NHL Rumor Mill – November 11, 2022

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Will the Oilers shop for a replacement for the sidelined Evander Kane? Will the Senators make a move soon to improve their defense? Should the Penguins part ways with Kasperi Kapanen? Check out the latest speculation in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports not to expect the Edmonton Oilers to seek out a replacement for sidelined winger Evander Kane in the trade market. That type of player isn’t available plus the Oilers might ensure they

Edmonton Oilers left winger Evander Kane (NHL Images).

have sufficient cap space for when Kane returns from long-term injured reserve in February or March.

THE ATHLETIC: Daniel Nugent-Hopkins shares LeBrun’s view. He noted that Oilers general manager Ken Holland has made a few calls around the league but doesn’t believe there’s a trade to be had. Instead, Holland will look within his organization by drawing upon wingers such as Mattias Janmark, Klim Kostin, Tyler Benson or rookie Dylan Holloway.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I noted the Oilers’ cap space dilemma in yesterday’s rumor mill. They’ll simply have to adjust and try to make do as best they can until Kane can return to the lineup.


THE HOCKEY NEWS: Adam Proteau believes the struggling Ottawa Senators must make a move soon to improve their defense corps. He noted they’ve been linked to Jakob Chychrun but the Arizona Coyotes have set a high asking price for the 24-year-old blueliner. Some observers believed rookie center Shane Pinto is part of that asking price.

Proteau acknowledges that would be a high price to pay but felt it was worthwhile given the Senators are a top-heavy club lacking blueline depth. While Chychrun can’t be seen as their savior, he would provide an instant boost to their defense corps. He thinks the Senators risk another lost season if they don’t reverse their fortunes over the next couple of weeks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I concur with Proteau’s take that the Senators’ thin defense corps could jeopardize their playoff hopes. Chychrun’s puck-moving skills could indeed give their blueline a much-need boost.

However, Chychrun missed a lot of time in his NHL career with injuries to his knees, shoulder and head. He is currently recovering from off-season wrist surgery.

If Chychrun were healthy and playing well this season then perhaps Senators management would be willing to meet the Coyotes’ high asking price. However, the fact is that Chychrun is damaged goods and no GM worth their salt wants to invest heavily in such a player when he hasn’t skated in a single game this season.

The Senators have the assets to swing a major deal for a defenseman. However, they’re going to have to look elsewhere for a suitable solution to their blueline woes.


PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: Dave Molinari believes it’s time for the Penguins to wave – or waive – goodbye to Kaspari Kapanen. They gambled on the 26-year-old winger by re-signing him to a two-year contract but he’s done little to justify it.

Kapanen put up five points in his first five games but went pointless through the Penguins’ seven-game losing skid. He was a healthy scratch during their win on Wednesday over the Washington Capitals.

Molinari doubts the Penguins will find any takers for Kapanen in the trade market. They could put him on waivers and send him to their AHL affiliate. That could come with the risk that he gets claimed by another NHL team and goes on to rediscover his scoring touch. However, his departure would open up $3.2 million in cap space for this season and next.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s just not working for Kapanen and the Penguins. Now in his third season in Pittsburgh, he hasn’t come close to matching the potential of his 20-goal, 44-point performance with the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2018-19. Maybe he never will.

Regardless, it’s worth the risk for the Penguins to waive him. If someone claims him, at least it clears a sizeable chunk of cap room. If not, they can send him to the minors where maybe he gets his act together. If not, burying him there will free up $1.125 million for this season. They can buy out his final season next summer if they can’t find a taker in the trade market.


  1. Put Kap in the minors, trade Dumo and the NJ 3rd to Detroit for Haag to clear some more space and then go shopping for another winger.

    • Who would take dumo at this point? Might cost the Pens a sweetener and I’m not sure they want to be giving up assets to get rid an aging serviceable defenseman. What they need is a little cap space so they can sit Dumo. IMO

    • Johnny not awful only thing i would change is waive Kapanen and hope these teams with low scoring, cap space, or forward injuries such as Detroit, Edmonton, Colorado, Anaheim and others claim him…we save $3.2 million this year and next year..

  2. Not only will the Senators be looking elsewhere for D help other than Arizona and Chychrun, if and when they do trade for someone it WON’T be Pinto going the other way.

    Yes, they have been struggling the past 8 games but none have been blowout losses. In fact, most have been 1-goal losses (like last night) in games where they otherwise dominated (including 5 empty net goals – two in one game alone).

    The loss of Zub for a couple of weeks put them into a position of needing not one stay-at-home ED, but rather two. He’ll be back soon, but finding another remains paramount.

    And regardless of the recent “vote of confidence” if the bleeding doesn’t stop Saturday in Philadelphia, Smith should be handed his walking papers.

    • Zub and his agent have to be rubbing their hands in anticipation of a new contract offer. He and Sanderson are the only 2 d men I would keep at the end of the year. I have never liked Chabot’s game he has been awful of late and the loads of ice time he has logged the past couple of years is catching up.
      I am with you George on the hands off Pinto. Now is not the time but I could see Stutzle offered for a young top 2 d man at some point. He is young but he is all dazzle dazzle right lately. He is the type of player that disappears in the playoffs.

    • “Dominate”? I usually don’t criticize (everyone has a right to their opinion) but that might be a stretch for the Devs game. Last night they injured the Dev’s goalie (unintentional) and faced an AHL goalie for almost the entire third period and 4.3 minutes of OT, and failed to score. Dev’s outshot them 41-28. and both were about 50% in the FO circle. Not sure what advanced stats were. All in all I saw a competitive/entertaining game from both teams.

      • No, you’re right there redmonsters. Poor wording on my part – should have read “In fact, most have been 1-goal losses (like last night) and in some of those games they otherwise dominated …”

        The Devils are, to this observer anyway, one of three surprise teams of the early going, the others being Seattle and NYI.

      • Hello George, yes pleasantly surprising. Its very early and the wheels may come off the cart, so enjoying while I can. The next few years will be interesting, and hope to see Devs and Sens in the playoffs in the near future. Its been too long….

    • Don’t rule out a trade for damaged goods chychrun yet as Ottawa may have some damaged goods of their own. If it happens that one or more of the strong young prospects in Ottawa are found to have been involved with the Junior team assault then Arizona would be a good location to bury the publicity. Chychrun’s minutes could be managed better with Ottawa and it’s a good bet that a smart, competitive player like him will still deliver.
      It is tough to find top 2-3 defense and he fits the need.

    • As dumb as this sounds, the Senators just need a victory to get the monkey off of their back. They are trying hard and just aren’t getting bounces. Last nights overtime was an example of that. Ottawa was all over NJ on their PP but NJ’s goalie stood on his head. Then Jersey gets a PP and score immediately. Full credit to the Devils but I still can’t believe the Sens didn’t convert in OT.

      I am not a DJ Smith fan but that team has not quit on him. They are sloppy sometimes but the effort is there. One victory will go a long way with this team.

    • The Sens beat them selves. They have coughed up the puck in the defensive zone numerous times. For some reason love to give up a goal in the final minute of a period. A statistic that should be easily rectified with better judgement. Take last nights game. Last minute of game. Pinto gets a clear look at the net. Instead misses wide when he had another player driving the net. Better decision would be shoot for the rebound not to squeeze it in off the post. What happens Puck deflects along the boards back to Ottawa’s end. Chabot ends up chasing and taking a penalty. Devils scored in the last min of game.

      If seen pour decisions like this much this season. DJ pulling goalies before we have true possession of a puck. a face off in the opposition zone is not possession. Pulling a goalie when you have a PP is risking to as the opposition can shoot at your empty net with no risk of icing the puck.

      The Sens don’t have much of a cycle game in the oppositions end. There game is not about possession and when they lack the defensive class to keep up with….well all the other teams it seems…..they need to maintain possession. Instead they dump and chase. Which is fine. But once they obtain the puck they force passes through skates and sticks. Get the one shot and are done. They score so it works. But it leaves them open to counter attacks.

      This is a Coaches choice. To run and gun when you don’t have the defense to handle the other teams guns is fool hardy. It is fun to watch though.

      I want to see the Sens get the puck in the offensive zone. stop looking for pretty passes across the crease and start a corner cycle to tire out the opposition so when they do obtain the puck their attack is limited. Put the puck on net and do not turn away from the net after you shoot the damn thing. Use the blueline to wrist shots through. YOu don’t need slappers to get it on net and use guys like Tkachuk to jam that puck home.

      Sens play with to much risk in their game with out the insurances they need on the back end.

      It may work once Norris gets back giving them 3 solid lines. It may work more if they don’t have Zub, Chabot or Sanderson Injured. (tall request that knowing the game of hockey). Yet if you can’t sustain it when you have injuries. 7 games tells us you can’t. Then you must admit it is a flawed game plan.

  3. Dorion was knighted as the GM o the year this summer because of his signings when in reality he followed the Dubas playbook and iced a TML light.

    He put money into forwards, big contracts on a few players and did nothing to improve the back end.

    Goaltending is weak, defense is porous, offense is better but unable to run and gun and unlike TML , probably miss the playoffs yet again.

    Coach might not last long.

    • Like a lot of fans, I thought it Dorion did a good job in the off-season and expected the Sens to be a competitive team this season. Not so far. Coaching change coming methinks. Look how it helped the Habs.

      • I believe that guy over in Calgary was Knighted and he added forwards and D.

        Sometimes even though you want something bad. Like a defensemen. They are just not available.

  4. Knighted by who? Not me – or anyone else in here that I can recall. Yes, there was cautious optimism – but, for me anyway, I never said they were a playoff team. I thought – and still do – they’d be better and close – but not quite there yet.

    And it’s still early. If they are still stumbling along in mid-December then the real microscopic analysis will begin – top to bottom and not just among the players.

    But don’t crow just yet.

  5. So the question is…. does defense still win Cups?

    I say yes, players like McDavid and Matthews are the shiny toys… But, I’ll take a solid blue line and a good goalie any day, over spending 40-50% of your salary on 4 players.

    2-1 games are fine as long as we get a “W”

    • Absolutely! Great points! I for one love low event games. 8+ goals in a game is just ridiculous. It’s a result of being unprepared, undisciplined and sloppy.
      It isn’t good hockey to watch, for this guy anyhow.

    • Starsfan, I agree about defence winning championships, however, I have a question for you, which isn’t meant to be combative, but where do you see the stars as a cup contender with Benn and Seguin on the roster eating up over $19 million per?

      • I hate their collective deals. Been is a 3rd line centerat this point in his career. Second line looks non existent on the ice at times. If be happy if they convinced for$9 million, not making North if 9 each.

        As for being a contender, probably not. But i do like our defensive core, plus we have Thomas Harley in the pipeline.

  6. I agree with you Stars fan….what is frustrating for this Leaf fan and maybe for Oiler fans…..is that management seems unable ( for lack of courage or lack of availablity , I don’t know)….to make such a move.

    This Leaf fan has reached a level apathy over it.

  7. Could use some help understanding the dynamic of cap space.
    If Evander Kane is out 3 months, would that accrue cap space for the Oilers to use at the TDL?

    When does a team accrue or not accrue cap space?
    Please explain it to me as if I’m 5.

  8. Oilers are not replacing EKane. 40 goal scorer that hits and skates and on the cheap. A 7m dollar player loss.

    I never saw Kapanen as a finisher . Created way more chances than he capitalized on. A good pk guy

    I said a few days back Berube and DJ Smith neck and neck to be the first coaching change . Keefe a honourable mention

  9. The only player the Oilers need to replace is Campbell. Not a wonder that TO didn’t resign him.

  10. The Sen’s Need a Real Goaltender to move forward and improve.👌

    29yr old Anton Forsberg is Not a good back up at $2.7M

    36 yr old Cam Talbot is Not a #1 goaltender.. maybe he is a backup playing 25 -30 games!

    When Zub comes back this will inprove on the d,

    They need to trade Nikita Zaitsev & his $4.5M contract for this year and next, or send him to the minors
    maybe a 2nd pick to a cap team like Buffalo or Arizona that have $18-19 Million in space🤔
    if they can do that this will solve a lot of problem for the young Sen’s….👍

  11. Prediction Chychrum will be on the senators before Christmas George will be dancing

    • Yeah, right …

  12. Not to be inflammatory…… Could a Karlsson back to Ottawa be a solution on D? I’m sure Grier would listen.

    (Fingers now in ears now…..)

    • Heh, Wingnut … I’m sure that thought has crossed the mind of many Senators followers (not me, for the record – lol). But just looking at the cap numbers I don’t see how such a deal could be accomplished. Right now CapFriendly shows the Sharks with the full 23 and virtually 0 cap space ($229,220 to be exact). That includes $2,720,000 in dead cap for Burns – with 2 more year to run after this – and $2,425,000 in buyouts. Nor does next season look a whole lot better with 15 signed and $17,129,999 with which to sign 8.

      Of their 5 RFAs, the big ticket is Meier who’s coming off a $6 mil cap hit, I don’t know what it’ll cost to get him to stay (and I’d bet he could be the one to move at the trade deadline). But if they did decide to retain him, he won’t come cheap and, added to the cumulative $3,300,000 currently on the cap for Gregor, Gadjovich, Svechnikov and Kayzhov, the new deals will eat up over half that in a hurry.

      Then they have to either re-up UFAs Bonino ($2,050,000), Nieto ($850,000), Harrington ($750,000), Reimer ($2,250,000) and Nutivaara ($2,750,000) or find suitable replacements (and at what cost?).

      With Karlsson costing $11,500,000 off the cap for 4 more years after this, at the end of which he’ll be approaching 37, the consensus seems to be that, in order to find a taker, SJ would need to hold back 50%. And doing that would put them close to the dead cap nightmare facing Minnesota for the next while.

      Is Karlsson worth the risk at $5,750,000 per for 4 more years? Maybe. But if Grier is prepared to put himself in that cap Hell I would think he would only do that with some top-notch prospect coming back who would be cost-effective and controlled for at least 3 of those years.

      Pinto, who’s up for a new deal next year, doesn’t fit that description, nor does someone like Stutzle (who someone has suggested could be trade bait) who’s big bucks also kick in next year.

  13. The Biggest Problem the Oilers Have is there d…❗️
    and NOT the Goaltending,

    Watching last nights gane the Oilers d…. Again stood around and watched Carolina Score at will and hung Cambell out to dry Again….

    Both RD men Bouchard & Barrie need to look in the Mirror they are not in The Edmonton Ballet ….⁉️

    Untill the Edmonton Oilers fix there Defence via Trades…. this is going to continue and they could miss the playoffs❓.

  14. The Habs this year raise an interesting question about coaching v skill, the ratio of importance.

    Folks made fun of hiring Stephane Robidas as asst coach to run the defense corps.

    Essentially a bunch of rookies with two vets, neither of which considered to be 1st pairing.

    The kids are playing over their heads and I fully expected them to come back to earth yet they continue to improve.

    I expected the D to take shape in around 2 years and can only think that coaching and teaching have made the difference.

  15. Pens…. Kappy and/or Dumo are not tradable (w/o a “sweetner”) right now

    Waive both…. Neither picked up

    Total buried ….. $2.5 M

    Bring up Smith & Freidman

    Net savings on Cap of $650 K…. Team better

    Odds of either picked up off of waivers…. Very slim

    If they are…. More Cap savings(another $4.8 M) Team still the same as last f they were buried 👍👍

    • @ Pengy….We need to keep Dumo for now he has played slightly better the last couple games on the 3rd pairing with Jan Rutta..

      I disagree I think a team with forward injuries like Edmonton, Colorado, Washington, Detroit, teams with cap space Anaheim might take a shot on Kapanen…fingers crossed that would be $3.2 million this year and next and a roster spot…

      The guy i would like the Penguins to go after is Max Domi 27, 4 goals, 4 assists 8 points 13 games and has an edge to his game for Chicago..

      I was at Staples Center(now Cyrpto.com Arena uugghhh) Thursday night watching the Kings and Hawks…Max Domi was great skating well, great shot, playing the off wing on the power play..
      Patrick Kane / Jonathan Toews were feeding him all night on the power play he was blasting away 2 posts and several good saves by Jonathan Quick

      We need a shooter type player on the power play for sure.

      To Pittsburgh—Domi 27 @ $3.0 million pending UFA to Pittsburgh he can be resigned.

      To Chicgo—Kapanen 26 /P. O. Joseph 24 and a 2023 3rd .