NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – November 3, 2022

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The Leafs defeated the Flyers while the Sabres down the Penguins, an update on the Senators going up for sale, several players talk about injury disclosures, and more in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.


NHL.COM: John Tavares tallied a hat trick as the Toronto Maple Leafs snapped a four-game winless skid with a 5-2 victory over the Philadelphia Flyers. Tavares also collected an assist while Auston Matthews had a goal and an assist as the Leafs improved their record to 5-4-2. Flyers goalie Felix Sandstrom made 39 saves as his club’s record is now 5-3-2.

Toronto Maple Leafs captain John Tavares (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That loud exhale you heard across Canada last night was the sigh of relief coming from Leafs fans after a week spent fretting over the club’s 4-4-2 record through October. The Leafs aren’t out of the woods yet as they face the league-leading Boston Bruins, the Carolina Hurricanes and the Vegas Golden Knights in their upcoming contests. Victories against those clubs will go a long way toward soothing the jangled nerves of Leafs Nation.

The Buffalo Sabres scored five unanswered third-period goals to overcome a 3-1 deficit and trounce the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-1. Victor Olofsson scored twice while Tage Thompson, Rasmus Dahlin, Owen Power and Jeff Skinner each collected two points for the Sabres (7-3-0). Jason Zucker, Josh Archibald and Jake Guentzel replied for the Penguins, who fall to 4-5-0.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sabres outshot the Penguins 33-21 and never quit even when they fell behind 3-1. Once they made it 3-2 you could sense the momentum was shifting. After winning four of their first five games, the Penguins seem at a loss following this game to explain why they’ve dropped six straight contests. They looked slow, confused and completely unable to contain the surging Sabres.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports league sources are claiming that multiple groups, including a group of Toronto investors, are interested in purchasing the Senators once the club goes up for sale. However, it’s not believed there is anyone based in Ottawa with the ability to buy the team on their own.

The sale could come in between $750 million and $1 billion. Garrioch cited the recent sale of the Penguins for $900 million and the upcoming sale of the Nashville Predators at $750 million.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman wants to keep the club in Ottawa, especially with the potential for a downtown arena in the future. The Senators’ current ownership has made a bid to build a new arena at LeBreton Flats.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Garrioch also cited a report in People Magazine claiming Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds is interested in purchasing the club and keeping them in Ottawa.

SPORTSNET: Wayne Scanlan believes the LeBreton project holds the key to the Senators’ future in Ottawa. Sources told him the sale of the club could occur before the arena deal is approved but new ownership will want assurances that the project will go through.

TSN: Several NHL players weighed in on the future of injury disclosures. Teams currently tend to release vague reports of “upper-body” or “lower-body” injuries. The NHL’s betting partners haven’t yet pressured the league for more transparency but the day could be coming when more details about injuries will be publicly known.

Some players, such as the Edmonton Oilers’ Connor McDavid and Washington Capitals’ Darcy Kuemper, acknowledged it could go that way. Others, such as the Colorado Avalanche’s Nathan MacKinnon and Columbus Blue Jackets’ Zach Werenski, worry that too much disclosure could result in opponents attempting to target injured players.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Minor ailments and injuries can be disguised but not the obvious ones like the Oilers’ Leon Draisaitl’s “lower-body injury” (ankle) noted in the article. As time goes on, especially with the NHL partnered with betting companies, I expect we’ll see more specifics about injuries.

WASHINGTON HOCKEY NOW: Speaking of injuries, the Capitals placed T.J. Oshie, John Carlson and Beck Malenstyn on injured reserve and recalled Sonny Milano and two others from their AHL affiliate in Hershey.

FLORIDA HOCKEY NOW: Aaron Ekblad (groin injury) has returned to practice with his Panthers teammates for the first time since Oct. 17. He’s aiming to return to action by Nov. 12.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: The Bruins have called up Keith Kinkaid to replace Jeremy Swayman, who remains sidelined with a suspected knee injury.

NBC SPORTS CHICAGO: The Blackhawks have signed goaltender Dylan Wells to a one-year, two-way contract. With Alex Stalock (concussion) and Petr Mrazek (groin) sidelined, they were down to Arvid Soderblom as their only healthy goalie.

LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL: Carolina Hurricanes winger Max Pacioretty is trying to sell his Las Vegas mansion for nearly $12 million. Pacioretty was traded by the Vegas Golden Knights to the Hurricanes in July.

NHL.COM: The department of player safety fined Anaheim Ducks center Trevor Zegras $1,500.00 for slashing San Jose Sharks defenseman Matt Benning. They also fined New York Islanders forward Casey Cizikas $5,000.00 for interference on Blackhawks goalie Alex Stalock.

TRIBLIVE.COM: Actor Andrew Duncan, who played announcer Jim Carr in the 1977 movie “Slap Shot”, has died. His age and cause of death were not revealed.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: My condolences to Duncan’s family, friends and co-stars. His character in Slap Shot was among the many who helped make that film a cult classic. Check out this link for his most memorable scene.


    • Seams your test works

    • Test back at you…. ‘t works 👍👍

  1. All good, Lyle.

    I liked JT’s game last night. That goal was nifty.
    I like Gio coming to the aid of Matthews, but dislike the fact that Auston didn’t smash him by himself. I believe he’s gonna have to do it eventually. Poor timing last night, for sure, but it needs to happen for his own sake, and the sake of old fellers like Gio and Simmonds.
    Mitch. M is a great hockey player, but I’m not sold on the character of the person.

    Torts is getting a lot out of the Flyers. They aren’t a well constructed team, and the injuries should have them crippled, yet they play hard.
    Entertaining game.

    Buffalo looks like a fun place to play.
    Well done GM Adams.

    • Hi SOP

      Re “Buffalo looks like a fun place to play.”…. says no Pen or Pens fan 🤬💩😭

      JT’s goal…. A true “dipsy doodler”

      • Pengy,
        your right…. the young Sabres look like they are a Fun group & coming togther very nicely now.
        The coach is perfecto for this young group
        much like the young Ottawa Senators team,

        They will both start to give the Maple Leafs a run for there money this year…⁉️

    • Yeah, if you are going to at slash other players you can’t rely on your teammates to take the beating for you. At least get in the scrum as well, not just stand back and watch. Get involved! If he won’t stand up for himself and rely on his teammates to fight for him, then the opponents will start to take more liberties and his teammates will be more hesitant to get involved.

  2. We are getting into a slippery slope when the day comes that injuries must be fully disclosed. “The NHL’s betting partners haven’t yet pressured the league for more transparency but the day could be coming when more details about injuries will be publicly known.”

    I would think that HIPAA rules would outweigh the betting partners need to know. What has this come to for goodness sakes. The cart before the horse. It’s nobody’s business what injuries a player has sustained.

    • Agree Snuffy ‘53… hard to see full disclosure happening

    • I totally agree. I have zero sympathies for gamblers.

      • I think that the NHL’s connection with betting is pretty despicable, particularly since betting sites, casinos etc. provide prime opportunities for money laundering by very odious characters. There should be no way that these organizations should be dictating to players and teams.

      • Not to mention the potential for throwing games. Nothing good ever comes with gambling.

  3. Sens owned by Deadpool …, 👍👍👍

    JT JT JT …..,👍👍👍….. whew …. Leafs Finally (??) on track??? Or at least have clotted the bleeding

    Pens …. Ouch … per Austin Powers….. they got kicked “right in the mommy and daddy button”

    Just crap…. Pens off-season went “all in” vs rebuild…. They miss playoffs this year… say Goodnight

    You can’t win with the best d-man performance comes from the teams youngest and least experienced D-man. In fact; after Poulin… he’s the youngest on the entire roster

    Petry absolutely must be sat (and NOT replaced by Ruhweedel)…. It’s too bad he has an NMC… if not they could send him to WBS and bring up Smith or Friedman; get better defensively; AND save on the Cap (buried amount > than either Freidman or Smith)

    Dumo not much better than Petry

    Gino give-aways…. Etc etc

    Not pretty

    Something has to be done…. and a blockbuster solution (see below)…. Is highly highly unlikely

    Blockbuster proposal (that sadly won’t happen)…. Since Hosers willing to move anybody but Hertl and the mascot…

    To Pens…. Karllson/Couture/Harrington($4M retention between them)

    To Sharks

    Petry, Dumo, Zucker, O’Connor, Nylander; Hallander; 1st (Lottery protected); 2nd (‘24)

    It’ll never happen…. But that would definitely right the ship

    Perhaps …..

    Karllson ($4M retained) for Petry ; O’Connor; 1st (Lottery protected)….

    And …. Dumo and CR to WBS; bring up Smith and Friedman

    Karllson/P-O J

    Simpler; and would right the ship

    • Peggy, I have watched multiple Pens games this season, and one thing stands out (among many others); those who predicted that Petry had much left in the tank and would bounce back were dead wrong. He is awful, and you are correct – he needs to be replaced in the lineup….like maybe yesterday.

      • It will have to be Sully making that decision…. But will he???

  4. I have an issue with any professional athlete needing to disclose their injuries and ailments. That information is private and should only be shared between a doctor and their patient. With gambling, there are risks you are willing to take on and an athlete’s injury situation is one of them. So what if you lost a thousand or more dollars on a game because a certain player was scratched last minute due to an injury. That is the risk you take and the consequence of your own actions. I’m sure anyone here wouldn’t want it made public knowledge that they have an embracing illness, so why should a professional athlete need to make theirs public?

    • KevJam, the difference between you or I disclosing an ailment and the players is the players will make more $ if they do it.

      IE – if Austin Matthews is questionable with an upper body injury and he is the best goal scorer on the Leafs, a person looking to bet $1000 on the Leaf game would want to know if it was a broken thumb and he can’t shoot. So if they don’t know, the risk is too high to bet without the facts. Means less revenue for the teams and the players which is split.

      If the players agree to it, have at er. If they don’t, fine with that too.

      Sports betting has been legal in Canada with Sports Select for decades. Casinos have been legal for decades. Difference is the Government is the one making a bunch of money vs the league. And the odds are brutal and a sucker bet, can’t speak for these sights. I tend to bet with my buddies, and not for much $. Vegas when I go there, but that isn’t that often.

  5. Lyle, no comment on Torts calling out the Toronto media?

    I think a bigger sigh of relief for leaf fans is Matthews scoring a goal in 3 of the last 4 contest.

    Won’t be long before the multiple goal games start Just not their next game.

    • Caper: Since when is it newsworthy that Torts calls out the media? Rowing with the press is kind of his shtick.

      • but… but… Lyle! This time it involved the Leafs! lol

    • Lyle, Torts is good for the league and the media as per all the talking heads twitting it last night, must make it newsworthy.

      And his comments was spot on. just saying.

      • Caper, he used to rip the Toronto media while sitting right next to them during his gig with TSN. It’s no longer newsworthy…

  6. The day Tortorella says something nice about the media will be newsworthy.
    Of course he had no problem taking the money as a member of the media but don’t call him a hypocrite. No, he’s just a stand up guy.
    And when I hear about how great a coach he is, all I can remember is his, thankfully, short stay in Vancouver when the highlight was seeing him chase the opposing coach down the hall between periods.
    That and teaching the Sedins how to block shots.
    What a phony.

  7. Don’t have a good feeling about tonight’s game. I am not alone in this department SOP was also a little unnerved this morning he very nearly milked the chickens.

    • I don’t either Rick.
      Due for a let down, always seems to happen to all teams after a hot stretch.
      They didn’t play well against the Pens. Pittsburgh out chanced them big time in the first 40 minutes and the B’s were lucky to pull it out.

      When you give up 5, and got better tending then the other guys, it’s fortunate.

  8. Late reply ;
    Tavares BEST game by far as a Leaf , especially his second goal looking like a true power forward !
    Can he continue with such an outstanding performance !

    Couldn’t agree more – As per Gio coming to Matthews aid , as per another goon tactic …
    Good for the morale of the team , MOtIVATING!! !
    Leafs desperately need a forward with grit , skill and toughness along side Matthews
    Imperative – IMO

  9. Ryan Reynolds owning the Sens is pretty out there… but I could see him being part of a group that might?

    I mean I think his net worth is maybe a few 100 million, not exactly in the realm being able to purchase a 750M to 1B valued team.

    I do hope he gets involved somehow though!