NHL Rumor Mill – December 7, 2022

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Could the Oilers pursue Erik Karlsson? What’s the latest on Brock Boeser and Jakob Chychrun? Will the Avalanche make moves to bolster their injury-depleted roster? Find out in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


TSN: Darren Dreger reports defense remains an area of concern for the Edmonton Oilers. He said there’s some within the organization with an interest in Erik Karlsson though he admits it seems impossible for them to land the San Jose Sharks blueliner.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples considers landing Karlsson a long shot for Edmonton. The Sharks would have to retain half of his $11.5 million cap hit or get a third team involved in the deal to make it work. He guesses the Oilers would have to part with Tyson Barrie, Jesse Puljujarvi, two first-round picks (lottery protected) and Philip Broberg or Dylan Holloway.

San Jose Sharks defenseman Erik Karlsson (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s assuming Karlsson would waive his no-movement clause to come to Edmonton. Anything’s possible, I suppose, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen. Even if he does, I don’t think the Oilers can afford what will be a hefty asking price by the Sharks, who aren’t in any hurry to move him.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports teams are gauging whether they’ll get into the bidding for the Vancouver Canucks’ Brock Boeser. The 25-year-old winger’s contract is an issue as he’s signed through 2024-25 with an annual salary of $6.65 million.

The teams LeBrun have spoken with are interested in Boeser but lack the cap space for this season and next to take him on. One team is very interested if the Canucks are willing to retain salary, something they don’t seem keen on doing.

LeBrun still feels nothing is imminent. He believes it’ll take a lot of work to move Boeser between now and the March 3 trade deadline.

THE ATHLETIC: Harman Dayal examined why Boeser could be seen as a distressed trade asset. He believes teams could consider the winger as an oft-injured, one-dimensional player who doesn’t score consistently at even strength to justify his current contract.

Boeser’s youth, overall production and what could be an affordable asking price by the Canucks could make him intriguing for clubs in need of scoring depth. However, the term of his contract could become an issue.

Dayal wonders if the Canucks would be willing to take back an inefficient but modest contract rather than include a sweetener like a draft pick or prospect to make a Boeser deal more palatable to interested clubs.

CALGARY HOCKEY NOW: Steve MacFarlane wondered whether the Flames could afford to acquire Boeser with expensive contracts for Jonathan Huberdeau and MacKenzie Weegar due to kick in next season. They’d have to shed salary to make the dollars fit. MacFarlane doubts the Canucks will want to trade Boeser to a division rival like Calgary.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As I’ve noted before, there are only three teams (Anaheim Ducks, Arizona Coyotes and Buffalo Sabres) with the cap space to acquire Boeser’s full salary. The Ducks and Coyotes are rebuilding and Boeser might not fit into their plans. The Sabres have plenty of scoring punch but could use some reliable goaltending depth.

I’m not ruling out the possibility of Boeser getting moved by the March 3 trade deadline, especially if the Canucks are willing to retain some salary or take some salary back in a trade. However, this could be a move that occurs in the offseason when teams have more salary-cap flexibility.


TSN: Darren Dreger reports interest in Jakob Chychrun is starting to pick up since the Arizona Coyotes defenseman returned to action two weeks ago. He’s looked good with three goals and three assists in seven games.

Dreger believes there’s still apprehension among interested clubs in paying the Coyotes’ high asking price. However, he thinks there are some teams starting to reach the point where they’re realizing they might have to pay up.

ESPN.COM: Emily Kaplan listed the Los Angeles Kings, Toronto Maple Leafs, Calgary Flames and Tampa Bay Lightning as potential suitors for Chychrun.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Senators have had talks with the Coyotes about Chychrun in the past but couldn’t reach a deal. The Senators face limited options in the trade market to shore up their blueline with Artem Zub sidelined again for several weeks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A Chychrun deal could take place in January or February. The longer he remains healthy and productive, the more likely someone will step up and meet the Coyotes’ asking price.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports the Colorado Avalanche suffered another blow with Nathan MacKinnon joining fellow Avs forwards Gabriel Landeskog, Valeri Nichushkin, Evan Rodrigues, and Artturi Lehkonen on the sidelines.

All of those players are expected to return this season so the Avalanche can’t go out and replace them on the salary cap. He thinks they’ll hang in there until closer to the March 3 trade deadline, when they’ll have some flexibility to make some additions.

THE JEFF MAREK SHOW (Stick tap to NHL Watcher): Elliotte Friedman suggested the Avs could in the short term pursue an affordable forward such as the Florida Panthers’ Chris Tierney. At some point, he anticipates “they will take a big swing” at someone like the Canucks’ Bo Horvat or the Chicago Blackhawks’ Jonathan Toews.


  1. Karlsson too much money, too injury prone put the oilers in hock for years to come. That would be like reading a who’s post and actually trying to garner some rhyme or reason out of it.

    • RWM, I think Karllson could really help a lot of teams, but ya, the suggested return above by Staples seems too high.
      I also don’t think he is what the Oil need, or are looking for. They need a defender. Preferably tall/long and can move. Some bite in front of the net would also help.

      The Oil will score enough to win, especially when they get healthy up front, but giving up 3.58 goals per game won’t get it done.

      • Agree Ray

        “Tyson Barrie, Jesse Puljujarvi, two first-round picks (lottery protected) and Philip Broberg or Dylan Holloway”…. 5 for 1….. Oilers should not pursue that deal

        Hamstring them for quite a while

    • The Oilers Don’t have Cap space to go after Erik Karlsson @$11.5M❗️ and thats Not really the type of d/man they need right now.
      The main reason there are no trades happing is
      24 of the Teams are at the Max Cap space❗️
      2 teams have $2M to $2.5M
      3 Teams have $3.5 to $4.5
      3 Teams that have $15M to $17.5M
      7 of 8 teams are rebuilding hear and will look to dump players for picks/prospects to help the rebuild
      some may retain salary that can❓

      Jakob Chychrun and his $4.5M contract maybe more up the Oilers ally of style of d/man the Oilers need he has a bit of an Edge & played more Physical game than EK and 2 of the oilers RD men 🤔.
      Not sure what a deal would look like for JC, they are asking a Lot…

      I see the Oilers going after a Big Physical more defensive style d/man like Blue Jackets Vladislav Gavrikov Or Big Scott Mayfield from NYI, Or
      Connor Murphy from the Hawks

      All 3 are bigger and more Physical … Thats what the Oilers need but they are all UFA, Hawks & CBJ are both rebuilding teams to play in the oilers 4,5,6,
      To make the cash work for this year, Jesse Pulijarive & a 2nd round pick for one of the 3 d/men…❓

      • Willie, SJ will end up eating 50% of EK’s salary, that seems to be a given.
        Still challenges with that for the Oil, but could find a way to make it work.

        Wrong type of D for the Oil though, IMO

      • I’m not sure they will ray. EK at 11.5. Too much. Ek at 8.5-9? Seems like a fair deal. I’d wager if he’s moved it will be with the sharks holding less than 50 percent

      • Maybe Chrisms.
        Can we agree on this: The more SJ retains the greater the return?

  2. Would Boeser, Rathbone A 2024 1st and the NYR ’23 4th be enough for Cychrun? It sure would be a deal that helps both teams.

    • A Trade…
      Jakob Chychrun for Brock Boeser & maybe a prospect would be fair….,
      But he is not going to AZ they are in a 5 Year
      Re build unless Mathews go’s home in 2024❓🤔

      Really not sure what AZ is up too….❓ they are a though team to figure out where they are going… now thats IF they even know…..

  3. I have wondered if the Avs would have an interest in O’Reilly returning to Colorado. I think he would really help with MacKinnon being out for a while. However, I’m having trouble piecing together a suitable package for the Blues in return!? The Avs have burned alot of their draft choices for upcoming seasons. Thoughts?

    • Hi IP

      I hadn’t seen you on here but n a while (but missed s couple days of days; so welcome back (??)

      I think they’d be interested but you are right re draft picks…. I knew they had booted some but didn’t realize how many…. No 2nd or 3rd in the next TWO drafts; plus no 4th in ‘23; no 5th in ‘24…. so only 8 (of 14) picks in next 2 years. Booting another 1st in either ‘23 or ‘24…. Leaves basically nothing…. So it’s down to prospects… also ebbing away; and let’s not forget space


      • Hi Peng,

        All good in Iowa. However, as bad as the Blues have been playing, I’ve been too embarrassed to be “out in public”, let alone posting on Lyle’s site!

        O’Reilly’s salary WOULD be an obstacle regarding a move. I agree that a couple young/top prospects might be the best option possible in return.

        I assume someone like Girard or Newhook could not happen, but maybe a package of Kaut, Ranta, Foudy—players like those??

        PS. I’m ready to move Binnington, Krug, Tarasenko TOO


  4. Chychrun to Ottawa is a deal Ottawa should only do if there is an extension.

    I think it’s safe to say Ottawa is not a playoff team this season.

    That would leave Chychrun with two years left on his deal of a cap hit of 4.6 his actual dollars are higher in his last two season $5.4 follow by $7

    My concern for Ottawa would be giving up good solid players and prospect and then having the player leave after two years when you’re hopefully ready to make a deep run.

    Got to feel for Ottawa who has a very good player that they can’t sign or trade. Once the cloud is removed maybe they be more certainty in their direction. At this point Chychrun just isn’t a gamble worth Ottawa taking.

    • I guess you will have to wait til summer of ’24 to extend him then! The way it has been going, maybe you will see it happen then! 😁😉

    • Caper

      I am pretty sure it is too early to sign an extension gave to be in last year of deal

      • MrBruin4 thank you

  5. I feel like the Oilers could do better with a big guy like Tyler Myers on the blue line over someone like Karlsson.

  6. O’Reilly is proven .
    I think they would move Girard but do the Blues want another small D ?
    Newhook for sure and a first for sure .

    Chychrun isn’t traded yet ?
    Been in the chatter for like 1.5 years and counting .
    Armstrong played this all wrong in my opinion. There are other shiny things to look at now.
    Chychrun hurt yet ?

    • SS

      I would take Newhook and a 1st for OReilly in a hurry! The Blues ARE NOT a contender this year, AND have to start getting younger for their future.

      You are also correct regarding their small defense–Girard is no solution


  7. I’ll say it again. LA does not need Chychrun and as a fan I really hope they don’t go after him. Soo, they’ll need those young guns they have in the minors to step up – to sell them off now for a oft injured D liable Dman would be a step back. What they need is a solid shut down D man and some solid goal tending.

    • Solid goal tending is correct. Keep using the new goal tender. He has only allowed 2 goals so far.

      A few of the newer D men are making bad choices and costing the Kings some goals. I like Chychrun, but not the price Arizona is asking.