NHL Rumor Mill – June 17, 2023

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Check out the latest on Pierre-Luc Dubois, Noah Hanifin, Tom Wilson and Ross Colton plus the latest Oilers speculation in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Eric Stephens examined the recent trade speculation tying Winnipeg Jets center Pierre-Luc Dubois to the Los Angeles Kings in a possible sign-and-trade deal. The 24-year-old Dubois is a restricted free agent who’s a year away from unrestricted free-agent eligibility.

Winnipeg Jets center Pierre-Luc Dubois (NHL Images).

Payroll could prevent this deal from taking place. The Kings have $7.3 million in projected cap space with 17 active roster players under contract for 2023-24.

Dubois is coming off a one-year, $6 million contract and his agent is reportedly seeking a long-term deal averaging out to $9 million per season. Acquiring him would mean having to shed some salary to make room for his new contract.

Stephens also worried about compatibility, citing Dubois’ trade request from Winnipeg and from Columbus before that.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Stephens also pointed out that Dubois is not a first-line center nor is he a franchise player. Spending $9 million annually on a long-term deal would be an expensive investment that could prove costly in more ways than one for the Kings or anyone else.

Landing a goaltender should be the Kings’ priority after trading away Cal Petersen and with Joonas Korpisalo slated to become a UFA on July 1. Stephens wonders if the cost of acquiring Dubois in trade assets and the contract might be better invested in Jets goalie Connor Hellebuyck.


THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun reports all signs pointing to defenseman Noah Hanifin not signing a contract extension with the Calgary Flames. He believes this situation is likely headed for a trade. Hanifin carries an average annual value of $4.95 million for 2023-24.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Randy Sportak believes Hanifin would draw plenty of interest in the trade market. The 26-year-old blueliner is entering his playing prime and is capable of putting up 50-point seasons in a top-four role. He could fetch a quality return for the Flames.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sportak points out the lack of quality defenseman in this summer’s free-agent market could work to the Flames’ favor if they decide to peddle Hanifin. Perhaps that move takes place leading up to the opening round of the draft on June 28.


THE HOCKEY NEWS: Sammi Silber cited a report by Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman indicating the Washington Capitals have no intention of trading Tom Wilson.

This news comes on the heels of reports claiming the Los Angeles Kings “kicked tires” on Wilson, who is slated to become a UFA next summer. Friedman said he was told the Capitals intend to keep the power forward as they see him as a big part of their future.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wilson and Capitals general manager Brian MacLellan have previously stated their mutual interest in getting a contract extension done at some point before next summer. Unless those negotiations go off the rails by next season’s trade deadline, I wouldn’t put much stock in the Wilson trade rumors.


EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson believes an offer sheet for Evan Bouchard could put the Oilers in a salary-cap bind. The 23-year-old is a restricted free agent who could become a 50-60 point player next season.

Oilers GM Ken Holland is aware of the possibility of Bouchard getting an offer sheet. However, he appeared unconcerned as he anticipated that his club would be able to match. Matheson also wondered if Bouchard would be willing to sign an offer sheet. Most of the teams that can afford to send him one are rebuilding.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Playing for a cap-strapped club, Bouchard is a tempting offer-sheet target. However, most playoff contenders have less than $15 million in cap space for next season. Those with more have a large number of players to re-sign or they don’t need a puck-moving blueliner like Bouchard. Never say never but I think the odds of Bouchard signing an offer sheet are low.

SPORTSNET: Mark Spector cited colleague Elliotte Friedman reporting teams are interested in Edmonton Oilers winger Warren Foegele. The big, speedy winger isn’t untouchable but the Oilers were pleased with his performance this season. Moving him would leave a big hole to fill.

There’s some talk of the Oilers signing former Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews as a fourth-line center. Spector expects the 35-year-old would be a one-year, $1 million signing. Toews’ former teammate Duncan Keith, now the Oilers’ scout and advisor, has been put in charge of monitoring this situation.


THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun reports the Tampa Bay Lightning are trying to free up salary-cap space. They could be open to moving Ross Colton. The 26-year-old restricted free agent could prove too expensive if he files for arbitration.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With LTIR cap space, the Lightning have $7.3 million in cap room for next season with 17 active roster players under contract. Colton is completing a two-year contract worth $2.25 million. He could seek over $3 million annually which could price him out of Tampa Bay.


  1. Hanifin for Debrusk.

    Call me crazy, but I think PLD has all the makings of a 1st line center kinda in the mold of Bergeron. I wouldn’t expect 100+ points out of him, but he is still relatively young. With the right wingers, you just never know.
    But at 9 million? I’ll pass.
    The Kings need a replacement for Doughty more than a center right now. I think Byfield will fill out nicely.

    • If Boston gets Hanafin who goes on the backend and for who or what?

      Wouldn’t they have to move 2 backend guys to clear cap to resign Hanafin and get a center?

      I like Hanafins game

      Would ya send Grez with Debrusk for Hanafin plus pick?

      • I would do Gryz and Jake for Hanafin and 2nd

      • The Flames immediately say no to that. They aren’t training for two guys that will be UFA next year and take on majority of the salary.
        And they have no need to package a 2nd to trade Hanafin.

    • Sop I agree he is a 1st line center.

      Compare him to Nick Suzuki who plays 1st line in Montreal.

      PlD is a much better player. Kopitar is on his last year and getting close to 40 years old.

      Fairness to PLD he told Winnipeg he isnt signing long term. Although I may not like that, have to give him credit for not stringing the Jets along.

      He be excellent for Boston but not at $9m and most likely wouldn’t want to play there.

      Players with his size and skill set don’t come available all that often.

      Montreal fans say their in a rebuild but don’t want PLD who is 3 months older than Suzuki.

      Personally hope he doesn’t end up in Montreal.

      • I think that LA would be better off trading for Hellebuyck. they have another few years left with Kopitar, Danault signed for 4 years and Byfield still learning.

      • Caper please…

        I know you dislike the Canadiens alot but I’m even wondering how you can compare both players they are totally different. One is skilled and excels in the 3 zones, the other one is big and strong but lacks Suzuki’s defensive ability. And bad news for you, seems like the Kings can’t afford PLD so the price just went down ?…

        Most of us didn’t say we didn’t want him in Montreal, we were talking about the fact that we could be able to get him for free next year and that the Habs shouldn’t give away to many young assets for him. I think there is a little ill will when you speak about the Habs.

    • Quite frankly, I don’t see how the Kings can pick up PLD right now given their lack of cap space. They have barely $7m. available with many holes to fill, including not having a reliable goalie.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t see Dubois getting $9m. long term from anybody.

  2. Would EDM package their first with Campbell to Pittsburgh for DeSmith and a 3rd?

    Pens need cost effective goalie and Jarry will be over 5m long term

    EDM gets a backup and clears cap to sign Bouchard

    Pens get a late first to retool

    Or Yama and Campbell for DeSmith and 5th?

    • Ihatecrosby

      The Oilers dont have a 1st in this draft,
      I cant see them doing a trade like this…..⁉️

      They would Not move Jack Campbell this year they hope he has a bounce back year that will also increase his value the thought is he will have a good year in the up and coming 2023-24 season👌

  3. To all NHL teams currently in various degrees of cap hell:
    Try not spending the money in the first place!
    You guys remind me of young adults on their own for the first time and they quickly max out four or five credit cards and then wonder why they have no money.

  4. Why would the Kings even think about PLD? They have Byfield coming up the ranks so yeah block his path and add 9mil to the cap lol. Where these guys get these rumors is funny at times and this one make no sense as the Kings need a starting goalie or at least a 1a/1b option.

    If PLD expects 9mil on his next deal i feel sorry for whoever gives him that money. That should raise red flags for anyone acquiring him other than a rental for a playoff run. To me he is a 7-7.5mil a year player and that is about it.

    • I agree, they are better of trading for Hellebuyck at 6.1 for this season and sign him to a 4-5 year contract. Korpisalo will probably want 4 mil. I think PLD will get 8 mil, they have to start high.

    • mp, Byfield would likely be one of the pieces going to Winnipeg in any deal with L.A. but I agree, the Kings have more pressing needs.

  5. If the leafs want to make a statement and change the culture trade rielly and nylander for Hanafin and lindholm.

    • Reilly has an NMC

  6. So if someone offers Bouchard a 5 x $5M offer sheet, it costs them a 1st and a 3rd
    Totally worth it!

  7. For LA it would be cheaper to offer a package for Helly instead of PLD, and a position of GREAT need.
    Instead give up Turcotte, Arvidson, Matt Villita for Helly

  8. Why does PLD think he is worth 9mil a year? He’s a moody player that has not scored 30 goals in a season. The only thing he’s done is quit on the Blue Jackets and now he’s quitting on the Jets. I hope he prices himself out of the game.

  9. Johnny Z, Turcotte has been a bust so far, Arvidson is a UFA next year and Villita is 24 and hasn’t even made it as a backup goalie to this point.

    I would think they would want something more established in a Helly deal. I do agree with you that he makes more sense than PLD.

    I would take Byfield straight up for PLD, do a deal with LA for both PLD and Helly.

    • Villita has a .910 SA and 2.65 GA. He hasn’t been up to the NHL cuz of the previous log jam at goal and he is only 24! OK, switch Arvy for Iafollo.
      Iofollo, Turcote, Villita for Helly

    • Dave, where are the Kings getting the cap space for Helly and PLD?

    • A fair deal would be for both Hellebuck, PLD plus Heinola for Byfield, Clarke, Kempe and a 2023 3rd round pick. This opens cap space and fills the needs of both teams.

  10. Re; The Edmonton Oilers

    Oilers GM Ken Holland has been working on a bridge deal for Bouchard 2 or 3 year deal for
    $3M & $4M & $5M

    The Oilers trade Block & potential big deal moves
    1/RW Yamo,
    2/RD Ceci
    3/ 2nd round pick in the 2023 draft
    4/ A young prospect
    5/ LD Philip Broberg❓
    6/ 1st pick in the 2024 draft
    7/ W Warren Foegele is a long shot to be moved.

    Top 3 positions to fill🤔
    1/ Top 4 pairing RD man
    2/ Top 6 RW
    3/ 4th line Tough Guy

  11. Rumors are funny things.

    Here some say it a rumor LA has no interest in PLD and then he not getting $9m

    Discount one rumor but totally buy into the other.

  12. That’s it!. We don’t know what’s really going on in the GM’s room? A lot of the time, these rumors make for good talk and prompt us to make comments like we know what’s going on when in fact we don’t. On the other hand, there is nothing like hockey talk for those of us who follow the game. From what there saying on NHL Network, there are going to be some serious trades going down soon? I hope the Avalanche are involved. They made a move the other day acquiring Olafsson from Dallas. I like the move even though it’s minor because I believe there’s more to come for the Avalanche. GO AVS!!!!!

  13. Lafreniere and Chytil for PLD. Might need to add and also move Goodrow in a seperate deal for cap purposes.

    • Slick 62, I wouldn’t like that if I was a Rangers fan. To me, those guy ‘s are two of their best young players? But I can understand the desire for Dubois. He’s a good player!!

      • TommyBoy. Chytil is a year younger than Dubois. Yes he’s one of their better young players but he will never be the player PLD is. Lafreniere might need a change of scenery and a chance to crack top 6. I don’t see him getting those minutes behind Panarin and Kreider..everyone needs to keep in mind the Jets gave up Laine and Roslovic.

    • Slick, the Rangers would have a hard time making the cap dollars work. And they already have two highly paid centers with no move clauses. A scoring winger is a bigger need for them. Would be better off keeping Lafreniere and Chytl, moving out Goodrow and re-signing Tarasenko.

      • Howard. If Rangers move Goodrow,Laf, and Chytil- that’s over 10 mil allotted to those 3. PLD plus 2 kids on elc’s (or a cheap FA) equals that. Cheaper than keeping them and signing Tarasenko. Trochek can either center 3rd line or play RW with Panarin and PLD

  14. Coyle, Grz, and Lysell for E.Lindholm, Hanifan, and a 2nd in ’24.

    Cal gets a decent C under contract for a few years, a decent D in Grz, and a strong prospect. Bruins get a legit top 6 C, a top 4 D, both with extension possibilities, and some draft capital back. Cal get the cap benefit of about $900k, Bruins need to buy out Reilly, trade one of Swayman or Ullmark, and likely Forbort is a cap casualty in favour of some cheaper options as a 3rd line d-man.

  15. If Montreal is serious about PLD (which I doubt) then his deal has to be similar to Suzicki. They need to move out 7.8M. How about Dvorak, Edmondson, Florida #1 (31 overall), a prospect for PLD and a 2nd.

    • Thanks but no thanks.

    • MTL has Prices LTIR so they really don’t have to move any money but I’m sure they will want to. I was thinking a long the same lines. Dvorak, Allan, 31st and Beck. If WPG is trading Hellebuyck then Allan can help for a couple of years, just like Dvorak until Beck is ready.

  16. Maybe Boston offers Debrusk, Swayman and Matty Poritas for PLD