Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – March 12, 2023

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Speculation over the futures of Kevin Hayes, Carter Hart and Ivan Provorov with the rebuilding Flyers in the Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup.

SPORTSNET: Jeff Marek repeated his earlier report of conversations between the Philadelphia Flyers and Columbus Blue Jackets regarding Flyers forward Kevin Hayes. Given the Flyers’ recent change in management and anticipated rebuild, he expects those talks with the Jackets about Hayes to pick up again closer to the 2023 Draft in late June.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hayes’ contract ($7.14 average annual value through 2025-26) was difficult to move during a season with a flattened salary cap. Despite his 12-team no-trade clause, the 30-year-old center might be easier to trade between late June and early July when clubs have more cap space to work with.

Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Carter Hart (NHL Images)

The Blue Jackets have a longstanding need for skilled centers. Cap Friendly shows they have a projected $18.3 million in cap space for 2023-24 with 17 players under contract and all their core players signed for next season. They have room to take on Hayes but could still ask the Flyers to retain part of his cap hit or take back some salary in return.

Marek also wondered about Carter Hart’s future with the Flyers given the emergence of goaltender Samuel Ersson, who’s been up and down this season between the big club and their AHL affiliate.

Hart has a year remaining on his contract but the Flyers can extend him this summer. However, if they’re going to go through a rebuild, Marek wondered what Hart could fetch on the trade market and if the 24-year-old netminder wants to spend the best seasons of his career with a rebuilding Flyers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hart was supposed to be the franchise goalie the Flyers have been lacking since Ron Hextall’s glory days in the late-1980s. He showed plenty of promise in his first two NHL seasons, including out-dueling Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price in the 2020 playoffs. However, he struggled the following season and has had to deal with a depleted team in front of him since 2021-22.

Hart carries an affordable $3.9 million cap hit and lacks no-trade protection. He’ll also be eligible for salary arbitration.

Given Hart’s age and potential, the Flyers shouldn’t have any trouble finding suitors this summer if they decide to tear it all down or if he’s reluctant to be part of a long rebuild process. As Marek suggested, Hart’s situation will be something worth watching in the offseason.

Marek also briefly wondered about Ivan Provorov’s future in Philadelphia.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Provorov surfaced in the rumor mill during the weeks leading up to the March 3 trade deadline. He’s signed through 2024-25 with an AAV of $6.75 million and lacks no-trade protection.

Like Hayes, moving his salary during a season with a flattened salary cap was difficult to do. Perhaps they’ll have better luck in the offseason provided they’re willing to consider moving him.


  1. just wondering what all u fans out there think blue jackets would need to give up to realistically get hayes from philadelphia

    • 2nd round pick at draft. Jack roslevic. If salary held a mid round pick in 24.

      • Flyers need to sweeten. 2nd not enough imo.

    • I think that the bigger question is whether the Jackets are actually interested in Hayes or are simply doing due diligence. I tend towards the latter. Because the reason I’ve been seeing is Hayes’ veteran/playoff experience. But the Jackets have a few veterans (Jenner, Werenski, Gaudreau, others) who have more playoff experience than Hayes.
      If the Jackets do trade for Hayes, I would think that the only assets they would be willing to move is the 1st round pick they got from LA and a medium prospect currently in Cleveland.

    • Columbus needs at least a 1B center and Hayes is at best a 2C. JT Miller is a 1B option if he also has a winger who is defensively responsible. Could be a good trigger man for JG. another option could be Lindholm in Calgary if he is available

    • I don’t see Hayes a good fit. He’s highly overrated & pricey. CBJ better off to pass rather than take him on.

      Imo Hayes is an anchor

  2. Any mention of Hextall that does not include “has been fired by the Penguins” is just a tease.

  3. With Hayes You would have to be talking 50% or you are likely not talking

    A Bedard acquisition will change the mindset of any team . I hope the lottery brings some excitement and we see a wildcard.

    • There’s another reason I doubt the Jackets will trade for Hayes. Besides Bedard, there are as many as three centers who, in any other year, would be a first overall pick. Even if the worst happens and the Jackets fall to the 4th or 5th pick (Yes, I’m assuming the Jackets finish 32nd or 31st), they’re getting a future #1C. Add in Johnson, Sillinger, Kuraly, Texier and Jenner and who needs another center?

  4. Re; The Philadelphia Flyers

    it looks like a 65% Re-build- 35% Re-tool Mix
    They only have $7.2M in Cap space for next year❗️
    They have 3 UFA players, JVR & Braun, wont be back
    Brendan Lemieux may be back..?
    They have some nice peices
    24 yr old Goaltender Carter Hart,

    up front
    23 yr old Farabee
    25 yr old Konecny
    23 yr old Frost
    21 yr old Foerster
    on defence,
    26 yr old Provorov
    26 yr old Sanheim
    27 yr old Deangelo
    3-4 young d prospects?

    they have 5 good d/men, and Ryan Ellis has been out all year the could trade 2-3 of these d/men and they have some decent forwards they can move for picks or young player to speed up a Re-build

    Cam Atkinson, & Sean Couturier &
    Kevin Hayes could reture a nice package….⁉️

    • I think the Avalanche should had traded for Hayes/ or maybe even Koneckny before the trade deadline but that is just IMHO ? Also, believe Hextall was a good GM for Flyer’s but flyer cronies / or fans are brutal on their team. That list you have I believe show that Hextall made some good picks; those guys are good hockey players; however, their problem is always the constant parade to the penalty box historically for this team. It never seems like management/ or players are on the same page? Whatever, they got some good young talented players that a lot of teams are going to be interested in. So, the Flyer’s will maybe start to turn it around. There is a lot of pressure there in Philadelphia, they still expect the Broad Street Bullies. It doesn’t matter how good you are if you don’t stay out of the penalty box. I don’ think the Flyer’s have evolved that much really in all these years? I think if they have a balance of skill and their historical grit, they might begin to turn it around. GO AVS!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hey Tommy,
    Re; the Avs & Flyers

    Not sure if the Avs need 1 more centre @$7.M PA,❓
    They have 5 guys that can all play Centre in the first 3 lines, maybe a cost efective Winger..?
    1-MacKinnon a C
    2-Rantanen a RW&C
    3-J.T. Compher who is a UFA after the season..?
    4-Alex Newhook a 21 yr old C who is in his 2nd year
    Maybe to replace TJ if he will not re-sign with the Avs

    They have 8 UFA at the end of Season, and 3 RFA’s
    and only $13.M in Cap space…….⁉️🤔

    These 2 are big $$ to re sign, a bridge deal $3.M++ For
    Bowen Byram
    Alex Newhook

    I think the CJB will make a pitch for Big Centre Kevin Hayes,❓ as that a big hole for them…
    They will have 2X1st round picks in the draft
    1 in the top 3 where they will pick a Centre, they also have LA 1st pick too Trade if needed ❓

    ➡️A Trade
    They could offer there 1st pick from LA, and a 3rd pick and A player/ in a Deal for Kevin Hayes….
    As the Flyers want to clear lots Cap Space to help with the Re-build,….
    Maybe its a bigger Deal that includes a d/man to…. add in a 2nd pick and an D prospect❓

  6. Willie W. think you are correct when it comes to taking on that Hays contract but at the time there was discussion of putting EJ on LTIR. Now, we’re finding out that he is coming a long better than expected. I don’t think even people who are “plugged into” the team seemed assured about that
    at the time. So, I was thinking go after Hayes as a center? Really, Compher is the ony one doing a really good job at that. Mikko can but I think he is a force on the wing. Compher is better defensively than Mikko. Columbus, I’m sure you’re right has many more assets than Colorado to make a deal with the Flyer’s. I would have asked about Koneckny anyways, he still has a couple of years on his contract I believe? Avalanche biggest problem is health and mismanaging the puck. GO AVS!!!!!!!!!