NHL Rumor Mill – February 13, 2023

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More speculation over where the Coyotes will trade Jakob Chychrun, four clubs reportedly have interest in Patrick Kane, the latest on the Oilers’ interest in Erik Karlsson plus updates on Jakub Vrana and Vitaly Kravtsov in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Arizona Coyotes finally appear poised to move Jakob Chychrun after making the 24-year-old defenseman a healthy scratch on Saturday for “trade-related reasons.”

Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun (NHL Images).

Garrioch believes the Los Angele Kings, Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins have been among the club in hot pursuit of Chychrun. The Senators were in the mix but the Coyotes’ asking price of two first-round picks plus a high-end prospect was too expensive.

FLORIDA HOCKEY NOW: George Richards rules out the possibility that the Panthers could be Chychrun’s destination. It’s said that the Florida native would love to return home and play for the Panthers but Richards believes they lack the means to make it a reality.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: On Saturday, Sportsnet’s Jeff Marek reported sources from the Oilers and Leafs claimed they’re not in on Chychrun. The Kings also denied it but Marek observed they were honoring former captain Dustin Brown that night, meaning they didn’t want to comment on something that would distract from Brown’s big night.

NHL Insider Nick Kypreos tweeted Sunday that it sounded like Chychrun was headed to the Kings with prospect defenseman Brandt Clarke going to the Coyotes. However, The Athletic’s Scott Wheeler followed up by citing a source claiming Clarke isn’t being traded by the Kings.

I wouldn’t rule out the Bruins since general manager Don Sweeney has a history of swinging big moves at the trade deadline. However, Kings GM Rob Blake has the depth in young assets to outbid Sweeney. We could find out as early as today where he ends up.


THE ATHLETIC: Scott Powers and Mark Lazerus reported Saturday that they’ve heard the Carolina Hurricanes, Dallas Stars, Minnesota Wild and Vegas Golden Knights have “confirmed interest” in Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane.

So far, the 34-year-old Kane has yet to inform Blackhawks management whether he’ll waive his no-movement clause before the March 3 trade deadline. The organization feels it’s 50/50 that Kane will waive.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kane’s interest in the New York Rangers and his disappointment over their recent acquisition of Vladimir Tarasenko suggests he’s leaning toward accepting a trade to the right club. We’ll learn soon enough if he’s willing to go to one of those aforementioned teams. If he’s open to all four, it’ll come down to the best offer.


THE ATHLETIC: Daniel Nugent-Bowman reports questions abound over financial obstacles and structural fits regarding the Edmonton Oilers’ reported interest in San Jose Sharks defenseman Erik Karlsson. He cited an Oilers source saying that acquiring the 32-year-old Karlsson was possible but “remarkably unlikely”.

Nugent-Bowman believes it would require the Sharks to retain a sizeable portion of Karlsson’s $11.5 million annual cap hit over the next four seasons. Even then, the Oilers would have to move a roster player such as Tyson Barrie ($4.5 million cap hit through next season).

With Oilers GM Ken Holland last week saying his cap-strapped club having to make “dollar-in, dollar-out” deals, it would take moving more than Barrie to make a Karlsson trade happen. That’s on top of paying what’s expected to be an expensive asking price by the Sharks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Anything’s possible but this could be a difficult lift for the Oilers during the season. It could require shedding two or perhaps three roster players depending on how much of Karlsson’s cap hit the Sharks are willing to eat.

Adding Karlsson would provide a welcome boost of superstar talent to their blueline. However, it could also weaken them elsewhere on the roster.

A Karlsson trade could take place before the trade deadline. Nevertheless, I still believe it’s more likely to occur in the offseason when teams have more cap space to work with and a greater willingness to make significant trades involving superstar talent.


THE ATHLETIC: Max Bultman reports Jakub Vrana said he doesn’t know what the Detroit Red Wings has in store for his future. Vrana, 26, has struggled to get his career back on track after emerging from the NHL/NHLPA Player Assistance Program in January. He was subsequently placed on waivers and is currently playing with the Wings’ AHL affiliate in Grand Rapids.

Vrana told Bultman that everyone knows he wants to remain a Red Wing. However, the club’s lack of public insight into his situation has sparked speculation that he’s not part of their long-term plans.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s talk Vrana could be peddled at the trade deadline or during the offseason. If a trade isn’t possible they could buy out the final year of his contract this summer.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports sources confirm that Vitaly Kravtsov’s camp has requested the Rangers move their client before the March 3 trade deadline if he’s not part of their immediate plans.

The 23-year-old winger could become a trade chip but only if the Blueshirts can get a satisfactory return. Brooks speculates GM Chris Drury could also look at shopping Kravtsov in the offseason.


  1. Im not so critical of Brooks as some, but his take on trading Kravtsov was just ridiculous. First he names all the players flaws and inability to be a good player and then states that Drury shouldnt trade him unless he get a players that is an RFA and has similar draft position “keep the winger unless he brings back a suitable draft selection; a different type of player of approximately the same contractual status” So basically, we think the player is crap but we still want a first rounder back that is an RFA

    • What is Kravtsov the player and what’s his deal? Is he worth the speculation or just just a squeaky wheel looking to be greased?

      • @ron
        kid sees the ice well, skates well, good passer, could be a very good 2way player.
        plays at 7/10 in my opinion. started the season opposite Panarin before two injuries.
        if a coach can ignite him….. he went back to Russia once when demoted to the AHL so his value has to be low with some buyer beware

      • ds, re “if a coach can ignite him….. ” – isn’t that the same tune we’ve been hearing when it comes to Puljujarvi?

      • I had high hopes for Kravstov, and agree with a lot of what ds is saying.

        As I said yesterday, I think he’s a whiny Drouin like guy who demanded he dictate his development. Stated he was a top 6 player, but has yet to live up to even being a bottom 6 player.

        Now, he kinda looks like an idiot. I had a very different opinion of this guy a year or two ago. Now, let him just go away. It’s one of the scenarios where I think he could be a better player, just not in NY.

        Another one of Gortons “brilliant reach picks”.

      • has a big enough frame but gets knocked around like a rag doll, should have spent more time in the weight room and less time whining. when he showed up for first camp is fitness was lacking and nothing has improved since. at this point a second string ice shoveler is about what team should expect to get in return

      • Thanks. That was a fair and interesting assessment of an unknown but talked about guy. Dismantling the hype.

  2. It will be a hell of a move if Sweeney could pull it off. Maybe add Bugstad at same time and his shopping is done

    • He’s not the player we need.
      We need Erik Karlsson.
      There’s just no way I can see Mike Greir holding 40% – 50% of his salary for the next half decade.

      • IF ya really want Karlson what about grezlcyck Carlo Smith for Karlson with 1.5 mil retained?

        Then Boston trades for Schenn to pair 2 d with Karlson

      • Hi SOP

        Not likely…. But there must be a tipping point to persuade Grier

        Here are my (regretfully so; as a Leafs and Pens fan) thoughts re EK on Bruins

        UFAs Smith and Nosek exiting for sure for Cap reasons; Carlo, as the EK add puts Carlo pushed to 3RD (@ $4.1 M) ; too expensive to keep…. That’s $9 M (annualized Cap) leaving

        EK MUST have some retention by Grier…. Obviously the mote retained; the more given up in trade

        I’m thinking 30% is max…..thus EK coming over @$8 M

        Bruins Cap savings $1 M towards PBs

        No matter what…. Grier will demand a first and Lysell; plus…. What is that plus???

        The offer by Sweeney should be

        the aforementioned UFA dumps; Carlo; Lysell; 1st for

        EK @ 50%

        Now, that’s Sweeney’s offer…. Won’t be the deal

        I expect a counter proposal to be something like… Bruins offer acceptable… but only for 10% retained

        To get to the 30% retained…. To me; the up has to be a 2nd

        Could this happen? Longshot but possible….

        But if it did….. upgrading Carlo to EK for the roster expense of just Nosek and Smith ;both negligibly contributing)….. almost guarantees hoisting cup

        This Leafs and Pens fan says Bruins should take a pass on EK…. LOL

    • Karlsson is horrible defensively, not worthy of the spoked B, would actually hurt rather than help them, has a minus his whole career. Chychrun would be better, Schenn would make a lot of sense. Sweeney is not going to drain the prospect pool. Conor Garland might be a good add on right wing.

  3. Here is my bruins trade to Arizona from Chychrun

    To Boston: Jakob Chychrun, Nik Bjugstad

    To Arizona: 1st, Matt Grzelcyk, Mason Lohrie, Brett Harrrison, Mike Reilly, Craig Smith

    No salary retained

    • 50% retained on Nick as bruins need as much cap space to go towards bonuses as possible I would not hate that trade at all

      • Chrism, Boston top 2 prospects are Lysell and Lohrie. Not getting them both.

    • If a team with a depleted pipeline doesn’t include their top prospect I’m doubtful it gets the job done

      • Caper

        It’s not San Jose’s problem that the Bruins prospect pool is so shallow.

        There is no such thing as a free lunch.

        With SJ looking to rebuild I see no value for them taking two 29 year old defenceman, one of which is buried in the minors.

        If Lohrei and/or Lysell isn’t included it’s not happening.

        The bigger question is…does Boston actually need to improve their roster? They’ve been having a fantastic season as is.

      • Daryl

        The Bruins pool has enough to get it done. They want to rid themselves of his salary as much as some teams want too. So the question becomes how bad do they want to free up that money.

        And IMO if I am any team I am not taking on that 11 mill for the next 4 years as the price people are talking about.

      • Lol Daryl, I think you mean Arizona and i actually but Boston 2nd and 3rd best prospect in the deal.

        If it isn’t enough, it isn’t enough.

    • I like that, draining the prospect pool a bit though. Even Bjugstad and Schenn would be good adds at reasonable cost instead of going for the big guns.

  4. I predict that Vrana will be back in Detroit soon after the deadline.

    There’s no reason to trade him unless someone offers an insane package for him, and if he comes back to Detroit and plays well they can either decide to keep him or trade him in the off-season, when he might have some value.

  5. With the way things are developing in Ottawa, including the “imminent” identification of the new ownership group, maybe the Senators should offer Chabot ($8 mil cap hit) and Zaitsev ($4.5 mil cap hit) to “bring Karlsson home.”

    The cap exchange is almost identical with SJ taking on an additional $1 mil for just one year.

    As I said the other day, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Alfredsson restored to some senior position within the organization just as soon as the new owners come on board, and a Karlsson return would make him happy,

    As for dealing Chabot, there is no time like the present because I don’t think keeping him around playing 25-28 minutes a game is going to improve his overall play here.

    • You are being sarcastic, right? Or did you write this before your favorite coffee?

      • Right now Johnny Z I would make that deal in a heartbeat.

      • Just what Grier is after, a turnover machine and a stiff for Karlsson. Don’t hold your breath.

      • Ed, you do realize Karlsson is 4th in total giveaways this year right?

        You may also look into players that often give away the puck and why.

        Mcdavid , Hedman, Pastrnak, Panarin, Barzal, Kucherov, Fox, etc are all high on this list. Can you tell me why?

        Is Mcdavids trade value in the basement because he turns over the puck a lot?

    • George,
      I think that would be a great trade for the Sen’s and the Sharks, then they could flip Zaitsev before the draft….🤔

      • My standard answer to any buying team who wants to include a player that the selling team could flip…..you (the buyer) flip him and then include whatever you get in your offer. Don’t expect me to do your work for you.

    • I can see something like that plus i think Karlsson still has or calls Ottawa home.

      Wouldn’t be bad for both especially if there’s an add from Ottawa to get it done…probably off season move?

      • Hi Iago,
        Strictly a buissnes money move to Flip Zaitsev & his $4.5M salary for 1.5 more years…before the trade deadline or draft for a pick👍

        Something i hope the Sen’s can do as it will help with some key player moves/trades for us next season to continue to improve at 2nd pairing RD position⁉️

    • George you know I am smirking thinking about this deal.

      • Hell, Fergy22, so am I! For the first time in at least 5 years I find myself agreeing with ed van impe – he’s right, Chabot is developing into what I see as another Vlasic. Right now, as a so-called “minute-eater” still with modest offensive contributions, is the time to try and deal him. Maybe, under a different system than the one the useless D. J. Smith is insisting upon, and alongside the right partner, not to mention realistic usage, he could return to his early form.

  6. Re; San Jose Sharks defenseman 32 yr old
    Erik Karlsson.

    Oilers GM Ken Holand has been saying since day one of the Season…. its Money in Money out in any deal for the cash strapped Oilers❗️

    I Think Oiler’s fan’s would rather have Chycrun, due to age, style he play’s than Erik Karlsson…

    Most Oilers fans think we need more of a defencive defenceman like Joel Edmundson type d/man
    as we have Tyson Barrie & Evan Bouchard as ofencive d/men

    The Oilers cant afford Karlsson @ $11.9M it would have to be at $5-6M retaned and cant see them doing that for 4 years….❓

    What they are asking in a trade,
    A 1st pick & 2nd pick A Very good Top Prospect, young Roster player…..& to make the money work salary out would have to be Tyson Barrie at $4.5M and Jesse Pulijarvi……… just dont see the oilers makeing it all work out for EK 🤔

    • WW
      Sharks offer EK and Reimer with Reimer 1/2 retained
      Oil offer Barrie JP Campbell and 1st and 2nd. Change 2nd to another 1st if sharks hold more then million for EK

      • Mrbruin4
        I dont think Jack Cambell is going anywhere soon
        The Sharks are looking for a lot for EK….

  7. Re Oil and D upgrade….

    EK for sure would be a massive upgrade…. Too much futures to give up

    Looks like Chychrun is going to LA

    Why not go lesser on D upgrade and heavier on goal upgrade

    Chychrun or EK were going to cost multiple firsts…..if that “spend” was already in the cards(contemplated)….

    Why not

    *Yammo and Borgault (sp?) to Habs for Edmondson

    1st (Lottery protected) + + to flip Campbell for Saros

    *Won’t happen as Krakken on fire and vying for 2st in Pac Div…., but had Krakken been outside looking in….. Yammo and Ryan for Soucy and 2nd would have been a beneficial trade for both teams

    If Oil could replace Campbell with Saros and add Edmonson by losing just Yammo off the roster…. That’s a strong roster

    • “vying for 1st in Pac Div “


      “vying for 2st in Pac Div”

      single finger typing on iPhone; bad eyes


      • The Oilers need a defenceman that can play defence. Karlsson and Chychrun aren’t that. The Oilers need a Radio Gudas type d-man.

      • I heard they weren’t happy with the shutdown market KevJam. Basically the upgrade over what they now have wasn’t good enough to justify the cost.

        Supply is limited for a top 4 shutdown guy and demand is high I would guess.

        I don’t think they are high on Gavrikov as some pundits and fans. Gudas is getting 5th most minutes on FLA, so not sure he is the answer either. Plus is FLA selling?

        Not much out there to be had these days when you look at whi might be available on an obvious non playoff team. Maybe that changes before the TDL.

        Rumor is also they are kicking tires on a D first C to assist if a D isn’t available they like. Move FWDS around isn’t that tough.

      • If that is the case, then don’t add just for the sake of adding. I forget who said it, I think it may have been Burke, but some of the best moves made are the ones you don’t make.

      • KevJam, Bjugstad’s name was brought. Cap hit is small, body is really big. Plus a right shot for D-zone on that side. Shouldn’t cost that much for assets? Give him the tough defensive minutes which frees up your top guys.

        I don’t hate the idea as C’s are so important in the D-zone especially in the playoffs where more of the game is played down low and they are part of breaking up the cycle and net front.

        Also don’t need to push anybody with actual value out of the line up to get him for cap reasons.

        Nuge center’s 2nd line, Draisaitl plays wing with either guy, and can move McLeod up and down the line up. I like how he has looked when he gets a chance in the top 6 as he has great wheels and can transport the puck too.

        Starting to warm on the idea.

      • I like it! That shouldn’t cost a 1st round pick, and it has a good chance of improving the defensive play.
        I see so many of these big trade deadline deals that actually don’t work out and teams end up regretting making them.

      • KevJam, not sure if you heard Rishaug and Gregor debating a Karlsson deal. Gregor brought up the return SJ got for Burns from CAR.
        Sure wasn’t anything like they are discussing for Karlsson.

        Burns and Lane Pederson for,
        Lorentz, Makiniemi and a 3rd.

        SJ ate 3 years at $2.7M on the Burns deal.

        Basically Burns for Lorentz, which isn’t a big return at all.

        Karlsson is having a great year, but Burns was SJ top D man when he got traded not Karlsson, and is a very good player in his own right. But also quite a bit older. But having a good year in CAR as an old dude.

        Interesting discussion and while there are differences in the player and contract terms, some perspective none the less.

    • Maybe what is holing up the trade is how Vejmelka can go to LA with Chychrun also.

      • Johnny…….You may have something There….🤔

        LA need to move on from 36 yr Old Johnnthan Quick & upgrade there goaltending…. 👍

        Vejmelka look very good on a Bad AZ Team,
        Im not sure they want to trade him, AZ not got much afternim in net….

    • Krakken on fire? More like a dying ember over their past 10 when they have gone 4-6, scoring 26 while giving up 33. And, with the exception of a 4-3 win over NJ early in the past 10, 3 of their 4 wins have come against also-rans – Vancouver, Columbus and Philadelphia.

      Counting that first NJ game, in their 4 wins they scored 17 while giving up 7, meaning that, in their 6 losses, they scored 9 while giving up 26.

      Hardly “on fire.”

    • Somebody should remind Seattle that they’re on fire. I think they’ve lost 7 of their last 11.

    • Hi Penny,
      I dont think the Oil are even looking moving Jack Cambell, and the old Pred’s GM, David Poile will not move Saros….. he is there long term✔️

      Agree on Karlsson, he is going to cost way to much ina trade and cap space…. That guy is like China Cup Very Breakable.❗️ however play great this season i could see him ending up back in Ottawa if the can make the money work🤔

      it sound like the Oil are looking at moving there 1st pick to get a 2nd pairing LD man,
      Jesse Pulijarvi, $3.M, Warren Foegele, $2.75M are the most likly to be moved❓
      The Oil dont want to move young prospects, and Not Broberg or Hollaway they have a pressent especaly young Forwards not on the team

      A name thats keeps poping up in lite trade convesations is Kailer Yamamoto $3.1M……🤔
      if its a bigar deal he could be gone to there are 2 forwards the Oilers are interested in from the Hawks and d/man Jake McCabe, this one could be the big deal i think…⁉️

  8. Kravtsov value declined and no longer worth a first. Shame if he played as intense as vesey he would be good. He doesn’t attack the puck. Defers to pass rather than shoot. Nice to see he does go in the corners and behind the net but again lacks physical play and intensity to keep him in the lineup. Again he need some to shoot more too.

    What about Kravtsov, Hajek and a 2nd for shane Wright who is sitting in the minors and not cracking the top 9 in Seattle this season or next particularly with them In playoff spot.

    • 2 rejects and a 2nd for Wright?????? C’mon man!

      • Relax Johnny, this is pengys burner account

      • Mistype…..supposed to have read the players a 1st

        I should proofread more

  9. In my ‘Dream’ scenario, meaning I’d like it, but I know it would not happen, Chychrun goes to the Leafs for Sandin and Rielly. Not the pieces AZ wants, but they get Sandin and can flip Rielly for the pieces they were asking for Chychrun. They’d come out ahead, and the Leafs get Chychrun in place of Rielly. Sandy would be missed, but the Leafs now have the depth on D to fill that void, and Niemela on the way.
    I haven’t put enough thought into it to know if the RD-LD works out. Not sure which side Niemela plays, or Timmins, but Chychrun plays Rielly’s side, so that works.

    • Hi WBK

      This Leafs fan admires that dream…. But zero chance of happening….

      Yotes would have to negotiate a 2nd deal (for Rielly) just in the hopes of getting at least the same return as they would get in a single deal elsewhere

      Yotes have at the very minimum; 3 more years of massive losses (MASSIVE) …. as sellouts are only 4,600 in gate revenues

      Picks or entry level contracts are what they need; paired with front end loaded UFAs….. It would be worth future(s) from Yotes to ‘Nucks; to acquire Meyers AFTER 1/67 (when his $5M SB is paid)…. After escrow…. Yotes would then only pay ~ $900K to benefit $6M towards Cap to reach Cap floor

      For Leafs to acquire Chychrun…. It will be a minimum if 1st (‘23); equivalent 1st prospect; young roster…. Because some other team will pay that

      At thst expense; adding Chychrun…. Still does not guarantee Leafs beating Bolts; and doesn’t realistically put them past Bruins

      I still say tweaks only; save assets; do the big deals this summer; focus on ‘24 Cup because blowing the resource pool this year; and falling short; almost guarantees a duplication of same in Spring ‘24

      • Pengy

        You continually beat the drum of the Leafs standing pat because they’ll have to go through Tampa and Boston to get to the SCF…

        Are we to assume both of those teams will fall off a cliff in 2024? They’ll likely have to get past them next season too.

        Also…let’s say that Matthews and Nylander won’t sign this summer when they’re eligible…do the Leafs go into the 2024 TDL with Matthews and Nylander as potential UFAs?

        The Leafs are a top 5 team league wide…not clinging to the last wildcard 8th seed

        If they can improve their team they should go for it…that’s why they play the games

      • Well, this Leafs fan thinks the dream would be a nightmare.
        I saw a post today suggesting Jonathan Toews to Toronto. To me that makes a lot more sense.

      • Hi Daryl

        They are top 5 type of team in the regular season

        But to me…. THIS playoffs…. I’m not holding my breath (can happen but not holding my breath) for a V over Bolts

        I have very little confidence (for this year) they can get by BOTH Bolts AND Bruins…. Then they have to take on Canes

        Re Bolts/Bruins and “assume both of those teams will fall off a cliff in 2024”…. Nope

        But, I truly believe a couple of good moves this summer puts them ahead of the 23/24 Bruins and Bolts

        Under no circumstances should Leafs go past TDL next year without either (1) an extension signed by AM; (I’m not counting on it) of (2) a trade for bucket O, assets for AM

        With a couple of goid moves this summer; fair shot at Cup in ‘24…. But no guarantee..,. Can ill afford to have AM walk with zero assets recouped

        Put another way…. Think about all the UFAs traded in the past…. Find the highest return ever given…. Then add a lot to that

        Is there a comparable????… 26 (then) ; 6’3” ; 220, C; only 18 months removed from 60-46-106 in 73 GP AND from winning Lindsay; Hart; Richard

        Not a stretch to see him signing with kraken on 1/7/24

        Would you take this offer if Francis made it….

        McC, Dunn , 2 firsts for AM

        Because if you would; those 2 firsts plus Sandin will garner Chychrun…..

        Converting AM’s 1 year left; plus Sandin into

        McC (4 more years after this left); Dunn (RFA) and Chychrun (2 more years after this)…. And now with Leafs with a more balanced Cap; AND Cap room space

        Not saying at all that this would be done…. But at least needs to be rationalized if AM is not jumping on an extension very soon after 1/7/23

    • Relax Johnny, this is pengys burner account

    • Beyond ridiculous but I give u credit for hitting submit comment

      • So wonderful to have your cheery disposition back Ed!

      • Ed, maybe you missed the first 15 words.

        Pengy, you’re right, or course, although I think 3 weeks would be long enough to negotiate a deal for Rielly. If the Leafs were to trade him I think there’d be a ton of interest in that contract. He might get a better return than Chychrun due to longer control through prime years and beyond, and better health. Chychrun’s got, 2 more years, then I believe he’s UFA?

        I’m not a big Reilly fan and think he’s a fraction of the players Chychrun is, but he’s still a great top 3 d-man who’s being used as a #1.
        That seems to be Toronto’s problem, putting players in the wrong position. Like Cody Ceci who was a very good player if part of a bottom pair (and he was paid as a top 4). Justin Holl, same thing, would be a great bottom pair guy who can move up for a time when needed. Now Jarnkrok is playing above his head. Rielly should be #2 or #3 to be most effective. Less 5-on-5, and PP1 if there’s no better option, otherwise PP2. A true PP1, imo, should have a hard slaphot.

      • Hey Ed, weren’t you the fella that was posting under another name to to agree with the Ed posts, and talk about how brilliant you, I mean Ed, is?

        Lyle never stated who it was, just brought it up, after it seemed like it was you.

      • No Ray, that was Mrs. bark

      • Great comment ed. No seriously, it’s the only reason I went back to read it and 100% agree with you.

  10. Chabbot to Anaheim straight up for John Gibson. We get our starter we need now and for the future. Ducks get a D man to teach their prospects and build around. Talbot is expendable at the deadline.
    If you can get Gibson to waive his no move.

    • Would you not resign Shattenkirk and trade away Fowler too?

    • Gibson’s best years are behind him. I’m no Ottawa fan but Chabot is the better asset.

    • Dark G

      John Gibson best years are behind him now,🤔

      Gibson’s numbers have not been good for years now, His last good year was back in 2017… ❗️
      GA, 2.43
      Save % 0.926

      Gibson’s numbers this year are Bad and have been going the wrong way since 2018 now in 2023 keeps going down…….
      GA, 3.96 &
      SAVE % 0.900⁉️

      if the Sens are trading Chabot, and i dont think they will, they should look at a Real Starter in net and do a trade for Demko or pick up Tristin Jarry as a UFA in July to fix the goaltending….👌

  11. @ Daryl

    Hi Daryl, sorry i couldn’t answer your message the other day concerning Engvall’s and Anderson’s value and why Anderson gets twice as much money.

    So points wise they are close but remember one is playing for a weaker team and one is playing in one of the 5 best teams

    So for the sake of comparing everything I will double Pierre Engvall’s numbers witch would bring him to 440 career games (Anderson has 439) And you’ll see why Anderson brings a totally different dimension than Engvall

    Ok goals wise
    Engvall 82 goals
    Anderson 116 goals

    Engvall 758
    Anderson 1012

    game winning goals:
    Engvall 18
    Anderson 24

    Engvall 162
    Anderson 192

    Engvall 758
    Anderson 1012

    Plus minus
    Engvall +46
    Anderson – 38

    But here’s what makes a total difference between Anderson and Engvall

    Engvall 354
    Anderson 997

    Blocked shots
    Engvall 76
    Anderson 217

    Engvall 134
    Anderson 360

    Anderson is much much more physical, has better stats and doesn’t play for a offensively packed top 5 team.

    So please and that for George as well do not ever, ever compare Engvall to Anderson again. Now you know why one wins twice as much as the other

    Have a great one !

    • Oops, sorry, I wrote shots twice !

      • Still too long…..

    • I don’t get why you are doubling Engvall’s numbers. By doing so you are doubling his braking-in, rookie, sophomore numbers. That doesn’t bring it to even.
      You have a good point, that Engvall is playing on a better team, but that is somewhat balanced by limited ice time and 3rd-line linemates.
      There’s no way to make it all even.
      You are also comparing two completely different styles. Anderson brings toughness and drive. Engvall brings size, reach, and a great (if not accurate) shot.
      Personally, I’d take the toughness, but not at his price unless I see that he can still produce.

    • For the record Mike, while I have downplayed Anderson’s overall value vis-a-cis his cap hit, I have NEVER tried to compare him to Engvall. If there were comparisons on my part they were related to Dubois and Tofolli back around Feb 7 I think

      • Mike Pilon, George O

        The only point I was trying to make by using Engvall as the comparison is that they’re roughly the same size and have very close to the same scoring stats.

        Yes, Anderson is much more physical. But on physicality alone he’s not worth twice as much in a hard salary cap system. Bangers never get the same salary as a true power forward. A true power forward scores at a much higher rate than .40ppg. Even their shooting percentage is close to the same.

        There was also a comparison to the package landed for Tarasenko. I said that Tarasenko was a 6 time 30 goal scorer and Anderson has never scored 30 once. Yet the Canadiens fans were insistent on Anderson being “worth the same or more because he’s signed for 4 more seasons at a reasonable number”
        That’s when I chimed in about Engvall having similar career numbers to Anderson on a contract at less than half the cost.

      • Daryl these players don’t play a similar role on the team they play for right? Is Anderson used as a checking/shutdown line too? I always thought he was supposed to be 2nd line power forward. Engvall is not even close to power forward at all. A puck carrying checker sure but that’s it. I don’t see anything comparable.
        Honestly, I might be happier with a replacement over either.

  12. It’s possible that at season’s end the best five records will all be in the east. I keep assuming father time will catch up with Boston and keep being wrong but Rangers/Leafs/Canes/Bolts all look to have the pieces to be tough for several more years, and Sabres/Devils/Wings are young with management and coaching to join the party. DIfficulty of a run through this gauntlet makes it fool’s gold to give up much for a one year run as opposed to the West. Don’t see even a big get making the difference for, say, the Leafs, and there’s next year and next year and next year…..
    Develop a world class goalie, grasshopper.

  13. Could it be Chychrun has tweaked something, therefore he’s a (healthy) scratch til they trade him.

    • I’ve been wondering the same thing.

  14. Calgary trades Connor McCay and a 2nd for Luke Schenn

  15. Hi Pengy

    I understand your point about Matthews. Not sure I agree that he’s going anywhere? He’s a star in one of the largest markets in the NHL.

    Whoever is the GM of the Leafs in the summer of 2023 will have to put Matthews and Nylander to a decision by the start of training camp.

    They cannot get to the TDL with both of those players UFA at the end of 2024

    • It would be worth it for Dooby to wait til the last minute just to put the Toronto media and fanbase thru all the angst! 😁

  16. Caper

    You’re correct…Arizona.

    You mentioned Boston and I mixed up another reply and I thought you were talking about Karlsson.

    Boston has looked like a pretty solid team all year. Not sure I’d be trading away one of the few bright lights they have for help they may not need.