NHL Rumor Mill – March 30, 2023

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Could the Rangers re-sign Vladimir Tarasenko or Patrick Kane? What’s the latest on Cam Talbot’s contract talks with the Senators? Find out in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


THE ATHLETIC: In his latest mailbag segment, Arthur Staple was asked if Patrick Kane or Vladimir Tarasenko (or both) re-sign a cheap one-year contract with the New York Rangers if they fall again in the Eastern Conference Finals and return for another run at the Stanley Cup.

New York Rangers winger Patrick Kane (NHL Images)

Staple doesn’t see how both players would be back. Of the two, he speculated that Kane might be more likely to accept a discount, especially if he gets off-season hip surgery and isn’t ready for the start of the season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It would have to be a very cheap one-year contract to keep either guy. According to Cap Friendly, the Rangers have $12.3 million in cap space for 2023-24 with 14 roster players under contract.

Defenseman K’Andre Miller and winger Alexis Lafreniere are restricted free agents this summer plus they need to re-sign or replace backup goaltender Jaroslav Halak. That’s going to eat up a significant chunk of their cap space.


OILERS NATION: Zach Laing cited TSN 1200’s Dean Brown reporting Ottawa Senators goaltender Cam Talbot has been approached twice by the club regarding contract extension discussions. He’s heard the 35-year-old apparently seeks a deal worth close to $5 million annually. If that’s his asking price, Brown believes it’s best for the Senators to walk away.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That average annual value would be comparable to what Jack Campbell currently earns with the Edmonton Oilers. So far, that contract looks regrettable for the Oilers.

No indication in that report if Talbot wants a similar tenure (five years). Regardless of the contract length, $5 million annually is too much for a goalie who’ll turn 36 in July and has been hampered by injuries since last season.


  1. Nobody seems to know the number the Sens approached Talbot with but he’s turned it down twice. If he doesn’t play another game this season – I’m fine with that. He hasn’t been terrible when he’s gotten on a bit of a roll and the team was playing well defensively in front of him. But that hasn’t happened often enough for me to offer him 5×5 or anything close to it.

    I’m loving the talk from Bettman about the the state of the Sens moving building locations. Finally some common sense starting to creep into these conversations. Keep the building as-is and stay there???? (gasp!!) wow…..the horror of a good idea.

  2. If Talbot is seeking an annual cap hit of $5 mil for 5 years he’ll still be waiting to sign somewhere in 2028! If that is what he indeed indicated, that sounds more to me like someone who knows he won’t be offered a deal of any sort and so can leave under his own terms.

    Looking ahead, and with a cap ceiling of $83,500,000, the Senators will probably have these 10 Fs, 4D and 2 G for sure

    Tkachuk – $8,205,714
    Norris – $7,950,000
    Giroux – $6,500,00
    Batherson – $4,975,000
    Stutzle – $8,350,000
    DeBrincat – $8,250,000 (est.)
    Pinto – $4,250,000 (bridge)
    Joseph – $2,950,000
    Brassard – $1,000,000 (1 year deal)
    Greig – $863,333

    Chabot – $8,000,000
    Chychrun – $4,600,000
    Zub – $4,600,000
    Sanderson – $925,000

    Forsberg – $2,750,000
    Sogaard – $925,000

    With no changes, that would leave them with $8,405,953 with which to sign 7, including RFAs Gambrell (expiring $950,000). Gauthier (expiring $800,000) and Brannstrom (expiring $900,000).

    One of two of the RFAs, along with Pinto could be involved in summer deals to add D – and that’s a position that could see Tyler Kleven start the season depending upon how things go once he gets into games the rest of the way this season and, of course, training camp. His ELC is $916,667,

    Of the UFAs (Watson $1.5 mil exp), Brown ($750,000), Hamonic ($3 mil) Holden ($1.3 mil) and Talbot ($3,666,667) the only two I can see being re-signed are Watson and Hamonic.

    • I agree George. The Sens (or anyone else) should sign or pay Talbot as their number one goalie next year. Maybe as a backup at 2x$2.5 or so, but that’s it, and I’m not sure that I would even do that.

      • Iago, I gather that should read “should NOT sign …” My eyebrows shot up when I first read it! LOL

      • Thanks for the much-needed correction George.

      • I, like Talbot, am going to ask for $5M for 5 years.

        I, like Talbot, will not be getting it.

  3. Hey Johnny & George,
    Re the Sen’s Goaltending
    Talbot is seeking $5 mil for 5 years there is 100% NO WAY….he gets that he is injured all the time and only played 32 games this year he is now 36 & an OLD Goaltender going down hill….

    Yes that would make the most sence as he Jarry is 27 yr old & is a UFA….If They Go For Jarry, they sign him for 7 years at..maybe $5.5M to $6.M range….❓

    Then they would not have to give up picks and prospects if they went that route,….👌

    un-like the following Goaltenders who are roumered to be coming on the trade block due to a Re-build with there current teams….
    im sure the Sen’s, Habs
    & Sabers are all doing there research now….
    All 3 of these team are on the rise and need a Good #1 Starter

    Buffalo, Montreal & The Sen’s +
    They are All in the Market for a starting Goaltender’s for next season.
    it could be a Very Intresting Draft june 28th….🤔
    and UFA periof July 1st…

    ➡️Could there be a Alex de Brincat Trade in the works if he is looking for majior $8.5M Range for one of these Goaltender like…❓
    Sens have lots of Very good players coming to play top 6 Winger Like young Shane Pinto… & Reiley Greg 🤔👍 and in the minors young & Tyler Boucher Roby Järventie, Zack Ostapchuk …
    PD & Scouts have done a Great job of re-building the Sen’s it just take time and patience

    27 yr old thatcher Demko,
    29 yr old John Gibson,
    29 yr old Connor Hellebuyck, he is out of the peg
    24 yr old Carter Hart could be avalable also, but he has been Very Inconsistant again and a big trade chip…❓😳

    The other Wild Card Goaltender is a
    Bostons young 24 yr old Jeremy Swayman
    who is a RFA,……
    i can see him getting an offer sheet and or trade bate maybe $5.M to $6.M for 7 yrs…..⁉️👍
    He has posted Great Numbers this year…
    if the Salary is in this range, $4,110, – $6,166, the cost is
    1 First-Round Pick
    1 Third-Round Pick

    if its more the cost is
    $6,166, – $8,221,
    1 First-Round Pick
    1 Second-Round Pick
    1 Third-Round Pick for a RFA player, would love to see the NHL re address this…..❓

    They Boston currently have the #1 goaltender in the NHL 29 yr old Linus Ullmark, locked up for 2.2 more season at $5.M who has posted Great Numbers..👌

    For the Sen’s as they have traded away there 1st pick potently for 2023 or could be 2024….?
    The Conditions:
    If OTT makes it to the 2023 Eastern Conference Final, the pick becomes a 2024 1st round top 10 protected. If the pick is top 10, the pick becomes OTT 2025 1st round (unprotected) so potentially no 1st pick in 2023….

    I’m not 100% sure how that work if you sign an RFA but do have a 1st pick this season potentially
    but you could trade for a 1st pick in the late
    1st round of the draft… 25 to 32 range…..❓
    if its not a Jarry trade, ❓ Then PD has some options it could well be an
    Alex de Brincat to save Cap Space and get the starter Goaltender they need…..or a 1st & 2nd & 3rd round pick to get a RFA…..

    What Do you Guys think about this….. ❓

    • williew, first of all, both Pinto and Greig are being groomed as Centers and, if they re-sign Brassard as the 4th line C (which I expect they will), their 4 Centers will be Norris, Stutzle, likely Greig and Brassard.

      As I indicate elsewhere, if they can get DeBrincat’s signature on an 8-year $8.2 mil deal (and I believe they will) they’ll have close to $8.5 mil with which to sign 7, and by trading Pinto – who’s likely looking at a $4.2 mil bridge – that goes up to $12.7 to sign 8. Of course, something (a goalie) will come back this way in the Pinto deal so whoever that is will cut into that $12.7 – but still leave lots left to flesh out the roster with bottom 6 Fs and/or 5/6 D, as needed.

      • Hey George,

        I would rather Keep Shane Pinto over
        Alex debrincat, if it ment getting a Top Starting #1 Goaltender as that the weakest link on the Sen’s and this is what we need….as a i feel he the Cat is going to be asking $8.5 to $9.M….. 🤔⁉️

        Pinto is strong & young just turend 22 yrs old & over 200lbs, He has huge potential to be a Top six power forward that can score like the captain….✔️
        They have 3 very good young forwards coming up in the next 1 to 2 years and it looks like Pinto can play in the top 6 and of coures 3rd line centre.

        Re Belleville Senators,
        PD also brought back from Europe 26 yr old Centre/winger John Quenneville,
        He played 3rd & 4th line centre & Winger for the Chicago Blackhawks when the knocked out the Edmonton Oilers in the playoffs 3 years ago
        6.ft1 & 194lb… maybe they get him on a 1-2 year deal at $750,000 range❓he was really Good back then
        Quenneville, is away from the team in NJ waiting on his first child due this week some time….❗️
        Im sure he will be with the Sen’s next season.

        Coach Joel Quenneville is his Uncle and Johnny Boychuck is his Cousin…, A Good D/man from the NYI,
        He is Now retired because of a puck hitting his Eye from Edmonton…small world👍

  4. I think the Sens should be in the mix for Hart/ Demko/Gibson should they be available. The only team that should be heavier in the goalie chase is Buffalo.

    • Respectfully, the Penguins will be “heavy” into their goalie quest. Perhaps more so than any other team as their current tandem is atrocious.

      • Probably, but the kicker there is, who do they deal to get one? Their prospect pool is ranked near the bottom, and they won’t find any takers shopping top goalies for the roster players they’d like to get rid of, so who do they dangle without crippling themselves at other positions? At this stage, tinkering won’t bring them back from the brink.

      • Respectfully, there is a decent chance the Pens miss the playoffs, and, if they do make it, they will be an easy out in the first round. The much resemble the Detroit teams in the 4-5 years after the 2009 Cup finals loss, and desperately need to start a painful rebuild. Chasing a good goalie with the few remaining assets they have will only delay the inevitable, and make things even tougher than they already are. I hate to say it, but the next 5 years look bleak in west Pennsylvania.

      • I think with the right moves in the offseason the bleakness isn’t gonna come due out here for another year or two yet. It’s definitely coming. But I think pens are playoff contenders next year.

      • So I looked up the injury to Forsberg, as I think he is underrated. Not an all star but has been pretty solid when given a shot. Surgery on both knees? Yikes.

        Sogaard has a chance to be an all star IMO. A monster who is athletic. Just not yet, but having him play 30-40 games in the NHL isn’t a terrible idea. Neither is playing 55 in the AHL. He seems to be playing pretty good lately hasn’t he?

        IMO the Sens need a decent guy who has started some, but not looking for a long term deal. 1 or 2 max. A guy like…. Talbot! Just costs less than $5M, and maybe he won’t get that.

        Might be a 1B type guy on a cash strapped team they can pick up if Talbot leaves.

      • Yes Chrisms, the right moves could land the Pens in the playoffs again, only to be a first round out, after trading away some high draft picks to get the goalie, or moving someone valuable to cut salary cap. Trust me, well Ed it here in Detroit….not worth it. We destroyed our prospect system to keep the playoff streak alive, just as the Pens have, and look at the pain the Wings have suffered since the streak ended.

      • If someone is kind enough to kick the tires on Petry, Rust, and/or Pettersson there is hope. Won’t likely happen but GMs have been known to make less than responsible moves (see Hextall 2021-2023).

    • Hi Lago,
      i would try to trade the Alex de Brincat for a Starter in this order and Or trade him for Picks to get this RFA Goaltender as he is going to be very Good, and the Bruins dont have the Cap Room for him….👍👍

      1/ st …/Bostons young 24 yr old “Jeremy Swayman”
      who is a RFA,……
      offer Sheet him and then trade the cat for Picks, 1,2,3,..❓Cost would be a 1st & 3rd if it was under $6.160M for 7 years

      2/nd…Canucks 27 yr old Thatcher Demko, its a Trade there….?

      3/rd… Jets 29 yr old Connor Hellebuyck, he is out of the pegthe the Jets have been ina tale spin now for 3 years…its a trade there too…..

      4/ last but not least, 27 yr old Tristan Jarry A, UFA july 1st $5-6M for 7 years,
      they would still have to trade somone like the Cat to free up space

      if 30 yr old back up Goaltender Anton Forsberg, can come back to be the back up for 2 more years,…❓ then that will give young G 22 yr old, Mads Søgaard an other year+ or so in the AHL to round out his game befor he comes up to be a full time back up and to learn the NHL games speed & shot.

      The Biggest mistake NHL team make is Rushing up young Goaltenders…⁉️
      We have seen this in Edmonton for 20 year now….
      But Ken Holland did it Right with Stu Skinner✔️✔️
      The Pens & Caps go into a Full re-build in the next 18 months or so….🤔

  5. Would you take Batherson for Swayman?

    • Pinto would be closer, but goalies historically don’t fetch high end talent like those guys.

      • I totally agree but if want a top starter nowadays not enough to go around. It’ll probably up the return if one can be pried loose. Don’t see that being easy.

    • SteveR.

      No Drake Batherson is a keeper…$5.M for 4 more years…
      I would do Alex DeBrincat for Swayman…?