NHL Rumor Mill – September 9, 2022

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In today’s NHL Rumor Mill: an update on the Rangers’ efforts to trade Nil Lundkvist, teams are calling the Penguins about their defensemen, and the Oilers could add another affordable forward.


THE ATHLETIC: Arthur Staple reported a source claims there’s an 80 percent chance that Nils Lindkvist won’t report to New York Rangers training camp on Sept. 21. The 22-year-old defenseman is unhappy with his chances of cracking the Rangers’ top-six defense and is being shopped by the Blueshirts.

New York Rangers defenseman Nils Lundkvist (NHL Images)

Lundkvist could remain in Sweden to continue his training if not moved by the time the Rangers open training camp. Staple believes there’s a spot waiting for him with Swedish Hockey League club Lulea, for whom the blueliner played for three seasons before joining the Rangers last season.

Two sources told Staple that the Rangers have received an offer of a second-round pick in the 2023 NHL Draft. However, it’s believed general manager Chris Drury is seeking a young player in return.

SAN JOSE HOCKEY NOW: Sheng Peng cites an NHL scout telling him Lundkvist could be a “really logical target” for the Sharks. They could use more puck-moving depth on the right side of their blueline though his defensive game needs improvement.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Buffalo Sabres, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens and Vancouver Canucks have also been suggested as possible destinations for Lundkvist. So far, however, those reports have been merely speculative.

As Staple observed, Drury won’t just give away Lundkvist. He faced a similar situation with Vitali Kravtsov last season but the young Russian winger spent last season in the KHL awaiting a trade that never came because no one met Drury’s asking price. He’s now back with the Blueshirts attempting to earn a roster spot in training camp.

Lundkvist could end up loaned to a Swedish club for the season if Drury hasn’t received a suitable offer.


PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: Dave Molinari recently reported Penguins president Brian Burke confirmed some teams are calling to inquire about some of his team’s defensemen. He doesn’t rule out moving one of them though he indicated there haven’t been any recent active trade discussions.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Molinari wrote that Burke didn’t appear to expect any deals of consequence before the preseason starts later this month. The Penguins carry nine defensemen under NHL contracts for the coming season. Brian Dumoulin and Marcus Pettersson have been mentioned this summer as potential trade bait.


THE ATHLETIC: Daniel Nugent-Bowman reports the Oilers are considering signing another free-agent forward to a professional tryout offer. A team source said Zach Aston-Reese, Riley Nash and Jake Virtanen are under consideration.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Earlier this week, the Oilers signed former Vancouver Canucks winger Justin Bailey to a PTO.


  1. Lundkvist is a young (22) first round pick . Not giving him away for just a second rounder. They will let him sit and pout .

    I don’t see 9 NHL D on the Pens ?
    You could move Dumoulin with 1 year left if you had to. Pettersson not likely with 3 years remaining . But I don’t think you need to move any. Is Ty Smith ready ?
    They will wait

    • Hi SS

      They keep referring to 9 NHL D as they are including Ruhweedel

      9 are

      Tanger; Dumo; Petry; Pettersson; Ruuta; P-O J; *Smith; Friedman….. and…..


      *Note: Smith is waiver exempt

      • @ Pengy……Penguins want to make a big splash and go for it…Jakob Chychrun !!!!

        To Arizona
        – Pierre Oliver Joseph
        – 2023 number # 1 draft pick
        – 2024 number # 2 draft pick
        – Sam Poulin
        – Their choice of Kapanen or Blueger

        To Pittsburgh
        – a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick

        Then move Petersson plus a low pick to the teams calling the Penguins about their defenseman.

        now you have
        Doumoulin / Letang
        Petry /Chychrun A nice top 4
        Plus you have two time Stanley cup champion Jan Rutta balancing the third pair

        did you hear that Hextall nixed a trade at the draft to move Zucker…the team was Philadelphia or Montreal

      • Hi BnG

        Commented on the Zucker HexBurkie nix in Morning Coffee section

        Chychrun would be a great add

        However your proposal is more than even Yotes are asking (which is too much)

        Even with all that you’ve suggested sending; to me that would be overkill EVEN if Yotes ALSO had to take Zucker in the deal

        See my two ships ‘n giggles proposal’s from today (one below and one on morning coffee section)

        If Pens are giving away 1sts… then Zucker has to exit in the deal and coming in should be an impact Forward (would love Bertuzzi with Gino & Rakell)

        I wouldn’t move P-O J unless the overall package is definitely a game-changer for at least this year; if not , also next year and year after

      • Pengy…..Giving away a 1st at this point to make a serious run at the Cup in this Crosby/Malkin/Letang 2/3 year window is important..

        Look a 1st no biggie
        A second is no biggie
        Poulin is a good prospect but not a great one
        A choice of Blueger /Kapanen who cares ..
        Pierre Oliver Joseph good young player

        Hell yes we didn’t ask for Ty Smith in the deal because he sucks he is better than Joseph who cant make our line up. Poehling can replace Blueger

        Joseph is the young player
        Blueger / or Kapanen there is your roster player
        1st round
        2nd round
        Sammy Poulin is the prospect

        We are talking about a young, big top 2 defenseman here.. I don’t think it is too much the time is now…

    • SilverSeven, Lundkvist becomes Puljujarvi east until he learns he has to EARN a spot.

      So he was taken 28th overall … big deal …he’s had all of 34 AHL games and 25 in the NHL.

      Bernard-Docker was taken two picks ahead of him and has had to endure 58 AHL games and just 13 in the NHL, while Thompson went 19th in his draft year and he’s had to ride the buses in 79 AHL games and just 16 in the NHL.

      • He wants a trade since he wants to play, the right side is set with 3 really good RD that has Gallants trust. Is it the right thing to not come to camp, that is dubiuos. He should come and then go back and play in Sweden if he isnt traded, not coming is a “bad” move in my opinion

      • I would think both Bernard-Docker and Thompson – both RD – want to play in the NHL as well and the news out of Ottawa is that Dorion still has his eyes on a veteran RD with term – likely from one of the team that must clear cap space since they do not now possess an LTIR option … there are about 8 of them.

        Both went higher in the draft than Lundqvist yet they know that for MOST – not all but most – young D, they have to build up the experience with lots of playing time in the AHL. Which is a LOT tougher league in which to learn than is the large-ice European rinks. For D, a totally different game.

      • George, to be fair, 2 seasons ago Lundkvist was voted top D man in SHL.( their version of Norris). Came to camp last year and pretty much started season on 3rd pair. Once Schneider got opportunity during season, he never relinquished his spot. He can go play all tha AHL games he wants but he’s still not cracking top 6 unless injuries or he plays left side. I’ll also add it’s his agent who requested trade. A guy named Clause Lemieux.

      • Agreed 100%. Players have to EARN their spots, especially on a good young team. Let him sit or play in Sweden. There are no participation trophies in the NHL.

  2. Re Pens extra D; and Rumours in summer that Stevie Y was at one point interested in a top 4 LD….. another Ships ‘n Giggler….

    Dumo + Poehling + O’Connor + Zucker…..

    For Bertuzzi

    Freed up Cap space….

    Sign E-Rod
    Sign Virtanen (league min)
    Sign DeHaan $1M

    Bertuzzi with Gino/Rackell

    E-Rod and Heinen with Carter

    McG and Kappy with Blueger

    13th/14th…2 of Virtanen; Zoho; Poulin, Leger; Nylander; Puust; Zoho

    Try Petterssn with Tanger

    Try DeHaan or Ruuta with Petry

    3rd pairing… 2 of DeHaan; Ruuta; P-O J; Smith; Freidman

    • Pengy

      There’s no way I could see Pettersson playing with Letang. It’s obvious that Hextall tried trading him but had to unload Marino instead for the cap space. Pettersson’s stats may say he is a good defensive defenseman but I go by what I see watching the games. Letang needs someone to cover for him when he gets caught pinching and Pettersson cannot provide that.

      • Hi SJPP

        No question that I’m a Pettersson supporter; so sometimes jaded in my opinion

        That said; albeit sample size small…. The Letang/Pettersson combo was working

        I’m saying give it a try

        There are fall back options

        I’m hoping Dumo has a rebound year (if he stays) but from many in media; it seems that other teams have faith in him; and might very well be interested in acquiring him

        The Dumo; Poehling; O’Connor; Zucker fir Bertuzzi…. Although nigh impossible to come to fruition due to a huge multi-player deal; I truly believe is a win win for both teams

        Dumo; Bert; Zucker all UFAs 1/7/23

        Pens gain huge this year converting Zucker into Bertuzzi on line 2; and Pens have a surplus at D

        Worth the gain at expense if Poehling plus O’Cnnor

        Downside for Stevie Y…. Production loss (Bert less Zucker)

        Gain this year …. Top 4 D; plus 2 prospects

        Gain next year +… 2 prospects

        Again …. Not happening due to volume of players involved

        And only for ships n giggles

        But I do feel it is fair on both sides

    • “Hey Steve, here’s a bunch of 3rd/4th liners for a 1st/2nd liner. None of them moves your forward, but hey EA Sports makes it work….”

      “Hey Ron, remember 1997?….and how about NO”

      • That’s how trade proposals work. My pile of hot garbage (players that we don’t want or need or are too expensive) for your diamonds. “The money works though”

    • No thank you to that trade. That trade would make the Wings worst and add salary on top of it. Also the Wings already have too many defensemen once everyone is healthy even without any of the prospects making the team.

      I know Pens fans would like to dump Zucker and Dumoulin on some poor clueless team but don’t expect the Wings to be that team…especially not if you are expecting a good player in return like Bertuzzi. Unless the Wings are getting a clear upgrade over what they have on LD, there is no point in making any trades and Dumoulin ain’t it.

    • Pengy

      Dumo+Poehling+O’Connor+Zucker doesn’t get you Tyler Bertuzzi, That’s a pretty bad offer for a 50-60 point winger that’s a grinder. Pittsburgh doesn’t have the pieces to land Bertuzzi. And a bunch of scraps doesn’t even come close to landing Bertuzzi. You’re not getting Bertuzzi without at least a 1st and 2nd round pick heading back to Detroit. Look at what Anthony Mantha got for Detroit. And we can do a sign and trade as well with Bertuzzi. Detroit would pass on that offer. Yzerman is GM now not Ken Holland.

      • Pengy we don’t need Bertuzzi…..

        Signing a Tyler Motte 27, great speed, some grit, terrific forechecker, and outstanding penalty killer is much better.

        You put Motte on a line with Malkin and Rakell he will create a lot of scoring opportunities for those two with his terrific forecheck,

        Plu Motte adds defensive responsibility to that line because well Malkin only knows one half of the red line…LOL

  3. How about trading Lundkvist to Toronto for Rasmus Sandin? Anyone think this is a possibility?

    • Doubtful, from what I`ve read.
      Drury stated a preference for a young center, would rather not take a draft pick.
      * * *
      I still think MTL could be front-runner if they sacrifice a Riley Kidney, Kapanen, or Mysak (hopefully not him!)

    • They have plenty of D and needs C or RW

    • Currently on ld , Lindgren, Miller, Jones, Hajek, and Robertson. Kind of a logjam on both d sides. No need to add to that problem.

      As banger says below, probably looking for a center in return. More than likely a young cost controlled prospect.

    • Chris Drury made it abundantly clear that he wants a young 3C for Nils Lundkvist. One that comes to mind would be Joe Veleno from Detroit.

      • Very sensible suggestion, however I’d put more value on the defenseman at this point. Detroit would need to add a pick or swap picks with the Rags.

  4. Peng,

    Let’s get serious and solve the Pens defensive “overload”:

    To Blues: Dumoulin, Rakell, 3rd
    To Pens: Tarasenko, Kostin