NHL Rumor Mill – September 6, 2022

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In today’s NHL Rumor Mill: more speculation over possible trade destinations for Patrick Kane plus a suggestion for the Calgary Flames to sign Joe Thornton to a tryout offer.


THE BOSTON GLOBE: Matt Porter suggests it “seems probable” Patrick Kane will play games this season for an Atlantic Division team.

Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane (NHL Images).

Kane’s hometown team, the Buffalo Sabres, has the cap space to bring him home. If the cap-strapped Toronto Maple Leafs can find a way to clear sufficient cap space, he’d give them their most Stanley Cup-worthy roster in years. Shipping him to the Detroit Red Wings could send their rebuild into overdrive.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kane remains a subject of ongoing media trade chatter despite his whopping $10.5 million salary-cap hit and a full no-movement clause. He’s also been linked to the Colorado Avalanche and Edmonton Oilers, who couldn’t afford him unless they could pull off a complicated trade with a third team to spread his cap hit around.

Meanwhile, Chicago sportswriters such as Ben Pope of the Chicago Sun-Times continue to report that Kane (and longtime teammate Jonathan Toews) haven’t approached the Blackhawks about a trade. Pope cited Blackhawks general manager Kyle Davidson repeating that Kane and Toews are excited about training camp and look forward to seeing how the season unfolds.

There have also been reports that both players aren’t really keen to leave the only NHL club they’ve ever played for. It’s believed Davidson will give both stars the time and space they need to decide whether their plans involve the Blackhawks after this season.

Nevertheless, the rumor mill keeps churning about Kane. Get used to seeing his name popping up in trade chatter over the course of the coming season. If he does get moved it’ll likely be closer to the trade deadline depending on how the Blackhawks’ season shakes out.

CALGARY HOCKEY NOW: Steve Macfarlane suggests the Flames should consider bringing in Joe Thornton on a professional tryout offer. He thinks the 43-year-old forward could be the perfect addition for a smooth dressing-room transition given the roster changes the club has undergone this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We don’t know what Thornton’s plans are but there is talk he could take up a management position with a team in Switzerland, where he resides with his family during the offseason.

It was painfully apparent last season that the future Hall-of-Famer has reached the end of the line as an effective NHL player. Sure, it’s a risk-free opportunity as Macfarlane suggests, but it would also take away a training camp spot from a younger hopeful who might play a more meaningful long-term role.


  1. Kane will be the prize catch of the deadline with NYR as his most likely destination.

    • Agree with you (sadly as a Pens fan) MB4

      Canes or even Avs are possibilities; but as at now…. Blueshirts seem most likely

      • I think Kane to the Canes makes the most sense. Carolina loses Trochek and N’rreiter, and now will have to live without Patches for awhile….they need offense.

  2. Porter not only prognosticates that Kane WILL move; he’s identifying the Div he’s “definitely” going to…. ?????

    Sabres are his home town…. But Sabres to pay a premium for a rental (while they are on a rebuild)???

    Leafs….. the team that DEFINITELY must make a move to be Cap compliant (starting even with 21 on roster, they’re still over)

    Habs , Sens, Wings in rebuild…. Paying heavily for a rental ; with only moderate chancrs of playoffs?

    Bolts are a powerhouse; still cup contenders…. Cap space???

    Cats…. Great team; but where is the Cap space(unless Kane retained at 1/2 for Horny) …. Asset cupboard slim; firsts gone for next 2 years

    Bruins…. Space??

    Porter…. are you Nostradamus or are you experimenting a la Timothy Leary?

    • Pengy, you can count Ottawa out definitely as a landing spot for Kane – rental or otherwise.

      The one year ($900,000) deal signed by Brannstrom means he’s an RFA again next year. He’ll now get every opportunity to show he’s worthy of a larger contract with term. If he falters at that – especially with Sanderson, Bernard-Docker and Thompson gaining more experience, either at the NHL level or in the AHL – he’ll be gone.

      His deal means they are now at 20 signed with one RFA left to re-up (Formenton – coming off an ELC of 747,500) with $75,459,881 of their cap committed. That includes $1,562,500 retained of Murray’s deal and $3,562,500 for buy-outs (Ryan, White, DelZotto, Phaneuf), and Pinto’s $925,000 (he’s still shown at CapFriendly as on IR).

      Formenton, after an 18g 14a 32 pts season – but a glaring -13 – should be finalized at around $1.3 on a bridge deal and when that’s concluded they’ll still have $5,740,119 in the kitty with a roster of 22. The 23rd could be a veteran D (I doubt they bring up Bernard-Docker or Thompson just to be the 8th D) obtained through trade.

      I’m sure the wheels are still turning for Dorion who, at this stage, can afford to be patient waiting for one of those multiple cap-strapped teams to blink first.

  3. Toronto fans you know how long it’s been.

    What does the leafs need to get over the hump.

    AM 2 seasons left on his contract and he is going to want an increase on his next contract.

    Bunting has another season like last season he’ll be in for a huge increase.

    As much as Kane would be a nice add; I don’t believe it’s what Toronto needs.

    I think they need a top rd more then anything else and need to play a better system to help the defensive side of their game.

    Personally be willing to sacrifice the future to get me that one cup!

    I think their goaltending will be then most expect, but don’t think the D is good enough as it is.

    Even mortgaging some of the future doesn’t guarantee a win. But you got to recognize the weakness and address it.

    I still look back at 2011 with great fondness and remember still cheering well after the game was over. It was a great feeling.

    It’s time to go for it, don’t you think?

    • Kane will likely be moved to team of his choosing close to the deadline. As he’s a pending UFA, it’ll be a short term move. He’ll obviously want to go to a Cup contender. That likely leaves out the Wings and Sabres. Of course, cap issues will affect many contending teams.
      Caper, I agree that Kane is not what the Leafs primarily need – long term! But if they can make the numbers work on a rental, it may be worth a shot.
      As for Thornton in Calgary – hard pass. He’s had a great career and he will make it to the Hall of Fame. But he’s done.

      • Kerfoot – 3.5
        Holl. 2.0
        Muzzin. 5.6
        11.1 Mil available cap

        These are all contracts that can be easily moved in my opinion , for futures , low cost , low risk talent

        Why is this such a puzzle !!!

        Go out and sign who ever u want !
        I think Kane would welcome the opportunity to come to Toronto
        Trade for a hard to play against LW , as well
        Pretty much puts them over the top !
        Dubas and Shanahan are a complete mystery to me !

        Shanahan is definitely not an Yzerman or Sakic
        Frustrating !!

      • @Ken So many teams with cap compliance challenges + so few teams with space = Zero contracts that can be “easily moved”.

      • If things were that easy we would all be successful GMs…. Like you know trading a player with a full no trade cause isn’t easy nor looks good, when you remember that these are actual people you think you can just ship out to where ever

      • “Dubas and Shanahan are a complete mystery to me”

        Yeah, isn’t it crazy that they can’t just snap their fingers and magically do what you think they should?

  4. Say it ain t so Joe,time to trade in your skates for a surfboard!

  5. Muzzin would be a nice contract to move out, but he has a no trade clause. He is not going anywhere unless he wants to go.

  6. Thornton has no Stanley cup on his resume. I am sure the reason he was playing at 43.
    He is done as a player. Should look at coaching.
    Flames like a a couple of old boys in the lineup – they have Lewis –
    If Robertson looks to project the same season as Bunting-move Kerfoot. Probably your best option to get some cap space. Not sure you trade anything on the backend at this point. Especially Muzzin

  7. Kane at $5.25M cap hit + Seth Jones for Marner + 2024 and 2025 1sts + Sens 2023 3rd + Sandin + Kerfoot. If you are going for it there is no looking back! LOL!

    • Johnny, with a return like that for Jones and a Kane rental, the Leafs had better win the Cup this year.

      • That is the thought, All or broke!

  8. I’m already burned out on the Kane rumors. I’ve even read speculation that Kane will be traded to Columbus for Gus Nyquist and Kirill Marchenko. (maniacal laughter) Maybe, maaaaaybe, if the Jackets were one player away from a serious Cup run. But since they’re thinking a 5th in the Metro as a good finish, this year, there is no way in Hell they’re trading any of their young guys.

    • ‘Twas ever thus Paul. A big name enters the rumour mill and right away the chatter begins on a multitude of far-out trade scenarios that have about as much chance of happening as Arizona does of winning the cup next spring.

      More often than not, IF the “big name” is indeed dealt, it’s to a team that’ll have most of us – if not all – muttering “never saw THAT coming.”

      • But the Kane rumors are worse than usual. First off, we have yet to hear from Kane, his management or anyone in Chicago’s front office that he’s even available. It’s a case of some writer nothing that he’s about to enter the final year of his contract and deciding that he absolutely must be traded. Why? Isn’t it within the realm of possibility that he wants to spend his entire career with Chicago?
        Worse are the “rumored” trades supposedly in the works. Half of them involve a team hard against the cap who can only make the trade if some third team takes on some of third team takes on some of the cap hit. Thanks to the covid flat cap, there aren’t many teams with available cap space. You’d think that the so-called experts and other pundits would notice that when an old fan like me does. When the trade doesn’t involve a team hard against the cap, the suggested return involves a player who would only be available if Hell freezes over.
        I wouldn’t mind the rumors if any of them made a shred of sense. But all the rumors I’ve read are total fantasy.

      • Hard for anyone to disagree with any of that Paul.

        Some 22 of the 32 teams are in no position, cap-wise, to do much of anything except SHED cap, and the remaining 10 who DO have some significant space likely want no part of what those other 22 would like to peddle.

        12 teams are over the cap in amounts ranging from $10,236,310 to $1,480,175. 4 more have less than an ELC in cap space. 3 more have between $1,008,531 to $1,513,33 and another 3 have between $2,136,667 to $2,394,691.

        Some of the 10 with varying amounts of what could be considered significant space still have RFAs to re-up and, besides, there are far more bodies needing to be moved than there are spaces for them on those 10 – assuming they even want them in the first place.

  9. Would PK for a million be a fit for the Bruins ? Early season help on the PP

    • Joe Even though when he started out he was an offensive threat every time he had the puck, Subban was usually a liability in his own end Price saved his butt back then. His defensive laps are now even worse. His offensive flair has waned. Pass.

    • Joe. Po is last thing bruins need right now. He is a turn over machine and slew foot specialist. No longer the game changing momentum switch. D man of his early years. Bruins need to get cap compliant. Not add old d men

  10. JT Miller was headed everywhere and stayed . Maybe P Kane does the same

  11. Good example!

  12. Mr. Kane is likely to get what he wants, whatever that turns out to be. The big contracts Chi issued led to three cups; the last of the highly paid crew that brought that to their home fans have earned their status. Three! Not, perhaps, the best aggregate playoff performance (by a small margin), but Three!