Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – April 9, 2023

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Kevin Hayes could be facing his final days with the Flyers while it appears Cam Talbot’s time with the Senators has drawn to a close. Check out the latest in the Easter Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup.


THE ATHLETIC: Charlie O’Connor recently reported Kevin Hayes has acknowledged that his time with the Philadelphia Flyers might be on the verge of ending. “Yeah. They’re in a rebuild,” said Hayes. “So they’ve got to make decisions that they want to make.”

Philadelphia Flyers center Kevin Hayes (NHL Images).

Hayes, 30, noted that his role with the club has changed this season. He’s seen his ice time reduced as head coach John Tortorella evaluates the younger players on the roster. “They’re building for the future. You can see who’s part of it and who isn’t,” he said.

O’Connor noted that Hayes and Tortorella haven’t seen eye-to-eye this season. He also pointed out that the Flyers coach will play a major collaborative role with new general manager Daniel Briere in shaping the roster.

Around the trade deadline, Tortorella didn’t rule out the possibility of Hayes playing elsewhere in the near future. However, the veteran forward reiterated his preference to stay in Philadelphia.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Haye’s contract gives him some leverage if the Flyers hope to trade him. He’s carrying a $7.14 million average annual value through 2025-26 which will be difficult to move, especially if the salary cap only rises by $1 million this summer. Hayes also has a 12-team no-trade clause.

The Flyers could be forced to retain part of Hayes’ cap hit to make his contract more enticing in the trade market. Their other option is to take back a comparable salary. They could also buy him out but they’d be facing six years with dead cap space on their books.

As for destinations, there were rumors following the trade deadline claiming the Flyers had talked with the Columbus Blue Jackets and Carolina Hurricanes. Whether any groundwork was laid for a summer trade with either club remains to be seen.


OTTAWA SUN: That’s the opinion of Bruce Garrioch after Senators head coach D.J. Smith went with the tandem of Leevi Merilainen and Mads Sogaard for Thursday’s game against the Florida Panthers.

Talbot, 35, is slated to become an unrestricted free agent. He’s not expected to be re-signed by the Senators, who acquired him last summer after he posted a 32-12-14 record last season with the Minnesota Wild.

Injuries and inconsistency plagued Talbot this season, appearing in 35 games and being sidelined for 30 others. The Senators were willing to sign him to a one-year deal at a substantial pay cut from his current $3.66 million AAV but his camp reportedly sought a two-year extension for considerably more money.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see if the Senators stick entirely with their young goalies next season or try to add an experienced veteran via trade or free agency. As for Talbot, he’s not going to find any two-year contracts for more than $3.66 million annually on the open market given his age and injury history. He could end up regretting not accepting the Senators’ offer.


  1. And, as I mentioned in the other thread, Smith changed his mind yesterday and stuck Talbot in nets to face Tampa – who scored 4 goals on him in just 24 shots. The Senators, however, put 6 past Brian Elliott on 39 shots, marking the second time in recent weeks that they scored 7 (1 in the empty net) on the Lightning.

    • 3 X Games this afternoon❗️

      The Young Sen’s looked Very Good Again yesterday….👍 Great Game beating Tampa Bay….this afternoon 7-4!
      Dont know about TB this year🤔

      I was with my wife at my Wifes Best Freinds House… they were re organizing a room.and listining to Hockey 👀

      She put 2 games on the 2 TV’s for me…✔️
      the other was the Boston & NJ Game
      is was also very good… Boston are going to be hard to beat in the East…..
      She had her middle Son’s game AHL
      “The Bellville Senator’s” on the Radio from Ontario
      Great Game this afternoon bye the Sen’s AHL team this Afternoon…..

      • willie w, the ONE main thing Tampa has to worry about once the playoffs start (aside from the Leafs offense) is that they never have a need to insert Brian Elliott.

        In 21gp his gaa is almost 4:00 (3.56 to be exact) while his save % is 0.886.

        To put that into perspective, Cam Talbot, in 36gp, has a gaa of 2.93 and a save % of 0.898.

  2. At this point Philly needs to listen to offers on most of there players.


    to name a few, and aquire as many 1st round picks similiar to what Arizona did the last few years.

    The rest have value just hope new GM doesnt get fleeced like old one did.

    Realistically with Hayes we have to hold probably 2mil per season to make a trade happen and get anything back.

    • I can see the Jackets trading for Provorov, but not for a first round pick. I still don’t think they’ll trade for Hayes, especially if they are able to claim Bedard or Fanilli in the draft.

    • !00% ✔️
      its a Full Out Re-build in Philly…… a proper re-build takes 6+ years to do to get a team back in the playoffs where re-building..

  3. Think i heard Hayes for Roslovic deal, not sure what other pieces are involved. Didn’t realize Carolina was in on Hayes, with Patches gone or able to sign a contract for league min with bonuses means they have cap space. Not sure what they would give up, maybe our 2nd rounder back?

  4. Torontos got a 2 time Cup winning goalie thats likely available…oh wait.


  5. Think it starts with a first Pat and then goes from there.

    First pairing minute munching dmen go for first second and then some.

  6. Re; Cam Talbot…

    With an other Injurie & inconsistency plagued season for CT,

    There is No Way the Sen’s Bring Talbot Back…,
    if PD did there would be an up-rising in Ottawa😳
    They Need a # 1 Starter in net as said before,

    The 2 young kids both 22 yrs old Leevi Merilainen and Mads Sogaard who is in his 1st year in
    North America, they Both don’t have enough experience yet and both need time in the AHL to continue to develope there Game, maybe the 2024 season one get the back up roll….🤔

    Starting Goaltender is the Sen’s Weakest link…
    with +$15M in Cap space hopeful they get the Cat signed very close to $7.8 to $8.2M… Range and then the have just over $7.M to they may need to do some creative accounting and singing bonuses to make it work for next season 2023/4
    moving out salary like Anton Forsberg & a pick if he can come back….

  7. It’s going to cost the Flyers to move Hayes no matter how you slice it
    Can’t see him coming back . Maybe a third team has to get involved. That long list forgot Ellis.

  8. Sens need a no1 goaltender now, they have all the parts to contend except for a goalie.

    Pinto and all picks should be on the table for a guy like one of these 3.


    think along these lines, and Sens will be in next year.

    • Agree there – except I wouldn’t put Merzlikins in the same category as Demko and Hart.

      I’m NOT saying he isn’t a decent goalie … but I’d say a notch or two below Hart and maybe one notch below Demko.

      • Not Elvis…..
        He has Never been consistent,

        These 3 are all playing on Bad team with Poor defence
        1/st Canucks Thatcher Demko 31-14-13

        2/ndPhillys, Carter Hart, 21-23-10
        Maybe….?? Duck , Gibson 14-30-8

        Some really Very Good RFA, this summer
        The Leafs 25 yr old illa Samsonov, 26-10-5👍
        The Bruins 24 yr old Jeremy Swayman26-2-4👌

        Ther Best one is Pens
        27 year old Tristan Jarry, 24-12-6
        the rest are All old Back up not ready to be a Starter….