NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – February 14, 2023

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Tim Stutzle’s four-point performance sparks a Senators comeback win, Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun remains scratched for trade-related reasons, the three stars of the week are revealed and more in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.


NHL.COM: An overtime goal by Tim Stutzle capped a four-point performance for the Ottawa Senators forward in a 4-3 comeback win over the Calgary Flames. The Senators overcame a 3-1 deficit on goals by Drake Batherson and Alex DeBrincat to set the stage for Stutzle’s game-winner. With a record of 25-24-3 (53 points), the Senators are eight points out of the final Eastern Conference wild-card spot. Dillon Dube scored twice for the Flames as they fell to 25-18-11 and cling to the final Western Conference wild-card berth.

Ottawa Senators forward Tim Stützle (NHL Images).

The Los Angeles Kings defeated the Buffalo Sabres 5-2. Kings winger Adrian Kempe scored his seventh goal in the last three games while Phillip Danault and Viktor Arvidsson each collected three points as the Kings (30-18-7) sit one point behind the Pacific Division-leading Vegas Golden Knights with 67 points. The Sabres dropped to 26-22-4 and sit five points out of the final Eastern wild-card spot.

Shootout goals by Anton Lundell and Aleksander Barkov gave the Florida Panthers a 2-1 victory over the Minnesota Wild. Sergei Bobrovsky stopped 27 shots for the 27-23-6 Panthers as they moved to within one point of the Pittsburgh Penguins for the final Eastern playoff berth with 60 points. Kirill Kaprizov tallied his 30th goal of the season for the Wild as they hold third place in the Central Division with 61 points.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wild winger Marcus Foligno left this game in the second period with a lower-body injury. There was no post-game update as to his condition.

Detroit Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin scored two goals for the second straight game in a 6-1 trouncing of the Vancouver Canucks. Ville Husso stopped 29 shots for the Red Wings (24-20-8) as they moved to within five points of the final Eastern wild-card spot. The Canucks are 21-29-4 on the season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With 50 points in 51 games in his contract year, Larkin is on pace to exceed his career-best single-season point total of 73. He’s proving his value to the Red Wings but the seeming lack of progress in his contract extension talks with Wings management has sparked speculation as the March 3 trade deadline approaches.

The Arizona Coyotes picked up their first road win in 19 games by doubling up the Nashville Predators 4-2. Lawson Crouse scored twice and Karel Vejmelka made 29 saves for the 18-28-8 Coyotes. The loss left the Predators (25-20-6) sitting five points behind the Flames with 56 points.


TSN: Arizona Coyotes head coach Andre Tourigny said Jakob Chychrun will remain a healthy scratch for trade-related reasons for the remainder of this week. The 24-year-old defenseman has been a fixture in the trade rumor mill since last season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Chychrun’s been a healthy scratch since Saturday, prompting speculation that a trade was imminent. However, that might not be the case. I’ll have more in today’s Rumors update.

NHL.COM: New York Rangers winger Artemi Panarin, San Jose Sharks defenseman Erik Karlsson and Arizona Coyotes winger Clayton Keller are the league’s three stars for the week ending Feb. 12, 2023.

OTTAWA SUN: Actor Ryan Reynolds has partnered with Remington Group, a Toronto real-estate development corporation, to bid for the ownership of the Senators.

WINNIPEG SUN: Jets defenseman Dylan DeMelo is expected to return to the lineup for Tuesday’s game against the Seattle Kraken after missing three games with a lower-body injury.


  1. In that Ottawa-Calgary game it should also be mentioned that the giant rookie goalie, Mads Sogaard, stopped 34 of 37 shots.

    • Something else of note in that game was Chabot on the ice for just shy of half the bloody game at 27:39 (and going +2 on the night I might add – a far cry from his -4 against Edmonton two days before).

      While this was clearly a better effort from the so-called (by one resident “expert” who never seems to have an answer when challenged on his more asinine observations) “turnover machine”, he is STILL being over-used by Smith, and you have to think his overall game would improve through the simple reduction of about 3-4 minutes per game.

      Meanwhile, that “stiff” Zaitsev, who has been playing a much better game for the past month, and with Sanderson out for 2 weeks, turned in 19:15 minutes of flawless D.

      • Ya, IMO opinion that’s too much ice time for Chabot George. Too much for anybody on a regular basis, although some guys do it. Makar leading the way.

        Oilers have been playing 11F and 7D for a while to lessen the load on Nurse, and get the young D the type of minutes they can excel in and avoid the situations they may struggle in. Been working, and seems to have coincided with them playing better. Not sure if it is correlation or causation, but it’s working none the less.

        I thought that meant more ice time for the top fwds, but it is actually the bottom 6 guys getting more TOI. So everybody is involved and fresher.

        Maybe more coaches take a look at it?

      • Good points, George, but let’s face it, with Sanderson out the Sens have little choice but to play Chabot as much as possible. But, I agree, when Sanderson is back they should definitely cut back on Chabot’s ice time. I also don’t understand why Bernard-Docker is not up with the team. Surely he would be better than Holden who has become so slow it’s embarrassing.

        Let’s face it, Sens were lucky to win yesterday. Their effort for the first 55 minutes was pretty pathetic. Even Stützle was mostly playing poorly and their offensive and defensive “systems” (whatever they were) seemed totally ineffective. Fortunately, Sogaard kept them in the game and finally Timmy woke up and carried them to the win.

        The sooner Sanderson comes back the better, if they’re still trying to push for a highly unlikely play-off spot.

      • 🍁Great Game by the Young Sen’s last night,
        especially the Last 3 minutes….We dont get to see many Sens’ games out in Edmonton but this was👌
        Flames played well 1st & 2nd but could not keep up with the Fast Flying Sen’s…. last night in the 3rd The Flames ran out of Gas in the final 10 minutes, the flames are in Trouble😂
        We have seen this a few time over the past 6 weeks.

        Stutzle’s four-point performance shows why he got the 8yr deal @ $8.35.M… it looks like it took till the last 5 minute for de brincat to get going…❓

        Great to see young Ridly Greig fly round the ice this kids Motor Never Stops… Sens fan will love him… played well in his 6th game of the year hope they pencil him in for the starting line up next season👌

        Tkachuk showed why he is the leader & Captain last night, He is the Straw that stirs the drink in Ottawa😝
        Shane Pinto also looked good, the Ottawa d missed young Sanderson last night,

        Sogaard did well in his 3rd game
        The sens will need to trade or pick up a back up goaltender on wavers to help play out the 30 games left

        Mr Zaitsev played well last night❗️🤔
        maybe he plays himself into a trade for a 7th round pick and 50% salary retained this year at the TDL……………

      • The very reason I have never been as hard on Chabot as so many Sens “fans” have been is the very thing you bring up frequently regarding his time on ice. I mean that much time, and basically trying to be the entire blue line, Chabot’s mistakes will shine through more than anyone’s. He’s tired and stressed and the way he played against Edmonton really showed that fatigue.

      • TheSaint, that’s why I keep saying that he needs to have his ice-time reduced by at least 3-4 minutes a game. But Smith seems determined to try and save his own butt by over-playing one of his bigger chips. He’s not doing Chabot any favours with that approach. Dorion drafted two kids in the 1st round several years ago but instead of letting them learn at the top level in a season where – partly due to key injuries – they are now a long-shot to make the playoffs, they toil away in another lost seasonal cause in Belleville (Bernard-Docker and Thompson). Instead, Smith trots out Holden and Hamonic, neither of whom figure to be back next season. Why?

        I just fear that Chabot’s game, through constant misuse, will deteriorate as fast as did Vlasic’s (through much the same over-use early in his career).

      • That Stutzle kid is something else!
        If you were to redraft the 2020 entry draft, Stutzle will be taken number 1. The Sens stole themselves a great young player.
        I forget who said it, but one of the Sportsnet panel guys said that if Stutzle was Canadian he would have been the number-one pick.

  2. Mads Sogaard ,,I remember on that deep talent pool of Ottawa .

    Cassie Campbell was predicting yesterday , Dubas will move on after this year , his part in the Shanaplan has not worked out

    • Hi Ken

      Re Cassie predicting …”Dubas will move on after this year ”

      That was inferring that it would be his choice

      If Leafs are ousted by Bolts (not an unreasonable prognostication)….. there will be no choice by Dubas…. Management should be “showing him the exit door”

      An exit round 1 (again) can be argued (for what/who is responsible for it) from many angles…. argue it until the cows come home ….That is irrelevant .

      Exit round 1 (again) IMHO, necessitates Dubas (possibly Shanny and Keefe as well) leaving

      • Pengy, IF Dubas ever did leave following a round 1 elimination – again – Keefe and his staff leaving at the same time (or very shortly after once a replacement was announced) would be automatic.

        But on one thing you are absolutely right – in that event there is no way Shanahan could also continue in his role as The Evil Eye Of Sauron, ensconced between ownership and the GM. I always thought that concept to be ridiculous. You hire a GM – let him do his job without needing to run it by an overseer.

      • Hi George…. Concur

        Re “You hire a GM – let him do his job without needing to run it by an overseer.”…..

        Cite Jimbo over Patrik

        Burkie (of HexBurkie) over Hextall

      • It’s wishful thinking that a GM wouldn’t have someone to answer to. No way! If it’s not a “hockey guy” sitting as “president” or “governor” it’s the owner that hired one of these guys so he wouldn’t have to deal with the daily hockey aspect of operations.

        It’s hard to guess what could happen to the Leafs simply because you don’t throw away the baby with the bath water and that’s the only perception we hear. It’s really wild/wishful thinking because you’re talking about a team that’s constantly shown over an 82 game season to be one of the best teams in the league… I think that’s a stronger case for a team than what their record is in a best of seven game series. That’s pretty easy to see that right?

        Some argue how the game is different in the post season and they are not built or style or both is not suited for the postseason play? Totally agreeable if had they been swept or their opponents didn’t get to the finals or win the cup, right? The core was in their rookie years so the 6 years of playoff failure was since Matthews rookie year. Expectations are very high in Toronto but the level is absurd.

        Change or actions should only be made once the factor causing this misfortune or failure is found. I can’t see them clearing house and based on how well Dubas does this trade deadline as well as his past management of assets, will determine if he would be allowed to continue or not and Shanahan is out if the trust in him is gone…and if that’s the case, it’ll will be hard to see anyone else staying much longer or at all. Seems like too much and an over reaction but it’s sports so anything can happen. *reaches for popcorn*

        If another perennial top team had this problem, would the solution be the same? I can’t remember but is that what both Tampa and Washington did when either couldn’t get to the “next level”?

      • Ron, we’ll have to agree to disagree on the concept of the wisdom of having “a president” (or whatever title is assigned) constantly looking over the shoulder of the guy hired to run day to day operations (most of whom also have “assistant GMs to handle certain functions).

        As far as I can determine, only in hockey has this been implemented and it’s rare even at that … and it didn’t work in Vancouver, it’s starting to show cracks in Pittsburgh, and after going on 9 years in Toronto I think it’s safe to assume that a valid test of its effectiveness would be ONE playoff round victory.

        Part of the reasoning behind the installation of Shanahan as an overseer on April 11, 2014 was total franchise/fan frustration at not having won a playoff round since 2004. That that part hasn’t changed in the 8 years going on 9 since, despite how the losses continued to evolve the bottom line is the fan base can find little or no comfort in the fact some of the series losses were “close” and suggests that the concept is not needed.

        Settle on a GM – whether Dubas or whoever – and let him do the job in the same fashion as 30 of his cohorts. And they should follow suit in Pittsburgh as well. Too many cooks spoil the broth.

      • TB, COL and BOS are all successful teams and all have team presidents. I didn’t check any further, started at the top of the league and recent winners. The Blue Jays have a President and GM in baseball.

        If I was a GM of an NHL team I wouldn’t want to deal with ownership, marketing, sponsors, accountants, lawyers, and in Toronto – the board of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.

        The NHL and AHL teams, and all those folks seems like enough IMO.

        Buffers are good. Sounding boards are good. A guy looking over your shoulder, not so much. But do we know that is the case in Toronto?

      • If Dubas is let go there will be no shortage of suitors for him, he’ll be hired within the week and be paid handsomely.
        Every GM will make certain mistakes but looking at the Leafs roster I don’t see a single terrible contract. Is JT overpaid, maybe, but its not egregious.

        I just don’t see him as the problem.

  3. I believe that Larkin wants to remain in Detroit, and Mr. Yzerman wants to keep him here. What Yzerman is doing is finding out what kind of Red Wing organization Larkin wants to be a part of. Does he want to be a part of the Detroit Maple Leafs, where the top players make top dollar, but leave no cap room to fill out the roster with quality players, or does he want to be part of the Detroit Bruins, where the top players settle for less money, and leave room for the team to acquire other players like Hall and Lindholm ? Imagine where Toronto would be if their top four had done as Boston’s did. So, Dylan, it’s all up to you. What will it be?

    • Iago, your comment brings to mind something I have increasingly wondered about when it comes to the sometimes absurd salaries associated with major professional sports, i.e., how to separate the pure “me” mercenaries from the true team-oriented individuals.

      • Senators were lucky that Dorion signed Stützle to that long contract. He seems to be one player who is very much team oriented rather than mercenary.
        He signed his contract early to be sure of staying with the team for a long time and didn’t seem tempted to try to wring every last dollar out of the team. He’s constantly trying to improve and playing with his heart on his sleeve. He’s definitely a keeper and Dorion, to his credit, saw that too.

      • Would you blame the “me” mercenaries for being that way George? Players are traded, cut or placed on waivers as deemed beneficial for the team. That’s the cold part of pro sports by management.

        The corresponding response is – and has to be – the player and his agent do what is best for them. Rare indeed is the player that will leave a million bucks per season on the table for a team friendly discount.

        I’ve been frustrated when top end players demand 10 and 12 million per season when that surely affects the rest of the team roster and then say they want to win. But then, would I shave a million bucks off of each year of an 8 year contract in the hopes that it will make my team more competitive. Would you?

        It’s a league of and by mercenaries.

      • Not totally LJ. Personalities differ considerably (thank God) and, from my modest financial position in life (shared, probably, by the vast majority of the population), I simply CANNOT perceive where someone, offered (to use one example) an $8.5 mil contract over 8 years balks at “leaving $8 mil “on the table” because he thinks he should get $9.5 mil.

        That has to come from ego and not any sense of anticipated economic hardship because, for the next 8 years he and his family will have to subsist on “just” $68 mil rather than $76 mil.

        Not one of us in here has ever had that sort of income, nor will we ever … and nor will the vast majority of the population.

        All these players always talk about how much winning is important to them. Well, start showing it by recognizing – like it or not – that the hard cap is here to stay and the top heavier your team gets in forking over upwards of 55% on 5 or 6 of the 23, the less likely you are to see a well balanced remainder of the roster, including the very possible loss of some of your better draft picks as and when they approach their own contract re-negotiations.

        If and when hockey ever reaches the stage where caps become of a thing of the past, then there’ll be little or no argument against paying players whatever they demand or a team wants to offer.

        But right now, it exists.

      • Me too George. With all the talk of income equality in our world these days, there should be a focus on professional athletes. I have given up on MLB, NBA, & the NFL. I no longer watch them, and do not wish the NHL to go down that same dark road.

    • @ Iago

      Nice post above
      Very valid

    • Comparing Larkin’s situation with the Wings to that of the Leafs overpaying Matthews and Marner is apples to oranges. The Red Wings have nearly $42 million invested in 12 players next season. They’ve got over $41 million in projected available cap space. Larkin is projected to come in at between $8 and $9 million AAV on a long-term deal. That’s the market value for a player of his caliber.

      The Wings aren’t cap-strapped by any measure here. Paying Larkin the market value isn’t going to break the bank or hamper efforts to re-sign other core talent. BTW, the Bruins got Marchand and Bergeron for market value at the time too. Marchand’s deal came when he reached then-career highs in goals (37) and points (60). It only looks like a bargain now because of the heights he subsequently achieved.

      • Lyle, perhaps “market value” is at the root of the problem when it comes to a sport functioning under a hard cap. It’s one thing to pay a shortstop $100 mil when there’s no effective limit on what you can spend, and quite another to have someone balk in a hard cap world if the difference in what he’s being offered – say $8.5 mil – and what he demands – say $9.5 mil – over a long term could conceivably be used to strengthen another position where there is a perceived weakness.

      • Lyle, Marchand was coming off a 37 goal season and the deal was considered a bargain at the time.

        Pastrnak signed a team friendly deal, as did both Krejci and Bergeron again.

        McAvoy did not sign a team friendly deal and it certainly doesn’t look like Pastrnak is going to sign one this time.

        Taking gambles on players that shown production is a worthwhile gamble.

        Montreal has done it with Suzuki,
        Ottawa with Batherson, Tkachuk and Stutzle
        Buffalo with Thompson

        Just to name a few, fair value today but going to be excellent value as the cap goes up in a couple of seasons. These are the type of deals that allow teams to become competitive for years.

      • Hi Lyle

        Yes Wings situation different from Leafs re available Cap

        That said…. I can’t see at all the top 4 Leafs sals (as a whole) being included anywhere near the “hometown” discount label (again as a whole not individual) AT the time of signing

        Re March…. signing at $6.1 M (going 37-24-61 in 77 GP) …. one could rationally argue that was a hometown discount compared to others signing in around the same time…. who were coming off years of :

        Okposo ($6 M) 22-42-64

        Backes ($6 M) 21-24-45

        Lucic ($6 M) 20-35-55

        The other in around that time

        Forsberg ($6 M) 33-31-64…. Note…. 5 or 6 years younger; coming out of ELc; and very importantly, the massive take-home bonus of zero state tax

    • Nice one Iago

      Can I have “The Leafs’ Bruins” for 200 please Alex

    • I believe much of the responsibility lies on the gm to also do the right thing.

      Not sure why Stevie Y signed 28 year old Copp to a 5 year @ 5.65, 31 yo Chiarot to a 4 year deal @ 4.75.

      Are these really pieces to build around? Knowing you have to deal with Larkin and Raymond and Seider around the corner?

      Larkin isn’t getting anywhere near Mathews money. I’d guess he’ll be in the 8 range x 8. And he’d be crazy to settle because of misallocated money to Copp and Chiarot etc. it’s not his fault they took on a hometown boy that has averaged less than 30 points per seasonat 28. Great story? Hardly. They should have been focused on Bedard more than bringing home a hometown guy and bandaid defensemen that clearly don’t fit into a rebuild plan.

      Bergeron at 38 taking a discount to kick the can one more time and already has a championship under his belt is a different story than a 26 yo caught in purgatory with little hope in sight.

    • I’m sure 26 yr old Larkin wants to stay in Detroit,
      Yzerman & Larkin’s agent are playing cat & mouse

      Steve Y says $8.M Larkins camp say’s Minimum $9.M
      DL look’s like he will score 30+ goals again this year,
      I think he stayes and gets his $9.M✔️

    • same could be applied to the Detroit Oilers, Detroit Capitals, Detroit Lightning (ohh I like the sound of that) and the list goes on, maybe even the Detroit Canes? Nah

  4. Valid points Lyle, but short-sighted. Yes, the Wings have cap room now, but will eventually have to pay guys like Seider and Raymond. They also need another top center and a top scoring winger, and maybe a goalie. No, the comparison is not valid right now, but will be in 2 -3 years. Yzerman is thinking ahead, and you are in the here and now . That is why he is a good GM, and you and I are not.

    • Iago, you also overlook that the Wings have no suitable replacement for Larkin if they fail to re-sign him. There is no one on the roster or in their system who can step up and replace him as their first-line center. He’s also the top center in this year’s UFA market. Yes, Bergeron’s a UFA but everyone knows he’s a Bruin for life. Ditto Krejci. The only free-agent center outscoring Larkin this season is Winnipeg’s Pierre-Luc Dubois and he’s an RFA with a year away from UFA eligibility.

      I don’t doubt that Yzerman is trying to get Larkin signed to the most affordable deal he can. However, he’s really not in a good position to play hardball here. If the Wings won’t pay between $8 and $9 million, Larkin and his agent know there will be other clubs who will in this summer’s free-agent market. Losing Larkin would set the Wings’ rebuild back by two or three years, something I don’t think Yzerman can afford to risk.

      I wasn’t being shortsighted at all. The Wings will still have plenty of cap space to re-sign Seider and Raymond. Indeed, Yzerman holds the hammer there so he can get them signed to reasonable long-term deals. Yes, they need a second-line center and another scoring winger but they’ll still have sufficient room to do so over the next two-three years, especially if the cap rises as high as it is projected to to in 2024 ($87.5 million) and 2025 ($92 million).

      • Sounds like the situation the Oil were in with Nurse. Klefbom out forever with chronic shoulder problem, Larsson moving on for family reasons, and your only D capable of top minutes was Nurse coming off a career year, and Seth Jones just signing for 9.5.

        Plus you are in your window with 2 of the best forwards in the NHL.

        You sign him, or your not a contender, had no choice. Now you have to fill out the rest of the D. Nurse got a million too much, but all in all Holland did a pretty good job rebuilding the D in EDM being dealt a tough hand.

        Yzerman will sign him. Larkin has an agent that will take the emotion out of this negotiation, as Larkin wants to stay. IMO it will be a fair deal to both sides, not the max he could get on the open market, but also not have the player give in too much.

      • Lyle, did Toronto have “suitable replacements” for Matthews/Marner when they signed their current contracts ?

      • Again, apples to oranges, Iago. Larkin is an unrestricted free agent earning below market value. Matthews was in the final season of his entry-level contract when he signed his current deal with the Leafs, who also had center John Tavares after signing him the previous summer. Marner was an RFA without arbitration rights after coming off his ELC. They also had William Nylander at right wing entering the second year of his contract. Nobody was telling Matthew and Marner to “leave salary on the table” for the good of the team but I do recall plenty of folks saying the Leafs overpaid for them.

      • Lyle meet our old friend, wall. You’ve entered the Leafs zone of facepalms, make a point, have it ignored but “valid”. As least you got that.

        Iago, when you compare how many of the teams are built you’ll find a great portion is (as it should be) spent on the most talented or best players and in some cases be it player”s exceptional talent or market (see Canada, taxes, media) you pay more but regardless, paying top dollars for the best players is not bad. What is bad is overpaying players who you think are good and paid as if they are stars…such as players on your third line or defensive pairing for over $5m per. That’s bad, made worse if you’re not a top team let alone one that’s not playoff bound.

        Hope you can see the difference.

        PS that pandemic, eh?

      • Yeah, weird that the pandemic only adversely affected one team when it comes to winning in the playoffs.

      • Wouldn’t it affect all but one, really?

      • Lyle, there were plenty of us who thought so, and spoke out at that time.

      • Iago on February 14, 2023 at 4:08 pm
        Lyle, there were plenty of us who thought so, and spoke out at that time.

        What? Because a bunch of people agreed on something that is incorrect makes it right? When did this happen? Sorry but if you don’t like what’s being said, it’s up to you to look at why they are saying something you’re convinced you’re right about. You owe that to yourself more than anyone.

        I can tell you think players don’t deserve the millions they make, perhaps why you said you don’t follow the other major leagues because of it and hope the NHL doesn’t follow suit. These players and their families spent their whole lives to making the NHL. They have a unique skill set that is in the top percentile of the people with these skills. They should be free to get paid, just like you or anyone else would if they were great at something few can do. It’s not their fault there’s a hard cap that restricts what players can make. Do you even know 20yrs ago some stars were making more than the ones we call over paid now?
        Enjoy the show man, even the stupid money game.

  5. AZ cant even Facilitate a Trade properly…
    What a Gong show with young Jakob Chycrun❗️

    AZ are #1 Embarrassment in the NHL.🥶
    Who would want to play for these guys…
    I hope they dont get 1st pick at the draft Connor Bedard… or he may pull an Eric Lindros….❓

    • Hi Willie

      Absolutely no one wants Yotes to snag Bedard…. Including Yotes…..

      If Yotes get the ball to drop their way…. There is a possibility that he pulls a Lindros (slim chance but a risk still the same); but mote importantly…

      They’d have him only for 3 years playing his ELC in front of max 4,600 every game …. Then will lose him (for 4 1sts) for a QO that Yotes just can’t match

      Bedard’s agent would be a fool to re-up with Yotes before getting to listen to the several QOs

      Not a chance the mega cash strapped Yotes (after playing 4 years [and likely counting] ) can afford to match the QO

      The only hope for Yotes winning this year’s lottery is fir a Gary retirement….with Bedard becoming the eventual Captain of the Houston “Texas Gold” (??)(won’t be “Yotes” or have “Oil” in the name)

      • With that being said Pengy, Matthews will change all that, right?

      • PS Yotes are going nowhere.

      • Matthews and Bedard would be a helluva start, right?

    • Hey George, I wasn’t trying to make the argument over a benefit or not for having a guy like a team president to deal with the GM and hockey ops over an owner (in the Leafs case, multi-conglomerate organizations and not a sole individual) but rather all GMs have someone to answer to which is either owner or an owner’s proxy.

      My argument was regarding the idea of canning all of the Leafs management and the validity of doing so if they fail to get past the first round again.

      So since expectations are unreasonably high for the Leafs, hence this idea that everyone gets the boot if they fail to advance seem a bit too hot to take concerning the reasonable points I made. Admittedly I don’t know but being the nature of sports… it’s 🍿 time.

      • Wrong placement!

        And correct again George…plus they’ll have all those other great players in the pipeline…

  6. willie w on February 14, 2023 at 12:50 pm
    AZ cant even Facilitate a Trade properly…
    What a Gong show with young Jakob Chycrun❗️
    AZ are #1 Embarrassment in the NHL.🥶
    Who would want to play for these guys…
    I hope they dont get 1st pick at the draft Connor Bedard… or he may pull an Eric Lindros….❓

    So, so so True

    They probably pulled the rug out from beneath Blake in LA

  7. Speaking of big dollar contracts, check out Travis Yost at TSN today.
    Eleven per cent of the skaters in the NHL this year are scoring at a point a game pace, which is unprecedented.
    Several teams have three players at a ppg pace and the Sabres and the Oilers have four.
    The cap can’t rise quickly enough next year.

  8. Larkin hits the open market, there is a 9m-9.5M offer waiting on the table from a team like Columbus – provided Voracek is officially done.