NHL Rumor Mill – May 26, 2023

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More speculation and suggestions for the Hurricanes plus the latest on the Blackhawks in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


THE HOCKEY NEWS: Following the Carolina Hurricanes’ elimination from the Eastern Conference Final, Adam Proteau examined three areas they must address during the offseason.

Proteau believes the Hurricanes need to get bigger and better on their forward lines. He suggested perhaps Boston’s Tyler Bertuzzi and/or Philadelphia’s James van Riemsdyk, who are both slated to become unrestricted free agents on July 1.

Addressing the goaltending is another area to address. Frederik Andersen and Antti Raanta are also UFAs on July 1 while promising Pyotr Kochetkov has just 27 games of NHL experience under his belt. He also believes they shouldn’t touch their defense corps.

DAILY FACEOFF: Matt Larkin believes the Hurricanes should trade for a superstar “no matter the cost”. While they play a strong team game under head coach Rod Brind’Amour, they haven’t had a 40-goal scorer, a 90-point scorer or a player among the top-15 in scoring over the past five seasons.

Carolina Hurricanes winger Andrei Svechnikov (NHL Images).

Larkin noted the Hurricanes attempted to acquire Matthew Tkachuk from the Calgary Flames prior to his getting traded last summer to the Panthers. They also pushed hard to get Timo Meier from the San Jose Sharks before he was shipped to the New Jersey Devils before the March trade deadline.

Could Hurricanes general manager Don Waddell be willing to do the same this summer? Larkin wondered if he’d part with players like Andrei Svechnikov or Brett Pesce or Seth Jarvis if someone like Toronto’s Mitch Marner became available in the trade market.

THE ATHLETIC: Cory Lavalette also wondered about the notable Hurricanes such as Sebastian Aho and Teuvo Teravainen who are a year away from UFA status.

Lavalette anticipates they’ll find a way to re-sign Aho but Teravainen’s future is more uncertain. Given his struggles this season, he could be on his way out.

Martin Necas had a breakout performance this season and is heading into the final season of his bridge deal. Lavalette wonders if the Hurricanes will be willing to commit to Necas long-term. If not, his value in the trade market will never be higher while his cap hit ($3 million) is so low.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Hurricanes have over $24 million in cap space for next season with 17 active roster players under contract. Sorting out the goaltending will be a priority but it shouldn’t eat up much cap space if they bring back Andersen on a short-term deal given the limited depth in this summer’s trade and free-agent markets.

Adding a superstar is easier said than done. Yes, the Panthers landed Matthew Tkachuk last summer in a blockbuster move. However, such deals are rare, expensive and risky. The Hurricanes have the assets in terms of young players, prospects and cap space to pull it off. Whether they can find an available superstar this summer remains to be seen. Their willingness to get into a bidding war to land one is also up for debate.


THE ATHLETIC: Scott Powers recently brought us up to speed on what he’s hearing about the Chicago Blackhawks’ offseason plans.

For starters, don’t expect a major draft surprise from the Blackhawks regarding the first-overall pick. They’re definitely using it to select top prospect Connor Bedard.

The Blackhawks aren’t optimistic about moving up in the draft order with the first-rounder (19th overall) they got from the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Vancouver Canucks (11th overall) might make the most sense given their need to shed salary for next season. Powers wondered if the Canucks would be enticed to part with that pick if the Blackhawks offered to take on one of the contracts they’re trying to move by bundling the Lightning’s pick along with a second-rounder.

Powers indicated the Blackhawks are willing to listen to offers from clubs trying to offload contracts if it’ll bring them a high draft pick and/or a quality prospect. He also noted that they intend to keep their free-agent signings to short-term deals.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson wasted little time establishing a reputation as a wheeler-dealer during last year’s draft. Lacking a first-round pick entering that draft, he emerged with three of them which he used to select Kevin Korchinski, Frank Nazar and Sam Rinzel.

Don’t be surprised if Davidson finds a way to move up in the draft order by weaponizing his salary-cap space.


  1. If Carolina is looking for size, Mitchell Marner isn’t the answer.

    Mitch isn’t a 40 goal scorer either; however, he is a darn good hockey player.

    Looking for grit and playoff performer Tyler Bertuzzi will only cost cash. Not sure how he would fit in under BrindAmour system.

  2. Sign Bert, O’Reilly, and Perry. Re-up Andersen for 2 yrs. Canes have some grit, a good goalie and a 2nd line C.

    • Read somewhere on IG Bertuzzi is working something out with BOS

  3. I hope Carolina gives Timo Meier a try. I think he’d fit better there than in Jersey. I believe he’d be happy to work out something on that 10 mil qualifying offer to sign for 7.5-8 mil on such a great team, especially as Jersey doesn’t have him locked up yet.

    • Meier played on the 3rd line in jersey, signing him long term to anything over $7 million will cripple your franchise.

  4. Pierre-Luc Dubois might be the Hurricaines need. Those montreal stories are just stories. If he thought he had a chance at a Stanley Cup he’d go there for sure.

    hey George. Would you bring Lehner back to the Sens?

    • Gawd no. I’ve had enough of perpetually-injured goalies.

      • Not to mention a lot of other baggage that Lehner carries.

    • Lehner is like a part 2 of the Matt Murray
      “the China cup Goaltender”
      this guys looks like he is also done❗️

    • PLD for Drury, a 1st and Annton Honka, Philly’s 3rd

      • Done!

      • PLD is going home to Montreal.

        Carolina isn’t giving up that much for a one year rental.

    • LOL

      Calling PLD to Montreal as stories is a joke. PLD has stated numerous times his desire to go home to Montreal. They’re not stories. He’s planning on going home in 2024. he’s only a one year rental not matter where he goes.

      • Only concrete evidence of PLD to Montreal was his agent giving an obligatory answer to a question about his client feelings on possibly playing for his hometown team. What was he going to say? No?I’ve never seen a quote from PLD saying he’s going there

      • Slick has it right. Lucas, get your facts straight.

  5. Canes will be fine, they just need a goalie to replace Anderson/Raanta. They had a lot of injuries that affected their depth in the playoffs, especially to Svechnikov.
    Doesn’t always work out to bring in a superstar player (see Rangers, NY). Don’t forget the Panthers barely made it into the playoffs, while the Canes had the 2nd best record in the East

    Canes will be just fine

    • They need a sniper, and a goalie.

      Wonder what they would give the Flyers for Hart/TK.

      • Well for a price and if their needs are a goalie and sniper they can do Hellybuck/Dubois or Hellybuck/Scheifle that of course for a price

      • Sign Drouin and trade for Hoffman and Allen. Problem solved.

      • Heh – Hoffman and Tortorella …. I’d pay to see that

    • Mike P

      How good would Carolina look if they had Hellebuyck and Dubois?

      Nylander is a 40G scorer on a very good contract. Would Carolina trade some of their defensive depth for Willy?

      I’m not suggesting the Leafs should trade Nylander. Just curious if Carolina would be interested?

      • Helle and JPG you could put the Canes on the cup almost with those two with another power forward and GTG

  6. Jt Miller as the 2c option for CAR makes sense to me. Trade KK and picks

    Anyone think trading Teravainen and pick for Wheeler works?

    Wheeler bigger body and can play center. Too old for wpg future but perfect for current CAR playoff runs.

    Miller and wheeler can play physical games.

    Also another big body is Nishukin on the AVS is someone to consider

  7. my thoughts on the 23-24 Bruins

    trade Ullmark..Hall..Reilly..Forbert..Grez which will give them with their cap space around 25 million to use to fill out roster…Sign back Bergeron on a 1 year, sign Bert and Hathaway …the traded players could bring back draft picks or young cap friendley players… its time to see what their top 3 minor league players have to offer .. like to hear other ideas

    • Joe, I’m on board with most of it.

      Zboril, will get full time duty. Lohrie definitely going to get an extended look.

      I bring back Nosek. Excellent 4th line player, good on the pk and very good in the dot.

      • Would you bring back Hathaway? Was solid bottom 3 in WSH and was a little noticeable in the playoffs for bos as a aggressive forechecker

    • I would swap Hall for DeBrusk. I don’t think he says past next year without a large cap increase and I would rather Bert then him. Plus he likely gets a better DP or helps to get rid of some other salary players like Reilly.

      On D I agree with Caper, McAvoy, Carlo and Lindholm are for sures. I think Zborill plays full time and Loheri did not sign to be in the minors. If Forbort is my 6th D for the last year of his deal I am OK with that.

      With so many teams possibly looking for a goalie, one hopes that they keep Sway and can trade Ullmark.

      • On board with moving Hall if the goal is to keep Bert. I like how DeBrusk plays, we need more guys like him. Keep him around if he signs extension.

        Ullmark, kind of have to move if you want to get young and cap friendly return as it is the position we have the most NHL depth and can only play one at a time. He was our MVP in regular season. Contract now looks like a bargain. Tenders never get what we expect, but has to be value there. Need to find an experienced back up, too soon for Bussi IMO. Needs to do it again first.

        I would recommend pumping the brakes on Loheri. Ya I get that he’s older at 22, but still a jump, big time. Give the kid a couple months (maybe a full year) in Providence. He isn’t a Power or Sanderson.

        Time to find out on Zboril. When I watched him, wasn’t impressed, but playing part time isn’t easy. So hoping that’s the case.

        Sure looked like Bergy was retiring, the whole vibe just felt like it. Hope I’m wrong.

      • Like to see the B’s bring in a banger Dman with size a Gudas type

  8. While Marner is a really good player, I just dont see him filling the need for the Canes. As someone suggested, JT Miller would be a good call, Dubois an even better. The plus for Miller is that you know the salary and he wont cost you what Dubois will. Meier would work as well, but why would he choose the Canes over NJ? JVR can still play but when you look at how Carolina plays, I dont see a fit. I also expect them to resign Staal and try and resign Fast. Signing Meier+JT/Dubois+Staal+Fast+Andersen will see that 24m vanish fast

  9. I get to see the Bruins AHL players play a lot when they are in Hartford …. Nobody really jumped out at me .. good steady players nothing fantastic thus far

  10. Marchand Bergeron DeBrusk
    Pasta Zacha Bertuzzi
    Hall Coyle Freddy
    Merkulov Beecher Lysell
    Nosek Greer

    McAvoy Lindholm
    Carlo Orlov
    Zboril Lehrer

    Will get you in playoffs easy tinker at deadline if need be maybe an experienced goalie or mean D man only if need be

  11. Three options for the Canes:

    1. JT Miller
    2. Nick Schmalz and Pacioretty on a much cheaper deal.
    3. Bunting