NHL Rumor Mill – September 15, 2022

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Could the Jets have traded Mark Scheifele if they had signed Pierre-Luc Dubois to a long-term contract? Did they attempt to move Blake Wheeler? Find out plus the latest on Jake Virtanen in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Murat Ates reported earlier this week that “there is a chance” the Winnipeg Jets would’ve shopped Mark Scheifele if they could’ve re-signed Pierre-Luc Dubois to a long-term contract.

Dubois, 24, was a restricted free agent earlier this summer with arbitration rights. He agreed to accept a one-year, $6 million offer from the Jets.

Winnipeg Jets center Mark Scheifele (NHL Images).

Ates observed Scheifele “looked disengaged defensively” and “sounded deeply frustrated” by season’s end. He’s due to become an unrestricted free agent in 2024 and will be 31 by that point. Dubois is also eligible to become a UFA in 2024.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dubois became a fixture in the rumor mill for several weeks earlier in the offseason after his agent suggested his client might one day hope to join his hometown Montreal Canadiens. Dubois also attended the 2022 NHL Draft in Montreal back in July, sparking speculation suggesting he was going to be traded to the Canadiens but the deal fell through.

Dubois denied all of this in the press conference on July 25 announcing his new one-year contract, stressing that if he wanted out of Winnipeg he would’ve asked for a trade but that thought never crossed his mind. His name hasn’t surfaced in the rumor mill since then but it’s probably only a matter of time if the Jets struggle again this season.

Scheifele downplayed his remarks several weeks following the end of the regular season as did general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff. Perhaps playing under new head coach Rick Bowness will provide Scheifele with the spark that seemed to be missing last season. Another sub-par effort on his part, however, will bring the trade rumors roaring back.

Meanwhile, Ates said it was his understanding the Jets looked into trading Blake Wheeler. However, his $8.25 million cap hit through 2023-24 proved too cumbersome to move.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wheeler is another forward worth watching under Bowness’ coaching this season. The 36-year-old Jets captain struggled with consistency last season and is at the stage in his career where a decline in skills is inevitable.

His age as much as his hefty cap hit makes him very tough to move in the trade market. The Jets would have to retain a big chunk of his contract to make him more enticing to rival clubs.


YAHOO! SPORTS: Thomas Hall cited Oilers Now host Bob Stauffer reporting the Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers and Washington Capitals are believed to have expressed an interest in signing Jake Virtanen to a professional tryout offer.

Virtanen, 26, spent six seasons with the Vancouver Canucks from 2015-16 to 2020-21 until bought out of his contract after he was accused of sexual assault. He spent last season in the KHL and in July was found not guilty in a British Columbia court.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Virtanen’s personal issues aside, I wonder why there are NHL teams interested in his services? He was a disappointment as a Canuck and managed just 16 points in 36 games in the KHL.


  1. good question re: Virtanen. Teams are enamored by his size and how is played in Jr (and Jr Tournaments)

  2. Bruins should sign Virtanen, Big guy, power forward, Great acceleration, big shot be a great addition to any team.and I believe he he can be had for a good price. The bruins aren’t going anywhere with what they have now this guy would be better than at least 50% of the players they have now.

    • Bruins over cap not signing anyone 🤔

    • Hey Rick only in your mind are the Bruins not going anywhere. I think most of us here believe they are much better than you can ever imagine. Remember that next time you Pengy post again and again.

    • You would do worse to the Bruins than your much hated Sweeney if this is your take.

    • Jake isn’t a power forward 90% of the time, he doesn’t use his size, like a lot of others who have come and gone in this league, he’ll show you a great move or great hustle one or two games then nothing for 10 games, maybe he’s changed and realized he doesn’t have to many chances left and finally puts it all together but people look at where he was drafted and think he’s gotta be good.
      I hope it works out for him

      • Word around these parts is that Jake didn’t put in the work to be an everyday, valuable NHL player. Off season or in season. Guy wasn’t in NHL shape. Tried to get by on talent alone.

        Have to think if he ever had a reason to be motivated and make the changes necessary, now would be the time.

      • The Bruins already have a similar Jake on the roster

    • I’ve never seen a positive take on the Bruins from Ricky Murray, I think he’s a habs fan actually. Bruins have been fairly successful in the last decade in spite of Sweeney and Neely

  3. A one is never done.

    I feel the Jets will rebound this year. Last season even the coach quit

    • What does that tell you about the GM and the organization?

  4. Rick Bowness may spark Scheifly and Wheeler… but it will be too be more responsible defensively. Bowness turned Been into a 3rd line, checking, forward that makes 9+ million. And turned Seguin into a 2nd line center with 50 point/season at the cost of 9 million. The players stats that will go up….Hellebuyck…Good luck Winnipeg.

    • So Rick Bowness turned Seguin and Benn into worse players.
      Any chance you could explain exactly how he did that Starsfan? All players are asked to be responsible on both sides of the puck.

      Just as an FYI when you look at the top teams, they all play sound defensive hockey, and that includes their top players who also produce offensively. Which is why they are the best teams, they excel at both ends of the rink.

      Seems to be me Seguin’s health might be the root cause of his issues. That was a significant injury and surgery. Benn has also lost a step or two, not sure why, but the guy is pretty slow and he needs a guy who drives the play. That was Seguin, but he isn’t what he was. Perhaps a full off season to train helps him get his wheels back and help Benn too.

  5. problem in Winnipeg is you have Scheifele, who is the teams #1 center and considered one of the leaders in the locker room (even though the culture he and Wheeler have been allowed to create is absolutely toxic, hence the exist of good players, coaches and vets alike) is feeling threatened by Dubois presence. Because Dubios thinks he is a #1 center; he has the talent to be that guy, but not the heart to carry the team through the playoffs. And now that Suzuki has been named captain in Montreal, I would suspect Dubois bubble has been popped — not getting traded and no chance of being #1 on the Habs. Sorry Winnipeg fans, the drama in the locker room is hosing any chance of a championship for you. And it might take years to reverse the bullying that has been allowed to go on. Bowness is not going to stop it, not his style.

  6. Lyle, not sure how anyone would play with the thought of being found quilty of rape and going to jail, on your mind every day.

    Jake found not guilty and some team will give him an opportunity, no that he can concentrate on the game.

    Really nothing to lose.

    • Caper

      He is worth a shot to someone who has the cap space no doubt about that. Could probably sign him at league minimum 1 yr show me deal

  7. Drury is bringing in Vesey on a pto. Plays a position that Rangers are already overloaded with young talent. Meanwhile, they have a lack of right shot RW’s. Ny sure why not give Virtanen a tryout.

  8. Bruins need to Sign Jake

    • Waste of ink to sign Virtanen

    • No

  9. I agree RWM…

  10. 🇨🇦 The Winnipeg Jets are just a constant Mess for years now!!!

    So Who is it the GM or the Captain…⁉️

    there two Star players want to leave like Scheifele, & Dubois they are both UFA in 2024
    An other Winnipeg Re build coming up…..