NHL Rumor Mill – October 6, 2022

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Some trade predictions for the coming season plus the latest on Penguins defenseman Pierre-Olivier Joseph in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I underwent surgery on Oct. 5 to repair damaged tendons in my left hand. It was similar to the procedure I had in February. As a result, it could take a little longer to post my daily updates over the next few days. Please bear with me. As always, I appreciate your support.


DAILY FACEOFF: Frank Seravalli included some trade forecasts among his 32 bold predictions for the coming NHL season.

Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane (NHL Images).

Seravalli predicts the Chicago Blackhawks will trade Patrick Kane to the New York Rangers, where he will sign a long-term contract extension. He’ll reunite with former Blackhawks linemate Artemi Panarin to chase a fourth Stanley Cup.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The New York Post’s Larry Brooks has suggested the Rangers should pursue Kane as a playoff rental at the trade deadline. I’m not dismissing that possibility but I doubt they’ll sign him to a long-term extension unless he accepts a massive pay cut from his current $10.5 million annual average value.

The Rangers already have $65.1 million invested in just 11 players for 2023-24. Alexis Lafreniere, K’Andre Miller and Filip Chytil will be due for new contracts as they become restricted free agents next summer.

Another prediction is the Detroit Red Wings moving Dylan Larkin before the March 3 trade deadline. He’s eligible for unrestricted free-agent status next July and carries a no-trade clause for this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Wings and Larkin were reportedly holding contract extension talks over the summer. The Michigan native hopes to stay put and management probably feels the same. As always, these things will hinge on dollars and term but I can see the two sides reaching an agreement.

Seravalli also expects the Ottawa Senators will acquire Jakob Chychrun before the New Year. They’ve shown the most interest with the Los Angeles Kings also in the mix.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The sticking point has been the Coyotes’ rumored asking price. It’s believed they seek at least a first-round pick and a good young NHL player or a top prospect as part of the return. Unless they come down from that, Chychrun won’t be going anywhere.

In other predictions, Seravalli foresees Vancouver Canucks bench boss Bruce Boudreau becoming the first head coach to be fired, Kyle Dubas parting ways with the Toronto Maple Leafs as general manager after his contract expires, and the Vegas Golden Knights making Kelly McCrimmon the first GM to be fired this season.


PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Matt Vensel reports the Penguins to have nine NHL defensemen and can’t afford to keep them all. Pierre-Olivier Joseph appears the most likely to be moved as he’s reportedly being shopped. He’s now waiver eligible meaning a rival club could snap him up if the Penguins attempt to send him to their AHL affiliate in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton.

THE ATHLETIC: Josh Yohe wouldn’t be surprised if Joseph is traded. He claims general manager Ron Hextall and president of hockey operations Brian Burke isn’t enamored with the 23-year-old blueliner.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So far there’s no indication the Penguins are close to trading Joseph. Unless they package him with a draft pick, an interested team could be merely waiting until he goes on waivers and then gets him for nothing.


  1. Get better soon, but by all means take all the time you need, and even then, take a few extra days! You’re second to none, so rest up, get better, then get back to netting hatys!

  2. Lyle,
    Hope you heal up quickly. Thank you for continuing to bring us daily updates.
    Get well soon.
    You are very appreciated!

  3. Lyle,
    Hope you heal up quickly.
    Thank you for continuing, to provide us with daily updates.
    You are very appreciated.
    Get well soon

  4. Larkin is going nowhere, Detroit has no first line C prospect, they need to pay

    If a team really wants Joseph they will pay, no guarantee he isn’t taken by someone before it’s their turn

    • totally agree Kent….. Larkin is staying put. Might take less $$s but Steve is not going to “rock the boat” any more than he already has (new coach, 6 UFA signings, 9 D competing for 6 spots at training camp). Think Servalli thought 32 predictions was a nice, round number. ie. as many teams as in the league. If anyone is getting shipped out, I say maybe Bertuzzi (low odds) or Zadina (management hoping Vrana will kickstart him). When Scotty Bowman first came onboard in 90’s, there was talk about Yzerman being sent to Ottawa. Scotty was booed at home games for weeks. Think Steve remembers that and won’t pull the cord on Larkin like that.

      • If you look back at when Bertuzzi lost his arbitration hearing you could tell he was pretty mad. His refusal to get vaxed made it pretty much impossible to be traded and was his way of screwing the Wings. I think he is gone by the trade deadline since he likely intends to go to UFA. I think Larkin is too much like Yzerman was as a player for him to get traded.

  5. Hello Lyle, thanks as always for your hard work, and hopefully you get better soon!

  6. Above article

    Boudreau – 1st coach to be fired???
    We all know what he did for Vancouver last year !

    If so , Boudreau can go into hiding and see where the Dubas scenario plays out ?

    • Honestly if Boudreau was fired and DJ Smith fails to raise the Sens’ game this season I would not be surprised if Bruce gets an offer from Dorion.

      • Gabby needs to come home. Make the trade, Kyle.

      • Agree completely and I think DJ has a very short leash this year. If they start slow, like the last two years, then Dorion has to make a move quickly. Too much money invested in the young players.

        I am also shocked the Sens are talking already about extending Debrincat. Little shocked they aren’t waiting to see how the chemistry is.

      • Peter, you have to think they checked out his on-ice effectiveness over his 368gp with Chicago, not all of them with Kane, which produced 160 goals 147 assists 307 points – including two 41-goal seasons both times over an 82-game schedule) and his durability despite being on the smallish size.

        Those stats work out to 82-game average of 36g 3a 69 pts.

        I think what Dorion is seeking to do is continue with the message to the fan base that the old ways are over, that the re-build is entering the serious stage, and that you don’t give up an 11th overall pick for someone you don’t have absolute confidence will mesh well with two of the team’s top players (Stutzle and Giroux).

        Rather than have to qualify him at $9 mil next year, if he can get his John Henry on a 7 or 8 year deal at something in the range of $7.8 per, go for it.

        Re Boudreau … I agree that if the team is struggling out of the gate Dorion won’t waste time pulling the plug. But Boudreau might not be available yet in that early stage.

      • George … I was thinking they might be going long term at $9M-$9.5M. You have to figure $8.6M is the lowest he will accept (highest paid player on the team … I think).

        If he gets locked in I wonder if Pinto or Greig become expendable for a Dman.

    • Seravalli used the “friction that existed between Boudreau and the front office” during the contract negotiation and the possibility of a slow start as to why Boudreau may get fired.

  7. Take care Lyle. Wish you a speedy recovery and don’t worry about delaying posts. I’ll read them with my mid-morning/day coffee instead of my 1st thing in the morning coffee. 🙂 Do enjoy processing all the rumours.

    The asking price for Chychrun seems really high but LA has the pieces to make it. Their farm is loaded with 1st round talent but their prospected 1st round pick (around 17) may not be that attractive). LA may be better off looking for a cheaper alternative (see Pittsburgh).

  8. It would be a huge mistake for the Leafs to let Dubas walk.
    If we just look at last year in a nutshell, great regular season and they lost to a very good team by on goal in game 7.
    Dubas will be hired within a week by a competing club if he isn’t renewed.
    I would personally be ok with Shanahan being shown the door and Dubas taking his position.

  9. Lyle, get well soon, man. Take your time posting in the morning. I’ll just read the rumors and morning headlines when i get to work. Might get me there a little earlier…

    Pens are a little over the cap but can move Ty Smith to Wilkes-Barre without waiver issues. This move would get them under the cap. They don’t need to give P.O. away. Hextall has some flexibility.

  10. Seravalli’s comments are always good for a laugh.

    • Iago, I think his crystal ball has fogged up.

  11. hope you heal quickly Lyle, you seem like you’re always on the ball no matter what’s affecting your life!!!……………Interesting about Patrick Kane to Rangers report. If I were a Ranger fan, I wouldn’t be all that excited about it. To me, if they had to include players like chytil, lafreniere, miller, kakko, i wouldn’t make the deal. The Rangers seem to being coming in to their own, especially with Shisterkin in goal. If I were them, I would offer prospects and maybe 1 roster player but it wouldn’t be those guys from what I have observed on TV? Don’t know if they have the prospects but they had that 1 russian kid, forget his name that wanted to be traded. Other than that, I would pass on Kane IMHO!

    • I doubt NY includes Miller in the deal. Nor do I think Laffrienere or Chytil will be sold off for a rental.

      Most of the chatter came from NY acquiring the Stars 1st rounder bundled with their own for Kane.

      I seriously doubt that much more would be needed for Kane on a rental deal. Certainly not Laffrienere or Miller + 2-1st rounders..

      They are a bit of a logjam on LW with Kreider , Panarin, Laffrienere and Othmann (who was just sent back to juniors.

      Kravstov is the Russian you’re thinking of. He looks like he will make the roster this year. But I wouldn’t be shocked if they move him in a deal for Kane. But again, not combined with 2-1st rounders.

      Adding Kane would probably help the 2nd pp unit and give them a much needed legitimate Rw’er.

      I think if the price isn’t too steep, they’d be crazy not to pursue him.

      • Good points Captain Obvious, I know you would have to be crazy to not get Kane but I wouldn’t give up those guys to do it and yes Kravstov was the player I was trying to think of. Yes, to me, you wouldn’t want to give up anything more significant in players or prospects. GO AVS!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I think Kaako, Garand, and the lesser of the NYR or Dallas 1st gets Kane at 1/2 salary at the TDL

  12. Well looks like Chychrun to the bruins might not be so far fetched after all. E-3 Check it out on Eklund.
    Ek always with his ear to the grindstone, maybe that’s why he has such poor posture after all these years.

    • For real, Bro?

      First Jack Eichel, and now this?

      You’ve completely lost me.

  13. Eklund?

    Ha ha ha ha….you’re all right Rick

  14. Boston needs a Mastermind to bring on Phase 2 – Plan B ..

    Get into Leap mode – Bring back the Glory Days !

    Bruin fans won’t like me saying this – Re-Tool , Restructure the team from the outside In !!

    I am sure you know where I am going with this , but a Positive , as I am a Leaf/ Bruins fans !

    PS- Any buzz related news – Comic section !

    • That decision might come at the end of this season Ken.
      Lots of contracts expiring after this one, if they struggle ya they do start a retool IMO. If they get 100 + points again, and the band wants to come back, they won’t. But it kinds of just delays the inevitable, unless they hang on until Matthews comes to Boston.

  15. Don’t post often, lurk a lot.
    Great site.
    Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

  16. GWS, and your commitment to covering the NHL is always appreciated.