NHL Rumor Mill – February 8, 2023

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Updates on Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, Jakob Chychrun, and Dylan Larkin plus the latest on the Leafs and the Canucks in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports Patrick Kane’s agent Pat Brisson said a decision by the Chicago Blackhawks winger over whether to waive his no-movement clause could be coming relatively soon. If the 34-year-old Kane opts for a trade, interested clubs will be notified at least seven-to-10 days before the March 3 trade deadline. He could also opt to reject a trade, finish out the season with the Blackhawks, and head to the free-agent market on July 1.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman also reports we’ll know what Kane and teammate Jonathan Toews intend to do about 10 days out from the deadline. Both players hoped there could be a way to stay with the Blackhawks but the club wants to move on.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kane and Toews could ask Blackhawks management to provide a list of teams that have expressed interest in them. They could then narrow down that list to preferred destinations, then wait to see which ones are willing to meet the Hawks’ asking price by March 3 before reaching a decision to accept or reject a trade.


Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun (NHL Images).

TSN/SPORTSNET: Pierre LeBrun and Elliotte Friedman reported the Boston Bruins have inquired about Arizona Coyotes left-shot defenseman Jakob Chychrun. Friedman noted the Bruins also have an interest in Columbus Blue Jackets lefty blueliner Vladislav Gavrikov and have looked at the Vancouver Canucks’ Luke Schenn as a right-shot option.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Boston Hockey Now’s Jimmy Murphy cited an NHL scout saying acquiring Chychrun will cost the Bruins a roster defenseman. He believes Bruins GM Don Sweeney prefers to add without an impact subtraction.

The Coyotes asking price is believed to be two first-rounders (or a first-rounder and a comparable asset) along with either a top prospect or a good young NHL player. That could prove to be too expensive for Sweeney.

If the Bruins are keen to add to their blueline it’ll likely be more affordable options like Gavrikov and Schenn as they won’t cost a roster player to obtain.

LeBrun also pointed out that the Bruins aren’t the only club with an interest in Chychrun. The Edmonton Oilers and Los Angeles Kings are also in the market for left-shot defensemen like the Coyotes blueliner as well as Gavrikov and Montreal Canadiens rearguard Joel Edmundson.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman wonders what effect Bo Horvat’s new contract with the New York Islander will have on Dylan Larkin’s negotiations with the Detroit Red Wings. He believes Larkin’s abilities as a center make him difficult to replace.

Friedman thinks the two sides will reach an agreement on a deal with an average annual value within the $8 million range. He felt if Red Wings general manager Steve Yzerman believed he couldn’t re-sign Larkin, he would’ve traded him last summer before his no-trade clause kicked in.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Larkin would be difficult to replace in both skill and leadership that he brings to the Red Wings. He’s also a local boy who wants to stay and help the Wings complete their rebuild.

A trade before the March 3 deadline is possible. Nevertheless, I still think the two sides will reach an agreement on a new contract.


TORONTO STAR: Chris Johnston reports the Maple Leafs are gauging the trade market for forwards and defensemen. He cited a league source that “strongly suggested” the Leafs’ main focus is improving a blueline weakened by Jake Muzzin’s absence. General manager Kyle Dubas could make multiple additions, just like he’s done leading up to previous trade deadlines.

Johnston noted the Leafs are running thin on tradeable assets. However, they’re not interested in parting with top prospect Matthew Knies or their first-round draft pick for a rental player. They’ll also have to get creative to free up more salary-cap wiggle room.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman doubts the Maple Leafs trade for a goaltender unless it’s for someone better than their current tandem or what they have on their farm tea.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Johnston observed the Leafs have been linked to everyone from Ryan O’Reilly to Timo Meier to Jake McCabe in the rumor mill. However, they’re unlikely to land the bigger fish like O’Reilly and Meier if they’re not giving up Knies or their first-rounder.

Jim Rutherford denies rumors claiming he’s looking at resigning as the Vancouver Canucks president of hockey operations.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That rumor started with the Toronto Sun’s Steve Simmons. The Province’s Patrick Johnston cited sources close to the Canucks denying Rutherford is planning to step down. “He’s stepping back a little, but still involved,” one source told Johnston.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman thinks Philadelphia Flyers winger James van Riemsdyk could help the Minnesota Wild improve their scoring. He also believes Anaheim Ducks defenseman Dmitry Kulikov would be a good fit for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The Calgary Flames could also be interested in Vancouver Canucks defenseman Luke Schenn, especially with Chris Tanev battling injuries.


  1. One of these talking heads, thought that Kadri should’ve been sent to the quiet room after the Trouba hit.

    Interesting thought.

    Good clean hard hit, although the player head never comes into contact with the ice; but the severity of the hit could have some lingering effects.

    Should Kadri have been sent to the quiet room? or is it just a risk factor of playing the game? Do you eliminate them types of hits?

    Kadri called the hit clean and was quick to his feet after the hit. If he had laid on the ice, then maybe a different decision is made. The fact he quickly got up probably made it a non factor.

    • I got checked and got on my feet quick and still had a concussion Anddidn’t know. The whiplash effect doesn’t always show egregious effects immediately. And these guys are hitting hard at the nhl level and speed.

      Quiet room would have been prudent for player safety and though would have taken h8m out of a close game….plAyers long term careers are more important.

      See voracek and donskoi who are both out because of head issues.

      That being said..clean hit and should NOT be taken out of the game.

      • Concussions are not only caused by the blunt force but also and more commonly by the brain bouncing off the inside of your skull

      • Play with fire you get burned.

    • Sorry i posted this on the wrong page

    • Honest mistake Caper, but maybe some time in the quiet room to be safe.

  2. LA does not need a career -40 defenseman. PLEASE, Blake, don’t sell the farm to get Chychrun.
    There has to be better options out there for the Kings.
    IMO, A shut down D and an NHL ready goalie need to be the focus.

    • +/- is more of a Team stat then anything else.
      Who would you rather have
      Matt Grzelcyk Career +109
      Seth Jones Career -87
      Thomas Chiabot Career -72
      R. Dahlin Career -59

      Assuming you would be opposed to Luke Schenn and his career -38.

    • I agree with Woody 100%

  3. Looks like Leafs are out , as per Chychrun …
    Only candidate I can see is McCabe out of Chicago

    I have no idea what their Left wing search might be for their second line …

    Maybe there will be little to No movement and re evaluate in the off season, which I think would be more ideal ..

    • Ken, this site (allegedly updated daily) shows their perception of the Top 5 needs of each team heading towards the draft and free agency. I suppose the updates between now and then will reflect any trades as they occur.

      The “needs” are shown with degrees of “urgency” so, when it comes to fulfilling the more desperate needs, you have to think there are a number of teams identified as such who not only have better prospects to offer up than do the Leafs (and some of the other top teams), not to mention draft positions, whether 1st or later rounds.

      In other words, expect the competition to be fierce for the better among the various positions.


      • Hi George ! Hope you are doing well 🙂 Just wanted to bring up something I read from yesterday, I wasn’t able to take my daily look at Lyle’s great site. Concerning that Josh Anderson thing, don’t you think there is a possibility that a GM comes up and pulls a ”Ben Chiarot type” offer ? Have to remember nobody said top 15 2023 1st round draft pick, it could be 20 to 31 with a good prospect and veteran they want to take of their books no ? Cheers

      • Just checked out that site George. Interesting concept but I’m not sure it’s as accurate or “up do date” as I’d like.

        It has several former Bruins (including Colby Cave and Lee Stempniak) listed on their active roster.

        It also lists D. Phaneuf as a potential target for Boston…

      • Hi George

        Thanks for the link

        Just jumping to Pens on that link; and you can see how uniformed that site is…. It shows Pens only needs as a “mild” and only for LW

        Setting aside what my beliefs are…. All that several Pens coverage sites keep mentioning (over and over again) is a strong need at replacing 3C…. So “mild” LW is waaaaaaay off target

        It’s also showing no needs for Oil or Avs???

      • Well Pengy, according to that site Pat Marleau and Tom Sestito are still manning LW for the Pens….and Phil Kessel over on RW.

      • LOL. That’s why I said “Allegedly updated daily.”

      • Yeah Mike Pilon – but Chiarot had a cap hit of $3.5 mil – $2 mil less than Anderson – and is a D – a position seemingly more sought after than a winger who can’t put up points which, despite his “speed” and forechecking ability, isn’t worth $5.5 mil.

    • Well short of a need for the Leafs needing a defenseman who’s logged around 300 games and (preferably) a winger for line 2 and a middle six scoring player(s) to increase the goal production to match what TB and Boston can produce which is currently over 10 more so far this season. In an 82 game season the top six can make up for that but in the playoffs it’s a lot to keep asking them to out play not only the other teams top players but also pick up the slack from the bottom six.

      So, this trade deadline will be telling in how well the Leafs will fair this postseason. If there’s no improvement in the bottom six, consider this team, toast. This is even if they fix their non PP they have in the playoffs.

    • Mike Hoffman.

  4. If the Coyotes asking price has come Down From
    2X first-rounders ++ Now to the following …. ❓

    1- A first-rounder
    2- A comparable asset
    3- A top prospect Or a good young NHL player
    The Oilers should look at it…🤔
    as the 2nd paring LD position is a bit of a Hole and need to be fixed

    AZ & Oilers Trade
    for Jakob Chycrun & Nick Bjugstad…=$5.4M
    -A 1st rd Pick,
    -Jesse Pulijarvi $3.M
    -Kailer Yamamoto $3.M =$6.M
    One of these top young prospects prospects….🤔

    -Carter Savoie 21yr old LW
    Matvei Petrov 20 yr old LW
    Tyler Tullio 19 yr old RW


    • What will Chychrun’s next contract be like? Over $7m per, $8m? Would they accept a package that would include someone (like a Morgan Rielly – my own bias to trade him – aka pulling a pengy here) as a cost controlled player who’s similar type and position but just older and cost controlled at a lower price with term that can be a captain or good a veteran for a young team who’s been through it himself?

      I’m just trying to see what else would a GM expect as fair trade since the majority voiced their opinion of the ask is too high for him.

    • That’s not even close to getting that deal done. Arizona will want the 1st, bourgault and probably Niemeläinen if you’re dumping JP

    • I think when they say a good young player they refer to Broberg or Bouchard and as a top prospect Xavier Bourgault.

      • Hi Mike,
        Re; A young player they refer to Broberg or Bouchard
        Well you know thats not happing❗️
        Ken Holland made that Very Clear he was not moving any of these 2 d/men.
        He also said today its money out money in for any Deal the Oilers make and that about the same for any team that Not Bottom 6 or 7….that looking to make a deal

        AZ have 4 RFA & 5 UFA coming up in July,
        they have 18 pick’s in the first 3 rounds over the next 3 years looking at today …..
        So at one point they need players that can play NHL, and not picks they are potentialy waiting on for 2,3,4, years to develop in to NHL players 🤔

      • I’d move Bouchard in that deal. He doesn’t defend well and doesn’t provide huge offensive numbers to offset that. IMO at best he will be a number 4 dman

    • That deal is not happening, Coyote’s would be doing the oilers a favor here by taking on Pulijarvi & Yamamoto, 2 players with very little value. If Holland wants to make a big move Oilers will have to give their top prospects.

      • Bob,

        The Best Oilers Devencive paring over the past 8 games has been the kids young ….21 yr old Broberg & Bouchard who is in his 2nd full year and just turned 23 yrs old 3 month back…
        and Yes Both are very young for a D/man
        #4 RD and 2nd paring man would be very good👍

        Yamo has played ok in his top 6 roll, 2nd line RW would not like giving him up ? But you have to give something, maybe is d/man Brent Kulak they give up instead of Yamo….❓
        and all of the 3 young prospects are good…🤔

  5. Horvat’s contract not only impacts Larkin’s next deal. I also impacts what kind of deal the Sens can offer pending RFA Debrincat.

    PS – the Leafs should definitely trade away Murray for a goalies. Signed, Sens fans.

  6. Re Elliotte Friedman….”believes Anaheim Ducks defenseman Dmitry Kulikov would be a good fit for the Pittsburgh Penguins.”


    Kulikov; although listed as capable of playing both LD and RD; is a Lefty; who predominantly plays LD

    Pens already have 3 capable Lefties playing LD (Pettersson; P-O J; Smith) and a struggling LD (Dumo), and a righty listed as playing both RD/LD; but has been playing mostly RD( Rutta)

    Pens 1RD and 2 RD are set (Tanger and Petry)

    They have the very capable Friedman (no relation) who is RD…..but note: Sully has a personal bugaboo re Friedman ( Sully keeps mistakenly playing Ruhweedel [although Sully finally sat CR 2 straight shifts last night after CR played 1/2 a game of horrific hockey; and that sitting seemed to be the TSN turning point; sparking the Pens turnaround] at 3RD over the far superior Friedman

    3C upgrade is the priority need for Pens

    If they do look for a D…. Why would they consider Kulikov???…, he’s just a left shooting smaller version of Jan Rutta ; with far less playoff experience , and 0 cups (to Rutta’s 2)

    That said…. If it is s bigger deal with Ducks that brings in Henrique…. So Henrique and Kulikov coming in….. well…. That’s another story

    • Pengy… The Penguins need a third line center and some small tinkering depth moves.

      3rd line center 2 options

      Adam Henrique 50% retained by Anaheim that would move him down To $2.9 million. He has 19 goals, good face off man, terrific two way player.

      Teddy Blueger & P.O. Joseph and a 3rd round pick to Anaheim…money is almost identical and a pick sweetens the pot.

      Sorry Pengy Ty Smith is better than P.O. Joseph or we wouldn’t have traded for him.

      Columbus Jonas Korpasalo solid goalie can be a number one of we move off Jarry and is a way better back up than Casey DeSmith..

      Kasapari Kapanen to Columbus

      with the money saved in the Kapanen deal for Korpasalo deal which is $1.9 million…

      Luke Schenn to Pittsburgh for a second round pick and a prospect…

      • The Pens should go after Barbashev. He can be the “center” for the 3rd line, but have Carter, who won’t get benched, or traded, take most of the draws. Not sure what it would take to get him, would the Blues do a swap for Kasperi Kappanen? Yes, they take on salary, but get a young, somewhat potential winger with another year

      • Hi NeedToHateToLose

        Deal from Pens perspective

        Don’t think StL does that deal

    • Hi Pengy,

      Re; Dmitry Kulikov LD
      he was here in Edmonton for the playoffs in 20/21
      No big deal, & he was a bit slow….. good for 7, or 8 depth d/man at best….❗️

      RD, Luke Schenn would be 100% Way better in a bottom paring d as your 6th guy and pens need a RD

      I dont know who would take your d/man Dumo of your hands that could be a big Challenge for the Pens to move him🥶

      Henrique and Kulikov salary is $5.8 & $2.2M
      = $8.M in total
      pens are Right up at the cap with $1.7 in space right now….⁉️

      • Hi Willie

        Ya no way they should go after Kulikov

        Henrique 👍🙏👏🤞

        The Dumo flip (he’s UfA) avoids Pens requiring Ducks to retain on Henrique; a thing that helps Ducks (comparing to have to retain)

        Next year Zucker is gone… so Henrique’s cap covered in 23/24

        @ TDL Dumo out , Henrique in…. for balance of season…. Cap hit diff just 475 K👍👍

    • Hi BnG

      Love the Henrique idea

      Can’t lose P-O J….. he’s their 2nd best LD

      Down the left side for next season should be Pettersson; P-O J; Smith…. And those three as a total come in at less than the individual Cap hit for Petry

      Henrique can come in at full whack (no retention) to save what has to go over in trade… his cap hit next year covered by Zucker’s exit; this year by Dumo going over in trade…. The difference in space needed @ TDL is only $425 K

      Would love Schenn in as 3RD…. But Pens will be outbid on him

      Would live Korp over DeSmith (although great game last night) but Pens might also lose out in that bidding war

      Did you get to see last night’s game….. finally (🙏👏🙏👏) Sully benched CR for 2 shifts after really mucking things up (more than usual)!! I guess Sully finally noticed the youngster P-O J yelling at CR “right side, right side”

      Then about the same time as CR had to sit…. Pens started pushing back…. Came back; won it

      Sully, hoe about skipping the 2 shift sit if CR..,., do s whole game!!

  7. I honestly don’t care where Chychrun goes… I just want the deal to happen so I don’t have to read his name all the time anymore 😛

    • I agree.

  8. the Saint,

    Agreed… I think its AZ way of pushing it to the end,
    i dont even know if they can make a deal this year they are such a Mess in AZ, …⁉️
    Still they have No Area Approved deal done yet….?
    I wonder when they will get moved to Houston…🤔

    How long can Gary Betman let this AZ Gong show go on for…., its the Joke of the NHL Now😵‍💫

    I Can see Edmonton going after CBJ
    LD man & Gavrikov or going after LDman The Habs
    big Joel Edmundson…❓

    • Yes, this is worse than when the Jack Eichel sweepstakes seemed never ending.

  9. Yes, When I was at University, took a course in Anatomy where a professor had this visual demo he put together of a Jello mould inside a clear tupperware container mounted to a sled. The Sled was run at like 5 mph into a dead stop and you could see the effect on the jello ,”brain” smashing and compressing against the wall of the container. That made it clear to me what a concussion was. The bruising of the brain disrupts the intricate electric network of the brain and takes a long time to heal.