn’t regarding whether the Bs would want him. And while his salary may be a million, as you point out his cap hit is 5 million. Surely the Flames would be better off with a 4th liner whose salary and cap hit were a million, freeing up 4 million to add an impact player.

        Last word to you.

      • LJ
        I think it may be to late in the off season for a Lucic trade.
        At the end of last season I was pretty sure they would try and send him to Arizona where all he would cost the owner is 1 million bucks and get 5.25 million to get them above the floor. Be a great move for them.
        It didn’t happen so I honestly don’t see any team tying up over 5 million in cap space for a 4th liner.

        The Flames are fortunate as things worked out he doesn’t hurt them from a cap perspective and as he does every year, prevents other teams from taking cheap shots at our stars and smaller players.

  7. I’ve read multiple reports of Jimmy Vesey signing a deal with the NY Rangers. I’m not hoping this is true, but nothing on capfriendly and he’s still listed an ufa?

    Seems like a waste of cap space for a team loaded on wing?

    • Yeah, there’s nothing I can see that shows he’s been plucked off the UFA heap, CaptainObvious.

      After bouncing around 5 teams since winning the Hobey Baker in 2016 he shows a record of 422gp 72g 63a 135 pts and is a collective -63.

      Using an 82-gp average that works out to 14g 12a 26 pts.

      If someone does sign him I can see it being on a 2-way deal paying him $750,000 at the NHL level and probably around $100,000 at the AHL level and, in that scenario, he’d be an experienced call-up for short stints to fill in for someone out for a game or three with a nagging injury.

      • Yeah George, underwhelming to say the least. It was reported he signed a 1 year 750k deal in NY.

        Didn’t like him his 1st time around, certainly not looking forward to part deux .

        I’d rather see Motte brought back with the very limited cap space they have.

        Here’s one I’ve seen.

    • Captain Obvious..As usual you are a bit clueless.

      Jagr got selfish, wanted the moon, and talked his way out of town..

      He talked alot of s**t about the team, the organization, Mario, and alienated the fans..qho still hate him to this day..

      Many players have left Pittsburgh (like any organization) but they are cheered when they return from max talbot, to phil kessel. To marc andre fluery, to brooks orpik etc etc etc.

      Jagr was a dick when he was younger talked smack about everyone and everything..period


      • Well, that’s certainly your take. Doesn’t necessarily make it the definitive one.

        That’s sort of like some elements of a fan base calling a sports writer a “dick” and “clueless” – among other things – if he/she writes/says anything perceived as critical of the home team.

        They’d prefer to hear/read only what they want to – never what they should. And that element definitely exists.

  8. I’ve never ready anything by this guy Abate before – and he’s mentioning it as a rumor – but I had to chuckle at his line “He could prove to be a solid bottom-six forward and he should do so at a reasonable price too.”

    Being a collective -63 over his career to date doesn’t suggest a whole lot of defensive attention – and if there’s one thing you want from a bottom 6 F who isn’t a natural goal scorer of at least some significance – is the ability to play defensive hockey.

    That “reasonable price” would certainly have to be the minimum $750,000 and on a 2-way deal with substantially less at the AHL level.

    His first cap hit, in 2016-17, was $925,000 – that increased to $2.5 mil for 2 seasons in 2018-19 and 2019-20, then one at $900,000 and his last at $800,000.

    But it’s hard to figure why the Rangers would even be remotely interested – if that rumor is true – since none of the other teams that had him – 3 of them trying to re-build their teams (I can see why the Leafs want no part of him) – Buffalo, Vancouver, NJ.

    Heck, it’s shaping up that a whole slew of remaining UFAs might be willing to sign for the NHL minimum just to keep their careers going and who would be head and shoulders more valuable at the NHL level than Vesey – which is why I think that, if the rumors have a basis in fact, it would be a 2-way deal in his case. Most of those better remaining UFAs I can’t see agreeing to that.

    • George O…I lived there during the jagr era and I’m speaking of what happened.

      This I can speak on truthfully because i grew up there and lived through the sour puss jagr.

      Look jagr is a Penguin legend but he got cocky and ignorant..

      The atmosphere day to day game to game at mellon arena. The comments in the papers. The atmosphere around the team, jagr comments on the team Mario, the organization he become a cancer.

      He s**t on the fans, the city, the organization. And took subtle shots at Mario..something you just dont do.

      Look Max Talbot went to Philadelphia and they cheered him in his return.

      People still boo him funny his number hasnt been put in the rafters..when that happens and it will there will b so.e boos..ti.e softens but..
      Everytine he came back i. To town with Washington boston Philadelphia New York he got booed

      He had a chance to make it right and come back home and had a hand shake agreement with Mario to return and shunned rge team last minute for and extra $1 million and signed with the Flyers like REALLY.

      So yes he is a dick

    • George O… I respect you and Pengy because you two seem to be the god fathers on here so with that i say cool..

      Captain obvious is a bit snarky and rips anyone and everyonewho disagrees with him so…!!!

      I don’t really respect him and he is annoying..period.

      I lived and grew up in Pittsburgh during the jagr saga so i can speak on this with great clarity..

      Captain O said jagr didnt want to b oart of a tank job there was sooooooo.much more thaN that

      Especially when he could have comeback to make it right had a verbal hand shake agreement with Mario and ditched the deal for the Flyers for an extra $1 million..thats sealed the deal with the fan base..

      Captain obvious has his opinion thaTs fine but he is a know it all.

  9. To be honest, after all these years, I still wonder how Bailey is still on the team. I don’t get it. He’s like the Isles’ appendix….you don’t need him, and he only can cause you pain. Remove him and move on.

  10. Lucic to the B’s? stupidest “trade” suggestion i’ve heard. Sweeney could sign Kadri for 6 mil, & he’s going to trade an asset for a washed up, slow ass . Beyond absurd. And for Murphy to suggest because he was “friends” w #37/ Krecji?? in 2011.
    Wow, dumb stuff right there.
    But nobody really believed that right?


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