NHL Rumor Mill – June 27, 2023

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What next for the Bruins following the Taylor Hall trade? What’s the latest on Pierre-Luc Dubois, Mark Scheifele, Erik Karlsson, Alex DeBrincat and Tom Wilson? Find out in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Nick Goss explained the motivation behind the Bruins trading Taylor Hall to the Chicago Blackhawks was to free up salary-cap space. The move clears Hall’s $6 million average annual value from the Bruins’ books for the next two seasons. They now have over $10 million in cap room for 2023-24.

Goss believes the Bruins’ priority now is re-signing Tyler Bertuzzi, who is slated to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. The 28-year-old winger could command between $5.5 million and $7.5 million annually on his next contract.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy cites an NHL source claiming the Bruins aren’t done shedding salary. The source believes general manager Don Sweeney is going to move a defenseman. He also claims the trade rumors surrounding goaltender Linus Ullmark are true. Murphy speculates Matt Grzelcyk could be the defenseman on the move.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Winner of the 2022-23 Vezina Trophy, Ullmark earns an AAV of $5 million through 2024-25. He has a full no-movement clause until July 1, when it drops to a 16-team no-trade list.

Unless Ullmark agrees to waive his clause before then, the Bruins will have to wait until Saturday to trade him, assuming he’s the goalie they intend to move. They could decide to peddle restricted free agent netminder Jeremy Swayman.


TSN: Darren Dreger reports the Montreal Canadiens appeared to be out of the bidding in trade talks for Winnipeg Jets center Pierre-Luc Dubois. The Jets don’t want to go into rebuild mode while the Canadiens don’t want to give up good playing assets off their existing roster.

Winnipeg Jets center Pierre-Luc Dubois (NHL Images).

The Canadiens have re-engaged discussions with the Jets. However, Dreger believes the Los Angeles Kings remain the front-runners for Dubois.

Dreger also indicated things were “simmering” regarding trade talks on Jets goalie Connor Hellebuyck and center Mark Scheifele.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reported that rumors claiming the Kings had permission to discuss a contract extension with Dubois weren’t true. Nevertheless, Friedman wondered if Dubois would sign an eight-year extension or a one-year deal to bring him up to UFA eligibility next summer.

WINNIPEG SUN: Scott Billeck reported the Kings were willing to offer up forwards Gabe Vilardi and Alex Iafallo for Dubois. He believes the Canadiens won’t have much else to sway Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff if they’re not willing to part with young center Kirby Dach.

Speaking of Scheifele, Billeck wondered if he might be on the Bruins’ radar following their cost-cutting move of Taylor Hall to Chicago.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless the Kings drop out I think they’re the most likely destination for Dubois. The rebuilding Canadiens are understandably intrigued about Dubois. However, the cost of giving up a good young player such as Dach as well as paying over $9 million annually to sign Dubois to a long-term deal is probably something they’re not comfortable doing right now.

As for Scheifele going to Boston, most of that freed-up cap space could go to re-signing Tyler Bertuzzi. Unless the Bruins shed more salary, I don’t see the Jets center landing in Beantown this summer.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch acknowledged San Jose Sharks defenseman Erik Karlsson’s recent comments about his willingness to accept a trade back to the Senators. However, such a move would mean clearing Thomas Chabot’s $8 million AAV through 2027-28 to create sufficient cap space for Karlsson’s contract even if the Sharks retained part of his $11.5 million AAV.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It would be a nice story, Karlsson returning to a rising young Senators club five years after he was traded away. As Garrioch pointed out, however, this is a different team than the one he left, built around a good young core of talent. While anything’s possible, I don’t see Karlsson returning to the Senators as a player.

Turning to Alex DeBrincat, Garrioch cited league executives expressing their belief that the Detroit Red Wings are high on the 25-year-old RFA winger’s list of preferred trade destinations. However, dealing with Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman isn’t easy.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman also cited Yzerman’s reputation as a tough negotiator as well as his reluctance to sign players to long-term contracts with Dylan Larkin as the sole exception.

Garrioch also noted that DeBrincat has been linked to the Nashville Predators. That’s prompted speculation whether Nashville goalie Juuse Saros would head the other way but there’s mixed feelings over whether the Predators want to part with Saros.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Stranger things have happened but I’m still not convinced that Predators GM Barry Trotz will part with Saros. He’s been talking as though he’s retooling rather than rebuilding his roster. In that case, it makes sense to hang onto Saros.

The Senators could also have some interest in Calgary Flames winger Tyler Toffoli, who would make sense on a short-term contract. Toffoli has indicated he would be open to a trade. He has a year remaining on his current deal.

There was a rumor claiming the Washington Capitals would like to make a deal to send Tom Wilson to the Senators. Capitals GM Brian MacLellan told TSN there was no truth to the rumor and he’s not trading the power forward.


  1. Boston should set their sights on Lindholm.

    • What would the Flames want from the Bruins for him ?

      • They probably would have taken Taylor Hall and a draft pick if he didn’t get traded to Chicago

    • “There was a rumor claiming the Washington Capitals would like to make a deal to send Tom Wilson to the Senators.”

      This always sounded weird. The rumour wasn’t that the Caps are shopping Wilson or that Ottawa was sniffing around Wilson but specifically that they want to trade Wilson to Ottawa.

      Seems like complete BS from the beginning.

  2. Loved Taylor Hall but at 6 million playing on third line that needs to be a spot for one of their prospects. Still need to move Ullmark and a D man and then fill out the roster. I love Bert but not at 7.5 that’s to high unless they know cap is going up next couple of years big time.

    • Agree with all … Bert at 7.5 is a bit much 6 or 6.5 helps the cause … move a Dman or two for draft picks or young upcoming players low cost … move Ullmark for a young center … one other they are only a year away from having to deal with UFA Jake and he’s going to want $$$$ so is it the time to move him

    • Obe, I suspect that guys like Bertuzzi, DeBrincat, and Dubois will all expect to be overpaid not necessarily because they have earned it, but to push salaries across the league upwards.

      Here’s hoping that Detroit is not the team to overpay ADB.

      • Just out of curiosity Iago, what do you think a player is worth in terms of a cap hit who, over 454 possible NHL games since coming in as a rookie 6 years ago, has been, despite his small stature, durable enough to to have played in 450 of them with 82-game averages of 34g 34a 68 pts?

        Is he a Top 6 F?

      • Your belief is that each of these players are bargaining not with their own contract in mind, but league contracts in general? And to do so they will all demand more than they are worth?

        Did I get that right?

      • George, I do look at individual players and their accomplishments, but, as far as Detroit goes, I know everyone in their entire pipeline, what positions they are strong at, what their weaknesses are, and what I think they need to add to get where they want to go. Detroit already have multiple small forwards on the team in Detroit (Raymond, Berggren, Fabbri), and multiple others of average size (Larkin, Veleno, Perron, Kubalik), and multiple other top prospects of small to average size ( Hanas, Lombardi, Mazur, Doucette). I don’t think you can win in todays NHL with a team like that.I watched the Wings get pushed off the ice too many times this year (back to back games in Ottawa were the worst). Detroit needs some size and toughness. So it isn’t all about DeBrincat, but hotw does he fit in, and is he what the team needs most ? In my opinion, he is not, and I am leery of committing big money for a player, albeit a good one, who doesn’t fit the most pressing need.

      • “Detroit needs some size and toughness.”

        Only because you conveniently ignored the handful of 6’4″+ players they have.

      • Garth, Detroit does have some big defensemen, but, other than Rasmussen, their forwards are not. That is where they need to get tougher.

    • How about an Ullmark and Grezelcyk trade for Scheifele? The Bruins would need to include a prospect probably a forward. The salaries/cap hit would almost match. The Bruins need a top notch center and the Jets are going to need a top goalie.

      • I expect the Jets to be on Ullmarks 16 no trade list

    • Obe, also been reported that Hall inform the team he wasn’t happing playing on the third line.

      Hall had an excellent playoffs until Bergeron came back and Monty switched the lines.

      Bertuzzi hasn’t shown to be a $6m player, 5 x $5.5 but that probally won’t get it done.

      Switch the look to Winnipeg and bring Scheifele to Boston.

      • I would still prefer the Bruins send Coyle, Grez, and Lysell to Calgary for Hindholm, Hanifan, and a 2nd. I think that is a good trade for both teams. As for Bertuzzi, $6m over 5 years would be a max deal. I also think the Bruins should go after Connor Garland who seems to be available. I am not sure about Scheifele, he is a center with one year on his contract and played well statistically, but something is rotten in the Jets dressing room, and he is one of the players who seems to add to the drama.

      • Lindsay: That is one of the most lopsided trades I have ever seen and Conroy would get fired instantly if that is all he got for Lindholm and Hanifin let alone adding a 2nd round pick. Lindholm is a 1C and Hanifin is a top 3D on any team. I don’t think Boston has the assets to make this kind of trade unless they are getting rid of someone like McAvoy, which is highly doubtful.

  3. Why Bertuzzi over Scheifele. B’ s will need help up the Center and not on the wing with Krejci and Bergeron all but gone.

    Maybe include Ulmark or Swayman if Hellybuck is going to be ultimately traded.

    Chevy will procrastinate

    • I’m thinking Bergeron comes back one more year but will wait to announce to see how the roster fills out .. if Bruins are going to trade a goalie it should be for a young center … Sweeney has work to do

    • One more if I may Scheifele dont help the cause he makes to much $$$ and is one year from UFA

  4. Trege Wilson (two days ago) had a couple of good Flames/Leafs trade proposals that I believe make great sense


    He had …..Either AM for Toffoli, Hanafin, Markstrom


    AM for Toffoli, Hanafin, Lindholm

    My preference would be door number two; but both trades work

    Either deal moves Leafs from 1/2 Cap spent on 4 Fwds (Note; any extension of AM and WW by Treliving, actually then has Leafs top 4 Fwds costing in the 54% – 55% range for 24/25…. Not good at all!!!!

    One of the big 4 must go…. A 3-1 trade vs having to pay AM $14 M….. makes absolute sense

  5. I’d do Saros for the Cat straight up. I also wouldn’t be opposed to Wilson and a 2nd for the Cat. The saved 4 million could be used for goalie and some depth. What would the Sens have to give up for Tofoli. Maybe too expensive considering there will be lots of suitors considering his careeer year.
    I’d stay away from dealing with yzerman, if I was Dorion, I’d make him come to me.

    • Owen, that is exactly what will happen … but ONLY if there are 2 or more teams interested in DeBrincat.

  6. I heard rumours that Ottawa would send Debrincat to Detroit for Filip Zadina and Detroit’s 17th overall pick conditional on a very specific player being available at that position…

    Seems a little far fetched to me to have that type of condition and I know very little about Zadina.

    • Saint, could be a “handshake deal”, that is finalized during the draft when Detroit is on the clock.
      As long as Ottawa is happy with the available player(s), trade is completed.

      • That’s what they are saying… just curious who exactly Ottawa would be that high on during a draft when they were giving every sign that they wanted to build for now not the future.

      • Hi The Saint

        Most draft rankings consistently have the following 5 (they vary in order, so listed here alphabetically) going somewhere in the 11th – 18th spots:

        Barlow; Danielson; Ritchie; Wood; Yaeger

        Perhaps Sens are very keen on one or two of them and hope that they are available after the 16th selection

        For this Pens fan…., Dubas better call one of the above 5 @ 14th pick!!!

      • Hey Pengy, I will give a little look at those players and see what MAY be a big deal haha.

      • Hi the Saint

        Woods to me is a great pick

        Just turned 18; already 6’4” , 197

        Plays Centre and Wing

        PPG in NCAA…. and he was (I’m pretty sure) the youngest NCAA player this year (skipped a grade [so, smart as well])

        So playing at 17; leading his team; playing against (for the most part); players 2 and 3 years older than he is…. Not too shabby

        Picking him mid teens (some ranking sites have him around 10th); knowing he’ll have one more year of development at NCAA…. You get (by then) a 6’ 4” (unless he gets taller), 210 lb, 19 year old; ready for your 3rd line, to start the 24/25 season

  7. What a great deal for Foligno. Still cashing in at the near end.
    Good for him.

    • I did not expect him to get $4M that’s for sure. I would have guessed half that. I guess this contract does help with the cap floor though.

      If he can have a decent season, CHI should be able to get an asset or two for him at the deadline (50% retained of course).

    • With DM on this

      $4M for a guy who turns 36 this fall and definitely on the downside of his career???

      IMHO…. Overpay

      Per CapFreindly….. right now listed as all Sal; no SB

      I’d think Chi’s idea is mentorship until TDL then move him

      If that’s the case….. $3 M SB; $1M sal would be the better contract

      With that @ TDL…. Only owed in around $260 K – $270 K…. Retain half; get another team to retain 1/2 again (costing them maybe $65 K) by offering them a 4th or 5th; and net a 2nd from a contender….. who would only need about $250 K in space; a 2nd

      A 2nd and 4-5 months of mentorship…. For a cost of around $3.7 M

      Conversely…. All Sal….. harder to get a to-through team to take on $260K to $270 K cash…. Pick offered up would need to be a 3rd…. Just to pick up a 2nd

      $4M is high IMHO

      • I didn’t say it was a good deal for Chicago, Pengy. Financially it isn’t good at all.
        There are many benefits to having him on a roster with Bedard though. He’ll take care of the kid, because that’s what he does…….and now he gets great money to do it!
        I’ll say it again. Good for Foligno!

      • Absolutely SOP

        Great deal for Foligno

    • Sop I was surprised at $4m, I guess leadership and protection for Bedard is the price to pay.

    • Yah, I’m giving up on the PLD idea also, “brother”. If he really had wanted to play home, all he had to do, was to tell the Jets, it was so. Another in the long list of players from Quebec, who used the Habs, to boost their value.

      • Yup bro or son, I am 53 lol. Or he thought of them as a consolation prize. But the heck with it, if the Habs find another Dach I’ll already be pretty happy

  8. Ullmark and Grez for Debrincat??

    Does that work for both teams?

    If I were Boston I rather Debrincat over Bertuzzi

    Ullmark needs a home and Ottawa is a good young club. With Ullmark they have a chance for playoff contention as their roster is currently constituted

    • Never considered Boston but I would consider this offer if Boston added Frederick and Thomson could go the other way. That deal would squash the Bertuzzi rumors. Third pairing for Ottawa would be kinda small but I like Gryz game.

      • Ya the salary is about the same

        So that leaves BOS some room still

        If they can clear Reilly’s 3m it would give them more room to go get that center

        Perhaps even offer Jonathan Toews a 1 or 2 yr deal as 3c if you cannot get a young center and move Coyle up to 2 c assuming Krejci retires

      • IHC , not so sure about a combo of Zacha , Coyle, Toews down the middle. Especially considering Toews recent health issues . I have a feeling Patrice will be back.

    • As a Bruin fan I would all day every day take Bertuzzi over debrincat plays a way better in your face game.

  9. Just read somewhere on IG

    Hayes to
    Blues for a 6th. More details to follow

    • Yup, 6th 2024. Flyers retain 50% of his salary

  10. I know that Flyers do not want to hep Pens in any way….

    But there goes another (extremely cheap) 3C replacement for Granlund

    Extra 7” taller; 30 + lbs; waaay more grit; waaaay stronger….. and a buyout of Granlund and addition of Hayes would NET Pens cap savings

    Again…. Not happening as it’s Flyers/Pens….. so Dubas couldn’t have made the deal

    Still hurts

    Good move Army

    • Pengy how about

      To PHI: Granlund, O’Conner and the 13th and 2025 1st

      To PIT: Coutourier and Hart

      Maybe even separate trade Ruutta for Ellis so you can put Ellis on LTIR creating cap room to retool your D

      • Flyers say no thank you.
        Very much no thank you.

      • Lj it appears the plan is to clear cap

        Court is a flip of the coin how he will be going forward

        He is plus 30 in age
        Major injury history making over 7m

        Why not offload to save the cap and gain 2 1sts for him and Hart?

        Goalie market is flooded so Hart won’t get the package believed to be adequate

        2 1sts better than none

      • Too much IHC

        cheaper options at 3C

        Buyout Granlund

        Give less in trade to get Hart

      • From the pens… god no.

  11. Read this by Scanlan on Sportsnet.ca George:

    While the Senators have not yet submitted the qualifying papers concerning restricted free agents, Dorion said he is “99.9 per cent” sure who will and will not receive qualifying offers.

    Those who will include DeBrincat (club-elect), Shane Pinto, Erik Brannstrom, Jacob Bernard-Docker, Kevin Mandolese and Egor Sokolov. Not qualified: forwards Dylan Gambrell, Julien Gauthier and Viktor Lodin, defencemen Jonathan Aspirot and Jacob Larsson and goaltender Dylan Ferguson.

    • Yeah, I saw that too TheSaint. Can’t say I’m surprised. Gambrell was always just OK since they acquired him – useful but not nothing special with streaky tendencies. They need more offense on bottom 2 lines than what they’ve been getting.

      I guess what they saw out of Gauthier after getting him from the Rangers was the same thing NY saw when they decided to move him” enhh.

      Lodin and the others were just AHL fill.

      Maybe this is the year Sokolov comes up to stay – at least until he shows he can contribute both ways on the bottom two lines somewhere.

      • @George Dorion definitely acting in a far more definitive manner this year I find though. No wishy washy “we will assess.” He will cut ties with those he feels will not be of use and focus on the core team and AHL. He knows his exact needs now.

        I still feel like Debrincat will be traded tomorrow…

  12. What a move by the Habs. Outstanding!

    • Do you think they’ll flip him for Dubois ? lolol Just kidding

  13. Habs reacted quickly, they traded the Panthers 1st rounder (31st) a second rounder and Gionai Fairbrother for Alex Newhook ! Nice 🙂

  14. Habs trade a 1st rounder, a 2nd rounder and a D prospect for the rights to Alex Newhook.

    Overpay or the kid never got a real chance on a strong Colorado team?

    • He’s only 22, he is a 1st rounder (16th in 2009) I’m pretty confident he will blossom under St Louis. 56 pts in 48 games with Boston College had a 102 pts in 53 games in the BCHL the year before he got drafted. Love Hugues and Gorton, Habs will have a New Look… Get it ? AH-ah-ah 😉

      • 2019 sorry

    • Watching the AVS playoffs and some of their season Newhook didn’t “stand out”

      Not blaming a 22 yr old but when Barzal was 22 he stood out of ya know what I mean

      Playoffs Compher was better defensively and offensively

      AVS are def in win now mode since tasting the cup and if Newhook couldn’t crack their top 6 they probably figure vets can round out a cheaper bottom 6

      Particularly with limited cap space

    • You must not watch Avalanche games there habfan30? Plenty of opportunities! However, I think this is a good deal for both teams. Newhook will thrive in Montreal but I believe something is afoot with the Avalanche. Plus, we need draft picks. We spent a lot of them on the way to the SC, LOL!!!!

    • I’m leaning on the overpay side, but not by too much. Time will tell, especially if he doesn’t resign. Kind of like Debrincat for Ottawa.

  15. Liking the Habs path.

    And St Louis’ moves since the spring-they have brought in a few guys who’s last team gave up on them.
    That could create a room that becomes something IF their goalie can be stable

    • Hans need to figure hot to get rid of Hoffman to give the kids more ice time

      And maybe package Edmunson and Dvorak to get another 1st in a fairly deep draft and

      • @ihate
        Hoffman fetches more @ TDL if they want him around for a bit longer

  16. This is what elite prospects says about him :

    Newhook’s footwork, agility and heel-to-heel skating are high, high-end. He can skate circles around the opposition if he wants to, EPrinkside.com 2019

    What makes Alex unique is his high-octane motor. He’s magnetized to the puck in the offensive-end and is constantly in motion,

    Hockeyprospect.com 2019

    Offensively driven player, he handles the puck with finesse and excels when leading a rush,

    Future Considerations 2019

    A terrific skater with excellent balance and agility. He has powerful strides that allow him to accelerate quickly and blow by defenders,

    McKeen’s Hockey 2019

    explosive forward … at his best with puck on his stick … always wants the puck … plays with no fear … quick release … dangerous every shift,

    ISS Hockey 2017

    • Would love to hear from Avalanche fans about Newhook. I don’t know much about him and it feels like a 1st and a 2nd seems a bit much for another smallish forward who we have tons of in the system.
      Please someone tell me I’m wrong.

      • Price seems steep but I recall Newhook was highly regarded in his draft year, potential top 10 like Caufield.

        Hughes was his agent so I assume he knows what he’s getting.

      • Habman, the 1st rounder is a 31st overall, it’s more like 2nd rounder according to what other team’s fans and a d that would never make the team with all the youngsters Habs have in the system. Worth it, very good trade. Habs had 11 picks in this year’s draft still have the 5th overall comming tomorrow too…

      • Sorry, let me write that again it is unreadable :

        Habman, the 1st rounder is a 31st overall, as other teams fans kept saying, it is more like a 2nd. So that combined to another 2nd rounder and a d that would never make the team with all the youngsters Habs have in the system.

        Worth it, very good trade. Habs had 11 picks in this year’s draft still have the 5th overall comming tomorrow too !…

      • Newhook seemed to struggle to get out of Bednar’s doghouse at times. Newhook strikes me as someone who’s hard enough on himself that he doesn’t need a dad to point out his mistakes.

        His skating is great, but his hands and reaction speed might be even better. He sometimes knocks in rebounds before anyone else seems to react to the puck bouncing off the goalie’s pads.

        All of that said, he’s not the kind of player who can take over a play and dominate on the ice the way MacKinnon, Rantanen, Nichushkin, or Makar can. He was never going to get above the 3rd line on Bednar’s team.

      • Mike. I appreciate the optimism. As Habs fans that’s all we have right now. Again, I don’t know much about him but seems to be similar to Sean Farrell and Owen Beck. I am not sure how many smallish forwards we need. HF30, if he is anything like Caufield then it is definitely a win. Still would like to hear from any Colorado fans who watched him play this year to see what they think of the trade.

      • He is 5’10 190lbs

  17. AVS got some much needed draft capital

    So still room to maybe sign JT compher

    Think they should do a 2 yr 1m deal with Drouin

    Lost cost potential high reward

  18. Dooby Dooby Do..,,. Didn’t…. Again

    I’s The Bye!!!

    Stop letting your cell phone go to VM

    There goes another 3C option (Newhook… good “coaster” lad)

    You can’t say that this 22 year old couldn’t help NOW and in the future


    Answer the phone

    Better still…., make some calls!!!!!

    Are you waiting until 1/7 so yhat you can pay Eric Staal $7M for 5 years… $30 M immediate SB; $1M sal for 5 years????

  19. I should have opened with uber kudos to Hughes on the move

    Great Job Hughes

    Was too caught up in Dubas zzzzzzzzzz’ng

    • You should take my flyers offer before no players are available 😂

  20. Chris Johnston on IG says Dubois to LA sign and trade 8yrs x 8.5m

    More details to follow

  21. Sorry it was pucksreprt nhl Chris Johnston and 8yrs x 8.5m

  22. Since MacLellan has publicly coveted the Ovi “mini me”…. Has Hughes now set things up for a slide down the draft to gain assets???

    5th OA for 8th OA plus 40th OA; plus Mantha @ 50% retained?

    Trotz also wants to move up

    Hughes could offer 8th and 4th OA (from Caps above) and Allan;

    For Saros and 15th overall

    Then Hughes selects from those 5 that’ve posted about (that Pens need to take 1 of)

    • Pengy why would MTL want Saros?
      They are too far away to be a contender to want Saros no??

      I also don’t think Michkov sides to 5

  23. Blackwood to SJ.




  25. Wow, Kings paid alot for Dubois… Hugues did the right thing. Vilardi, Kupari, Iafalo and a 2nd

  26. Sportsnet reporting is is $8.5 x 8 IN LA for Dubois.
    Going other way – Vilardi, Iafallo, Kupari and a 2nd.

    LA is going to be zero fun to play against come playoff time. Buckle up Pacific Div D-Men, you’re gonna get hit, and you’re gonna get checked. Throw Byfield into that mix, who hits like a truck…. yikes.

    Good trade.

    • Ray, I for one am glad PLD isn’t going to Montreal.

      He may take some nights off but when he is engaged he is no fun to play against.

      LA wins this trade they got a #1 c for 9 years.

      Winnipeg got a far better deal then anything Montreal was willing to give up.

      Montreal traded two picks for a player; probably didn’t want to move any young roster players.

      Winnipeg is not in a rebuild they wanted NHL players. The Jets weren’t going to have any interest in Hoffman, Dvorak.

      • Ya, it was a good trade Caper. One of the so called “hockey trades”. Meaning not a salary dump, or a tear down for picks/prospects.

        LA got the best player, WPG got 2 quality NHL guys, another young guy with upside and a pick.

        Seems fair enough?

      • Exactly Caper, they are rebuilding and of course no one has interest Hoffman, Gallagher etc they are at the end of their career. It would have taken at least Kirby Dach plus a seond rounder, plus and plus.

        Instead Hugues adds another ”Dach” project, a speedy talented young player in Newhook plus either a Matvei Michkov, Will Smith, Ryan Leonard , Dalibor Dvorsky or David Reinbacher without touching the core of his young prospects.

        Plus who knows if he won’t surprise us again tomorrow. I think most Habs fans like me are quite okay with that.

        Happy for Pierre Luc who’s going in a great sunny city

  27. Tinfoil to Nj for a 3rd and Sherangovich